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Soothing Energizing

Glycerin Soap Glycerin is a naturally occurring by-product of soap making. It is a humectant that draws moisture to itself. Glycerin soap helps the skin remain nourished by drawing moisture to it. Shapes of soap may vary unless specifically indicated when ordered. See chart on order form.


Basic Scents The basic scents line consists of clear or opaque glycerin soap containing one scent of either pure essential oil (EO) or fragrance (FR).



A. Cucumber (FR) Smells like a fresh cucumber, 3 oz. $3.00 B. Ocean Rain Massage (FR) Refreshes like a clean fresh ocean breeze, 4 oz. $3.00

C. Lavender (EO) Provides a herbal lavender scent, 4 oz. $3.00



F D. Green Tea (FR) Smells like green tea, 3 oz. $3.00 E. Honey (FR) Contains real honey, 3 oz. $3.00 F. Cranberry (FR) Has a subtle cranberry scent, 4 oz. $3.00 3


A. Vanilla (EO) Smells just like vanilla, 4 oz. $4.00 B. Jasmine (EO) Has a fragrant floral scent, 3 oz. $3.00 C. Pear (FR) Smells like a juicy ripe pear, 3 oz. $3.00 C.


D. Apple (FR) Smells like a juicy sweet apple, 4 oz. $3.00


E. Rose (FR) Smells like fresh cut roses, 4 oz. $3.00

Other basic scents not shown ($3.00 ea.): UU Anise Seed (FR)

UU Dirt (FR)

UU Orange (EO)

UU Bergamot (EO)

UU Eucalyptus (EO)

UU Patchouli (EO)

UU Brown Sugar (FR)

UU Evergreen (FR)

UU Peppermint (EO)

UU Cedarleaf (EO)

UU Geranium (EO)

UU Pine (FR)

UU Cedarwood (EO)

UU Gingerbread (FR)

UU Pumpkin Pie (FR)

UU Chamomile (EO)

UU Grapefruit, Pink (EO)

UU Sandalwood (FR)

UU Chocolate (FR)

UU Holiday Spirit (FR)

UU Strawberry (FR)

UU Cinnamon (EO)

UU Honeysuckle (FR)

UU Tea Tree (EO)

UU Coconut (FR)

UU Lemon (EO)

UU Ylang Ylang (FR)

UU Cotton Candy (FR)

UU Lemongrass (EO) 5

Combination Scents


The combination scents line consists of clear or opaque glycerin soap containing a mixture of two or more scents of either pure essential oil (EO) or fragrance (FR) or one scent with natural herbs or spices added. B.

A. Vanilla Cream (EO) Smells like vanilla, contains real milk, 3 oz. $4.00 B. Lemongrass Mint (EO) Has a distinct herbal lemongrass smell, contains dried lemongrass and peppermint, 3 oz. $4.00


C. Cinnamon Orange (EO) Boast a sweet orange aroma combined with spicy cinnamon, 3 oz. $4.00


D. Chocolate Chip Cookie (FR) Delights the senses like a cookie fresh from the oven, made with real cocoa, 3 oz. $4.00 E. Chocolate Mint (FR/EO) Smells like chocolate mint, 3 oz. $4.00


F. Pumpkin Pie (FR/EO) Smells like a pumpkin pie, contains real cinnamon, 3 oz. $4.00

G. Spiced Pear (FR/EO) Has a sweet pear aroma with real clove and cinnamon spices, 4 oz. $4.00


A. Honeyed Tea Tree (EO/FR) Has the sweet scent of honey, 4 oz. $4.00

B. Strawberries and Cream (FR) Smells like ripe strawberries in rich vanilla cream, 2 oz. $2.00 Also available in rectangular 4 oz. size for $4.00


C. Apple Cinnamon (FR/EO) Smells like apple pie with juicy apples and spicy cinnamon, 4 oz. $4.00

Other combination scents not shown: UU Cucumber Mint (EO/FR) Refreshes like fresh cucumber and peppermint, contains dried peppermint leaves, 4 oz. $4.00 UU Honey Cream (FR) Has the sweet mixture of honey and vanilla, contains real honey, 4 oz. $4.00 UU Orange and Coconut (EO/FR) Delights the senses like a tropical breeze, 4 oz. $4.00 UU Orange Sandalwood (EO) Smells like orange with a hint of musk, 4 oz. $4.00 8

