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Entry Booklet - EMACS 2017 EMACS 2017 Information Office Observatoriestien 1 8000 Aarhus C Denmark E-mail: Photo credits: Anders Hede, ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Den Gamle By, Henrik Bentsen, Moesgaard Museum, Photopop, Poul Erik Østergaard, Restaurant Gastromé, Tivoli Friheden, VisitAarhus



WELCOME Dear Athletes, Officials, Judges, Volunteers and Guests, In 2004 the Masters Athletic Community took part in the 14th European Veterans Athletics Championships Stadia. It started July 21st and finished August 1st – 11 days of competition and action. 3700 athletes followed the invitation of Aarhus in those days and went home with great memories. Aarhus 1900 A/M organized the championships in cooperation with the cities of Aarhus and Randers. Leif-Henning Jensen – President of the Club in those days and Egon Poulsen – leading the technical committee – are names that are still connected with the European Championships this year. These days we are hosted by a modern City of Aarhus during our European Masters Athletics Championships. 12 years have passed and most of you will be fascinated by the changes in the city. The Aarhus 1900 A/M team is again ready to fulfil all the demands of great competitions for Masters Athletes. This time it is Mikkel Larsen who is pulling the strings in the back. We expect more than 4000 competitors for the stadia competitions but a lot more will attend the Half Marathon on the last day of the championship. EMA Council decided to take the marathon out of the stadia events and transferred it this year to Wroclaw (Poland) on September 10th. There might be more than 9000 people joining the Half Marathon because it is opened to the public as well. Aarhus will be the place of great championships because more and more athletes are in better shapes. Most of you did a very hard training to participate in different events. Good luck to all of you. Stay healthy and fit and enjoy the spirit of Aarhus. Without our officials, judges and volunteers these championships could not be done. They will work together more than 50,000 hours all in all during these days of competition, but some started the preparation years before. Thank you very much to all of you on behalf of the athletes and EMA Council to make these championships possible. We all might make mistakes but be sure, we will solve them. In a respectful and tolerant atmosphere we will again share the hospitality of our European Masters Athletics Championships – thank you Aarhus, thank you Denmark to be again with you. On behalf of EMA Council Kurt Kaschke EMA President


Welcome to Aarhus - Welcome to the European Athletics Masters Athletics Championships Stadia. It is a pleasure for me to welcome all of you. Aarhus is an active and living city. Sport is about competition, but also about fellowship and togetherness. Sport connects people. It gives us something to have in common. It gives us insight into other people and creates new, strong friendships. The European Athletics Masters Athletics Championships Stadia is proof of this. It shows that the love of sport and fellowship is something you never outgrow. Aarhus is a living city in all possibly ways. This year, the city is the European Capital of Culture. It is an exceptional time to visit Aarhus. The city and its entire surrounding region is buzzing with activity and has something for every taste. From Olafur Eliasson’s impressive ”Your Rainbow Panorama” on top of the city’s art museum, ARoS, you can see a spectacular, colourful view of the city. The new Moesgaard Museum takes you all the way back to the Stone Age and, not least, the Viking Age, when Aarhus was founded at the mouth of the stream in the woods by the beautiful Aarhus Bay. The period in between can be experienced at close hand in the open-air museum, The Old Town. Here you can get a first-hand impression of how we lived a hundred years ago, but it is also possible to experience our own history in the newly built quarter of the city from the 70s. Aarhus is known as the city of smiles. In Denmark we say that a smile is the shortest distance between people. In fact, no part of Aarhus is far away. The many things to experience in the city can be reached in only a few minutes by the new light rail system or one of the many free city bikes. Once again: Welcome to Aarhus. I hope that you will enjoy your stay and our city. Rabih Azad-Ahmad Mayor of Sport, Culture and Citizen Services, the City of Aarhus.

Dear athletes, friends and families. I give you a hearty welcome to Aarhus and the 20th European Masters Athletics Championships Stadia, and I hope your visit will bring you an abundance of new and exciting impressions and experiences. We have drawn on our experience from organising big athletics events, such as the EVACS in Aarhus and Randers in 2004, as well as made many new and innovative cooperations with public and private partners in order to make the championships as memorable as possible.

