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Daily Newsletter 6-7-2013 No.166

Army returns security and stability to Al Qaboun in Damascus

Unites of armed forces returned security and stability to the industrial region of Al Qaboun in Damascus after they killed all the terrorists, who most of them are non-Syrians and subsidiary to Jabhat Al Nusra , and smashed their hideouts. An official source said that the area controlled by the army spread overran area of 1,5 km south of al-Qaboun to the traffic node on the southern bypass, asserting that the operation will cut off the supply of weapons and gunmen and limit their movement among Jouber, alQaboun, Zamalka and Harasta. The source pointed out that torturing dens and headquarters for the terrorists leadership and several tunnels were found in addition to various kinds of weapons, among them mortar shells, machineguns and Israeli-made Lao rockets. The source pointed out that a map for the area, unveiling the location of the snipers of the armed terrorist groups and the tasks assigned to each armed terrorist group in the region, was also discovered.

The Elimination of Terrorists and destroying large amounts of Weapons in the countryside of Latakia In Latakia, units of the Syrian army eliminated many terrorists in a chain of operations against their gatherings in Dair Hana; some of the killed terrorists are non-Syrian. The units destroyed large amounts of weapons and ammunition besides the tunnels and the heavy machine guns and two missiles and mortars depots.

Hassoun: The Resistance of Syrian people saved Arab countries from the plans of enemies His Eminence Dr. Ahmad Badr al-Din Hassoun, the Grand Mufti of Syrian Arab Republic asserted that the resistance of Syrian people in the face of aggression will save the entire Arab nation. Hassoun said in an exclusive interview with Al-Manar-Channel yesterday “the resistance of Syrian people with the army is the reason of victory, pointing out that the enemies of Syria thought it is the gateway to fritter Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and others . Hassoun stressed that the Syrian people are the only one who determine the future of Syria.

Hassoun pointed out that the issue is not about President Bashar alAssad, not the issue of Imam Ali Khamenei and not the case of Mr. Hassan Nasrallah, it is a nation issue either kneel or stand. The Grand Mufti of Republic said that “President al-Assad and since the first month of the crisis of trust in God. Hassoun stressed that the enemies of Islam are trying to convert the tolerance of Islam to fear, terror, murder and destruction.

Russia: Draft of the Security Council statement about the situation in Homs is unbalanced Russia asserted that the draft of the statement that was proposed by Australia and Luxembourg to the UN security council regarding the situation in Homs is" unbalanced and based on double standards," Itar Tass news agency on Friday quoted the Russian mission saying that Russia regrets that its proposals for amending the statement have been utterly ignored . Moreover, the text circulated is even more unbalanced and it is based on double standards and has nothing to do with humanitarian issues.� the Russian mission stressed that the UN Security Council failed to reach a consensus on the draft of the statement. Russia demanded amending the statement to become more balanced and to include a reference to Nubul and Zahra towns where inhabitants are besieged due to the perpetrations of Jabhat alNusra and other armed terrorist groups linked to al-Qaeda.

Mansour : the Self- distancing means non-interference in the affairs of the others The Lebanese foreign minister Adnan Mansour asserted on the necessary of respecting the bilateral agreements that were signed between Lebanon and Syria .He affirmed that what happened in Syria is a Syrian internal affair and the self-distancing means non-interference in the affairs of the others. Yesterday, Mansour said: “There are bilateral agreements between us and Syria that should be respected and we should work for avoiding the dangers.’’ He added that what happen in Syria for two years faces the whole region and we considered that the events in Syria are an internal affairs. Mansour considered; that the reason of decreasing the security events in the north of Lebanon and the borders is not a source of tension anymore and this is due to the efforts of the Syrian army who eliminated the terrorists in Talkalah and Al-Quseir and he added :’ When the army was in Al-Quseir ,there was not weapons and gunmen pass the borders and cause the tension.”

Ministry of health: There is not any epidemiological situation Syria now is under the risk of spread of some communicable diseases and epidemiological situations, especially in summer because of the decline in the level of environmental sanitation in many areas and because that large number of health service institutions are out of service.

The Syrian athlete Noureddin Hamada wines A bronze middle In Assian Art Games Syrian athlete Noureddin Hamada won a bronze middle in the under66 kg event in the Kurash competition of the 4th Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games 2013 currently being held in Incheon, South Korea. Hamada ranked third in the event after defeating a Yemeni athlete and losing to an athlete from Uzbeksitan, netting him the bronze medal. The Syrian team participating in the games won two other bronze medals in the billiards competitions.

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