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Husseiniya battles.. And targeting military centers in Barzeh Two mortar shells landed on the Syrian Central Bank, one on the surface of the bank and the other in the garage without injury.While the Syrian army regained control on AlHusseiniya in south Damascus countryside and killed gunmen from “ Front victory ,” including the Jordanian “Islam Qasimi “ After an extensive operation carried out on the town extended to Sayeda Zeinab and Beit Sahm, which saw violent clashes between army units and armored gunmen , as operations have led to an explosion building at Al-Kadam contains substances initial manufacture of explosives , and tighten the ring on Zeyabeya , and the death of the Afghan “Islam Rouhani “ in Hojaira, the Syrian army made a progress in Htaitit Turkmen after violent clashes killed twelve militants , this fighting continues near the mosque Al-Ghoufran in Kaboun and Dawar Al-

Thanaweiah in Harasta and on the axis of Zamalka and Jobar and the Yarmouk refugee camp , while opposition sources spoke for fighting gunmen the Syrian army trying to break Teshreen neighborhood, and targeted the military Centers in Barzeh , as it talked about dropping airplane in East Gouta , and clashes in Deir Salman farms , Qasimiyah and several other hubs in the meadow in which fifteen were killed including

the gunman “ Bashar Sowaidan “ and “ Adnan Rain” , was also killed , “ Ahmed Hammoud “ the leader of a group in Mleha . Also the army unit It targeted the headquarters of gunmen in seductive in Beit Jann, farm and village of Ein Shara, also destroyed the mechanisms mounted with heavy machine guns and inflicted deaths and injuries in the ranks of militants from the “victory Front” in the Qyarina farms in yabroud.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )260(


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Improvised explosive devices and mines in Aleppo and Battles in the countryits countryside side of Idlib In Aleppo clashes took place between the Syrian army and militants in Safera , Ashrafieh, Ezaa , Salah alDin and the perimeter Qustul, Maysaloon, while the army targeted cars loaded with weapons in Atareb , Jabereah and on the road between the Industrial city and Albab, improvised and dismantled improvised devices and mines in Qobatain and obo Jneed in Aleppo countryside, On the other hand, opposition sources talked about armed groups targeting the Air Force Intelligence branch in Allirmon with homemade cannon. , Also the opposition targeted the Syrian army positions near Aleppo International Airport in a cardboard building near the Umayyad Mosque, Khan Sabon , nobil

and Zahra with machine guns dochka and mortars , This clashes take place between gunmen from the “Daash” and “Free Army” in Sereen in Aleppo countryside, the result was dead and wounded from both sides, as continuing clashes between gunmen from the “Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham” and “units to protect the Kurdish people “ in Afrin and the area around the village of Qustul Jendo, were killed, the leader of “Daash” in the vicinity of Azaz.

Continuous clashes in Deir ez-Zor and Raqqa

In Deir al-Zour Army Units targeted the headquarters of militants from “Daash” in the neighborhoods of hamidieh , Ahoiqh, and kill Iraqi “Bassam Abu Aqaba”.In Raqqa clashes took place between “Daash” and armed groups in areas near the border crossings took control of the headquarters of the

insurgents in the countryside of north Raqqa, while Almayadeen channel quoted for Kurdish source that two battalions of “Free Army” surrendered to the protection forces in the Kurdish countryside in northern Raqqa countryside, while the official site for “Democratic Union Party” reported that more than fifteen car with two tanks and a number of militants for “Daash” and “Front Victory” were seen withdraw from the villages Drdarh and Java through Hasakah to the village Katov.

In the countryside of Idlib violent battles took place on the barriers surrounding Dayef Valley and the East Ma’arrat Numan between army units and more than twenty -five armed group in the battle of the “Zalzala”, while a whole armed group was spent on the road of Idlib, and destroyed cars loaded with weapons in Areha and Bansh, also clashes took place in Arbaeen mountain and Kaston in Al-Shoughour bridge , Also Lebanese newspaper mentioned that opposition militants managed to control the Strategic road which passes between Marat Al-Noman in Idlib countryside.In Hama an army unit targeted headquarters gunmen between Al-Bayda in the village of Mork and destroyed Chilka cart, while another unit engaged a group tried to infiltrate into Al-Bayda, in contrast gunmen destroyed two tanks of the Syrian army on Saman barrier.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )260(


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Al-Safeer .. Charges for insurgents using the chemical in Gota

Al-Safeer newspaper quoted testimony of one of families of victims of chemical weapons in Ghouta Damascus, who lost his son and his son’s wife and four grandchildren, where he said: “The gunmen have compiled a number of families of the region in building under construction on the eve of the massa-

cre and told them that the Syrian army used chemical weapons, but died allI hide in the construction, “while the source confirmed shows that a number of insurgents leaders “at least were fully aware that something is going to happen that night, that if they are not involved in it.

Thousands of extremists threaten British citizens Warned the head of British intelligence Andrew Parker of the existence of “Islamic extremists” in Britain who are considered citizens as “legitimate targets,” adding that intelligence services are facing threats coming from several fronts are still many, and we expect attempt or attempts to carry out major terrorist in Britain annually, considering that Al-Qaeda and affiliated organizations “are constantly threatening the most direct and most immediate.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )260(


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Syrian aviation.. Is normal

The release of the results of the general trade-offs

Confirmed the Syrian Arab Airlines that the traffic at airports moving naturally and completely, according to the program scheduled for internal and external flights.

The Ministry of Higher Education issued the results of the general trade-offs and the lower limits for the required grades in its two branches of scientific and literary to enroll in colleges and institutes for the academic year 20132014.

Communications back to Hasakah

Education Ministry sets quarterly exams

The director of the Syrian branch of communication in the mobile telecommunications in Al-Hasakah that communication returned to service after a two-day break due to the optical cable exposure to damages in the countryside of Palmyra.

1,392 billion Sp water sales in Tartous The public company for bottled mineral water in Tartus produced since the beginning of the year and eighty-five million liters of mineral water from various containers out of the planned amount, amounting to one hundred and twelve and forty million liters.

The Ministry of Education sets quarterly dates of exams and remedial vacation for primary schools and secondary schools, private and official seized and equivalents and professional high schools and technical institutes of the Ministry for the academic year 2013-2014.

No260 newslettr daily e 9 10 2013  
No260 newslettr daily e 9 10 2013