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The US company having a record-breaking year p18

November 2009 Issue 22


Essential reading for buyers in the tackle trade Now online at

NEWS FOR RETAILERS How you can sell more Escas The new plan to switch on anglers in-store p10

10 products you must stock Including new floating and sinking lures from Agat p23



What buyers can expect from Scientific Anglers, PacBay, Powerline, Behr Angelsport, RIO, Carp Zoom, Extreme Fishing, Fulling Mill, BIOS and more p33-35

New fly fishing trade show planned for Orlando

Chuck Furimsky: “The sector needs a positive change and a new location” p32

New venue for China Fish’s 20th anniversary Li Jiang: “Exhibitors and visitors can expect a

Leeda unveils the ground-breaking MAP ACS reel very special experience in 2010” p16 Why it thrilled international buyers p12


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Making a good product in today’s crowded and competitive market is not enough. Communicating the benefits that product brings to whoever is vital in creating a route to market – be they distributors, wholesalers, retailers or all three – is equally important. It’s not my place to advise people who know more about their markets than me, but Angling International does know something about communication. Taking a company’s message and making sure it reaches the right people in an effective way is what we’re here for. And I’m not just talking about advertising. Take a look at some of the editorial pages in this issue and how working with companies like Esca Global, River’s Edge and China Fish has created something special that cannot fail to capture the attention of new and existing customers. And it goes beyond the pages of the magazine. Already the magazine is reaching 10,500 companies worldwide, including more wholesalers and distributors than any other international trade magazine. But now each issue can also be found online. So everyone – not just those people receiving the magazine – can see your advertising and read the editorial about your company and products. You can also follow us at IntMag and use the Angling International page to find new customers and products. So if you are interested in securing a special feature in the magazine or reaping the benefits of our growing market reach, contact me or Commercial Director Lucie Petrickova. You’ll find full contact details below. Communication. It’s what we do.

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PHIL BROUGHTON, PUBLISHING DIRECTOR Phil’s media background stretches back some 15 years and includes advertising sales on some of the UK’s biggest sports and outdoors magazines, managing contract publishing relationships, sponsorship management, and handling commercial operations on consumer events, including the Go Fishing Show.

ROB CARTER, EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Rob began his career writing for and editing specialist consumer magazines in the UK (including Match football magazine, Fore! golf magazine and Trout Fisherman) before being appointed editor-in-chief of Emap’s contract publishingdepartment.He is a founder director of Top Corner, the publishers of Angling International.

KEELY DOCHERTY-LEE, ART DIRECTOR As Top Corner’s art director and co-founder, Keely has 15 years’ design experience, and a proven track record of producing successful ad campaigns, brochures and direct mail. She has worked with many angling clients and today leads the design team on Angling International, managing the editorial production of each issue.

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November 2009 Angling International


Diesen monat, Ce mois, Este mes, Questo mese... Letzten Monat wurden neue Schutzmaßnahmen gegen chinesische Plagiate angekündigt, jetzt kündigten EFTTA und China Fish Pläne an, um auf ihren Ausstellungen besondere Dienstleistungen zu bieten: ein von der EFTTA geführter Loungebereich auf der China Fish mit Internetzugang und Dolmetscher-Service für Besucher aus dem Westen; ebenso ein ähnliches Angebot für Besucher aus dem Osten auf der EFTTEX. Unsere exklusiven Interviews mit China Fish Präsident Li Jiang (Seite 16) und EFTTA CEO Jean-Claude Bel (Seite 41) bestätigen, dass beide Organisationen sich dem Ziel verpflichtet fühlen, den internationalen Handel zu unterstützen. Während die EFTTA die ersten Buchungen für die EFTTEX 2010 (Seite 42) entgegennimmt, warnt Jean-Claud Bel, dass dies nicht der Zeitpunkt sei, Marketing Budgets zu beschneiden. Bedeutende Firmen scheinen seine Meinung zu teilen. Unsere Sonderreportage auf Seite 33 legt nahe, dass viele ihre Werbebudgets für 2010 erst einmal aufstocken werden, zunächst um Vertriebshändler zu umwerben und sie dann mit Sonderangeboten zu unterstützen, um Konsumenten zu gewinnen. In einer neuen Rubrik legen wir unser Augenmerk auf Firmen im Aufwind, darunter ein britisches Unternehmen, das nach riesigen Investitionen schnellen Wachstum plant (Seite 20), eine norwegische Firma, welche die Art und Weise, wie sie den Handel unterstützt, neu erfunden hat (Seite 10), sowie ein amerikanischer Hersteller, der gerade ein rekordverdächtiges Jahr genoss (Seite 18). Viel Spass mit unserem Magazin!


Suivant les annonces du mois dernier sur les actions en cours pour limiter les contrefaçons, EFTTA et China Fish ont maintenant révélé les facilités disponibles sur leurs salons respectifs: une lounge aménagée par EFTTA, offerte par China Fish pour accueillir les visiteurs occidentaux avec des services gratuits comme internet, interprète, et une lounge similaire à EFTTA pour accueillir les visiteurs orientaux. Nos interviews exclusifs avec Li Jiang, Président de China Fish (page 16) et Jean-Claude Bel, CEO de EFTTA (page 41) confirment comment les deux organisations veulent faciliter le commerce international. Comme EFTTA a déjà commencé les réservations pour EFTTEX Jean-Claude Bel insiste sur le fait que le temps n’est plus à réduire les dépenses de communications. Et il semble que les principales marques soient d’accord sur ce fait. Notre article (page 33) démontre que beaucoup prévoient d’augmenter leurs dépenses en 2010. En premier pour trouver ou aider leurs distributeurs mais aussi pour soutenir leurs marques dans un marché renaissant. Derrière cette intention la fascination réside dans la combinaison d’options de marketing désormais ouverte aux fabricants. Les salons et la presse restent leur priorité mais plusieurs étudient aussi la possibilité d’internet, spécialement sur les forums et sites communautaires. Cette lecture est essentielle pour trouver les bons partenaires pour 2010. Une nouvelle section concernant les entreprises en évolution: une société Britannique attends une forte croissance après des investissements importants (page 20), une société Norvégienne semble avoir réinventé une méthode pour soutenir ses clients (page 10) et un fabricant Américain qui a juste eu une année record (page 18). Bonne lecture!

Angling International November 2009

Después del anuncio del mes pasado referente a las medidas suplementarias para frenar las copias de productos chinos, EFTTA y China Fish han revelado ahora nuevos proyectos que se proporcionarán en las siguientes ferias: un salón para invitados occidentales en China Fish, ofrecido por EFTTA con completo acceso a internet y servicios de traducción; y algo similar para invitados del Este a EFTTEX. Nuestra entrevista exclusiva con el presidente de China Fish, Li Jiang (página 16) y el presidente de EFTTA Jean-Claude Bel (página 41), confirman que ambas organizaciones se han comprometido a facilitar el comercio internacional. EFTTA comienza a tomar reservas para 2010 EFTTEX (página 42), Jean-Claude Bel también advierte que ahora no es el momento adecuado para reducir gastos de marketing. Parece ser que las principales compañías están de acuerdo. En nuestro informe especial en la página 33 se sugiere que muchos planeen aumentar los presupuestos en el 2010, primero para encontrar distribuidores y apoyarlos con promociones dirigidas a los consumidores. Más allá del compromiso de gastar, la fascinación está en la mezcla de opciones de marketing en manos de los fabricantes. Las ferias de muestras y la publicidad en prensa son esenciales, pero más compañías exploran las posibilidades de la web, sitios conectados a una red sobre todo social. Esta es la lectura esencial para cualquier distribuidor que busca un buen socio para 2010. En otra parte, introducimos una nueva sección que se concentra en negocios al alza. Esto incluye una empresa del Reino Unido que planea un rápido crecimiento después de la gran inversión masiva (página 20) y una compañía noruega que ha inventado de nuevo el modo de apoyo a los detallistas (página 10). ¡Disfrute de la revista!

