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Shells and explosions in Damascus Gunmen fired many mortar shells in Tishreen garden and near the Chinese Embassy, Kafarsousa and inside a garden near the wall of Al-Shaab Palace in Damascus, resulted in material damages and the injury of some citizens. Gunmen also targeted the roundabout of Jdaidat Shebani town by a bombed car resulted in the death and injury of some citizens, it also resulted in material damages. Gunmen also targeted a bus in Najha on Damascus-Swedah road, resulted in the injury of someone; two citizens were also injured in another attack by gunmen and a sniper man by fire and mortar shells in Harasta, and in the police hospital in Harasta suburb, resulted in material damages. The Syrian army killed gunmen who are affiliated to the so-called “Al-Fath brigade” during an operation targets gunmen’s gatherings in Al-Qaboun, Barze, Arbien, Doma, Al-Nasrya, Al-Nabk and in eastern Dier Ateya. The army also killed three

gunmen in south of Electricity company in Jobar, it also killed 30 gunmen in Medaa, and large number of gunmen at the around of the shrine of Al-Saida Sakena in Daraya Syrian army also destroyed rocket launcher and weapons that were loaded in a car in Yabroud, it also destroyed a car at the southeast of the Sport hall, and two cars loaded with weapons and ammunition in Al-Boharya farms, and three cars loaded with weapons near Al-Nashabya hospital. Units of the Syrian army prosecuted an armed group in Al-Zabadani plain, killed a leader of an armed group and some members of his group, and destroyed their weapons.

At the northern countryside of Latakia, the Syrian army destroyed gunmen’s gatherings in Rema farms, Al-Salheya, Yabroud, and Al-Qalamoun, killed and injured many of them. The army also killed gunmen some of them are affiliated to Al-Nusra front and to the so-called “Ahrar alsham” in the northern countryside of Lattakia, and destroyed their equipment. The Syrian army also thwarted terrorists’ attempt to infiltrate from Al-Shamseya village to Wata Al-Khan village, killed and injured many, and it destroyed ammunition which were loaded in 3 cars equipped with heavy machineguns.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )251(


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Shipments of weapons and ammunition in Dier Ezzour An attack against citizens in Aleppo

Syrian army destroyed terrorists’ headquarters in Al-Rashdya, Al-Sheikh Yasen and in the old airport including the ammunition, killed and injured many terrorists. Army forces also killed 7 gunmen at the factories roundabout,

and destroyed 4 cars loaded with weapons and ammunition, which they were trying to enter it to the city. A unit of the Syrian army clashed with an armed group in Al-Mreaaya village, killed and injured most of them.

Shells in Homs

Gunmen fired a rocket shell fell on a school at Al-Sabiel neighborhood, resulted in the death of two citizens, and material damages at the school. They also targeted Akrama and Karm al-shami neighborhood by shells, resulted in only material damages. In another context, the Syrian army destroyed terrorists’ gatherings at the north of the national hospital in Al-Qarabies, Al-Waar,Al-Hamedya, Al-Saieh, Al-Qosour neighborhoods in Homs, resulted in the death and injury of some terrorists. Syrian army also killed many gunmen near Al-Rastan lake’s dam, and in Teldo, Al-Khaldya, Al-Ghajar, and Al-Soukhna in Homs

countryside. Army forces also destroyed RPG launcher, two PKC machineguns, hand grenades and heavy machineguns. An explosion broke out at a warehouse of terrorists in Al-Metras village near Talkalakh, resulted in the death of dozens of terrorists including 6 of foreign nationalities.

A unit of the Syrian army eliminated on an armed group, killed and injured its members who were attempting to attack the citizens there. Another unit carried out an ambush against gunmen near Alleramoun factories, and destroyed a car equipped with a machinegun. Meanwhile, the army destroyed weapons and ammunition which were loaded in 3 trucks of the terrorists in Abu-jabbar village at the eastern countryside, and eliminated on terrorists, and destroyed rocket launchers, a mortar cannon and heavy machineguns in Kweres, AlJdeda, Arbied and Rasem alAbboud villages.

An attack on checkpoints in Daraa Units of the Syrian army thwarted an attempt by armed groups who attempted to attack two checkpoints of the Syrian army northern Tafas city in Daraa countryside, and in Busra al-sham city, killed the majority of the terrorists.Meanwhile, another unit tracked armed groups on Al-Sadd road in Daraa city and in the countryside of the city, killed and injured their members, and destroyed their equipment.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )251(


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Weapon’s warehouses in Idleb countryside

Moreover, the army destroyed gatherings of gunmen in the towns and villages of Jesr AlShogour in the countryside of Idlib, inflicting many of them dead, some of them are affiliated to “Al-Nusra front,” including a leader of the socalled “Al-Sham soldiers” battalion. The army

also destroyed a warehouse of militants includes “Grad” rockets, an anti-aviation cannon 23mm, 4 warehouses of weapons in Kencefrah village in Idlib countryside , and two rocket launchers and ammunition were loaded in 3 cars, and inflicted a large number of militants killed.

