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Army continues its operations in Jobar

Units of the Syrian army foiled attempt of gunmen to blow up five explosive devices on the road of (Damascus Sasa). An official source said had been destroyed weapons and ammunition loaded by car for insurgents a Southeast Hospital “Tshreen”in the neighborhood of (Barzeh) and kill all of them, while an army unit clashed with an armed group belonging to so-called “Lewa Islam” in the neighborhood of (Jobar) and killed nine of the members, including “Osama Al-Tawel” a leader of group, also chased another unit armed group eastern

roundabout secondary in (Harasta) and killed it leader “Ismail Zenti”. The source pointed out that it was the elimination of armed groups that belonging to the “Jabhat Al-Nasra” in (Adra) , (Irbeen) and (Alzeabih) and destroy weapons and ammunition and machine guns, among

the dead a Palestinian “Mohammed Al-Mekrem” and “Mohamed Naguib” a leader of the so-called “Lewa Islam”. And also the units of army destroyed the armed groups in the neighborhood (Tall) and destroyed what their possession of ammunition and heavy machine guns.

Control on buildings in Bostan Al Qassar in Aleppo In Aleppo, unites of the army launched very qualitative operations against gunmen, some of them are from Jabhat Al Nusra in Massakin Al-Tarbia in Bostan Al Qassar neighborhood. During these operations, the army dominated on many post and buildings at the south of Hozauifa Mosque, where the army killed gunmen were there also killed gunmen in Mansioura and Lermoun. In the western-northern countryside, the army smashed stores of weapons, ammunition and heavy machine guns at the south of Horitan village and killed many gunmen.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )217(


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Saudi and Egyptian nationalities in the countryside of Daraa Units of the army caused deaths and injuries among the ranks of armed groups, some of them Saudi and Egyptian, and foiled their attempt to detonate tow IED, each of them 50 kg in the town (Bir Al-Sabea) in the countryside of Daraa, also other units destroyed a bulldozer of gunmen and ruled on the number of them

Destroy armored vehicles in countryside of Idlib and Hama

In Idleb countryside army units are attached a large losses in the ranks of the insurgents during a series of operations make against their communities in (Bdama) , (Alzeinah) , (Jericho) , (Neirab) and (Ma’arrat) where it destroyed a heavy machine guns and large quantities of weapons and ammunition which wsas in their possession. Furthermore, an army units were targeted the gatherings of gunmen in Hama and left a number of them were killed or injured and destroyed an ammunition depot. The other unit of army was destroyed a two armored vehicles and a number of equipment and mechanisms used by the militants in their criminal operations in the (Salamia)countryside and ruled on the numbers of them and wounding others.

in towns and villages in countryside of Daraa like (Bosra Sham) among the dead ter-

rorist Saudi “Uday Farouki” , Egyptian “Nour edine Cioffi” and “Mohammed Al Daia”.

The army confronts infiltration attempts in the countryside of Homs

The Syrian Army dominated on the Southern and eastern neighborhoods of Palmyra, where the army killed and injured gunmen in many villages and towns in the countryside of Homs, the army also dismantled many explosive devices were planted by gunmen. The army foiled an attempt to detonate a car bombing in Kobaiat al Asssi in the countryside of Homs and smashed weapons and ammunition. A military source

said that the army smashed many headquarters of gunmen in Howara, while unites of the army confronted two attempts of infiltration of gunmen from Al-Dar Al Kabera to Al –Mohajerin neighborhood and killed many of them. In the same context, unites of the army arrested 13 gunmen in TalKalakh in the countryside of Homs, these gunmen were preparing to commit terrorist acts in the city.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )217(


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Russian Foreign .. Cancel Hague meeting is reflect certain connotations Alexander Lukashević a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said in his comment today about the U.S. decision to cancel of Hague meeting with Russia to prepare for holding an international conference about Syria, Geneva 2, that “attempts to pass the Security Council once again by creating a pretexts artificial for military intervention in the region it have serious consequences for others countries in the Middle East and North Africa, “and called for Americans and all members of the international community to sanity and strict adherence to international law

and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, “expected from the United States to fulfill its role in the preparation for this conference”. Ukashević also explained that the decision to postpone the meeting of the Hague is send “a signals to the Syrian opposition and encourages them to intransigence in an-

ticipation of the intervention forces from abroad”, and he criticizing the statements of U.S. Secretary of State “John Kerry” yesterday when he announced that the United States has an compelling evidence of the use of Syria’s chemical weapons despite he did not introduce such evidence publicly.

China supports the professional investigation

Australian Prime Minister: American President discusses many options against Syria

The Chinese Foreign Ministry asserted that China “supports an independent, public, objective, fair and professional about the issue of al-

Newspaper “Kayhan” the fire that they are trying to ignited against Syria, its flames will reach everyone

leged use of chemical weapons in Syria” in order to find out what happened as soon as possible and it stresses that “the only solution for the crisis in Syria is a political solution.” The Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Lee called “to be cautious, to avoid any interference in Syria,” and to convene an international conference about Syria as soon as possible. The newspaper “Kayhan” the Iranian Arabian, that the fire that they want to ignited the United States and some Western countries as well as Turkey and some Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and Jordan and others can not remain confined inside Syria and its flames will reach everyone.

The Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd claimed that “the international community is certain increasingly that it was used chemical weapons in Syria, there is no doubt that the Syrian government is responsible for that, adding that if they can prove the attack, it would be a violation of international law and the President Obama studies all possible option to punish.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )217(


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Boehner demanding Obama to consultation with Congress before taking any action towards Syria The head of the U.S. House of Representatives “John Boehner” asked yesterday the administration of President “Barack Obama”, to consultation with Congress before taking any action against Syria about the allegations of using chemical weapons and also demanded “Brendan Buck”, a spokes-

man for “Boehner’s” call for the head of the U.S. commitment to the American people

and explain the rationale behind calls to take any road will choose.

The Iraqi government Al-Moallem.. I challenge to provides evidence on renewed its rejection the use of the Syrian armed forces for chemical to use its airspace and territory against Syria

The Iraqi government has expressed its rejection of the use of its airspace or territory to launch any military aggression against Syria in light of threats by Western powers for military action against Syria and its people. The Iraqi popular Committee to support Syria and the resistance denounced the Western American threats of aggression against Syria.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Walid alMoallem arrested at a press conference today, “We have a national interest in disclosure of the truth about what happened in Gota”. He added, “We have agreed to provide all the facilities and ensure the security of the investigative mission to Syria about the use of chemical weapons and assured that we are committed to the security of the mission in the areas that controlled by the Syrian forces are asked to go to the areas controlled

by armed groups, and when they wanted access to there they faced a fire on their cars by armed groups, and this confirms that we are committed to their security did not abide by the gunmen. Moallem said, “British Foreign Secretary wanted to mislead public opinion in his country, stressing that no country uses weapons of mass destruction against his own people, and if there are those who accuse the armed forces in Syria using chemical weapons I challenge him to provide evidence to the public opinion.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )217(


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Closure of Jermghani office for exchange in Suwaidaa

The competent authorities closed Jermghani Office in the city of Suwidaa, because

it committed irregularities including the existence of fund used for irregular

transactions at the price of the dollar against the pound on the black market.

The sons Golan: Syria will be a graveyard for those who insulted on it

Response to U.S. statements toward Syria, the sons of the occupied Syrian Arab Golan, denounced the U.S. escalation against Syria and intimidation against

military intervention with the support of some Arab parties, stressing that Syria will be a graveyard for those who insulted on it.

No 217 newslettr daily e 27 8 2013  
No 217 newslettr daily e 27 8 2013