Dopo l’annuncio del mese scorso di voler introdurre misure integrative contro i falsari cinesi, EFTTA e China Fish ora lasciano trapelare informazioni sui piani che prevedono l’introduzione di maggiori strutture nei propri eventi espositivi: un lounge per visitatori occidentali al China Fish, ospitato da EFTTA, completo di connessione internet e servizi di traduzione. Lo stesso benvenuto verrà riservato a quei visitatori che dall’oriente arriveranno all’EFTTEX. Le nostre interviste esclusive al Presidente del China Fish Li Jiang (paginae 16) e dell’EFTTA CEO Jean-Claude Bel (pagina 41) confermano l’impegno di entrambe le organizzazioni di facilitare il commercio internazionale. Ora che EFTTA sta raccogliendo le prenotazioni per l’EFTTEX 2010 (pagina 42), Jean-Claude Bel aggiunge che non è questo il momento di ridurre l’investimento nel marketing e in questo suo monito sembra ricevere il consenso delle aziende più importanti. Dal nostro speciale report a pagina 33 trapela come molti stanno incrementando le proprie potenzialità per il 2010, in primis con l’obiettivo di trovare distributori e di supportarli con promozioni da proporre ai clienti. Spostando il focus oltre gli investimenti, emerge come sia trainante e allettante la varietà di opzioni di merketing a disposizione dei produttori. Essenziali sembrano essere eventi espositivi e pubblicitari; tuttavia sempre più aziende stanno esplorando le possibilità offerte dal web, in modo particolare dai siti di social network, un must per qualsiasi distributore in cerca del partner ideale per il 2010. Vi auguriamo una buona lettura!










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Bright thinking makes fish and anglers bite!

New product, new challenge: Ockert have started by giving the Sportex rods a modern new look.

After instantly winning over the trade with its flashing fish attractors, Esca is boosting sales with an equally innovative in-store campaign – and anglers as well as fish are biting!


etting a product into the shops is one thing. Getting it into the hands of consumers is an entirely different matter.” The words of Kathleen Sullivan, Marketing Manager for Esca Global, will resonate with tackle manufacturers everywhere who have come to understand that establishing routes to market is only one part of a successful sales chain. Convincing anglers a product will help them catch more fish is essential for closing the sales circle. How the forward thinking Norwegian company is doing just that with its proven fish catcher, the light emitting Esca, is a lesson for any company. Esca quickly grabbed the attention of the industry when it premiered its unique attractors at ICAST 2008 and the company wasted no time in establishing a distribution network across more than

even faster. Our focus now is to work with customers about how and why they should use Esca. “For example a lot of people refer to Escas as lures, when in fact they are intended to be used in addition to lures and not instead of them. Escas can be combined with other terminal tackles in a multitude of ways. This is very important for retailers because it means extra sales for them. Escas will not cannibalise existing sales. “Also, because the product is really new and revolutionary we need to educate customers about how to use it. So we have created ‘test boxes’ that we used to describe them and what they do has been are providing to retailers that show how the product quite technical, like ‘bioluminescence’ for example. is used. We are urging them to position these next to But all anglers really need to know is that Escas light the tills so customers can actually see what they look up in saltwater, they don’t need batteries and they are like and how they work. This is certain to increase very, very good at attracting fish.” sales. We understand that retailers need our help to sell. Described by one tester as technological marvels, “It is also important for anglers to hear of other Escas were inspired by the light organs possessed by anglers’ experiences when most ocean-going species which they use to attract using Escas and we prey. Put simply, Escas mimic the way fish catch other fish. encourage people to post their stories on our No batteries are needed because Escas generates 1 Reminded retailers to sell Escas with lures their own energy in saltwater. They activate instantly website. Seeing what 2 Provided a ‘test box’ to educate customers in store others have caught using on contact and deactivate once out of water, lasting Escas is very compelling for 100 hours of use. Escas were initially equipped 3 Encouraged anglers to post success stories online for anglers and will drive with hooks but these have now been removed as 4 Replaced technical language with simple sales story customers into shops. customers prefer to choose their own. “We are committed to There are four Esca attractors – the Blue Fading, actively supporting distributors to help retailers sell Blue Multiblink, Green Fading and Green Multiblink. 20 countries on the back of the huge interest that the products. Even the language we use to describe Esca Global also market shrimp and squid followed the show. accessories. Esca attractors (sold separately) can Now, 15 months later, Esca is using its initial our products is important. Because Escas are a technological development then some of the language be mounted in the shrimp and squid. learnings to enter phase two of an expansion plan designed to take the product into many more countries in 2010, with special focus on Asia and Oceania, as well as the American East and Gulf coasts. “We are ecstatic with the enthusiastic and Here’s how to find them... positive feedback we are getting from customers,” explained Sullivan. “But we have also learned a lot Tel: +47 9084 0496 Email: CEO Morten Dale about the market and how we can accelerate growth Marketing Manager Kathleen Sullivan Web:

Esca Global’s 4 steps to success


Want to talk to Esca Global?


Angling International November 2009


“Escas are intended to be used in addition to lures, not instead of them. This is very important for retailers because it means extra sales”

WHAT ANGLERS SAY ABOUT ESCAS “I was astounded and amazed. Tarpon attacked it like there was no tomorrow. I can’t wait to give it another shot. I would not have believed it until I tried it. The damn thing worked!” Capt Gary Giles “I tried a location where a friend had fished a week earlier with no Esca and hadn’t caught anything. I used the Esca and when I returned I had caught a five kilo

blue lange and three smaller tusk. From now on I’m only fishing with Esca.” Jarle Lysebo “We targeted red snapper in the Cangrejos area, Carolina, and it was impressive how the fish attacked our squid baited hooks in conjunction with Esca Blue Multiblink. In a period of less than three hours we caught 22 snapper over two pounds.” Rhadamés Alonzo “I have been fishing for 25 years and I have never seen an advancement in technology that produces more fish than an Esca light. Try Esca now, it will make you a better fisherman instantly.” Capt Patrick Price “On days when the fish seem extra cautious or are not biting at all, I always catch more when I use Esca – and bigger fish too.” Jurgen Boucher

November 2009 Angling International




oducts thrill trade show Genuine ground-breaking improvements to fishing reels are few and far between. However, MAP claims to 3 have done just that with the introduction of its ACS (Auto Clip System) – a device that allows the line to

automatically disengage from the clip when a big fish is hooked. The line can only come out of the clip when the bale arm is engaged, which means the angler can clip-up for casting accuracy as normal, but doesn’t risk breaking off on the take. In addition, the reel incorporates a traditional clip, allowing the angler to double-clip for two swims if he wishes. So pleased is MAP with the idea that it has developed a new reel (RRP £69.99) especially for the ACS feature. The system and variations of it are patented worldwide.


Want to talk to Leeda? Here’s how to find them...

Tel: +44 1527 587450 Fax: +44 800 1300622 Email: Website:

The recent Leeda trade shows had an international flavour as the UK company welcomed overseas visitors for the first time. Angling International visited the Bromsgrove event in the nine-show series and was pleased to meet with Hans Van Keijzerswaard, owner of Dutch distributor and manufacturer Haka Tackle, Jan Pirzkall of Eurocarp GmbH and Henri Benech of Pafex, based in the south of France. Toby Bradshaw of Gowan and Bradshaw also made the crossing from Galway, Ireland to visit the show and all were impressed with the wide range of new product going into the shops for 2010. “It was good to see the full range all together,” said Henri Benech. “I was there to see all three brands, Wychwood, MAP and Leeda. We began working with Wychwood carp products and now want to develop business with the other brands. “It was also an opportunity to discover new products in the carp range, the bedchair series in particular, the shelters, new reels, nylon lines and the Solace luggage range. In the fly range, I was impressed by the new Truefly reel. “It was also good to spend time talking with Tim (Wildermoth) and Richard (Taylor), which makes working together easier.” Keijzerswaard, who has been running his business from Vught, Holland, since 2001, distributes Wychwood among other quality UK brands like Kryston, Atomic and Nutrabaits. As a dedicated carp angler, his interest was not surprisingly focused on this sector of the show. “I was impressed with the new Solace flexi-rib bivvy, a light, compact system which is easy to set up and use,” he told Angling International. “I also liked the new shaped landing nets and the unhooking mats. I have placed orders and already have product in my warehouse. A lot of Dutch distributors and manufacturers aim at cheaper products, but my philosophy is to do it better rather than cheaper. There is still a demand for quality.” Eurocarp’s Jan Pirzkall has been working with Wychwood for two years, supplying the German, Austrian and Swiss markets, and signed a new contract while at the show. “I was very happy with the show and of course I will be here again next year,” he said. “Tim explained all the new products to me. I was impressed with what I saw and especially by the Maximiser bedchair and clothing range. These will be good for business in Europe.” Product Director Richard Taylor was delighted to receive more overseas customers and emphasised that his brands are still looking for good distributors and retailers all over Europe.