Aarhus 1900 A/M is, with almost 1200 members, one of the largest athletics and running clubs in Denmark. We have active members in all age groups, from children to masters, and all levels, from the absolute elite with Olympic medals, to members who participate purely for the shared joy of sports and friendship. As such, our hope is that we can all meet in the true spirit of Masters Athletics at the Championships in an atmosphere of international friendship and cooperation, lifelong joy of sports and friendly competition – combined with a touch of Danish “hygge”. Henning Andersen Chairman Aarhus 1900 A/M 4 6


EMA Council President Kurt Kaschke Vice President Jerzy Krauze Appointed Technical Director Martin Roald-Arbøl Treasurer Jean Thomas General Secretary Helena Maria da Silva Pires de Carvalho Non-stadia Technical Manager Vesna Repic Cujic LOC Steering Committee Chairman (President Aarhus 1900 A/M) Henning Andersen Head of Event Mikkel Larsen Former President Aarhus 1900 A/M Leif-Henning Jensen Event Manager – Aarhus Events Finn Lyck President Danish Athletic Federation Karsten Munkvad President Danish Athletic Federation Masters Commitee Knud Høyer LOC Management Group Head of Event Mikkel Larsen Head of Communication Jakob Worm Bisfort Head of Road Events Thomas Nolan Hansen Appointed Technical Director Martin Roald-Arbøl Key Volunteers: Accommodations Maria Suurballe Competition manager Jakob Larsen & Kjeld Froberg Registration and accreditation Egon Poulsen Race Walk Kai Thomsen Implements Knud Andersen Volunteers Elin Præstekjær, Aase Buch & Marianne Knudsen Half Marathon Leif-Henning Jensen Transport Steen Petersen Hotlines EMACS office Accommodation hotline Registration hotline


Welcome to Aarhus A vibrant mix of youthful energy and a blast from the past makes Aarhus a city with an energetic beat of the pulse. In Aarhus, when we say walking distance, we really do mean walking distance. From here, beach, harbor and forest are all within reach of a 30-minute walk. Denmark’s second largest city has a thriving art, culture and food scene that is set to expand through 2017, where Aarhus is European Capital of Culture. New development along our industrial coastline – including Dokk1, a cultural center and the largest public library in Scandinavia – as well as a light rail expected to open by early summer, are transforming Aarhus into an even more accessible cultural capital. Other highlights are ARoS, the gallery known for its “Your Rainbow Panorama” floor with a kaleidoscopic view of the city; the Moesgaard Museum, dedicated to cultural history; a concert hall, home to the Danish National Opera; the “Iceberg,” a striking residential building on the water; “Den Gamle By” (“The Old Town”), a unique international attraction, and several Michelin-starred restaurants. Additionally, Aarhus has been selected as shopping city number one in Scandinavia and in 2016 Lonely Planet put Aarhus at the top of the list of Europe’s hottest destinations.

Useful information for your stay in Denmark Weather Denmark has a temperate climate, characterized with cool summers, with a mean day temperature in July of 21,2 °C. The position between a continent and an ocean causes weather to change often. Because of Denmark’s northern location, there are long bright summer days with sunrise at 4:30 am and sunset at 10 pm.


Currency and payments The currency in Denmark is Danske Kroner, ”Danish Crowns”, (DKK). One Euro is worth appr. 7,5 DKK. Shops are not legally obliged to accept Euros, but most places still do. All EMACS 2017 places of competition, as well as most shops and restaurants, accept cash, credit cards and some versions of MobilePay. Tipping In Denmark it is not a requirement to leave tips for eg. taxi drivers or waiters – but it is always appreciated.

Time-zone During EMACS Denmark time will follow the Central European Summer Time (CEST). This is the standard clock time observed during the period of summer daylight-saving in those European countries which observe Central European Time (UTC + one hour) during the rest of the year Water We encourage drinking tap water in Denmark - it’s safe and it helps the environment as well as your wallet. Emergency and Police Call 112 and follow the instructions. 


