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Elimination of Many Terrorists and Destruction of Their Weapons and Ammunition Units of the Syrian army killed many groups of terrorists in Doma and Harasta. A citizen martyred because of mortar was bombed by terrorists on Sahnaia.Also, in Alhajar alaswad , the conflict between two terrorists’ groups happened after disagreement on distribution the stolen money. This caused many killed and wounded terrorists.

Many Terrorists Are Killed and Wounded in Aleppo In Aleppo and its countryside, units of the armed forces killed terrorists and destroyed their weapons and ammunition in Almuslemeh,Meneg and Aleramoon.

The Elimination of Terrorists of the so-called


legitimate court” in Alholla In Homs and its countryside, units of the Syrian army defeated many terrorists attempted to sneak from Talkalah and killed many of them. The units eliminated the so-called “legitimate court” in Alhollah ,and

they targeted the leaders of the terrorists’ groups and some of them are not Syrian in Wadi Alsaeeh and Alrastaen. The units destroyed ammunition’s depot in Alzaafaraneia and found four tunnels and dismantled 45 explosive bombs in the countryside of Alkisser. A conflict happened between many terrorist’s groups and some of them from Jabhit al-Nusra after their attempt to surrender to the forces of the Syrian army and some of them were killed.

Destroying a Factory For Making the Explosive Bombs And bombed Car In Idleb and its countryside,units of the army eliminated terrorists from Jabhit al-Nusra attempted to sneak from the west axis of Abou Aldohour airport and destroyed their ammunition .The units destroyed the factory for making the explosive bombs and a bombed car was stopped near the factory. In addition to that ,the units destroyed four cars were full with ammunition and eliminated many terrorists and some of them are not Syrian, in Benish.

Elimination of Terrorists …Jordanian and Saudis

In Lattakia and its countryside,units of the army targeted terrorists’ gatherings in Salmaeh,Kafer Dalbah and Alahrash and destroyed ammunition’s depots and missiles .Units killed many terrorists some of them Jordanian and Saudis.

Killing Many Terrorists during the Exchange of Fire Between Them In Daraa, many terrorists killed another terrorists’ group that was going to Kerbat Gazallah to help the terrorists there.

Syria…Reserves the Right to Respond Yesterday during the calling with Sergei Lavrove , the foreign minister Walleed Almouleem asserted on the right of Syria in the international law and the charter of the united nations to respond to the Israeli attack on Syrian locations. Also, Lavrov warned of increasing the chances of the serious developments that could not be controlled in the region.He explained the seeking of Russian leadership to stop the deterioration of the region.

The Meetings of the Ministerial committee To Execute The Political program The ministerial committee which was headed by Dr.Wael Alhalaki met the members of the political office of the Patriotic Movement to save Syria, where the members asserted their supporting of the political program for solving the crisis. They condemned the Israeli airstrike on the Syrian lands and they referred to the importance of revision the curriculum and developing it especially for the stage of basic education and addressing the situation of the abducted and missing persons. On the other hand, the ministerial committee expressed its satisfaction of the desire of the armed groups that responded to the committee appeal for stopping fighting against the country and going to fight Israel by elimination of the terrorist Jabhit al-Nusra group and working for liberating the Arab occupied lands especially Al- Gollan.

The European Union is concerned After the Israeli Attack on Syria The European Union expressed his concern of the possibility of expansion of the extent of the Syrian crisis after its borders as a result of the Israeli attack on Syria. The spokesman for the high representative for security and foreign policy of the European Union Michael Mann said that all the people should exert efforts to prevent the effects on the already fragile stability in the region and he repeated the invitation to find a political solution of the Syrian crisis because it is the only way.

American Law for Arming the Syrian Opposition The head of the Foreign affairs committee in the American senate Ropert Menedenze proposed to make law which allows of arming “the Syrian opposition” by U.S.A.

On The Sixth of May …Our Martyrs in the Memory For consecration of martyrdom values and martyrs, the ministry of interior honored many of the martyrs’ families. The internal security forces’ martyrs who were martyred by the armed terrorist’s groups. This step asserts the continued communication between the ministry and the families of martyrs.

Iran …The Israeli Attack Promotes Our Supporting of Syria During the meeting with the Syrian ambassador in Iran the doctor Adnan Mahmoud, the deputy foreign minister of Iran Hussein Amir Abed Allahian asserted that the Israeli aggression against Syrian locations strengthens and promotes the will of Iran to support Syria completely to face the planes of enemy against it till the restoration of its stability and its security. Also, He asserted that the goals that

aimed to break Syria will never succeed .On the other hand, the ambassador Dr. Mahmoud referred that all the hard events that targeted the region in the last decade assured the toughness and the power of the resistance axis and its ability to defeat the American Israeli planes. Today in a joint news conference, the Iranian and Jordan foreign ministers asserted on the necessary of finding a political solution of the Syrian crisis through the comprehensive dialogue and rejection of the foreign interference in the internal affairs of Syria.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry...The Syrian Nation is Responsible for Its Self-determination In an interview, the spokesman of the Iranian foreign ministry said that the Syrian nation is the only responsible for its self-determination by free elections. The elections should be away from any interference of foreign forces want to suppose its agenda on the Syrian nation and the region. He added that the problems that Syria have now are connected with the political targets that aimed to keep Israel away from any danger.

No106 newslettr daily e 7 5 2013  
No106 newslettr daily e 7 5 2013