November 2009 Angling International




The seat box that puts anglers in control Smisdom is sensing rapid expansion in Europe for its Belgian-made, top quality seat box system. “We’re seeking strong partners,” says its MD.


he emergence of a competitive manufacturing source in Asia represented a severe challenge to most manufacturers in Europe. But for Belgian family business SmisGeert Smisdom: “Export dom Plastics, it created an growth is our future.” exciting opportunity. Founded in 1992, Smisdom specialised in injection moulding and served a wide range of industries that included angling. However, as less expensive manufacturing options arose in the East, so many of Smisdom’s fishing clients disappeared from the market. “At that time we were supplying a lot of manufacturers of fishing products,” recalls Managing Director Geert Smisdom. “It started with producing components for fishing boxes for companies in Belgium and grew from there. “But as cheaper manufacturing sources became available a lot of my clients vacated the market. We already had the tooling so we took out patents and began assembling our own products here. “It was hard to get onto the market in the beginning, but as the quality of our products has become known we have seen our fishing brand, GO4FISH, grow and grow.” The result is that Smisdom is one of that proud but diminishing group of European manufacturers

High volume pole seat ensures a comfortable position for a long fishing session.

Strong base made of high-grade plastics and aluminium covered with a carbon film. Two inside trays. Jointed, extendable feet are integrated into the sides of the base unit. All accessory units are equipped with the patented Fix2 modular hinge/lock system. which designs, develops and manufactures products in-house. The company has invested in a brand new site some 50km from Brussels which houses the production, supply and administration operations under one roof. The company is now firmly focused on European expansion and is looking for wholesalers who prefer European quality tackle to products of Asian origin. “Export growth into more countries is the future for us. Strong partners with good local knowledge, that is very important,” adds Geert. “We are already strong in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Now we want to get our products into more countries. The UK is a market that we would like to penetrate, along with Italy, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Scandinavia and the Czech Republic. Our products are 100% Belgian, excellent quality and sit in attractive, mid-range price bands.”


Smisdom has continued to supply other manufacturers with accessories but no longer supplies fishing box components. Instead it has focused on its own fast-growing fishing box business, launching its popular Fix2 range, a modular concept for competition fishing, which has been developed alongside the FCS (Fishing Control System) range of accessories, allowing anglers to combine components to create their perfect system. To this has been added the Evolution Concept Box, developed specifically for young anglers, and the AllRounder range for general pleasure anglers. Smisdom is also keen to communicate that it is happy to develop and manufacture products for third parties and is urging interested companies to make contact. “Our core business is the injection moulding of plastic products for all kinds of markets,” reminded Geert.

Want to talk to Smisdom Plastics?

Here’s how to find them...

Tel: +32 11 683409 Fax: +32 11 671113 Email: Websites: or


Angling International November 2009



Huge new venuewill mark China Fish’s 20th year The event will be moving to a brand new venue in Beijing for 2010 – and organisers are expecting a world-class attendance to match it. “We were determined to find somewhere very special,” says China Fish President Li Jiang.


Li Jiang: “The venue has world-class facilities.”

hina Fish is already acknowledged as among the biggest and most influential trade shows on the calendar of the world’s fishing tackle industry. Held in the country that has become home to the vast majority of the world’s fishing tackle output, China Fish

ranks proudly alongside ICAST and EFTTEX as a must-visit show for the international trade. So the fact that next year’s China Fish marks the 20th anniversary of this unique and extraordinary event promises something very special for exhibitors and visitors. To begin with, the carefully-chosen venue for this unique occasion is fittingly brand new – and will be only five months old when the first excited visitors walk through the doors on February 23rd. Beijing’s Jiuhua International Exhibition Centre lies within the Jiuhua Resort, already famed as the ideal destination for business and recreation, with

China Fish 2010

February 23rd-25th. Beijing JIUHUA International Exhibition Centre, Changping District, Beijing, China Website: 16

Angling International November 2009

its state-of-the-art facilities and welcoming hot spring and spa. “As 2010 is our 20th birthday, we wanted to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all the people who have supported the development of China Fish and the China fishing tackle industry,” said President of China Fish, Li Jiang. “We want to create a celebration atmosphere for all visitors. “Thus it was very important for us to select a venue that was suitable for such a great occasion. We were determined to find somewhere very special and that is why we delayed the announcement until now. “I believe the Jiuhua Centre is the first choice


“We were determined to find somewhere very special and that is why we delay the announcement until now”

because of its world-class business and entertainment facilities. This will provide exhibitors and visitors with a very special experience and we look forward to welcoming friends old and new.” Jiuhua Resort occupies 622,000 sqm in total and the main building of the venue is 96,000 sqm, which is considered the biggest exhibition centre in all of Asia. It offers one of only two ‘single body’ halls with a 35,000 sqm exhibiting area (9,000 sqm more than was available last year) and 26m indoor height. China Fish will occupy Hall B, the largest hall in the main building and necessary to accommodate more than 400 exhibitors expected for the show. With everything now in place for a spectacular China Fish, the organisers are confident of a great show. With 388 exhibitors booked up to October 13th, the total could well exceed the 445 in 2009. More than 1,700 buyers are expected from 85 countries around the world.

Above: the impressive entrance to the Jiuhua Resort. Centre: hot springs for bathing. Below: a typical hotel lobby and restaurant area. Main image: an artist’s impression of the brand new exhibition centre.

China Fish 2010 in numbers

The new venue for the 20th anniversary of China Fish boasts 10 hotels with 2300 guest rooms of different styles and all within 1km of the exhibition centre. There are

70 indoor and outdoor hot springs within walking distance, fed by 40°C water from 1600 metres underground. Visitors have access to 80 meeting rooms and 11 restaurants, along with

a first-class sports centre, nearby shops and health care facilities. A royal garden-style building and Beijing’s traditional and mysterious ‘Siheyuan’ are just around the corner. The centre is only about 10 minutes by taxi from the Olympic Village and just 26km from Beijing Capital International Airport.


Want to register for China Fish?

Here’s how to register for your free badge... Tel: +86 10 5820 3101/02/03 Fax: +86 10 5820 3100 Contact China Fish at Web: November 2009 Angling International




Why has the company behind these products had a record-breaking year? There is no substitute for market knowledge and a strong relationship with your suppliers, says Pat Wrob, President of River’s Edge, the pre-eminent gift supplier to the American angling market. “Now we are looking hard at exports,” he tells Angling International.

It’s amazing that River’s Edge should have enjoyed a record year in a down economy. How have you achieved that? Pat Wrob There are several reasons. People still like giving gifts, they are just choosing lower-cost items Pat Wrob: “We have the and River’s Edge products best quality and prices.” fit perfectly into this scenario. Also, over the years many of our larger customers have seen the success they have had with River’s Edge gifts and tried to import their own lines. However, most of these customers have been unsuccessful in imitating our quality and have failed to get the sell-through they wanted. As a result they have come back to us. In addition, retailers and distributors alike are finding it easy to eliminate several vendors and purchase all of their items from River’s Edge because

we have the best quality and price points. We are also acknowledged as having the expertise in this business and customers know they can rely on us for delivery of unique products during what is often a very short selling season. A large percentage of business is done in the fourth quarter so we take on additional staff at this time to make sure we maintain our policy to ship orders within a couple of days. The volume of new products you bring to market each year is staggering. How does that happen? We have a full-time design team in the US which is

so that they are now proactive with their own ideas. We also get ideas from our customers, who know what sells because they interface with consumers. What about quality issues? We employ a quality control team in Ningbo, China, which closely inspects each factory before they issue their first order and then each order again before it is shipped. Business development of the kind you have enjoyed often hinges on a few key decisions. Has this been the case with River’s Edge? There are a number of things, but the decision to reduce the number of factories we work with was certainly key. We used to work with more than 100 factories, mostly in China and some in India, but in an effort to turn inventory better and keep fill rates high we have focused on making strong relationships with four factories who are now responsible for over 50% of our sourcing. Working closely with fewer overseas factories also gives us the ability to offer our customers a dedicated container programme which keeps freight and duty costs at a minimum.