Luxury Scents


Luxury soaps are made from a glycerin base with added shea butter. Other ingredients that hydrate skin and provide a variety of benefits are included for a luxurious soap of the highest quality. A. Soothing Hands (EO/FR) Contains Chamomile, Geranium, Rose, Dried Rosemary, French Green Clay, and Vitamine E., 4 oz. $4.00


B. Tuscany (EO, FR) Contains bergamot, vanilla, real cocoa, cinnamon, and clove spices, 4 oz. $4.00

C. Bali Spa (EO/FR) Contains coconut, orange, and milk, 4 oz. $4.00


A. A. Spa Therapy (EO) Contains shea butter and coconut 3 oz. $4.00


B. Lavender Vanilla (EO) Has a soothing lavender smell with a hint of jasmine and vanilla, contains vitamin E, 4 oz. $4.00

C. Vanilla Cream (FR) Smells like vanilla, contains real milk, 3 oz. $4.00


D. Brown Sugar Scrub (FR) Smells sweet, contains real brown sugar for an exfoliating effect, 3 oz. $4.00

Other luxury scents not shown: UU Salt Polishing Bar (EO) Smells like orange, contains sea salt which provides exfoliation, $4oz. $4.00 UU Spiced Rose (EO/FR) Smells like a bouquet of roses and chamomile with a hint of spice, contains real ginger and cloves spices, 4 oz. $4.00 UU Vanilla Spice (FR) Smells like vanilla with a hint of spice, contains olive oil and cinnamon, clove, and ginger spices, 4 oz. $4.00


Therapeutic Scents


Therapeutic soaps stimulate your senses with their aromatic qualities to invoke a mood while providing therapeutic benefits. A. Uplifting (EO/FR) Orange and vanilla combine to lift your spirits, 4 oz. $4.00 B. Peaceful (EO/FR) Sandalwood and vanilla bring a feeling of peacefulness, 4 oz. $4.00 C. Invigorating (EO) Orange and peppermint collide to awaken your senses with a feeling of energy, 3 oz. $4.00




D. D. Mysterious (EO/FR) Cinnamon and green tea merge to provide warmth, 3 oz. $4.00 E. Comforting (EO) Vanilla and Jasmine mingle to provide balance and relaxation, 4 oz. $4.00 F. Fresh (EO) Eucalyptus and peppermint join to stimulate and refresh, 3 oz. $4.00



Other therapeutic scents not shown: UU Healing (EO) Tea Tree and vitamine E help treat many skin irritations and purify, $4 oz. $4.00 UU Mountain Therapy (EO/FR) Lavender, evergreen, and vanilla combine to soothe and relax, 4 oz. $4.00 UU Nourishing (EO/FR) Ylang Ylang, rose and chamomile join to warm, stimulate and soothe, 4 oz. $4.00 UU Relaxing (EO) Lavender and ylang ylang mingle to relax and relieve anxiety, 4 oz. $4.00 13



Oatmeal Base Soap

Goatmilk Base Soap

Oatmeal base glycerin soap contains ground oatmeal for a deep-down facial and body scrub. Soothes and comforts dry sensitive skin.

Goatmilk base soap can be used in the place of coconut base or shea butter base soaps. It is usually used with natural or herbal scents (not pictured.) $4.00

A. Oatmeal 4 oz. $4.00 B. Oatmeal Honey (FR) Real honey is added, 4 oz. $4.00


Elements Soap

Leaf and Petal Soap Silk leaves and petals dipped in clear glycerin soap can A. be scented with any fragrance. (approx. 10-15 pieces) $2.00

Elements soaps take you back to the basics with natural elements of earth, wind, fire and water. A. Earth (EO/FR) Evergreen, peppermint, and sandalwood mingle to bring the woods indoors. Contains dried peppermint leaves, 4 oz. $4.00

