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The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )241(


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Syria calling to investigation in practices of countries which support terrorism

Syria called the International Security Council, their committees and the International Community to make an instant investigation in the aggressive acts of America, Britain, France, Turkey, Saudi and Qatar. The ministry of Foreign and Expatriates demanded in two letters addressed to UN Security Council Chairman and UN Secretary

-general to act seriously to deter the terrorists, stop support them in financial and spiritual way, to punish the conspirator countries according to their commitments in terrorism’s combating and to prevent their intervention in the internal affairs. The ministry asserted that the act of Security Council to treat this matter is a positive and ef-

fective contribution to reinforce the security and stability and to preserve on the credibility of United Nations on the grounds that the terrorism presents a formidable challenge for the human culture and it is a common enemy for the whole mankind and the way to deal with terrorism in double principles encourages the terrorism to spread.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )241(


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Israeli and Jordanian weapons in the countryside of Damascus Unites of Syrian Army found in “Byadeer” region near to “Daryaa” in the countryside of Damascus a warehouse of weapons includes Israeli – made launcher “LAO”,” RPG “ rounds,” PKC” machine gun, Kalashnikov, explosive devices ,Jordanian Explosive materials, anti-tanks mines, shields. Binoculars and grenades.In” Shabaa” and “Deir Assafir” the army destroyed 15anti-sheilds missiles , machine guns and rounds in “Hojaria” and “Ziabia” , mortars in”Adraaal-Balad” .The army foiled attempts to detonate three explosive devises in Al-Halalah Orchards

Attacks in Aleppo... A truce in its countryside Units of the armed forces in Aleppo destroyed terrorists’ rocket launch pads, mortars and heavy machine guns in a series of operations targeting terrorist groups’ dens in several areas in the city and countryside. Media sources said that there is a truce to stop firing in Azaz between “the Islamic State of Iraq and Cham””Daesh” and “the Free Army”.

in Qatana , while the army killed ten gunmen affiliated to “Jabhat al –Nusra” between the two towns” Raas al Ein” and “Al-Sarkhaa” in “Yabroud” including “ Bahjat al-Mousree”, “Muhammad al-Tonissi”, and “

Muhammad al –Moleh” in Doma.Media correspondent said that the Syrian Army progressed in the operations to reach Hotaitat al-Tirkman and Deir Assafir towns in the Eastern Ghouta in the countryside of Damascus.

Killed persons in Deir Ezzor The Syrian Army found a 27 meter long tunnel in al-Bosrayeh Street in Deir Ezzor city includes weapons and explosive devises The army killed Abdulrahman al-Zghaib, Suleiman al-Zghaib, Muthana Satam and Khatab al-Shlash , while unites of the army foiled attempts of infiltration to “Al-Mothafeen” Neighborhood.

Bombs in Lattakia... foreign officers in its countryside A military source said that the Syrian army found in “Bostan al-Samaka” neighborhood” in Lattakia eighteen grenades, three pistols, explosive devices and medical supplies. Media sources reported that the army continues its operations in the countryside of Lattakia and eliminates the foreign officers.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )241(


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Booby-trapped car in Homs and The Killed “Al-Tawnsa” battalion in killed persons in its countryside Jesser al –Shoghor Rocket-propelled grenades were fired on “Domin” Village in “al-Saan” and on “Misherfaa” Village in Homs, causing the killing of a citizen and injuring of others.Unites of the army destroyed a booby-trapped car including the gunmen

inside it during their trying to enter into “Kafar Nan” Village. The army targeted headquarters of gunmen in “al-Rastan and Talbessah” in Homs and its countryside, they also destroyed a rocket launcher and a warehouse in the countryside of Rastan.

“The Free Army” receives weapons from France

Tunisian Security sources revealed in statements for Electronic Newspaper” Hakaek”the killing of thirty four of Tunisian Gunmen were fighting with the “Jabhat al Nusra” in a battalion

called “al Tawansa” .Tunisian Interior Minister announced that Tunisian Girls came back pregnant from foreign Gunmen are fighting in Syria, where they were doing” Jihad al-Nokah”

French Extremists fight in Syria

French President, François Holland announced in a press conference in Bamako that his country will provide “the Free Army” weapons.

French Interior Minister, Emmanuel Falls approved that more than one hundred and thirty of French People or Residents in France most of them are extremists are fighting in Syria.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )241(


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Pentagon trains “Non-Extremists” gunmen in Syria

U.S. officials revealed that the Pentagon is considering providing direct support to the armed groups in Syria through U.S.

training and equipping these groups, indicating that the groups that may be trained will be “Non -Extremists”.

Chinese-American Disputes about Tehran... Syrian Decision to strip the “Israel” of its nuclear arsenal Syria American Secretary of State, John Kerry approved that there are disputes between America and China because of the negotiation of Security Council to take a decision about the using of chemical weapons in Syria in a press conference with his Chinese counterpart who welcomed by the American Russian Initiative, asserting the stand of his country which supports the political solution in Syria

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad, Jawad Zarif demandedto disarm and dismantle of Israel’s huge arsenal of nuclear and chemical weapons.

No 241 newslettr daily e 20 9 2013