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Daily Newsletter 19-3-2013 No.57

Information Minister … Erdogan and Qatar are responsible for the terrorists’ crime at Khan Al-Asal… Information Minister Omran El-Zuabi asserted that the terrorists fired a missile contain chemicals from Al- Neirab on Khan Al-Asal at Aleppo is a serious escalation, noting that this crime is the first effects of the Arab League Council decision at the ministerial level. The minister said” in this crime terrorists used prohibited weapon according to the rules of international law, the international community and the countries that financing, arming and harboring terrorists, and the governments of Erdogan and Qatar bear legal, moral and humanity responsibility for the crime of terrorists in Khan Al-Asal which caused 16 martyred and 86 injured of civilians and military, most of them in serious condition.

A missile contains chemicals exploded in Aleppo… Terrorists launched a missile contains chemicals on Khan Al-Asal at Aleppo caused 16 martyred and other wounded, units of the armed forces targeted terrorists gatherings in Aleppo and its countryside and inflicted them heavy casualties, and destroyed a truck include arms and ammunition and cars include terrorists. Dispute broke out between two armed groups "Al-Ahrar Brigades and the Alsham hawks and Al-Nusra Front” by heavy weapons and bombs on dividing the looting which result about 40 terrorists were killed. A march also launched from “Jabriya” district in Aleppo greeting Syrian Arab army and demanded an end to the presence of terrorists in the city. In Damascus two people were injured when an explosive device blew out in Al“Fahhama” area, and 5 mortar shells fall in around “Al-Mouasah”hospital, “Teshreen” garden and Al-Raboua without causalities, While in Damascus

countryside units of the Syrian Army continued eliminating the armed groups include members affiliated to so-called “Al-Eslam brigade” killed a large number of them, destroyed their vehicle, weapons, cars and trucks were used to transport terrorists and ammunition. At Al-Sweda –Damascus road a young man and a child martyred when terrorists targeted a bus. In Daraa and its countryside, armed forces eliminated on terrorist groups include a sniper and members who affiliate to Al-Nusra front, and destroyed their weapons. In Idelb countryside units of armed forces destroyed terrorist’ gathering and found a field hospital, and killed a large number of the terrorists and destroyed a vehicle equipped with heavy machinegun and weapons. Border guards’ forces confronted terrorists attempted to infiltrate from Lebanon through “Telkalakh”. In Homs, units of the Syrian army eliminated on terrorists groups, killed and injured a large number, and destroyed 3 vehicles equipped with machineguns, weapons and ammunition. Engineer units dismantled 8 explosive devices each one weight between 30-50-75 KG in “Mhardeh” Hama.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants … Syrian warplanes has not launch bombs inside Lebanese territory… An official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants confirmed that some Lebanese, Arab and international media reports talking about Syrian warplanes launched bombs inside Lebanese territory are completely untrue and false, adding that some countries which pursued hostile policies to Syria through arming and funding armed terrorist groups promote this false news . The source said that Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants confirm that this news is completely untrue, and we respect the Lebanese sovereignty, and we are keen on Lebanon security and stability.

Al-Jaafari .. Syria supports the global trend towards building an international community free from using and threating of force… Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari ,Syria's permanent delegate at United Nations, asserted Syria's full support of the global trend to build an international community free from the use of force, and threat ,which is dominated by the principles and purposes of the United Nations convention based on justice, equality and peace, he also asserted Syria’s willingness to participate in any international effort seeks to achieve that goal, and its commitment to help to reach a final document which meet the aspirations of the government and the people. Al-Jaafari added "Any future treaty on the arms trade should reaffirm the right of States under the United Nations convention to acquire all the means it consider appropriate to maintain national security, and to defend itself as well as to emphasis on the right of peoples under foreign occupation for self-defense and self-determination. The treaty which everyone look forward should prevent some Member States to provide terrorist armed elements by weapons under any pretext. " He said that any measures for arms control and transparency through selectively approach hinder achieving International community's commitment to general and complete disarmament, and Israel for decades depended on what it calls weapon diplomacy encourage the phenomenon of international terrorism, and protects drug gangs, and separatist movements in the world. Al-Jaafari noted to the challenges facing this conference, where there are many topics that should be handled transparently, during the negotiations, which must not be an instrument of political and economic manipulation, and an outlet for intervention in the internal affairs of States, he added that what Syria suffer of terrorism and sabotage is based on “takfiri extremist fatwas” issued by instigators host by Arab, regional and Western countries.

Council of Ministers.. a Fund to mitigate the effects of drought and disaster Council of Ministers approved in its weekly session a bill to amend the articles of Legislative Decree No. 114 of 2011 of creation of a fund for drought mitigation and natural disasters on agricultural production, which aims to mitigate their losses . Coordinator of the United Nations.. Syrian government do appreciated efforts to provide the needs of those affected by the crisis The Resident Coordinator of United Nations’ activities in Syria “Adam Abdel Mawla” confirmed at a press conference yesterday that the Syrian government do appreciated efforts to provide the needs of those affected by the crisis in the country, he pointed out that the organizations of United Nations which operate in Syria, specialize in humanitarian affairs, and its work is based on the neutrality and non-aligned principles, saying that the only criterion that governs the work of humanitarian organizations is the affected citizens need of help. The regional coordinator for the office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the United Nations, "OCHA" Radwan Noaiser” confirmed that there is a significant shortage in funding humanitarian operations, and the international community give importance for the political and military aspects much more than the humanitarian aspects, and that the humanitarian situation in Syria is becoming increasingly complex every day, despite everything done by Syrian government and the opposition, the situation remains unprecedented challenge for all the humanitarian agencies and that the goal of organizing the conference is to draw attention and to inform the whole world of the seriousness of the humanitarian situation in Syria.

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