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killing civilians in Damascus 8 wounded by a mortar shell fired by gunmen at the intersection of the (Faransi) hospital in the (Kassa’a), and another shell targeted Church of the Holy Cross in (Kassa’a) which led to the injury of 3 civilians and caused damaging in church building, while a third shell was targeted a number of houses and cars in (Yabroudi) Street residential in (kassa’a) which led to considerable material without injuries and casualties among citizens, also a two citizen were injured including a child because of the bombing of the gunmen booby-trapped car near the bridge (Wazzan) in the devastated region yesterday evening. In another context, the Syrian army is controlling at a distance of 2 km from the railway station in north (Al-Bahria) down to (Qasimiyah) and controlled the farm (Katari) in Rural Damascus, after elimination on the armed group and its members with their leader who so-called Saudi “Abu

Nabil” and caused a large losses to groups in lives and materiel , while an army units were dropped a large numbers of insurgents during two operations in the neighborhood of (Barzeh) and near the mosque (Omari) in district (Kaboun), and killed three snipers were stationed at a rally school district (Jobar), and also killed “Younis Abdul Hadi” and “Mohammed Abdel-Hay” on (Zamalka) axis, and destroyed the headquarters of the armed group in (Elaab) farms in (Duma) area including the insurgents and their weapons and among the dead “Mustafa cakh”. At the depth of the East (Gouta) the army destroyed machine

guns and a bulldozer the Insurgents were using it’s in the administration of earth mounds and cut roads to the axis of farms of towns (Deir Salman) and (Aldalbh) and killed the insurgents, “Qasim Seah” and “Mahmoud Thrush” and the gunman “Hossam Aaniel” in (Maliha), in the meanwhile; the army are destroyed a headquarters of the armed group belonging to the (Nusra) and two cars loaded with ammunition in (Yabrood), while another unit clashed with members of armed groups in the area of the four seasons and the area around the shrine Ms. Sakina in (Darya) among of the dead, “Abdullah Abbas”.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )258(

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A group of “free army” is join to “DAASH”

in Aleppo a groups that its leader “Ismail qsaas” are announced its split from militias “Free Army” and joining to “DAASH”, while a group of fighters «DAASH» are stormed the district (Marja),

and raided the headquarters of a group led by armed nicknamed “Baqel”,after rating «DAASH» of the group as worthy what so-called “Punishment haraba”, because of theft and burglary.

Mujahideen Arab were killed in Idleb Countryside

In Idlib an army units had elimination of the gunmen from the “Jabhat Nusra” and so-called “Ahrar-Sham” mostly of them are from multinational Iraqi, Libyan and Tunisian and that through a series of quality processes carried out against their headquarters on the road “Sarakeb Aleppo”,and among of the dead are Libyans, “Abdullah alias Abu Hisham”, “Fahd Turki” , “Hamid Abu Joma’a” ,” Barakat Abu Jassim” and “Alwash Abu Saleh” and “Musa Abdul Karim” , “Khalil

Abu Hashem” and “Nasser Abdul – Jabbar” Alkaidy”, as has been elimination of two Libyan Sheikh “Mahmoud” and the Iraqi “Fares Abu Kamal” in (Tel Hadya). In the village of Zorba in (Sarakeb) countryside also eliminate the gunmen for “Jabhat Nusra”, including the Libyan “Akram Shlash good” and Tunisia “Ahmed Abu Musa” and Iraq “Abdul Jalil Abu Ahmed”, and also was destruction the headquarters of the gunmen in villages (Hloz), and among the dead, “Yassin Bsas” and “Ayman Abdel Gawad closeness” and “Ahmad Faisal Haboush” and “Abdulkarim Splo”, in another context, the fighting between gunmen in the village of (Bsagla) and killing many of them, some so-called Brigade Skor Sham”, including “Ahmed Khalifa” and “Radwan Barakat” and “Wael El - Assaad”.


The road Aleppo Hama is under the controlling of the Syrian army A unit of army troops are reopened road of Hama Aleppo via a hub (Al-Salamiah Khanasser Sfera) and broke the siege of armed groups that were targeted buses and passengers and prevent the arrival of food for the people of the city Aleppo, while a second unit was thwarted the infiltration attempt by an armed group toward the Carlton Hotel in Aleppo and killed 3 militants during a clash with an armed group in the vicinity in district of (Salah al-Din) in the city, this has been killed a number of insurgents in (Allirmon) and (Almasranih), youth housing in north (Neirab) and villages (Albrkom) and (Deir hoof) , and the destruction the headquarters of the gunmen in the vicinity of the central prison and hospital “Canadi”, in addition to the destruction of 3 cars loaded weapons in South (Muslimh) and 3 other cars in (Kvrnaha) . In Hama an army unit carried out ambushed in an armed group near the village (Kfraa) in Hama countryside and killed the whole of its members, including Nigeria, “ Ali Abbas” and “ Yassin Mohamed Azouz” and “Ahmed Hamdo”.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )258(

