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The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )200(


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Killed in Damascus

Unites of SyrianArabArmy aimed headquarters for terrorist groups, smashed weapons and ammunition, killed and injured many of them in Barzah, Doma and Daria in the countryside of Damascus.

Bombed cars in Aleppo Theengineering Units of the Arab Syrian army dismantled a bombed car contained 300kg of explosives near the association of engineers in New Aleppo ,and it dismantled another one contained 250 kg of explosives behind the Faith mosque in the same district.In Aleppo and its countryside, units of the

army destroyed weapons and ammunition and it killed many terrorists in Alziarah village, Kastello and Khan Alassal and it thwarted attempts of terrorists to infiltrate to Hananow military barrack and the old Aleppo city, Alrashedeen and Salah AlDeen in Aleramoon. The correspondent of Al-Mayadeen channel

talked about launching Grad missiles on Nubel and Alzahraaa towns by” Jab-

hat Al-Nusra’” gunmen and this caused killing and wounding many people.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )200(

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Ambush in the countryside of Homs The Arab Syrian army killed terrorists from foreign and Saudi nationalities and it confiscated large amounts of weapons, ammunition and pick up car was provided with heavy machine gun in ambush between alhadath and Hawareen villages in the countryside of Homs.In Homs and its countryside, units of the army continued its operations


Warehouse of missiles in the countryside of Lattakia

and it eliminated terrorists and their gatherings in Tal Daw ,Alrastan ,and Alhamediah villages and towns ,and it faced terrorists who tried to infiltrate from Ni- The army proceeded in the countryside of zar Kabani towards Lattakia; they smashed there a depot for Alkosour district. rockets, weapons and dozens of heavy maRestoration of stability to the country- chine guns.Sources mentioned that the Syrian Arab Army killed about 1000 non Syrian side of Daraa gunmen in Salma, Dorra and Ein Joza towns. In the countryside ment.The armed forcof Daraa, the armed es seized 30 anti-tank Dens of terrorists in the countryside of forces returned secu- mines in al-Jbeila. Adleb rity and stability to Terrorists belonging Al- Hara town; they to “Al Mothana bat- The armed forces terrorists chased non Syrian talion “ were killed inflicted terrorists, killed them during their attempt of Jabhat Al Nusand smashed their to attack on military ra heavy losses in weapons including post in the southern weapons in Al-Arheavy machine guns Daraa countryside. baaen Mountain, Bidama and Kastoun. and medical equip-

The General Ayoub visits the Military Checkpoints The chief of General staff of the army and armed forces, Gen. Ali Abed Allah Ayoub met the soldiers and he congratulated, during his inspection tour on the occasion of Eid Alfatar, to many military checkpoints and army sites and he asserted on

the importance of their role to ensure the security and stability to the citizens .Also, he urged soldiers to remain vigilant and watchful to thwart those who seek to tamper with Syria’s stability and security.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )200(


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American Russian Agreement to hold Genève 2 The American and Russian parties agreed in the meeting between American, Russian foreign ministers and American Russian Defense ministers that the final solution for the crisis in Syria is the political -negotiator solution, considering that Genève 2 conference is a step for political solution and it should do the best for holding it.Lavrov announced that the meeting between the experts of two sides will be at the end of current month to discuss the preparations.

The Turkish Human Rights commission …The Government is responsible for Terrorism in Syria The Turkish Human Rights commission in its report about the terrorist groups nears the Turkish –Syrian borders, accused the government of offering the financial and military supporting for terrorists in Syria, especially “Jabhit

Al-Nusra” which is affiliated to al-Qaedaa organization. The leader of the opposite Turkish Republican Party Kamal Kletchdar Oglo said that the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is responsible for killing and murdering in Syria.

“Syria Brings Us Together” honors the children of soldiers who died to defend for homeland

The group “Syria Brings Us Together” organized an activity on Friday at Hafez Ibrhaim School in Mazzeh area 86 in Damascus to honor the children of soldiers who died to defend for homeland and displaced families on occasion of Eid al-Fitr.

No200 newslettr daily e 10 8 2013  
No200 newslettr daily e 10 8 2013