Top Sights in Aarhus “Den Gamle By” - The Old Town Museum ”Den Gamle By” is a National Open Air Museum of Urban History and Culture. The attraction has been awarded three Michelin stars and has welcomed more than 3 million visitors over the course of the last 10 years. Here you can meet the people and characters of the past, experience life as it was in in their dwellings. Try out old games for children or go on an exploration through-out the museum’s extensive collections and exhibitions. Pat the horses and watch out for the geese. You can also visit the historical shops and taste the cakes baked with recipes from 1885. For more information, visit: Tivoli Friheden Tivoli Friheden is Aarhus’ theme park located within walking distance from the city centre in the beautiful Marselisborg Forest, right next to Ceres Park and Arena, the main venue of EMACS 2017. In Tivoli Friheden, you will find 4 roller coasters, 40 rides, stalls, games and playgrounds. There are restaurants to suit every taste and if you wish to bring your own picnic basket, there are BBQs and dining areas for this. The cozy garden offers plenty of experiences with beauty, entertainment, concerts, theatre and much more. For more information, visit:


ARoS ARoS is the main art museum in Aarhus and one of the largest museums in Northern Europe. On the roof of ARoS you can also visit ”Your Rainbow Panorama”. Here, you can walk around in a 150 meter long, circular panoramic path with 360º views of the surrounding city. At the lower levels of the museum you can enjoy the major special exhibitions, with the ”nine rooms” presenting international art installations. The upper floors house the museum’s own collections of art from the 19th century up to the present day. For more information, visit: Moesgaard Museum Prehistory presented innovatively in a breathtaking architectural setting makes for a world class museum experience when you visit the Moesgaard Museum - also due to its location in the beautiful natural surroundings south of Aarhus, overlooking the woods and sea. The past comes alive and the people in the exhibits will step forward and provide the visitors with a better understanding of the past and how we arrived at where we are in the present. For more information, visit: Shopping in Aarhus You only need to stroll through Aarhus to feel the special atmosphere and to see people with bulging shoppings bags before you understand why Aarhus has been named the best shopping city in Northern Europe. Everything your heart could desire you will find in Aarhus. Design, fashion, lifestyle and trend-setting – these are just some of the words which describe the wealth of great shopping experiences awaiting you in the best shopping centre in Denmark. For more information, visit:


Events during EMACS 2017 European Capital of Culture 2017 At the same time as EMACS 2017, there will be many activities in Aarhus due to the city’s status as European Capital of Culture, 2017. This means that during all of 2017, an abundance of different cultural and social events will take place all around the city. We encourage everyone interested in these events to visit the official website, where you can find more information about the events and the thoughts behind them. The main theme is, quite appropriately, “Rethink”, which EMACS 2017 will support by promoting the message that age is no hindrance, when it comes to sports, and that it is always possible to strive for new goals. Viking Moot 29/7-30/7 All over Scandinavia and even in the rest of Europe, Viking Moots have come to life. At the end of every July, Moesgaard Museum hosts the annual Viking Moot near the beach east of the museum. The Viking Moot at Moesgaard is Denmark’s first, oldest and largest Viking Moot. More than a thousand Vikings arrive on the beach at Moesgaard, where they raise a camp to allow the warriors to spend an entire week practicing for the great battle that takes place on the weekend – dubbed the unofficial world championships in Viking Fighting. As was the case in the Viking Age, merchants and craftsmen follow in the wake of the warriors, and when the event is open for visitors, they show their crafting skills as well as sell their (mainly) historically correct, merchandise. For more information, visit Moesgaard Museum’s website, and click on “Viking Moot”.


EMACS Athletes’ party 31/7 Monday July 31st, EMACS will organize an Athletes Party. Meet friends, have fun and enjoy the company with fellow athletes from all around Europe in cozy and friendly settings! On the day before the rest-day, we will host up to 400 participants for a wonderful night with welcome drink, buffet dinner, dance and entertainment. The party will be held at the scenic Hotel Marselis on the coast side close to both stadium and the city center. Only 400 spots will be for sale! Book your ticket together with the event registration. The price is only 45 euro. A cash bar will sell beer, wines, soft drinks etc.

