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Daily Newsletter 22-3-2013 No.60 The assassination of Sheikh Bouty and a lot of his students in Eman’ s mosque Sheikh Al Bouty and 49 prayers martyred yesterday because of suicide bombing inside Eman’s Mosque in Mazraa in Damascus when he was giving a religious lesson to his students President Assad sent a condolences telegraph for Al Bouty and the families of martyrs “With a great sad full of resistance and will I condolences Syrians and myself on the occasion of martyrdom of Bouty the great sheikh of the Islamic Word as whole “ “They killed you because you said the right word against their extremist dark disbelieve who aims to destroy the concepts of our religion so I promised Syrians that the blood of Sheikh Bouty and his grandson and all the martyrs of Syria are very precious for me and will not go waste and we will keep on your way in order to combat their extreme dark thoughts until we clean Syria from them All condolences for the family of Bouty and the families of martyrs of Syria Religious official activities condemned the bombing which lead to the martyrdom of Bouty

Public mourning in Syria For The soul of Bouti and martyrs Under the guidance of President Bashar al-Assad, the public prime minister announced on Saturday 23/3/2013 the public mourning for the spirit of the martyr Dr. Mohammed Said Ramadan Buti and souls of the martyrs of Syria.

Establish security in Konaitira and killing the heads of front of Nusraa The unites of Arab Syrian Army killed terrorists and their leaders in Doma and smashed their weapons On the other hand in Kenitra, military Syrian security forces returned the security, and destroyed the headquarters of a subsidiary for "Front victory", including weapons and ammunition, Arab and foreign terrorists In Aleppo, Civilians martyred because of a car bomb explosion near a school l, resulting in material damage in the place,

President of the People's Assembly... We must support efforts to stop violence Mohamed Jihad ,the president of the People's Assembly asserted during a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Inter-Parliamentary Union on the sidelines of preparations the opening of the General Assembly of the 128 Union in Quito that the international community after it heared for two years to Tools of disinformation media , it should listen to the voice of truth to stop the violence and bloodshed and massacres carried out by armed terrorist groups and to support the political program to resolve the crisis in Syria in order to preserve the unity of land and people and to keep on international peace and security. Moscow... Port of Tartus is the financial and technical support

A Russian military diplomatic source, announced that it was agreed with the Lebanese side for the possibility of entering the Russian ships to the port of Beirut, but the port of Tartus will remain a financial and technical support for these vessels

American Federation of Arab journalists honors Syrian Arab Army Recognition of their efforts in addressing the conspiracy targeting Syria and the belief of their role in the return of security and stability, Federation of Arab journalists in the United States of America and newspaper moderation Emigrant honor elements of the Syrian Arab army in the courtyard of the Abbasids in Damascus.

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