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Criminalization of “sex Jihad”

The Tunisian Association of Democratic Women demanded, the Tunisian government to criminalize the so-called “sex Jihad” through the application of UN resolutions 1325 and 1820 and other resolutions ratified by the Tunisian state and that highlight the fact that sexual violence in situations of conflict constitutes a war crime, and the Assembly called on in a statement to the prosecution and punishment of all encouraged and to them to Syria for sexual exploitation.

The smaller Saudi Mujahid


Fighting are continues in Homs In Homs an army unit ruled on the armed groups in (Bab Hood) and near the legs of irrigation and the National Hospital in (Jouret Shiah, and killed a number of militants in the villages (Algesbah) and (Khalidiya) in countryside of Homs.

Battles in Daraa

Another unit of the army was clashed with an armed group in the vicinity of the building Customs and killed most of its members are dead, including “Mohammed peaceful” while and a second unit are destroyed a gatherings of gunmen in the city of (Naua)

and killed “Hossam Nayef” and elimination of most of the members of an armed group calling itself “battalion Moatasem”. To that one citizen was wounded by mortar shell fired by gunmen in the vicinity of the Catholic Church in city (Izraa).

Sources jihadist said that the boy Saudi Arabia, “Abdullah Abbas Al Shammari” arrived in Syria recently to participate in the jihad and the establishment of an Islamic caliphate alleged, taking for himself the title of “Abu Moataz Jezari”, and he is in 16-year-old only An assassination attempt in al-Hasakah to have the smallest Saudi up to Syria until today. In Hasakah survived member Executive Office of the domestic trade sector and consumer protection “Abdul Razzaq Aharit,” targeting gunmen him today through his vehicle-borne improvised remote control, The exploexplosive device improvised sion resulted the material adhesives and detonated by damage only.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )258(

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Assad accuses the West of supporting al-Qaeda

Mr. President “Bashar alAssad” said in interview with German news magazine Der Spiegel, “The West realizes actual fact belatedly and always understood the fact very slowly”, pointing out that Germany and Austria both had the most objective vision for Syria, which could help to achieve the interests of Europe, and wondered what West gains at the level of interests when (Al-Qaeda) become in the rear garden wreaks havoc on Earth.

President al-Assad refers to achieve stability in Syria needs to stop the flow of billions of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey it has to stop its logistical assistance to the terrorists Then the problem can be solved in a few months.

Laregani..Washington supports the terrorism

The head of the Iranian shura council Ali Laregani as-

serted that the adventurous course of the United States in the region caused increasing the terrorism in it and he added that what happened in Syria reveals the difference between the supporters of terrorism who send weapons and terrorists and the opponents of terrorism and he assured that Iran support the reforming in Syria but not by terrorism and terrorists.

Billion and one hundred million pounds to Latakia Services On the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the October Liberation War was to lay the foundation stone for the youth housing project in Latakia which has a total value of about one billion and 59 million Syrian pounds to subscribers on the stage ten years, was also the opening of the Department of Agriculture building and the Center for Continuing Education in Qardahah.


National opposition .. “Geneva 2” the beginning of a political solution

Mohammed Abu Qasim head of the bloc of the National Democratic Secretary General of the Solidarity Party said after less than a delegation from the national opposition in Syria, “Mokhtar Lamani” the Director of the Office “Lakhdar Brahimi”, the UN envoy to Syria, to support the opposition National Conference Geneva 2 scheduled in mid-November to be a starting point to launch a political solution in Syria, pointing out that “this is only possible solution Syrian agreement and agree both Russia and the United States of America.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )258(


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Judicial conference in Damascus

The Ministry of Justice began in building in Damascus the acts Judicial Conference, the first hosted by the Ministry of Justice under the title of “judicial authority and thought renewed,” the conference will focus on the ac-

tions taken and mechanisms for future work and automate the work of judicial, administrative and judicial reform and the formulation of decisions and judgments and the relationship between the law and the judiciary.

An honorary ceremony for doctors Jaramana

The management organization of festivals has been honored carnivals International Dr. “Ihsan Izz al-

Din,” and a number of physicians in City Jaramana in a ceremony entitled “I love Syria” in recognition

of their role in charity work volunteering to help the citizens of the city in the crisis in Syria.

No258 newslettr daily e 7 10 2013