European Region of Gastronomy At the moment, Aarhus is experiencing a gastronomical blooming with three Michelin star restaurants, a horde of passionate farmers and producers and a creative bunch of food entrepreneurs, ever-developing the food scene in Aarhus. The large interest among the food entrepreneurs of Aarhus is seen after the city has been glorified gastronomically during the last couple of years. First, the awarding of a Michelin star to three of the city’s restaurants and later on with great praise of the gastronomical level of the city in articles published by New York Times and Lonely Plant. In line with this, Aarhus has, along with Central Denmark Region, been appointed European Region of Gastronomy 2017. The interest from the city’s food entrepreneurs is overwhelming and by now, more than 100 events are already in the programme. You can also join the largest communal dinner ever presented in Denmark, oyster safaris or taste some of Denmark’s finest chefs’ interpretation of the classic Danish hotdog. All to celebrate the extraordinary produce of the region. See the preliminary programme here:


How to get to Aarhus? By Air: Aarhus Airport (Tirstrup) Billund Airport Aalborg Airport Copenhagen Airport

– Connecting shuttle busses to Aarhus for all flights – Frequent shuttle busses to Aarhus – Bus to Aalborg, then train or bus to Aarhus. – Frequent direct trains to Aarhus

Aarhus Airport Tirstrup – 40 min. Billund Airport – 70 min. Aalborg Airport – 90 min E45 highway Direct train connections - Copenhagen 3 hrs. - Hamburg 4 hrs. - Berlin 6,5 hrs. By train: More info: Nearest station: Aarhus Central Station By car: From Germany/Southern Europe: Locate E45, and follow it North to Aarhus From Copenhagen/Sweden: Take E20 towards Jutland (cross Sealand and Funen). Change onto E45 and follow it North towards Aarhus By car and ferry: From Hirtshals (Larvik/Stavanger/Bergen/Oslo/Kristiansand): Sail to Hirtshals. Follow E39 towards Aalborg. Change onto E45 towards Aarhus From Frederikshavn (Goteborg): Sail to Frederikshavn. Follow E45 towards Aalborg. Continue on E45 towards Aarhus From Grenaa (Varberg): Sail to Grenaa. Follow Route 15 to Aarhus.


Accommodation In the Aarhus area, we offer a huge number of quality hotel rooms and a range of alternatives including hostels, colleges, summer cottages, and campsites, all available for the EMACS 2017 participants. The accommodation opportunities will be offered to participants and their family and attendants in connection with EMACS at competitive prices. For more information and booking, take a look at our website:

Local Transport City Bicycles Everything in Aarhus, no matter if it is hotels, stadiums, main sights or restaurants, is within comfortable travelling distance of each other. Therefore, the city encourages visitors to use environmentally friendly city bicycles during their stay - free of charge (but with a deposit of 20 DKK). City bicycle racks are scattered throughout Aarhus at various places of social, educational or cultural significance, including at the two main EMACS venues, Ceres Park & Arena and Viby Athletics Stadium. For more information, please visit:

Shuttle buses between Ceres Park & Arena and Viby Stadium EMACS offers frequent shuttle buses between the two main venues, Ceres Park & Arena and Viby Stadium. These busses will run multiple times every hour, during the stadia’s opening hours. Connecting shuttle buses A shuttle bus will run between Ceres Park & Arena and selected hotels and gathering points downtown Aarhus. The expected stops are: “Scandic Vest”, “Musikhuset” (Raddisson Blu Scandinavia; Hotel Ritz, Aarhus City; Wakeup Aarhus), “Europaplads“ (First Hotel Atlantic; Cabinn), Ceres Park, Viby Stadium (Zleep Hotel, Aarhus), “Marselis Hotel Aarhus”, “Skåde Skovvej” (Handelsfagskolens Kursuscenter, Skåde).


