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Ten citizens including children injured by a mortar shell on Al-Tadamoun in Damascus In Damascus ten citizens including 3 children due to a mortar shell fell on Nisreen street at AlTadamoun neighborhood fired by terrorists on Tuesday morning. Another shell fell on the “Governorate Parking” in Kafersouseh in Damascus caused material damages. Armed forces continue operations at Damascus countryside Syrian Army forces eliminated on a terrorist groups and its leaders in Jobar, Harasta, Doma, Erbeen and the farms surrounds Al-Bohariya and Al-Qasmiya at the Eastern Ghota and Damascus southern countryside, army forces also destroyed a heavy machinegun, mortar cannon, rifles and equipment.

Destroying anti-armors and anti-air missiles in Aleppo Syrian Army forces eliminated on terrorist groups in the surroundings of Aleppo central prison and in the Military Airport “Meneg” and destroyed mortar cannon, anti-armors and anti-air missiles, ammunition and weapons.

Martyrs in Al-Qamashli .. Clashes among terrorists in Der Ezzour In Der Ezzour, Syrian armed forced eliminated on terrorists and destroyed their weapons and ammunition in Der Ezzour. clashes erupted between two armed terrorist groups some affiliated to Al-Nusra front on disagreement on their shares of the loots and money in Muhsen city in Deir Ezzour countryside resulted killing large number of them. Armed forces also eliminated on terrorist In Al-Hasaka, while a child martyred and 3 citizens injured in an explosive device explosion in Al-Qamashli.

Martyrs Because of explosive bombs in Hama Three citizens were martyred and others were injured because of terrorist explosion with bombed car carried 1.5 ton of explosives near the cultural center in Alsabourah town .

Confiscation of Machine Guns and Missiles in Talkalah A citizen was martyred and the others were injured because of falling mortar was fired by terrorists on Alnouzha circle in Ekramah in Homs city. Units of the Syrian Arab army eliminated terrorists and destroyed their weapons in Homs and its countryside. And the units restored the stability and the security to the eastern and southern farms of Aleen in Alkareeten city and it controlled Alhusen town. While, other units found tunnels, weapons and ammunition and it dismantled many explosive bombs. In Talkalah, the competent authority seized large amount of machine guns and thermal rockets ;beside mortar, rifles, snipers and base for launching missiles and military bags were inside the hideouts of terrorists. Saudi and Jordanian terrorists were killed in Daraa In Daraa and its countryside ,units of the armed forces smashed the gatherings of terrorists. Some of them are Saudi and Jordanian, and the members are affiliated to ‘’Jabhit Al-Nusra” and inflicted the terrorists heavy losses.

The Israeli Occupation makes a fire in Quneitra The Israeli occupation’s authorities made a large fire yesterday in Alhamidia village in the liberated part of Quneitra province.

Lavrove … Washington recognizes the need for unification "of the Syrian opposition" to resolve the crisis The Russian Foreign minister Sergei Lavrove, after his meeting with his American counterpart John Kerry in Brunei , announced that the American recognition that the key of the political solution of the Syrian crisis is by gathering the Syrian opposition and unifying it on the basis of Geneva’2 statement . On his part, Kerry stressed the commitment of the United States and Russia for holding the conference of Geneva2 and the need for doing this very soon and he expect that it will be held after the next August.

Cyprus…We Call for A political Solution in Syria The Cypriot foreign minister Ioannis Kasoulides asserted his country ‘s supporting to find a political solution of the crisis in Syria. Alhalaki meets Patriarch AlYazigi…and asserted the role of the clergy in the unity of Syrians

During his meeting with the patriarch of Antioch and all the east for Roman orthodox John Yazigi x ,the prime minister doctor Waeel Alhalaki referred yesterday to the important role of clergy men in gathering the spiritual efforts for keeping the cohesion of Syrians and their unity and facing the foreign and alien ideas to our society . On the other hand ,Yazigi explained that Syria is a symbol for the world of the common life between the Christians and Muslims and he said that the heavenly principles of Syrians is one and their targets are Semitic for the interest of the country. Also, the Patriarch Yazigi met the minister of Alawkaf (religious affairs) Mohamad Abed Alsatar Alsaeed and the eminence of the Mufti of the republic doctor Ahmed Bader Aldeen Hassoun. The Minister of Justice …Fair Trials for those involved with terrorist acts

The minister of justice Najem Alahmad asserted that the Syrian judiciary includes making fair trails in accordance with the best of international standards for the involved people in committing terrorist acts inside the Syrian lands. His speech was during the opening of the seventh rehabilitative training course for judges in the judicial Institute in Damascus.

Health director.. No shortage of medicinal items Doctor Rashed Mazloum Damascus countryside Health Director denied rumors of Medicinal crisis, he pointed that there is a shortage of some medicines due to the Economic blockade imposed on Syria, he stressed that Cancer medicines are now available.

14 July .. Euphrates University exams in Deir Ezzour

Euphrates University set the period from 14 July- 12 August a date for the second semester exams for Deir ezzour colleges’ students.

Syria Airlines signed a contract with “Eza” for Electronic booking Syrian Arab Airlines signed a contract with “Eza” System for Electronic booking as a precaution response on the recent unjust sanctions on the institution by blocking 'Sita' system responsible for booking and issuing tickets electronically.

650 million pounds the sales of the Consumer institution Manager of consumer institution in Hama branch Hisham Julaq, said that the branch sales during the first half of this year reached 628 million pounds, profits value are more than 50 million pounds due to increased sales by over 205%.

Syria for All the Arabs and all the Arabs for Syria and the All for Palestine … in Homs With participation of delegations of 41 youth organization from 13 Arab country ,the events of the nationalist Arab‘s Youth conference under the title “Syria for all the Arabs and all Arabs for Syria and all for Palestine”. An Evening of Fourati Heritage on the theater of Dumar cultural center The artist Abed Alwahab Alfourati presented yesterday an evening concrete, he sang many folklore songs that described the inherited traditions and customs from the parents and grandparents. 2500 gas cylinder Daily is the share of Damascus Governorate in the month of Ramadan The director of internal trade in Damascus Jamal Shoueeb stressed that Damascus governorate prepared schedule for distributing of gas at a rate of 2,500 gas cylinder per day. This is for fulfilling the needs of citizens in the popular districts and for preventing the monopoly of it by some traders . Units of the armed forces inflicted the terrorists heavy losses and it eliminated large number of terrorists in Maarat Alnouman, Kafer Noubel and Khan Alsoubol and the units destroyed their weapons and vehicles.

No162 newslettr daily 2 7 2013  
No162 newslettr daily 2 7 2013