“We are never sitting on products our customers are not aware of. Our fill rates are above 95%” constantly at work developing new ideas. This accounts for around 80% of new product. All of these are unique to River’s Edge and we own countless patents, trademarks and copyrights. We have also developed strong relationships with carefully selected factories in China and they have come to understand the kind of products we specialise in, so much

Five great reasons to work with River’s Edge 1 2 3 4 5


Angling International November 2009

Its huge range can satisfy all dealer requirements from one source Its in-house design team keeps it at the forefront of innovation It has an excellent shipping record Increased export business is high on its agenda It has had a record trading year despite the weak global economy


“We realise there is a need for what we do outside the US. No one is supplying on any scale”

Just some of the lines that have boosted profits at River’s Edge in the downturn. “People still like giving gifts,” says Pat Wrob.

River’s Edge in numbers

What is the secret to bringing all these new products to market? Up until the last few years we simply introduced new products as they became available. However, to keep a better handle on inventory we now introduce them just twice a year. The beauty is that this allows us to schedule new product in at an exact time so we are not sitting on product that our customers are not aware of. We can also time the introduction with our annual catalogue and interim flyers, which again keeps our fill rates high. We are proud of the fact they are now 95% or greater. Shows are also very important. We do over 50 a year, which makes keeping our new items in front of customers relatively easy. How would you sum up River’s Edge in a few words? Simply put, we are the number one supplier of gifts to the fishing and hunting trade in the US. We have gotten to this position by being a one-source stop for gift items and offering quality merchandise.

Surely, given your strength in the US, overseas markets must beckon. Yes, we don’t do as much international business as we could and should do. We realise there is a need for what we do outside the US and with the exception of a single item here or there, I can see no one supplying a full line of outdoor themed gifts on any scale. There is an opportunity to capitalise on this and we are researching the potential export markets and working on our product lines to make sure we have the appropriate mix of merchandise. We are strongly considering going to EFTTEX in Valencia in 2010.


River’s Edge is a manufacturer of outdoor themed gifts based in St Clair, Missouri, USA, offering more than 1,000 products for the fisherman and hunter. It began trading 12 years ago after Company President Pat Wrob sold his interest in Sportsman’s Supply Inc, a leading wholesale distributor of fishing and hunting products. The company now operates out of four warehouses in the state totalling over 100,000 square feet. River’s Edge employs around 40 staff and has more than 200 independent sales representatives. To ensure good turn of inventory and maintain high fill rates the company has developed strong relationships with 4 key factories in China which it now uses for 50% of its sourcing. The company offers around 150 new products every year and exhibits at upwards of 50 wholesale shows annually. It works with a wide diversity of customers, including all the US majors plus around 6,000 retail stores.

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Sonik eyes rapid growth after venture group invests New board members ready to create “outstanding brand in the global fishing tackle market.”

The new Sonik Sports board with Commercial Director Ian McCormack third right: “We anticipate that 70% of our sales will be through the trade by this time next year.”


ajor investment into one of the UK’s newest tackle companies could catapult it into an outstanding brand in the global fishing market within the next few years. Sonik Sports, launched 18 months ago, has received investment from the Vardy Group of Companies led by Sir Peter Vardy, one of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs, who joins the company as Chairman. Sonik’s immediate strategy is to more than double its 42 retailers in the UK; and a major expansion of the current product range is planned. While the company’s current sales comprise about 70% direct and 30% trade sales, it expects to reverse this within a year as it increases the focus on dealers. Longer term, Sonik views international expansion as a key priority. “We are delighted to be providing an equity and working capital investment in a management team that has a proven track record in this sector,” said Vardy Group Finance Director Gerard Murray, who has also joined the Sonik board. “We are confident that through this investment we can make Sonik an outstanding brand in the global fishing tackle market for service, product quality and innovation.” Sonik’s 2010 product range will reach across game, sea and carp categories and will be expanded to include new rods, reels, lines, clothing, waders and luggage, with high performance specification


designed to be best for price. The range was due to be unveiled in October. “In effect we have 23 carefully chosen product launches for next year,” Commercial Director Ian McCormack told Angling International. “The investment has accelerated our plans to move into new product categories. Our strategy hinges on the quality of our products. The strength of the offering will generate strong consumer demand and will drive sales to our key dealers. “We plan to broaden distribution to a targeted number of good dealers. We will be providing full support to all our dealers, and consumers who are not near a dealer will be able to buy online. We anticipate that 70% of our sales will be through the trade by this time next year. “Our aim is to provide a sound profit opportunity for all by producing excellent products that are correctly marketed and supported by first class customer service. That is what dealers are looking for.” Being an easy company to deal with is also among Sonik’s key objectives. With this mind, it doesn’t plan to have a vast product range or unwieldy catalogue that will potentially confuse dealers. The focus will be on key drivers and best sellers. The sales force will be expanded with the addition of four new UK agents. Sonik already has customers in France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic and the US, but plans a much stronger international push from EFTTEX 2010. “Valencia will be the springboard for a more serious presence in Europe and longer term we will be looking more closely at the US,”

Angling International November 2009


added McCormack. “We are happy to deal with dealers or distributors overseas, whichever is most appropriate for our business in any given territory.”

THE MAN BEHIND THE INVESTMENT Sir Peter Vardy’s main business interests have focused on the automotive retail sector. His father Reg began selling cars from a tin shed in 1945 and Peter joined the business at the age of 16, sweeping floors and serving petrol. When his father died he developed the business from one dealership to 100 nationally, from six people to 6,000, establishing a £2billion turnover. He sold Reg Vardy plc for £506 million in 2006 and in The Sunday Times Rich List for 2009 was ranked 388th with an estimated fortune of £140 million. He once said: “You have to know your competitors. Try and find out what similar businesses are doing, what their margins are, what their retained profit is. You need to be able to measure and know which lever to pull to make a difference.” His commitment to philanthropy was recognised when he received a knighthood for services to education in 2001. The Vardy Group of Companies includes Vardy Venture Capital and Vardy Property Group.

The SK Lite fly fishing reel has been a star performer in a strategy based on best sellers.

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Tel: +44 1670 798 910 Fax: +44 1670 798 911 Email: Websites:



at Angling rs ito ed t uc od pr e th th on m Each t exciting new International select the mos To help you t. ke ar m to t gh ou br g in be le tack customers, we decide on their appeal to yoeurmanufacturers so will include insight from thss immediately. you can start doing busine

products you need to know about A new monofil for pole fishing and more


Carson’s latest generation monofil Carson Golden Turbo Line is available in 12 different diameters and tests ranging from 0.12 (6.3lb) to 0.50 (43.6lb). All come in 150 metre spools. What the makers say: “This clear green monofil is designed to offer excellent abrasion resistance in any fresh and saltwater situation. Golden Turbo is ideal for pole fishing and is also great when used on a reel. The 150 metre spools are blister packed.”

Business Contacts Tel: +39 011 4501 668 Email: Website:


Waterproof tackle boxes to thrill anglers... and dealers

Premier fly manufacturer Dragon Tackle launches its new Safe-Loc boxes at October’s Tackle and Guns Show. The range includes three styles – a premium quality Pro Box, the Competition Box and the smaller River Box, all available in either ripple or slit foam. What the makers say: “The boxes have been based around the durable clasp and excellent waterproof seal that stops moisture getting inside. These are major benefits to the angler. We have been working on the Safe-Loc range for a while and we are confident anglers will love them. So will the dealers, because we are offering excellent margins and a super value product.”