Car rental Europcar is the official car rental partner of EMACS 2017. All participants can book and get discounts on car rental in connection with EMACS. Book directly online at or using promotion code: 53 27 44 85 For further information contact Local Busses Alternatively, you can also use the local network of busses. For time schedules and stops, see Taxi The main area for taxies is outside Aarhus Central Station. For a regular taxi there is a starting fee of 33-44 DKK depending on the time of the day, a fee of 7,81 DKK per kilometer and a fee of 370 DKK per hour (2016 prices). The total amount due, will be a combination of the three. You can pay with cash (DKK) or credit card. Aarhus Taxa: +45 89 48 48 48 Dantaxi: +45 86 16 47 00 Visa Requirements Do you need a visa in order to visit Denmark? Below is a non-authoritative list of European countries whose citizens need visas. The list below should just be seen as a guideline. For the full list of countries that need and do not need visas, as well as exemptions and more information please take a look at our website, Albania2,4, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina2,4, Georgia, Kosovo, Macedonia (FYROM)4, Moldova2,4, Montenegro2,4, Serbia2,4, Turkey1, 5, Ukraine3

1) Citizens with diplomatic, special and service passports are exempt from the visa requirement. 2) Citizens with diplomatic passports are exempt from the visa requirement. 3) Citizens with diplomatic passports and biometric service passports are exempt from the visa requirement. 4) Citizens with biometric passports are exempt from the visa requirement. This does not apply to persons with passports issued by the Serbian Coordination directorate Koordinaciona uprava. 5) Turkish citizens who are to perform a service in Denmark are exempt from the visa requirement. Read more at our website.


‘‘When I go

for a win, I always rent my car at Europcar”

EMACS Car Rental Discounts Book directly online at or using promotion code: 53 27 44 85 For further information contact or call +45 89 33 11 33

Marselis Hotel - Aarhus

Marselis Hotel - Aarhus, situated between the sea and the

Dream vacation in islovely beautiful Marselisborg Forest, only a fewsurroundings minutes by car

Official Hotel Partner

from the center of Aarhus and a pleasant forest stroll from the main venue at EMACS. The fantastic seaside location and the amazing beach view makes a stay a unique experience that is even further accentuated by the hotels many amenities. Marselis Hotel - Aarhus has its own sauna, fitness facilities and an indoor swimming pool with a beautiful view over the Kattegat Sea - and come time for dinner, you can enjoy it in the hotel at Restaurant Marselis. Book your stay:

Marselis Hotel - Aarhus Strandvejen 25 • 8000 Aarhus C • Ph. (+45) 86 14 44 11 •

Venues, main sights and hotels (Aarhus City) HOTELS 1 Marselis Hotel Aarhus 2 Scandic Aarhus City 3 Comwell Aarhus 4 Radisson Blu Scandinavia 5 Hotel Royal 6 First Hotel Atlantic 7 Hotel Faber 8 City Hotel Oasia 9 Best Western The Mayor Hotel 10 Zleep Hotel Aarhus 11 Hotel Ritz Aarhus City 12 Scandic Aarhus Vest 13 Aarhus Guldsmeden Hotel 14 Havnehotellet 15 Cabinn Aarhus 16 Wakeup Aarhus

VENUES 1 Ceres Park 2 Viby Stadium 3 Marselisborghallen 4 Vejlby Stadium

MAIN SIGHTS 1 ARoS Aarhus Art Museum 2 Den Gamle By (The Old Town Museum) 3 Tropical Houses at the Botanical Garden 4 Dokk1 5 Aarhus Cathedral/Historical City Center 6 Aarhus Ă˜ (Aarhus East) 7 Tivoli Friheden 8 Moesgaard Museum



Information about EMACS 2017

At EMACS 2017 more than 4000 masters athletes from 40 different nations, will meet in Aarhus in order to celebrate the lifelong joy of sports and foster international friendship, understanding and cooperation. The main part of the championships will take place at the refurbished city stadium of Ceres Park, located in the park-like landscape next to Her Majesty’s summer residence, Marselisborg Slot. Some events, however, will be held at the new suburban athletics facilities at Viby, approximately 2,5km from Ceres Park. The race walking and cross-country competitions will take place in the area surrounding the main stadium (Ceres Park). The half marathon will start and finish in this area as well, although the route will pass through the scenic areas in and around the centre of Aarhus. Online information You can keep up with the latest news, photos and behind the scenes footage via the event’s social media channels. Check out all the coverage and join in. Use the hashtag #EMACS2017, and follow all the events’ official hashtags: #EMACS2017 #NeverTooOld #aarhus1900am Follow us: Website Facebook Instagram Youtube EMACS 2017

For more information about the event, please refer to our website at: Registration For EMACS 2017 all registration must be done online. In order to do so, go to our website; click on registration and follow the instructions. All necessary information is at our website, but some of the more important points, are also written in this section. Closing date for entries This Entry Form must be sent before: June 18th 2017 - no late registration will be possible!