A. Pumpkin Pie (FR) B. Rose (FR)

B. Water (EO) Bergamot and ylang ylang provides the ultimate in hydration. Contains pearl soap glitter. 4 oz. $4.00


C. Fire (EO) Cinnamon oil and ginger spice fuse to ignite warmth. Contains gold soap glitter, 4 oz. $4.00 D. Air (EO) Bergamot and eucalyptus create a light fresh scent. Contains pearl soap glitter, 4 oz. $4.00

B. A.

D. C.



Loofah Soap


Natural loofah is embedded in glycerin soap to provide the ultimate in exfoliation. Loofah soap can be made with any basic, combination, or therapeutic scent. $4.00 A. Lavender Loofah (EO) B. Cucumber Loofah (FR) C. Pink Grapefruit Loofah (EO)



Guest Soap Guest soaps are the perfect thing when you want to pamper your visitors. Place them in a dish by the sink, take them along when traveling, or give them as gift. Guest soaps can be made from any base or scent. Because they are made when larger bars are made, availability of scents vary. Ask for available scents. You may request scents not in stock with a minimum order of 6 bars. Other shapes not shown are leaves, and presents. $1.00 ea.





A.Vanilla (FR) B. Soothing Hands (EO/FR) C. Tuscany (EO/FR) D. Rose (FR)

E. Green Tea (FR) Light tea scent, 1 oz. $1.00

F. Strawberry (FR) A heavenly sweet strawberry scent, 1 oz. $1.00


A. Hunter’s Soap (EO/FR) Smells like the woods so animals can’t smell you. Contains cedarleaf, evergreen and dirt fragrance, 4 oz. $4.00

Working Scents


These soaps get the job done without the addition of detergents or harsh chemicals. B. Antibacterial (EO/FR) Eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree kills germs naturally. Dried peppermint leaves are added to exfoliate for extra cleansing, 4 oz. $4.00 C. Pumice Scrub (EO) Peppermint and ground pumice get even the toughest dirt and oil out, 4 oz. $4.00

Other working scents not shown: UU Fisherman’s Friend (EO) Anise seed will remove fish and other odors. Smells like licorice, 4oz. $4.00


UU Sports Massage (EO/FR) Cedarleaf, peppermint and sandalwood bring a breath of fresh air and relax muscles after strenuous activities, 4 oz. $4.00



Kid Scents Kids will love bath time with fun scents and shapes. Glitter and embeds such as erasers, plastic bugs and other small toys are available. Kids soaps can be made with any basic scent. Soap with embeds is not recommended for children under 3 years old.


A. Cotton Candy (FR) Has a sweet sugar scent with a touch of glitter (shown with teddy bear eraser embed), 4 oz. $4.00 B. Pear (FR) Smells like a juicy ripe pear (shown in Go Girl! mold shape), 3.5 oz. $3.00 C. Strawberry (FR) Has a sweet strawberry scent with gold glitter (shown in Princess mold shape), 3.5 oz.$3.00


Other mold shapes include round with phone image, round with lips, and round with heart T-shirt. Call about other available embeds.

Other recommended scents: UU Chamomile UU Chocolate UU Cucumber

UU Orange UU Vanilla

D. Apple (FR) Has a light apple scent (shown with lizard embed), 4 oz. $4.00 19

Animal Soap Animal shaped soaps are great for kids or baby shower favors. They can be any basic scent, preferably a milder scent. They can be made in any available color. Shapes available are shown below. Each one is approx. 2-3 oz., $2.00 A. Cotton Candy Puppy (FR) B. Orange Kitten (EO)

Decoupage Soap

C. Honey Ducky (FR) D. Lavender Teddy Bear (EO)

Decoupage soap is soap decorated with a picture. Paraffin wax is on the top layer so the picture is protected until the soap is gone. Available in any basic or combination scent. They can be personalized with photos, text announcements or your favorite image, 4 oz. $5.00

E. Strawberry Bunny (FR)

C. D.





Shower Gel e-Scent-ials shower gel is a thick gel that can also be used as bubble bath. It does not contain alcohol and is not diluted with water, so a little goes a long way. Its luxurious bubbly lather moisturizes as it cleanses. Available in all basic and therapeutic scents and most combination scents. 8 oz. bottle $6.00 2 oz. bottle $2.00