Business Contacts Tel: +44 1656 862444 Email: Website: November 2009 Angling International



products you need to know about Eyewear that makes it easier to spot fish The Spector is the latest addition to the Flying Fisherman Action Angler collection of polarised eyewear and will be available from October at $27.95 MSRP. The Spector comes in shiny black with silvermirrored smoke lenses and shiny black with silver-mirrored amber lenses. What the makers say: “The Spector’s wraparound styling and extra wide polarised lenses make them especially functional for fishing and boating. The frames are durable, lightweight and built for comfort. The lenses are scratch resistant and offer 100% protection from UVA and UVB light. The AcuTint Lens Color System enhances colour contrast without distorting natural colour, making it easier to spot fish and obstacles below the surface of the water.” Business Contacts Tel: +1 800 335 9347 Email: Web:


Affordable quality from St. Croix

3 Durability and stability from Portuguese seat box kings Vega The Modular Seat Box SB004 from Portuguese company Vega is delivered with six telescopic feet along with pole, keepnet and frontal supports. What the makers say: “Durability, lightness and stability characterise this product. This is a truly versatile seat box with multi-drawers for effective tackle storage.” Business Contacts Tel: +35 121 961 7455/6 Fax: +35 121 961 7457 Email: Website:


The all-new Rio Santo from St. Croix is designed and engineered in Park Falls, Wisconsin, and hand-crafted in the company’s new manufacturing facility in Fresnillo, Mexico. The series features 11 models with retail prices from USD $100 to $130. What the makers say: “Beginner and intermediate fly anglers now have an alternative to imports from Asia. The Rio Santo delivers all the quality and casting performance you would expect from a St. Croix rod and at very affordable retail prices. Built from premium quality SC graphite with smooth, moderate-fast actions, these rods are easy to cast yet so versatile that you’ll never outgrow them. A quality cloth sack protects the rod during travel and storage.” Business Contacts Tel: +1 715 762 3226 Email: Website:


Angling International October 2009

The Magic Swimmer goes soft!


The Magic Swimmer Soft Pro is Sébile’s first soft plastic bait to enter the market and it made an immediate impact by winning the soft bait category in this year’s ICAST New Product Showcase Awards. This jointed, hand-painted lure has the same lifelike swimming action and detail as the hugely popular hardbait version. What the makers say: “Weights can be moved forward to create a fall of about 45 degrees or slid backwards so the bait descends almost horizontally. It can be fished weightless or rigged with a variety of hooks and jigheads for fresh and saltwater.”

Business Contacts Tel: +1 325 437 8103



A double-sided box to hold more lures


This attractive and functional Jig Power Lure Box from innovative French manufacturer STB Powerline is designed for soft lures and will be available among its new products for 2010. What the makers say: “The principle assets of the Jig Power Lure Box is that it is double-sided to accommodate more lures, it has holes on both sides for quick and easy drainage and it is tough and durable.” Business Contacts Tel: +33 241 363 666 Email:



A lure range for muskie, big pike and saltwater predators The Mr Jim floating model (160mm/85g) is specifically designed for catching muskie, big pike and saltwater predators. The sinking version of the lure (160mm/ 98g) is designed to attract large pike from as deep as three to four metres. What the makers say: “When using the floating lure, a gentle jerking on the retrieve produces a gliding action to each side. A quicker movement will often produce a splash if working the lure on the surface and will attract fish from long range. The sinking lure has a similar action but when paused it levels out in a horizontal position and quickly sinks towards the bottom. Like all Agat lures, Mr Jim baits are hand-made and thoroughly field-tested in several different countries.” Business Contacts Tel: +37 126 809 663 Email: Website:

A seat with a dazzling range of extra components Smisdom’s modular Fix2 fishing box system incorporates a wide range of modular boxes, platforms and accessories so anglers can put together the components of their choice into combinations that suits them perfectly. What the makers say: “Fix2 components include an anodised Alu-Frame with Multi Storage System (MSS), a table that can be stored under the footrest, a portable tackle box that can be pulled out at the front of the island and six legs (two adjustable and four telescopic). There are also two sliding tackle trays, Fix2 units under the seat, a pole support system, keepnet arm, umbrella support, accessory support and a pole seat.” Business Contacts Tel: +32 11 683409 Email: Website:


9 Rods perfect for vertical jigging

The SS/SC series, available to consumers now, is designed to offer the perfect action for vertical jigging using a broad variety of styles. The rods are intended to be used with jig weights from 60g to 600g, with rod lengths from 4ft 9ins up to 5ft 3ins. What the makers say: “These top quality rods are designed by professional jigging anglers. The slim diameter, lightweight, but extremely strong blanks provide power and fast-action properties that give the angler superb control when fighting large fish. Each rod features quality Fuji and Alps components.”

Business Contacts Tel: +88 64 221 55958


October 2009 Angling International

Website: 31


Hardy & Greys GmbH relocates


ardy & Greys GmbH has relocated into new, purposebuilt premises in anticipation of increased demand for its products in 2010. The new warehouse and office buildings in Lohne are five times bigger than the Michael Unger: “We can original site, 150km away in serve customers better.” Lengerich. The move is good news for the subsidiary’s dealers in Germany and Switzerland who can expect improved supply. “Our much larger warehouse means a better service for our customers,” said Commercial Manager Michael Unger. “It will improve inventory and delivery. We will have 95% of product available. In our old premises space was limited, especially for big carp products like bedchairs. “We also now have a showroom area where we can invite customers to come and see product. Business has been going very well and we expect it to get even

better next year, which is the reason we have moved. “Carp fishing is the biggest part of our business at the moment but in Germany predator fishing is the biggest sector and we expect good growth in this area in 2010, as well as further expansion in carp. We are not at the top of the hill yet!” Unger told Angling International that the depressed economy has not yet had a major impact on the

Left: the new premises in Lohne. Below: the Hardy North America product development team of Howard Croston (left) and Andy Mill enjoying the Denver show.

Fulling Mill seals deal with Eumer Fly manufacturer Fulling Mill has appointed Eumer as its new distributor in Finland. The deal was finalised at the recent FFR Show in Denver, where Eumer was exhibiting for the first time. Eumer is run by brothers Olli and Jaako Ojami. As well as marketing tube fly products and fly tying materials, they also arrange fishing holidays. “It is a dynamic young company that has made huge inroads into the salmon fly material market within the last few years,” said Fulling Mill’s Director of Sales and Marketing John Wolstenholme. “They are the ideal partners to broaden our portfolio in this territory. I have known Olli for a few years and am very excited about working with Eumer as I know how well respected and hard working they both are.”

fishing tackle industry in Germany, and that good summer weather had benefited trading. However, a government subsidy programme which has limited unemployment figures is expected to be reduced in early 2010 and Unger estimated that unemployment could rise from 3.5 million to five million next year. While this may increase participation, it would also have an impact on spending, he concluded.

Olli Ojamo, respsonsible for Eumer’s sales and marketing overseas, said: “The readytied fly business is starting to take off in Finland and we want to be part of that and make a good business with Fulling Mill’s high-quality products.” John Wolstenholme: “Our Fulling Mill manufacturers new partners are ideal.” a wide range of flies under its own brand and is also a producer for a number of the world’s top brands. It services UK and European accounts from England. Most orders for standard stock items are dispatched within 24 hours.

Powerline wins

STB Powerline products had a very high profile during the World Sea Fishing Championships during September. The French manufacturer and distributor is the official sponsor of the French teams and was delighted to see the junior team become world champions and for Benoit Beliot to become individual world champion. In addition, the French senior team secured second place behind Italy, while Sebastien Gas finished second in the individual rankings. Fishing on home territory at Pornichet, France, all the French anglers were using Powerline tackle during the seven days of the event. The competition was fished in difficult conditions by 25 adult teams and 10 junior teams.

NEW AUSTRALIAN COUNCIL BEGINS ‘NEW ERA OF UNITY’ The new Boating and Fishing Council of Australia will herald “a new era of unity across all boating, marine, outboard and recreational fishing sectors,” say its constituent bodies. It will also bring a renewed purpose and strategy when engaging with Government on mutual policy concerns. As reported in the last issue of Angling International, the formation of the Council follows calls from the Australian Fishing and Trade Asssociation to present a united voice on key issues affecting the industries and to bring an end to disunity and infighting. 26

Council spokesperson Dean Logan said: “This is arguably one of the most significant developments for the boating, outboard and recreational fishing lobby in Australia for 20 years. It brings together every key sector into one central body. This allows members to proactively drive policy and for the views of member constituents to be taken directly to decision-makers.” The Council is made up by the Australian Marine Industries Federation (AMIF), the Boating Industry Association of NSW, the Australian Fishing and Trade Association, the Outboard Engine Distributors

Angling International November 2009

Association, the Australian Marine Engine Council and Recfish Australia. Speaking for the AMIF, Don Jones, General Manager of Marine Queensland said: “We haven’t been entirely happy with decisions made by the Federal Government, most noticeably the half day’s notice given when the Environment Minister declared the Coral Sea as a conservation zone. For too long we have been painted as disjointed and not responsive to environmental changes. This is not the case and this perception ceases to exist today.”