Entry Fees First Event (track, field and road except for combined events) EUR 50 Each additional event EUR 25 Combined Events EUR 60 Accompanying persons EUR 20 Athletes’ Party EUR 45 *In some countries you have to pay an additional fee - please ask your national masters athletics association. This fee is NOT a fee to EMACS 2017 organizers, but is transferred directly to the national association. Accompanying person An accompanying person will receive accreditation that will give access to the same areas and services that athletes (between competitions) have access to, including shuttlebuses between the two stadia and certain events. Additionally all registered accompanying persons will receive a welcome package, including the welcome booklet. It should be noted, that it is free for all spectators, registered or not, to watch the competitions. If, however, you wish to coach in the technical disciplines, you need an “accompanying person” accreditation to get close to the competition areas. Lost accreditation card In case you lose your accreditation card a new one can be issued at the competition office/ accreditation centre for a fee of 20 €. Qualifications for Entry The 20th EMACS Championships Stadia are open only to men and women who were born before July 28th 1982 and who are physically fit. Entry signifies that each competitor must follow the rules laid down by the technical and organizing committees. EMA has the rights to reject entries to athletes considered to be ineligible through misconduct or other disciplinary related matters.


Entry Procedure Athletes may enter using online entry on: The webpage is open for registration. 1. Complete registration of all the information on the Online System. 2. The Electronic Entry with payment is validated by the National Masters Affiliate before the entry is accepted. Validation documents for new athletes must be sent to the National Masters Affiliate. 3. The Affiliate will validate all entries electronically, and send them to the LOC. Athletes do not send entries directly to the LOC, unless under authorization of the EMA Secretary. 5. No late entries will be accepted after the closing date, 18/06/2017. Age groups An athlete’s age group shall be determined by his date of birth. Throughout any Championships, an athlete shall compete in the age group for which he qualifies on the first championships day (27/7-2017) and in no other age group except as allowed by specific team and relay rules. Competition shall be conducted only in the following age groups denominated as follows (WMA Handbook Rule 141): Age 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54 55-59 60-64 65-69 70-74 75-79 80-84 85-89 90-94 95-99 100+


Male M35 M40 M45 M50 M55 M60 M65 M70 M75 M80 M85 M90 M95 M100

Female W35 W40 W45 W50 W55 W60 W65 W70 W75 W80 W85 W90 W95 W100

Birthday 28/07/1977- 27/07/1982 28/07/1972- 27/07/1977 28/07/1967- 27/07/1972 28/07/1962- 27/07/1967 28/07/1957- 27/07/1962 28/07/1952- 27/07/1957 28/07/1947- 27/07/1952 28/07/1942- 27/07/1947 28/07/1937- 27/07/1942 28/07/1932- 27/07/1937 28/07/1927- 27/07/1932 28/07/1922- 27/07/1927 28/07/1917- 27/07/1922 Before and including 27/07/1917







OMPOLSTRING AF MØBLER Trænger dine gamle møbler til et nyt look ? Køb møbelstoffer og andre produkter direkte på nettet

Klik ind på og find de møbelstoffer du ønsker til dine møbler CONCETTO • Rubjergvej 74 • 8260 Viby J • Tlf. 21 25 90 19 28

