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The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )196(


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Shells in Harsta and Jaramana A citizen was martyred and two other were wounded by shot by a sniper, and 3 civilians were wounded by shrapnel from mortar shells fired by terrorists on Harasta, and anther mortar shell landed in Jermana without injury, while

the units Syrian Arab Army units are elimination of the terrorists, some of them are nationalities of Saudi Arabia in East Gouta, Kaboun, Jobar and Harasta and destroyed their weapons and ammunition.

Syrian Army continues its operations in Aleppo and its countryside

Armed forces are foiled a try of terrorists to infiltrate the hospital “Canadi� and neighborhoods of Sef Aldoula and Salahuddin, while anther units faced to attack on the airport Meng military

and eliminated of the terrorists in Atareb, KhanAl-asla Mansoura, Azaz and the area around the central prison of Aleppo. A media source explained that all protection elements of Meng Airport

in Aleppo are fine, and the airport is free from military equipment and aircraft and non-used, and the terrorist groups are suffer from very large losses around the airport and inside it.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )196(


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Restoring the stability to several areas in Homs

Army units restore the stability to the groves were extend-

ing between Gota, Alaqrabas and Alchukouha, also

seized many of the tunnels inside the groves, while other units thwarted a trying of terrorists to infiltrating from Lebanese territory across the area Jose in countryside of Al-kouseer, and destroyed a rocket to launch in area Al mousherfa and eliminated the terrorists in the Hula and in countryside of Talkalkh.

Restore a security to the countryside of Latakia In the northern countryside of Latakia, army is restored the stability to the villages “Beit Alchukouha” and “Kafria” after being eliminated of some nationalities of terrorists as Libyan and Tunisian, and destroyed their weapons.

Dismantling an explosive devices in Daraa

In Daraa Al-balad an engineering elements were dismantle two explosive devices in addition to 5 mines and a number of shields.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )196(


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United Nations .. Recruitment of children to fight is a war crime

An internal report of the United Nations entitled “From boiling slow to the point of collapse” revealed that displaced Syrians trying to es-

cape from the camps of the international organization, in addition to the existence of recruitment for boys minors in these camps to fight with

terrorist groups, especially in the refugee camp Zaatari in Jordan, where it operates networks of organized crime and lawless, in what was considered an official at the United Nations that the recruitment of boys in the 15 to fight with their relatives is war crime may lead to a repeat of the so-called “Children birds of Paradise” whose trained by al-Qaeda to make a suicide bombings in Iraq.

A committee for national dialogue and Lanny .. Dialogue is the only way to achieve a political solution to the crisis

The members of the Monitoring Committee of the Syrian national dialogue which come from the forum of Tehran and “Mokhtar Lamani” a manager of the Office of the UN

envoy to Syria Al-khdar Brahimi confirmed that dialogue is the only way to achieve a political solution to the crisis in Syria away from any foreign interference in Syrian

affairs, stressing the need to respect national sovereignty and the unity of the Syrian territories and condemn the terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )196(


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Legislative decree.. Giving a license for the protection and security companies President Bashar al-Assad issued a decree legislative spends to give a license to companies protection services and private security, where required to be wholly owned by the Citizen and

the Syrian Arab is convicted of a felony or misdemeanor and make its headquarter in area of operation which owned by the company, and duration of the license a one year can be renewable.

Al-Halaki meet with officials of Tehran

Dr. Wael Halaki a Prime Minister’s during a meeting in Tehran, Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani and First Vice Iranian President Isaac Jhankiri confirmed on keenness of Syrian government to devel-

opment of economic and trade relations and development and expansion of fields with Iran and activation the signing of new agreements, referring to the positions of leadership and the Iranian people and its unlimited supporting to Syria. Also they are cleared the bilateral relations between the two countries that will witness a qualitative new step about the bilateral working-level future and will enhance the growing strategic relations established between the two countries and give impetus and a new mace.

535 billion pounds to investment in industrial cities The Director of the industrial cities an engineer “Akram Hassan” that the volume of investment in industrial areas reached to 535 billion pounds, while the volume of work carried out with regard to infrastructure to 30 billion pounds, adding that investors’ appetite for the IPO and the allocation of plots to them in the industrial cities increased by about 50% after the issuance of the decision amend the investment.

“Al-Zubi” Syrian will not using an chemical weapons, if is have it

Minister of Information Omran Zoubi denied during contact with the Syrian Arab TV a news of agencies and satellite channels about the use of Syria

of chemical weapons saying, it false and is no basis or validity of these news at all, referring to that Syria if it possessed an chemical weapon, it will not use

this type of weapons because of the moral values and the national system, which the Syrian leadership and the Syrians in general have these values.

No196 newslettr daily e 6 8 2013  
No196 newslettr daily e 6 8 2013