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The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )240(


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Mr. President, al-Assad to fox News.. we committed to the convention of prohibition of chemical weapons Mr. President Bashar al – Assad stressed in an interview to the American Fox News the commitment of Syria for all the contents of the convention of prohibition of chemical weapons and acceptance to implement its contents and that to respond to the Russian Initiative, clarifying that there is no related to the threat” which Syria never blows for it”. For more details:

Mr. President al-Assad considered during a meeting with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, RyaBkov that the Russian Stands give the hope to draw a new map

for the international Balance, meanwhile RyaBkov stressed that the Syrian Issue is a priority for Russia and an axis for the international Politics. Mr. Presi-

dent Al –Assad received an American Delegation included members of Congress and activists in war‘s combating headed by the former American Prosecu-

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )240(


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A bombed car in Al-Raqqa.. Dead in Dier Ezzur In Dier Ezzur, “Walid Al-Shaddad”, commander of Qasier Hendawi battalion and “Qaser Jamyan”, commander of Al-Abbas battalion, and gunmen affiliated to “the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant” were killed during a dispute among their groups.In AlRaqqa a bombed car exploded including the gunmen affiliated to “Ahrar Al-Sham” brigade during preparations to detonate it.

Clashes continues.. Arab bodies in Damascus Countryside

Syrian Arab Army continued its processes in various areas in Damascus countryside, thus it destroyed a warehouse contains Anti-Air guns caliber of 23 mm and 14.5 caliber cannon and heavy machine guns in Shebaa, And adjust rifles warship mechanism ,snipers ,binoculars night and communications equipment and measuring distances, medicines and passports in Barzeh, and

targeted the gunmen’s headquarters from the “Front victory” near the Omari mosque in Al-kabon In Duma , Harasta , Jobar , Orbin , Darya and Yabrood, also it foiled an attempt to blow up four explosive devices weighing four kg of “C-Four” near the outer wall of the hospital, police in Harasta, was also killed both the Egyptians “Ahmed Mohamed Metwally” and “Louay Homsi” and “Zaher Abdel Halim Qlaa” . An informal media sources announced that army forces controlled 90% of the area in Barza, and in a small part of Al-Mestah and the borders of Al-Zabadani, the clashes is still going on.

Explosive devices on Infiltration from Lebanon to Homs Daraa-Damascus road A rocket shell fell near Rafien in Homs, and targeted ter-

A military source said that army forces thwarted an attempt to attack army’s checkpoints in Kherbet Gazalah, Daael, Tafas, Al-Hara, and Inkhel, and it also thwarted an attempt to detonate two explosive devices 40kg on Damascus-Daraa old road, and eliminated on terrorists’ headquarters in Atman at Daraa countryside, and destroyed anti-air cannon caliber 23mm, and heavy machineguns in Al-Hrak resulted in dead and wounded among gunmen.

village on Homs-Mesyaf road resulted in victims, explosive devices exploded on Jabourien and Akrad Al-Dafnya road resulted in the death of 13 citizens and destruction of some cars, while the Syrian army thwarted terrorists’ attempt to infiltrate from Lebanon to Tal Kalakh countryside

rorists’ headquarters in AlRastan, Al-Qosour and wadi Al-Saieh. A military source in Idleb reported that the Syrian army destroyed 3 cars southern Abu Al-Thohor airport, and destroyed terrorists’ headquarters in Sarmien, Benniesh, Maarat Al-Nuaaman and Sarja in idleb countryside.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )240(


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Disputes among the free army and “Daash”

Another sources reported that armed groups affiliated to the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant “Daash” attacked Eazaz in Aleppo countryside on borders with Turkey, killed 5 gunmen affiliated to the Free army, another

gunmen were killed in blast of an explosive device during putting it in Daraa countryside, another gunmen also were killed during disputes among armed groups in Naheta and Al-Mleha.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )240(


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United Nations cancels the item of force against Syria A source at the UN said that all references to sanctions or a use of force against Syria in the draft resolution on the chemical weapons in Syria was omitted during the second meeting of the UN Security Council permanent states’ representatives held on Wednesday according to Russia Today Website. The Website reporter said that the experts expected vote on the draft resolution presented by the USA, Britain and France at the weekend.

Russia gives evidences to use the chemical weapons by the “Opposition” Mikhail Bogdanov, the Special Envoy of the Russian President to the Middle East and Deputy Foreign Minister said that Russia may offer on Thursday to the UN Security Council evidences on the use of chemical weapon by the “Syrian opposition” in the Ghouta of Damascus.

European disputes about Syria

The head of European Parliament, Martin Schulz, said that “The countries of European Union have not been able to adopt an

unified position about the events in Syria, saying in an interview with the French newspaper Le Figaro that these countries

think that their national interests in the field of security are more important than reaching unified position.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )240(


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Al-Halaki wandering in Adraa

Mikdad.. we are ready for any foreign Aggression Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Fayssal Mikdad called upon the countries that welcomed Syria’s decision to join the chemical weapons prohibition convention to uphold their responsibility in stopping the terrorism. In an in-

terview given to Al-Alam TV, Mikdad said that handing over chemical weapons will not affect balance in the region,, reiterating Syria’s determination to continue defending its land and people against any Israeli or foreign Aggression.

Prime Minister Dr. Wael AlHalaki checked the reality of work in Teshreen station , the mill fire brigade and the Syrian-Iranian company to manufacture cars and iron and cement plant and the gas plant in Adra in Damascus countryside.

Pop of Vatican.. Dialogue to solve the crises in Syria

Popof Vatican “Fransees” renews his call for taking dialogue and negotiation path with the respect for justice in order to put an end to what is going on in Syria

National media partner to armed forces

The minister of information, Omran al-Zoubi stressed during a meeting with Yemeni teachers’ syndicate delegation that the Syrian Media is part of and partner to the armed forces in confronting the biggest me-

dia campaign targeting the Syria state and army for altering its identity under religious, confessional and legal designations. The delegation members lauded the “groundbreaking transformation” in the performance of the Syrian national media and its role in divulging the lies and allegations of hostile media, affirming that the Syrian media is the reliable source of information for a large segment of the Yemeni people.

No 240 newslettr daily e 19 9 2013  
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