Technical information Implement regulations Women

Age W35-49 W50-59 W60-74 W75+

Hammer 4 kg 3 kg 3 kg 2 kg

Shot Put 4 kg 3 kg 3 kg 2 kg

Discuss 1,0 kg 1,0 kg 1,0 kg 0,75 kg

Javelin 600 g 500 g 500 g 400 g

Weight 9,08 kg 7,26 kg 5,45 kg 4,00 kg


Age M35-49 M50-59 M60-69 M70-79 M80+

Hammer 7,26 kg 6 kg 5 kg 4 kg 3 kg

Shot Put 7,26 kg 6 kg 5 kg 4 kg 3 kg

Discuss 2,0 kg 1,5 kg 1,0 kg 1,0 kg 1,0 kg

Javelin 800 g 700 g 600 g 500 g 400 g

Weight 15,88 kg 11,34 kg 9,08 kg 7,26 kg 5,45 kg

Use of personal implement Competitors may use their own throwing implements provided these implements conform with the rules. Personal implements shall only be issued to the specific competition of their owners. Any other competitor in the owner’s specific competition has the right to use that equipment if they wish to do so. All implements are subject to control at the EMACS 2017 Implement Control Station next to the Call Room. Pole vault equipment Poles for pole vault are individual implements, so you need to bring your own poles. In case you don’t have one, or transportation is an issue, you may rent poles at EMACS 2017. Terms, conditions and prices will be published on EMACS 2017’s website, when available. Relay Registration for relay competitions cannot be done online. This has to be done at the TIC during the championships. A fee of 20 € pr. relay team must be paid, in cash, at the time of registration. Half Marathon The EMACS 2017 Half Marathon will begin outside and end at Ceres Park & Arena. The route is a flat city route and the race will take place on August 6th 2017. Registration is the same as for other events. It should be noted, that the Half Marathon is also an open race, so you can be certain to have many fellow runners of all ages. Official EMACS runners will have easily identifiable Bibs and will have a specific start group. 29

Race Walk The Race Walk - Track (5.000m) takes place Monday 31st July 2017 at Viby Stadium. The Race Walk – Road (Women 10K, Men 20K) will be on Thursday 3rd August 2017. Both events are open for all of the official EMA age groups. The road races will take you on a comfortably flat route in the shade of the tall beech trees in Marselisborg Forest. Team events (Half Marathon and Race Walk on roads) In each event a team ranking will be issued by addition of the time of the three best athletes of the team. There are 2 kinds of teams at EMACS 2017: 1) Natural Team - 3 athletes from the same country in the same age group; - No information from the Team Manager to the TIC is needed before the race. 2) Composed Team - 3 athletes from the same country but from different age groups competing in the same race; - This team competes in the lower age group of one of the athletes; - Composed Team is not allowed if a natural team is possible in one of the concerned age group; - Team Manager has to inform the TIC about the name of the athletes; - These athletes will compete in their own age group for individual ranking. Registration for team competition and relay It is not possible to pre-register for team competitions or relay. This means that registration cannot be done online, but has to be done manually at the TIC during EMACS 2017. Antidoping Drug testing is the responsibility of the LOC, and will be conducted by Anti Doping Danmark in accordance to IAAF-WADA rules. EMA delegate and/or LOC doping control delegate will supervise the doping control stations. Athletes selected for doping control will be informed immediately after the end of a competition. A chaperone will be appointed to each athlete and will accompany them to the doping control center located at “Marselisborg Hallen” (the warm up hall next to Ceres Park & Arena, the main venue at EMACS 2017). Athletes should be aware that refusal to provide a sample can render them liable to disqualification.


Athletes to be tested may invite an attendant to accompany them. A special pass to accompany the athlete will be provided for the attendant by the doping control staff. The EMA doping control delegate and/or LOC doping control delegate will personally supervise the doping controls, which will be conducted in accordance with IAAF rules and regulations. Training Facilities Following training and warmup facilities will be available at EMACS 2017: Vejlby Stadium – Main training facility Vejlby Stadium will be open from morning till night from July 26th to August 6th (with a few exceptions that will be published at our website, The stadium can accommodate most sports except for Discus Throw, Hammer Throw and Weight Throw. Adress: Vejlby Stadion, Vejlby Centervej 51, 8240 Risskov Marselisborghallen Marselisborghallen is the main warm-up facility for Ceres Park & Arena, but can also accommodate light (indoor) exercise. The precise availability is subject to restrictions based on available space. It is an indoor hall located close to Ceres Park & Arena - the main venue of EMACS 2017. Adress: Marselisborghallen, Havreballe Skovvej 11, 8000 Aarhus C Ceres Park Throwing Field The throwing field will have a daily training slot (the exact schedule will be announced later). Additionally, the throwing field will be fully available August 3rd. Adress: Ceres Park & Arena, Stadion AllÊ 70, 8000 Aarhus C, Viby Stadium The secondary venue at EMACS 2017, Viby Stadium, will be open for training on July 30th, August 1st and August 6th. It can accommodate all sports. When there are events taking place, there will be a warm up area available (on gravel). Adress: Viby Stadion, Skanderborgvej 224, 8260 Viby