Arresting a Tunisian gunman and his Chilean wife while trying to break into a checkpoint of the Syrian army The competent authorities were able to arrest the Tunisian terrorist Radwan Hamidi, Abu Musab, and arrested his terrorist wife, Chilean Giselle Carmona, while trying to break into a checkpoint of the Syrian Arab army near the Conserves factories in Idleb, by a truck without plates.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )251(

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Decree on extension of the exemption of fines taxes and financial charges


President al-Assad.. We will make Syria better than it was before the crisis

President Bashar al-Assad issued Legislative Decree No. 67 of 2013 to extend working on the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 16 of 2013, containing the exemption of all interest, penalties and fines on some of who are in charge of taxes and financial charges and personal accounts until 12/31/2013.

Lebanon confiscates a truck loaded by weapons to be smuggled to The Lebanese National Media agency said that “The Lebanese army stopped a truck loaded with ammunition and weapons in the town of Arsal in the northern Bekaa was driven by a Lebanese named Maher Abdallah from Wadi Khaled in an attempt to be smuggled into Syrian territory In the same context, an attempt by gunmen to infiltrate from the Lebanese towns “AlNoura and Aldbabiya” to Syria has been thwarted, through Al-Raml, Al-Dalya and Adlien sites in Talkalkh countryside.

Mr. President Bashar al-Assad in a television interview with Italian channel “Ray News 24” said that the primary objective of the Syrian State today is focused to get rid of the terrorists and their terrorism and ideology, and that after overcoming the crisis, we

will make Syria much better than it was before the crisis. Al-Assad added “Most European countries do not have the ability to play a role in resolving the crisis in Syria because they do not have the various factors that enable them to succeed in playing this role.”

The link of the interview:

Al-Moaallem confirms Syria’s commitment of the Treaty of Prohibition of Chemical Weapons Walid al-Moallem, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs asserted during meeting Foreign Ministers of Iran, Iraq, and Cuba, “the commitment of the Syrian government to fulfill its obligations of the Treaty of the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. The minister also asserted on Syria’s willingness to participate in the international conference on Syria,” Geneva 2 “. For their part, the Iraqi, Iranian and Cuban ministers asserted on

the political solution to the crisis in Syria through dialogue between the Syrians without any external interference.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )251(

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Allaham: We Should build the renewable Syria together and pray for the return of the security.

Patriarch Gregory III Laham, Patriarch of Antioch and All the East for Melkite, called on all the people of Syria to work together to build renewable Syria, saying that Syria’s approval on the destruction of chemical weapons is “a step to build renewable Syr-

ia”. Allaham thanked Pope Francis, Pope of the Vatican, who support Syria with his historical calling for prayer and fasting for Syria, where this prayer brought a great miracle, turned the course of history and the crisis in Syria from war to peace.

Scheduling loans of traders, industrialists and owners of tourist facilities The government approved the recommendation of the Economic Commission, which includes preparation for a draft legislative instrument to schedule loans of the traders, industrialists and owners of tourist facilities under the chairmanship of Governor of Central Bank of Syria. The recommendation refers to the necessity of activating the role of the economy rooms, which represent various segments of the business sector in the consultation when lending, claiming debtors and delinquent debtors, and in studying their cases with the

concerned government agencies. In addition to address the wholly or partly devastating, stolen or forcibly stalled installations, according to a mechanism to be determined by the formed committee under this resolution.


50 million pounds per month for the account of the reconstruction committee

The total value of the project of the emergency plan for the rehabilitation and restoration of buildings and public infrastructure, reached 37 billion Syrian pounds, $ 50 billion Syrian pounds have been allocated to the Commission of reconstruction within the project of the state budget for 2014, to be able to complete the work assigned to it. Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs and Minister of local Administration, “Omar Ghalaounji” said that the value of direct damages suffered by the ministries and public bodies as a result of terrorist armed groups reached 559 billion Syrian pounds since the beginning of the events in Syria.

Rehabilitation of a number of medical departments 22 main medical sections in a number of affected hospitals have been rehabilitated, the latest was the medical sections in “Karm Allouz” hospital in Homs. Minister of Health, Dr. Saad Naev asserted on the continuation of the health sector to provide services despite the challenges represented by the economic blockade and the continuous targeting of its institutions by armed groups, noting that “the number of medical shipments have been sent since the beginning of the year to the health directorates reached 325 Medical shipments”.

No251 newslettr daily e 30 9 2013  
No251 newslettr daily e 30 9 2013