Bath Salts e-Scent-ials baths salts are a blend of sea salt, European sea salt, epsom salt and dendritic salt. A few scoops will transform water into a fragrant and conditioning spa, that leaves skin soft, fresh and delicately scented. Available in basic, combination and therapeutic scents. A. Small jar, 8 oz. $5.00 (Shapes of jars may vary from those shown above.) B. Tube, 4 oz. $3.00 C. Triangle bag, 8 oz. $5.00 D. Large jar, 16 oz. $15.00 (Shapes of jars may vary from those shown above. Ask about availability of seasonal options.) E. Salt scoop, $.25







Bath Fizz


Bath fizzies dissolve away as they soften skin in the bath. Each fizz provides one use. Available in basic, therapeutic, and most combination scents. A. Large Fizz Ball, $3.00

Massage Oil B. Fizz Ball (set 3), $7.00

e-Scent-ials massage oil is sweet almond oil based to nourish and soften skin without a greasy feel. A. Stimulating (EO) Bergamot, lavender, orange and peppermint blend to form a stimulating scent to revive skin, approx. 6 oz. $6.00 B. Mysterious (EO/FR) Cinnamon and vanilla combine to provide a soothing warm sensation, approx. 6 oz. $6.00


C. Lavender (not pictured) Lavender is one of the most versatile scents. It relaxes, relieves stress and headaches, helps heal wounds and kills germs, approx. 6 oz. $6.00



Gift Baskets Gift Baskets can be created from any single scent or any scent combination. Small, medium, and large options available for every day, seasonal and holiday baskets. Pick and choose the items you want. Price ranges from $7.00 - $50.00, depending on items included. Items include (but aren’t limited to): UU UU UU UU UU UU UU UU

Soap Guest Soap Shower Gel Bath Salt Bath Fizz Massage Oil Loofah Wooden Soap Dish

UU Soap Leaves or flowers UU Eye mask UU Foot File UU Candles UU Rubber Duck

B. Strawberry Basket (FR) Contains one bath salt tube, one 2 oz. shower gel, one 2 oz. strawberry and cream soap, one strawberry guest soap, and one loofah. $12.00

A. Cranberry Basket (FR) Contains one 8 oz. shower gel, one 8 oz. bath salt with scoop, one 4 oz. soap, 3 small bath fizzies, and one loofah. $25.00

C. Fresh Basket (EO) Contains one 4 oz. soap, one salt tube, one 2 oz. shower gel, 3 small bath fizzies, one small loofah, and one votive candle. $15.00


Accessories Add more pleasure to your bathing experience with these e-Scent-ials accessories. They are also great in gift baskets. A. Loofah The perfect addition to a shower or bath. It increases lather while it exfoliates skin. Available in many colors. $1.00

E. Wooden Soap Dish Drainage slats help soap last longer and keep from dissolving. $3.00 F. Small Plastic Soap Dish Small drainage holes protect soap from sticking and dissolving. $1.50 G. Terry Round Soft terry cloth will comfort while cleansing skin. $2.00 H. Sisal Round Natural sisal provides a slight exfoliation. Has an elastic strap on the back. $2.50

B. Foot File File away dry skin on feet or elbows. $3.00 C. Salt Scoop $.25 D. Pumice Stone Scrub away rough spots leaving skin silky smooth. $2.00

A. B.




G F. H.


Spa Party

Host a spa party in your home. You and your guests have the option to soak your feet in a fizz bath and sample some of the products. Test your knowledge of herbs, skin care and bath products for a chance to win prizes. Learn about new scents and products and receive discounted prices on discontinued or out of season items. Everyone will enjoy a time of relaxation and pampering.

Note: Some products will be available for immediate purchase, order forms will be available. Items must be paid for when ordered. Delivery can be expected within two to three weeks. Parties offered only in Anderson, Greenville, Oconee, and Pickens counties. 27

Bath and Body Products

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e-Scent-ials Bath and Body Products  

Home made glycerin soap, bath salts, shower gel, and fizzies from essential oils, natural fragrances and ingredients.

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