Ceres Park

Viby Stadium


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the world of Track & Field official supplier EMACS 2017


at the arena athletic shoes for all events in cooperation with NIKE together with implements from POLANIK and a lot of trainingequipments ! Open every day ! !


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Aarhus Half Marathon When the city of Aarhus in 2017 hosts the European Masters Athletics Championship Stadia (EMACS), the great sport event will finish off with a festival of a running event aimed at both the EMACS contestants and anyone else who is fond of running. Aarhus 1900 and EMACS are inviting everyone to AARHUS HALF MARATHON – a unique race that the best runners in Europe compete in. It is on the last day of the championships that the European Champions in Half Marathon are to be found. Thus, when we seal off the city because of the Half Marathon, our aim is to encourage each and every one of you to join in on this running spectacle in the heart of Aarhus. Using the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships held in Copenhagen in 2014 as inspiration, the race on August 6th 2017 will be an exceptional and exciting running event with room for 10,000 runners on the starting point in front of Ceres Park. With our remarkable route going through Aarhus’ city centre, the international and Danish runners will experience the best which Aarhus has to show. They will take an exciting and fast run through Aarhus where we celebrate being European Capital of Culture 2017 with a “signature-run” that includes everything that Aarhus stands for: modernity, internationally-recognized cultural life, beautiful surroundings, and open-mindedness. After a breathtaking route going through the streets of Aarhus, the finish line will be at Ceres Park. We expect many local runners to participate in the race, and thus contribute in making it a unique running event – both for the local runners and for the competitors coming from over 40 European nations to see the city in connection with EMACS. This will result in a fantastic event with an international touch that will be instrumental in creating a colourful and different race. Registration: EMACS runners: Register through the normal registration procedure for athletics events at EMACS 2017. Everyone else: We encourage family, friends and everyone else to participate, since the race is open for all ages (including people younger than 35). If you are NOT participating as an EMACS athlete, you should register for the event at this website (scroll down for information in English):



Aarhus Half Marathon & EMACS Half Marathon


TÆNK ANDERLEDES SPAR BÅDE TID OG PENGE PÅ DIT FORENINGSBLAD Mangler du et foreningsblad, eller har du allerede ansvaret for et, kan vi tilbyde at løfte opgaven med produktionen. Et foreningsblad er ofte det vigtigste bindeled mellem forening og medlemmer. Vi har mange års erfaring i produktion af foreningsblade, og kan være behjælpelige med layout, tryk, distribution og eventuelt annoncesalg til hel eller delvis finansiering af bladet. Vi kan også altid give et godt tilbud på dine øvrige trykopgaver, f.eks. programmer, billetter, plakater, flyers og visitkort. Kontakt os for en uforpligtende snak, vi deler gerne ud af vores erfaring...


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July 27 - August 6

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Masters Athletics and EMACS 2017

Masters athletics is all about the lifelong joy of sports as well as the creation of a forum where friendship, understanding and cooperation across age groups, social groups and national borders have a chance to develop and, hopefully, flourish. We at EMACS 2017 strive to enhance such an environment by providing the best possible event, so that the experience will be as good and joyful as possible for contestants, visitors and volunteers alike. We hope that we can all meet here in Aarhus in the spirit of the event and enjoy the friendly competition that the championships try to promote in order to make this, the 20th celebration of EMACS, a memorable event for all involved. The EMACS team

For more information please visit our website at or contact us at: EMACS 2017 Information Office Observatoriestien 1 8000 Aarhus C Denmark Email:

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