Wright & McGill enters Iberian fly market


S company Wright & McGill is to sell its products in Spain, Andorra and Portugal for the first time following the appointment of Pintona Flyfishing as its distributors. Pintona will handle the Pintona’s José Zapatero will handle distribution. Wright & McGill Essentials product line but will not distribute Eagle Claw. The products will be available from November. “These countries have great fly fishing and our product range fits very well,” said International Sales Manager Brigitte Carlson. “They are growing markets and high quality, attractively priced fly products are in demand.

“The markets are growing. High quality, well priced products are in demand”

“We will focus on the Wright & McGill Essentials fly fishing range which is now one of the most extensive product lines available in the world marketplace. Dealers will be able to do one-stop shopping. There is great potential because we offer a wide selection of tackle that our competitors do not have. “Pintona Flyfishing has an excellent knowledge of these markets as well as our products and we are confident of their success.” José Zapatero of Pintero Flyfishing endorsed Carlson’s view of potential sales. “Spanish anglers have changed their preferences and are demanding high quality fly fishing products, which is making our business more dynamic. “Our experts have tested the Essentials brand in all conditions and have found unusually high quality and an extradordinary level of finishing – all at a very acceptable price. We believe both the retailer and the end user will favour the brand.” Among the products that have excited Pintona are Flygirl rods and Flygirl Damselfly reels, and the Boron 5XE along with waders and luggage.

Winning tackle from World Carp Classic to be sold in UK

Tom Duncan-Dunlop (left) and Rob Tough, winners of the World Carp Classic.

Terminal tackle used to win last month’s World Carp Classic is to be marketed by UK manufacturer and distributor Solar Tackle. Proprietor Martin Locke told Angling International the new brand, known as Weed Effects, will be in the shops by Spring 2010. The initial idea for Weed Effects came from carp expert Kevin Garrett and has been further developed with input from Locke and Tom Duncan-Dunlop. It has been field-tested for two years and the pairing of Duncan-Dunlop and Rob Tough used the tackle to beat 126 other pairs to the £10,000 first prize in the World Carp Classic at Lac de Madine in France. The duo landed an event-record 26 fish totalling 347.5kg. “This gear will be a fantastic aid to carp anglers,”

said Locke. “It will also be popular with barbel anglers who will find it a real bonus on weedy rivers. Anglers will adapt it to their own needs. We are putting a small range together initially.” Solar is already advertising the product in consumer magazines in the UK and has filmed a news item for Meridian TV. The company, which exports throughout Europe, believes it will prove popular everywhere. Industry supporters of the World Carp Classic include title sponsor JRC, which has strengthened ties with the annual event by recently extending its sponsorship by a further three years. Section sponsors include Jetfish, Ultima and Indyline. Other sponsors can be found at

Dragon develops new image

Dragon Tackle is introducing new packaging as the next step in the redevelopment of its brand image. The company’s logo has already been redesigned to achieve a more modern look and now the insert card for its premium and top selling fly selections has been re-invented to further enhance Dragon Tackle’s corporate image. Marketing and Operations Manager Gareth Whittington explained that Dragon had looked at the various packaging options on the market and held discussions with both dealers and consumers to find out 28

what influenced their purchasing decisions. The introduction of a peeled-back, species-specific artwork was the outcome. “Consumers can now immediately identify which product they need,” explained Whittington. “We have chosen a modern look without being too overpowering with colours. Consumers became confused when mixing too many colours with product. Flies stand out perfectly on a lighter, clearer background.”

Angling International November 2009

Dragon’s standard blister in its new form. All its packaging will use the new peeled-back effect.


Australians fight off ‘world’s most expensive fishing licence’


nglers in Western Australia are faced with a 50% reduction in their catch limits following the introduction of new government legislation. A two-month closed season has also been announced, along with new Ben Patrick of Halco led licensing plans. The moves the group that lobbied for will involve “significant pain” fairer legislation. for the fishing sector. However, the measures come in a modified package that is a big improvement on the government’s original proposals, which would have included a $150 fishing licence for demersal scalefish (species living on or near the ocean bed). In announcing the new plan, Fisheries Minister Norman Moore stressed the State Government faced significant challenges in the management of at-risk species such as the popular pink snapper and dhufish

“The revised package still involves significant pain for areas of the fishing sector” off the West Coast region. He also acknowledged the role played by industry and recreational fishing bodies in influencing the outcome of the modified proposals. “I appreciate the original measures to achieve the reduction target were unpopular but always said that if there was a better way to achieve the sustainable objectives I was prepared to listen. “That’s what I’ve done. I’ve reviewed the options and today we are at the crossroads. We must cut the catch and a decision about protecting our future fish stocks has to be made. “The commercial sector has already achieved the 50% reduction target for at-risk West Coast demersal species and now it’s time for recreational anglers to do the same.” The Minister said that a two-month closure from October 15 to December 15 would apply and tough new bag limit measures will be introduced to reduce the catch of vulnerable species, replacing the $150 licence originally planned. The proposed $60 fortnightly and $20 daily demersal scalefish licences have also been abolished. The $30 recreational boat fishing licence remains. The new licensing system is reckoned to generate an additional $1.9million, bringing the estimated annual licensing revenue to $4.9million. 30

Australian Fishing and Tackle Association President Bruce Alvey told Angling International that State representative Ben Patrick, of Halco Lures, had been responsible for getting groups together in Western Australia to pressure the State Government into taking another look at the proposed legislation. Angling International spoke to Patrick for an industry perspective. What is the reaction of the industry? Ben Patrick: The revised package was agreed to by a range of industry groups. It involves significant pain for many areas of the fishing sector and we tried to develop a system that shared the pain. It is also important to note that the commercial sector has had cuts of over 50%. Has AFTA been heard in the consultation process? The issue was reignited by a group I started with a number of concerned industry members and fishermen. The group was called and we successfully got the government to back down from imposing the most expensive fishing licence in the world. The recreational lobby group Recfishwest, which is government funded, had begrudgingly accepted the previous package, which made it a difficult campaign to get going again. However, over 15,000 signed letters to politicians got them back to the table. What does AFTA see as the contentious issues in the package? The reduced bag limits are very contentious, and it’s

going to hurt. We are all bound to feel it when our catch is reduced by 50%. Is the modified package perceived as better or worse than the original proposals? It is far better than the previous package. Firstly, we no longer have the total cost for licences being $405. Imagine what this would have done to fishing participation rates. The industry accepts the scientific evidence that a 50% cut is required. You cannot do this easily but you must look at the alternative. The scientists are telling us some of our demersal stocks are in trouble and there will be a collapse of the fishery if nothing is done. Will the new measures work? We believe so. As always it relies on goodwill from anglers, but I think there will be a considerable reduction in the take of vulnerable species. Were there better alternative options? There were some minor changes that could have been implemented, but the Government would only look at proposals that had scientific backing, which counted against some of the more innovative ideas. Is this legislation likely to impact on the fishing tackle industry in terms of participation? We supported a package that would have least impact on the average fisho. These guys do not fish regularly and they could have a far better chance of catching a few fish in years to come. This package allows a lot of people to take a few fish, rather than trying to price people out of participating.

Recfish: ‘It’s a step forward’ Recfish, the representative body for Australia’s recreational anglers, presented an alternative management package to Fisheries Minister Norman Moore and shares AFTA’s view that the revised plan is a step forward. Accepting the Minister’s challenge to develop an alternative management strategy to reduce the take of key West Coast demersal scalefish by 50% without the use of a high licence fee, Recfishwest consulted with key stakeholders through a number of industry meetings. “The package is seen by many as a major improvement on the previous proposal, especially for those casual anglers or those looking to fish more in the future where the high price would have acted as a barrier,” said Frank Prokop, Executive Director of Recfishwest and new chair of Recfish Australia. “Some think that Recfishwest rolled over too easily. Everyone has an opinion about recreational fisheries management which is frequently in the context of the impact/benefit to them and their style of fishing.

