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Toof, the yeti

For Christophe

Toof was born on April 8th in a small bed, to a small mother, in a small house. His parents - so beautiful, so small and so beardless - went into a coma for a few days on seeing their child.

For some reason or another, Toof was born with huge feet, a huge body and a huge head of hair. He was a yeti. How come ? We shall never find out.

Anyway, he had to hide because when a villager saw him he would either shriek, or throw up, or throw a cat at him to make him go away. So he only lurked around at nightfall as the night concealed his weirdness.

One evening, as he was strolling in a wood, he heard lots of noise. Bang !

Boom !

Crash !

Aoutch !

He went up to where this racket came from and saw a girl walking in the wood, and bang! she bumped into a tree trunk, and continued her way. So she was the one making all that hullabaloo ! A peculiarly clumsy girl who wanted to take a walk one evening.

Toof approached her to help her up from another fall. He held out his hand to her. She smiled. She had not noticed his oddity. For the first time, he felt as if he were just like anyone else. He felt overjoyed, and offered to guide her wherever she wanted to go.

Together, they climbed the highest sand hills, picked the most beautiful orange leaves from Japanese maple trees, admired the most beautiful landscapes. Carried off on this soft coat, the young clumsy girl would fly up delicately into the air. Nothing more would fall, would break, would tear off on her way. They both laughed, ran, danced with delight. Some villagers, one night, were surprised to see these two figures dancing with such harmony, far off, in the distance.

At dawn, they would kiss, would say thank you and see you tomorrow.

By Emilie Sanchez

Toof, the yeti  

histoire pour enfant en anglais

Toof, the yeti  

histoire pour enfant en anglais