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Clashes in the countryside of Damascus

The units of the army found a tunnel in Barzzeh which its length 25m containing weapons and anti-air craft guns caliber 14, 5. And the units targeted and destructed the hideouts of the terrorists including the weapons in Shabaa,Dair Alassafeer ,Zamalka and Doma. Also, units of the army clashed with terrorist groups in the surroundings of Deir al-Salman town in the Eastern Ghouta which caused killing the ter-

rorists Abed Alsalam Aldaher and Khaled Abu Alseel, Units of the army killed and wounded the members of terrorist group consists of 30 terrorists who are affiliated to Jabhit AlNusra, one of the killed terrorists is the leader of the gang (Bilal Hakok) in Yabrood .The units of the army eliminated the terrorists (Tariq Aldalati) in the eastern mountains of Alzabadani and Ahmed Mouhja in Barada valley; besides that the

units of the army killed many snipers in Jober and near Salah Aldeeen mosque in Harasta.In addition to that, informational sources said that the members of the “Free army� imposed the compulsory service on all the young people who are born between 1983 and 1994 to ensure the fighters in Ghouta in Damascus, and if the people do not join the military service, they will be forced to go to battlefields.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )242(


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Russian Fighters with Members of “Jabhit Al-Nusra” are killed in Homs the Armed Groups The clashes are still ongoing

The first deputy of the director of the Russian federal security agency Sergiei Smirnove asserted that between 300 to 400 of Russian mercenaries are fighting in Syria with the extremist armed groups .In his declaration after the meeting of regional agency for counter –terrorism in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) ,Smirnove said that the come backing of these people to their country will make a great danger because of their involving in the terrorist ideology and getting the experience after their participation in military works.

between the Syrian Arab army and gunmen who are affiliated to “Jabhit al-Nusra” in many areas in Homs and its countryside like Talbeisah Bridge, Bap Houd, Alkalidiah and Keseen .units of the army destroyed a depot of weapons and a place for training the fighters near Talbeisah bridge and it killed the terrorists: Mouhamed Farzat , Ahmed Farzat ,Ali Khalaf ,Jamal Abeed,Naseer Gamal Alnakeeb and Ismael Kar-

man .Also, units of the army eliminated terrorist group that tried to flee from Alkarabees to Alwaeer district ,and the army thwarted an infiltration attempt to Aldoweer village

Clashes between the Armed Terrorist groups

In Deir al-Zour, the terrorists Abed Allah Alraees and Jasem Hamady Almaeedi were killed during the clashes between the armed terrorist groups in Khasham and Jadid Akidat and other clashes happened between the terrorists from Daeesh and the “Free army” in Almayadeen in the countryside of Deir al-Zour. In Raqqa, units of the army destructed the barrier of the gunmen who are affiliated to “the Islamic country in Iraq and Alsham” in Altabakah countryside

Cars of weapons in Aleppo

The Electricity returns to Aleppo The minister of electricity Emad Kamahis announced that the electricity return to Aleppo after three days of almost full outage and this after re-operating the power generating plant which is feeding the city.

In Aleppo, the units of the army clashed with gunmen and it killed 20 terrorist gunmen and it destroyed their weapons in Alrashedeen and Salah Al-deen, and the army destroyed cars carried weapons in Haretan and a truck was carried with improvised

explosive devices and explosives in Deir Hafeer,and missile-launcher in Alsakour district and the leader of the most dangerous terrorist armed group Abed Aldaeem Alaboud was wounded in Hamima Alkabera in the eastern countryside of Aleppo.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )242(


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Many calls for solving the crisis in Syria peacefully

Brazil, Argentina and Angola called the international community to continue seeking for solving the crisis in Syria peacefully and through the diplomatic ways without any military intervention and these countries welcomed the American Russian agreement and the joining of Syria to the treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Chemical Weapons.

Lavrove and Kerry Discussed the Syrian situation

The Russian foreign ministry mentioned in its statement that the call of the U.S. foreign minister and its Russian counterpart Sergi Lavrove included talking about the Syrian situation after the agreements about putting the chemical weapons under the international supervision. Also, the ministry announced that Lavrove will continue with Kerry and the United Nations envoy to Syria Alakdar Elebrahemi seeking to find a solution for the Syrian crisis depending on the basis of the last agreement and this will be in the meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York.

Sanaa and Saada ..Protest for Syria

The Yemenis rejected the American threats about launching an aggression against Syria, so scores of thousands protested

yesterday in Sanaa and Saada in condemnation of the unlimited American supporting to the Zionist entity.

The French Intelligence is Responsible for the chemical weapons case in Syria The former president of the Belgian senate, Anne Marie Lizin referred to a small group in the French intelligence which could be a part of the conspiracy that was executed in Syria and it endures the responsibility of creation the case of chemical weapons , and she added that this group will not accept

the French public opinion which rejects the war in Syria, this speech was during her interview with Almanaar the Lebanese channel website.

No 242 newslettr daily e 21 9 2013  
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