Angling International November 2009

“The problem of a 50% catch reduction means it is impossible to bring this in without significant impact. The use of high fees as a disincentive to fishing has been successfully challenged and this is the most important issue.” Asked if he felt the new measures would impact on the fishing tackle industry, Protop said: “Everything has some impact. However, the industry is undergoing a major rationalisation as the national buying chains are exerting pressure on the smaller tackle stores. We have seen this with the hardware industry. These measures provide an easy outlet for frustration. What gets me is the small tackle stores don’t see that their future lies in quality service and reliable information and doing things like rod and reel repairs. ‘‘Ironically there may be some benefits, especially if tackle stores can sell the new licences. Also, there is bound to be a surge of interest when the dhufish season opens on December 15th when Christmas sales are at their peak.”


Castaic under new ownership


rophy Technologies LLC has purchased the Castaic Swimbait Company – perceived as America’s original swimbait company – from Nature Vision Inc. The rapidly expanding Trophy Technologies will operate the Kris Reibel: “We have new acquisition alongside its purchased ‘the original’.’’ Reaction Strike brand and its licensed brands, Musky Innovations and Matt Lures. And it has strongly hinted that more acquisitions are likely in the future. “It fits perfectly with our existing business,” said co-founder Kris Reibel. “Reaction Strike started as a swimbait company and has quickly grown into the largest producer of swimbaits in the world. It is with a lot of respect for Castaic that we looked to purchase the ‘original’. “Castaic has introduced some groundbreaking products in the last three to four years and was purchased by Nature Vision, which invested heavily to upgrade and perfect further new products.

“The company has a substantial network of independents and also has a presence in almost all the big box chain stores. It also exports, with the EU and Japan being the primary markets. “We will conduct a full review of customers and the product family but we expect only small to no changes.” The founders of Castaic began making swimbaits over 20 years ago. When Field and Stream magazine published its 50th anniversary issue it pictured the original Hard Head Bluegill/Sunfish on the cover and featured it among its top 50 all-time lures. It’s ‘hero’ products include the original Hard Head Soft body Lifelike bulging eye

Trout, Sunfish, Catch 22, Rock Hard, the SBT series and the Jerky J’s. Castaic owns patents covering many swimbait designs and Reibel stressed that his company would be working very hard to enforce those rights where applicable. Trophy Technologies now manufactures for almost 30 different companies and is described by Reibel as “growing quite large in terms of fishing tackle companies.” But it is clear that expansion plans will continue. “We have quite a few other acquisition targets in our sights,” he added.

Ultra-realistic paint job Castaic’s hero products, the Jerky J (left) and Rock Hard.

Textured scale and tail detail Raised gill plate and actual fins for added realism


America’s largest producer of fly fishing consumer shows has announced the launch of a new international trade show at the Coronado Springs Resort within Disney, Orlando. The Flyfishing International Trade Show (FITS) is likely to take place in mid-September 2010 and is targeting manufacturers from across the USA and other worldwide companies. The news could well have a bearing on decisions reached by the Nielson Group, owner of the FFR Show in Denver, which is widely believed to be considering combining FFR with its Outdoor Retail Show. This follows a sizeable drop in visitor numbers and exhibitor space last month. FITS is being produced by Chuck Furimsky, owner and director of the largest fishing consumer shows in the US. “The fly fishing industry is level and needs a positive change, a new location and reasonable costs in a weak economy” said Furimsky. “it must reach out to provide a universal meeting place to advance our sport. My experience and contacts from 20 years of consumer shows allows us to create a trade show everyone wants and needs. Numerous people in the industry approached me asking me to bring this expertise to a trade show in order to create excitement in the industry that has been fading in recent years.” Fly Fishing Show Manager Dave Sewak said: “Early reaction to the FITS announcement is very exciting. Disney is easy to reach from overseas and has an entertainment attraction to go along with the daily business of the trade show.” Proposed dates for the show are September 16, 17 and 18, with a second option of October 28, 29 and 30.


Angling International November 2009



0 2 0 1 0 2 r i e h t l a e v e r > > s n pla G N I D A LE ANIES COMP

g n i t e mark TRADE SHOWS



2010 marketing plans “Shows and press will help us break into eastern Europe” Céline Boutin, Powerline “Advertising in the international media and taking space at trade shows has worked well for us, so we will be continuing with that strategy over the next 12 months. It’s been the best way to find the right international distributors and wholesalers for our brands. We’ll be putting a similar strategy in place for our new brand Jig Power.” Targets for 2010 “In only a few years, we have become well established in many western European countries, so now our focus will switch to eastern Europe, which represents a very large market. We also want to penetrate Scandinavia through our agent based in Sweden.”

“We believe in a mixed approach”

Kiril Andreev, Filstar “For us to reach new customers will take a mixed approach. We are investing in new equipment in both the float and line manufacturing, which means we expect to have some interesting new products to promote. We’ll use the trade media and also market directly to our existing customers. Exhibiting at EFTTEX has been part of our marketing strategy since 2002 and that won’t change. It works for us. And finally, for both the domestic and export markets our websites are becoming a more and more important marketing tool.” Targets for 2010 “We are looking for new customers in Germany, Ukraine and the USA, who will be interested in our floats and lines – either under our brand or under customers’ own names.”

“We have faith in the big trade shows”

Simon Henton, FirstDart “We will continue to put our faith in the big international trade exhibitions, China Fish, EFTTEX, ICAST and the FFR Show. We have made them work by having a sustained presence over many years. You can’t appear one year and not the next, you need to convince the trade that you are here to stay, that you are a company with a long-term future. We have had buyers visit our stand year after year, getting to know us over time. Then, when they are ready to switch suppliers or they find a product of ours that fits their needs, we make the deal. We’ll make sure all potential customers are aware of our show presence by emailing them all in advance. That’s essential – you have to make a marketing effort ahead of every show.” Targets for 2010 “In terms of new export markets, FirstDart is looking to grow its business with companies that are re-spooling bulk lines. With our complete range of products from FD4000 down to FD1000, we are a full-range supplier that can offer high performance lines as well as value for money.” 34

Angling International November 2009

“EFTTEX is our route to European distributors”

Vitaly Pchelnikov, Extreme Fishing “The focus of our business is on distributors and wholesalers, but it also helps if retailers read about us in the trade press. But EFTTEX is the real key. We secured some new distributors in Budapest this year and we’ll be back to Valencia next year to launch new products.” Targets for 2010 “Our primary interest is Europe. Soon we will be opening a warehouse in Finland to serve our European clients.”

“We are planning a step up in quality”

“We are targeting fly fishing clubs”

Martin Lepine, Uni Products “We have used advertising in the trade press to attract distributors for our fly-tying materials, but we have looked at a different approach to reach consumers. We have a booklet called ‘How to Choose and Use Fly-tying Thread’. The plan is to mail it to clubs and federations to create demand.” Targets for 2010 “We hope to expand our distribution in Europe. We have already mailed in France, Ireland, Belgium and the United Kingdom.”

Taylor Chen, Omoto Fishing Tackle Co. “Next year we are planning to upgrade our product range to be more high end. We have the technical expertise and resources at our headquarters in Taiwan to manufacturer higher quality reels while still keeping prices competitive. While doing that, we can still service the demand for more ‘economic’ products from our factory in China. The new designs will be delivered under the Omoto brand name. We fully understand this is a significant shift so we will have to communicate the changes to the trade via shows and advertising. We appreciate it will take time, but we are willing to be patient.” Targets for 2010 “We will be focusing on eastern Europe. We think we can increase business there, so we will continue to seek out reliable wholesalers. Besides that, we are still keen to deliver OEM products to other companies.”

“We will target new anglers as well as the core” Jeff Wieringa, Scientific Anglers

We will be targeting avid anglers wordwide with brand and product messages through various media channels – web, print, consumer shows, TV and a new dynamic Scientific Anglers website. We have definitive plans to continuously showcase our products and technology to the core fly fishing audience but we’ll also be investing heavily in projects that will grow the fly fishing market. Adding more customers is the key to growing Scientific Anglers’ sales.”

