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Progress in Damascus countryside

According to a military source that the Syrian Arab army over the main square in (Ma’loula) down to the monastery of (Mar Takla), and sign eight dead and twenty wounded elements of the NusraFront in the farms (Ras al-Ain) North (Ma’loula), and destroyed the headquarters of the gunmen in the eastern mountains of (Al-Zabdani) , (Giraud) and Industrial Zone in (Nabek),the source also spoke about the progress of the army on the axis of (Teshreen) hospital in (Barzeh), and clashes south East Tower of “Al-Moal-

meen” in (Jobar). The army elimination of thirty armed men in (Douma) knew of them “Ismail Alkhnchor” and killed a leader of group in the town of (Qasimiyah), and also killed the elements of armed groups in (Zamalka), (Deir Salman) and (Alzeabih) one of them is lead-

er “Abu Yahya”, in addition to “Mohammed Khair Soufi” and “Adham Marie”, and destroyed a car loaded with weapons containing rocket launcher. In (Kenitra) the army unit ruled on armed elements in an ambush tried to sneak from (Jbata AlKashab) to the town (Keder).

Cars and weapons from Turkey

Army units faced a try to attack on the barracks Hanano, and try into old Aleppo, while destroyed and other units of

weapons coming from Turkey and the mechanisms heavily loaded east (Haritan) and west of the road between

(Daret Azza and Aleppo), and three cars north of city (Bab), and locomotive and trailer including the from gunmen west(Bab)and four rocket launchers, mortars and machine guns in the villages of (Kwers), also army units ruled on the headquarters of militants in (Khan Aassal) in the countryside of Aleppo, northeast, while caused 6 deaths of them and wounded 8 others in (Lirmon).

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )233(


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“Ahrar Al-Fourat” dead in Deir al-Zour In Deir al-Zour were clashes between the Syrian army and gunmen for “Ahrar Al-Fourat” in the village of (Almrieih) where the army destroyed their weapons and spent a number of them, including the Australian his nicknamed “Abu Asmaa”, “Muhannad Mkhalaf Al-Ahmad Al” and “Hamza Ahmed Abdallah

Kalaf”. In Hasakah an official source pointed to the deaths and

injuries in the ranks of militants in (Shaddadi) and (Tweinh).

Ammunition from Hama to Idlib A Military source reported that army units seized ammunition mostly pkc machine guns hidden in containers under 8 drums of fuel loaded in a truck Hyundai in Al Ghab area in Hama countryside heading towards Idlib.

Libyans and Jordanian in Daraa Syrian army killed in Daraa insurgents from various Arabic nationalities tried to assault on a military point near Enkhel, among them the Libyan Abdullah Mahmoud Shriebe”, the Jordanian” Khaldoun Abdullahi Ma’ayteh “ and another from the armed members in Al gharieah , Ezraa,Sahem and Al Joulan. In addition to “Mohamed Zine El Abidine” and “Abdul Rahman Alhaj” leaders in “Front victory” in Waer Al Lajat. And destroyed weapons in Yadodah and Atman.

Clashes in Homs

A military source mentioned that The Syria army spent on an armed group in Al Karabees, Joret Al Shayah and Al Hamediah in Homs ,crahsed another group southern Wadi-Al Saieh, also destroyed insurgents’s headquarters in Talbessah and Al Gasbieah

in Homs countryside .Also media sources talked about clashes between army and gunmen attached to “Farouok Brigades”in Al Warsha neighborhood resulted in killing number of them and destroying their weapons.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )233(


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Putin ..Opposition uses Chemicals in Syria Russian president Vladimir Putin considered that any US military action against Syria ,outside the formation of the United Nation would constitute an act of aggression, will lead to a wave of terrorism that will destabilize the Middle East . Saying in an article published by the New York Time that the “opposition forces” is the one

that used the chemical weapons in Syria not the “Regular army”

and that to incite the American intervention in Syria.

Iran delivers documents for United Nations

The deputy of Iranian Foreign Minister of international affairs, Hussein Amir Abdul

Lahian said that “Iran delivered documents for United Nations which proves that

the armed groups used the chemical weapons in Syria, he added in a statement for Iranian Erna Agency that his country informed the United Nations in the last December for transferring two bottles of gas of Sarin to Syria from one Arab country to another neighboring it which it caused some political security reactions.

An American Report.. The gunmen of al-Qaeda threat to launch chemical attacks against west

A report of the center of policy of two parties in the United States warned from existence of the gunmen of “Al Qaeda” in Syria which threats to launch chemical attacks against the

west, adding that the crisis in Syria gives for the terrorist Organization a good opportunity to gather their forces to practice and to organize for more operations, the report said “It

is ironic that the White House supports the terrorist Organization which is accused by the attacks of eleventh of September on the twelfth anniversary of that attack.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )233(


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The Interior Minister.. Saudi and Qatar play a dirty role The interior minister, major general, Muhammad al-Shaar clarified that the western American allegations about using chemical weapons are an excuse to wage a war on Syria and to target the Syrian Arab Army, asserting that Syria still stronger and it will win, indicating that Qatar and Saudi played dirty role with some conspirator countries against Syria.

Arab and western civilian Organizations demand not to wage a war

Six hundred and sixty six civilian organizations of thirteen Arab countries demanded the American Congress and the French Parliament not to wage a war against Syria which is violator to the international Law, calling in a statement the team of investi-

gators which belonging to the United Nations to continue in the investigation to discover who used the chemical weapons, also the organizations demanded to disarm all the wide devastation weapons in the Middle East.

Ghalawanji.. Response plan continues despite the lack of funding The Minister of Local Administration Omar Ghalawanji stressed during a meeting with the resident coordinator for the UN activities in Syria Yaqub al-Hilo that the response plan continues in light of the available capabilities, despite the lack of funding which reached at 57% of the resources needed to meet the demands of displaced families, estimated as

USD 1.4 billion according to the plan of 2013. For his part, al-Hilo affirmed that the UN

will exert more efforts to meet the needs of affected people as soon as possible.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )233(


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Zubi.. Syria prevent the outbreak of war

The Information Minister Omran Zoubi said in a radio interview that Syria respond-

ed to the Russian initiative in order to prevent the outbreak of war that will burn the

whole region, pointing out that the war if took place will reach large destinations in the region and will be like a snow ball rolling in. “,Mr. Zoubi saw that” the ball is now in the American field”, hoping to win the U.S good thinkers, to reach Geneva 2, revealing that the”Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar prevent some people in the opposition to participate in Geneva conference”.

The Russian Initiative.. is good

The Minister of State for Environmental Affairs Dr. Nazerrah Sarkis confirmed that the ministry follows accurately the environmental situation in the various provinces, especially in Deir ez-Zor to prevent any pollution in the waters of the Euphrates River due to

attacks by armed groups on the oil transmission lines, noting that during her meeting with Director of Environment in Deir al-Zour to the need for following-up by Directorate’s employers, precisely the subject of the oil spill in the waters of the Euphrates River.

No 233 newslettr daily e 12 9 2013  
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