Targets for 2010 “While we will continue to work with our distributors around the globe to help them sell more Scientific Anglers products, we will be assisting Flyfish Europe in greater detail on their sales of our Sharkskin fly lines, outfits and leaders and tippets. We will offer some additional support to Tiemco for their efforts in Japan, Mayfly Tackle in Australia, and Frontier Distribution in South Africa. We rely on trade publications to inform retailers worldwide about our products.”

“It’s EFTTEX and more for us”

Richard Taylor, Leeda “EFTTEX is a great way to raise your profile and for showcasing new products, but that is only the beginning. We are always looking for new partners and we don’t wait for EFTTEX in order to start doing business. Also, my advice to any company at the show is to work just as hard on the follow-up as you do on planning your stand. That’s the key to success.” Targets for 2010 “Our plan is to build on the rapid growth we have had over the last two years by supporting our existing distributors and by forming new relationships in other territories. We will also be launching more MAP and Leeda products into the European market.”

“We’ll be spending more on advertising”

Bruce Stanton, Pradco “Like most companies with international ambitions, we are mainly interested in dealing with distributors. While we have existing distributors for Pradco-Fishing in most viable fishing countries, we need to have a big push with our Lindy brands for pike, zander and ice fishing. We are really interested in new distributors for these products. So in the next 12 months we’ll be doing two things: spending more with international trade publications and spending on co-op advertising with

our key distributors in important international markets.” Targets for 2010 “Scandinavia is a key territory. We have introduced two product lines for pike fishing there, the Bomber Herky Jerky, which is a jerkbait, and the Booyah Pikee Spinnerbait. We have a tremendous partnership with Wiggler AB in Scandinavia. We want to build on existing Bomber brand loyalty and introduce our Booyah brand there, which is our No.2 brand in the US.”

“Our franchise system “Our plan is to show is new in itself” consumers the

Dieter Willenbruch, Fisherman’s Partner “Fisherman’s Partner is not exporting hardware such as rod and reels but software, which is our franchise system. We have our own brands and our own warehouse logistic in China and Europe, and we have a pan-European marketing concept which itself is new for the fishing tackle trade. In addition to the marketing benefits, our partners will find an enlarged product range under our brand SUXXES and some new suppliers with very strong international brands. This will certainly lead to an increase in profitability for them.” Targets for 2010 “We are focusing on enlarging our chain from 60 shops at the moment to at least 100 all over Europe. We want to communicate mainly with big retailers or with wholesalers who intend to open retail shops in their country. Of course, manufacturers are welcome to offer their products for distribution in our shops.”

“We’ll be at EFTTEX”

Stacey Lasley, PacBay “PacBay plans to increase our offering to the European fishing market, while continuing to serve and expand our partnerships with manufacturers and assemblers in the Orient. We also plan to increase distribution of cata-

product in action” Per Westerlund, BIOS

“When we talk to consumers we are going to spend more time demonstrating how our products actually deliver what they are designed to do. We will be using print, advertising and the internet depending on the needs of each market, but the key is showing proof of the capabilities of the products. Our understanding is that new trends need to be supported by accurate information and that consumers are eager to learn. We can help distributors by providing the stories they need to persuade their customers to buy.” Targets for 2010 “Our ambition is to get serious distribution for Pool 12 in England, Finland and France. Last year’s introduction of the predator brand I-FISH exceeded our expectations and we will continue to expand that programme.” logue items in South America.” Targets for 2010 “In 2010, PacBay will concentrate on building brand equity and awareness through various media channels following this summer’s rebrand. We will continue to support EFTTA and attend EFTTEX 2010.”

“EFTTEX and ICAST are key”

Jeff Schluter, St. Croix “Our strategy continuously evolves with the consistent goal of offering the best quality at reasonable prices. We will exhibit at key trade shows including EFTTEX and ICAST.” Targets for 2010 “St. Croix will focus greatly on Europe both in terms of enhancing relationships with current customers and expanding into new markets where the opportunities exist. We want to align with distributors and retailers who share a common goal of developing sales by building a strong foundation and looking at business in the long-term.”

“Competition sponsorship is our next step” Salim Fadil, Carp Zoom

“In 2010 we will be following our usual strategy of advertising in the trade media and exhibiting at EFTTEX – this year will be our 13th. But this year we will also be sponsoring competitions to reach consumers directly. Now that our brand is well known, we would like to increase our image and prestige among serious anglers. We want to prove to this influential group that Carp Zoom is not just for average anglers.” Targets for 2010 “We want to break into the USA, Canada, Australia, China and Japan. Here in Europe we would like to be stronger in England, France, Spain, Portugal, Holland and Serbia.” Are you repositioning the Carp Zoom brand? No, it’s just the smartest way to widen Carp Zoom’s appeal to include serious anglers. But competitons also increase a product’s prestige among average anglers. They will become more aware of Carp Zoom’s fish-catching qualities. It’s two audiences in one. Why is now the right time to do this? It’s the logical next step for a bait brand growing in popularlty. We can promote our new Method Mix range and other products. But for us it’s also a good chance to present our new competition series. It carries the name of Stefan Posselt, the excellent competition angler and member of the German national team. The series will hold his name and he will create the recipes. What form will your competition sponsorship take? We will take part with our own teams in some competitions and sponsor others. The latter is all about visibility, mainly banners and prizes but also taking care to have editorial coverage in local tackle magazines. How will you decide which events to sponsor? It will be down to the distributors in individual markets to choose the right events and the right approach. They know their markets much better than us and they can make smarter decisions. Stefan Posselt has been signed up to promote Carp Zoom.

“You can’t ignore the web”

Jarle L Kristiansen, Flyfish Europe “We cover all countries in Europe with our rep network. The web offers an interesting challenge and will definitely be part of our marketing plan. Nothing is going to change in a dramatic way, but the feedback from our dealers is that web sales are growing and some of our marketing efforts will certainly go in that direction next year.” Targets for 2010 “We are a wholesaler and sell directly to dealers all over Europe. We think we still have some good retailers out there that have not discovered Flyfish Europe. These are the people we want to get in touch with in 2010.” November 2009 Angling International


2010 marketing plans “We’re going to put more emphasis on social network sites”

Simon Gawesworth, RIO “We are going to place more emphasis on the social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter as this is definitely a better way to keep the younger and more active users informed of our products. It‘s also a way to keep in touch with the needs of the fly fishers around the world.” Targets for 2010 “Our export market has been very strong over the past few years and we have little plans to change much. We do have a new distributor in Norway, which is Fairpoint A/S, who have been distributing RIO in Denmark, Sweden and Finland for a number of years. This consolidates our Scandinavian market.”

“Our catalogue is still key”

John Wolstenholme, Fulling Mill “We will continue to support our retailers and distributors through a comprehensive advertising campaign plus national and international trade shows as well as improving our web support, all backed up with our category-leading catalogue and new product brochure.” Targets for 2010 “Our focus will be on continuing to grow in Europe, especially Scandinavia. We also have a new distribution agreement in Japan which will see growth in 2010.”

“Shows and ads bring distributors”

Francesco Trinca, Silstar Sole European Representative “During 2010 I will probably increase my investment in international trade advertising and also attend an international exhibition, almost certainly EFTTEX.” Targets for 2010 “I am interested only in reaching reliable distributors with experience in their home markets. I need partners who can work with me to rebuild Silstar’s credibility and distribution in their countries.”

“Trade advertising will be central to our plans” Brandon Hwang, Aquaz “We are looking to increase our market share in western European countries and to establish distribution channels in new regions. We have invested in trade advertising and we will continue to do that – it definitely works in raising awareness of the Aquaz brand.” Targets for 2010 “In 2010, we will expand our product range but the key will lie in stocking more items to minimise delivery time to our customers.”

“Tradeshowswillbevitalagainthisyear” Manfred Behr, Behr Angelsport

“We are primarily interested in reaching good distributors who understand their home markets. This distributor model has worked well for us in the past, although we are also prepared to work with retailers where we feel that works best for a particular territory. In 2010, as in the past, we will place regular advertising in the trade press and we will be present at all the important trade shows, domestic and EFTTEX. They are a tried and tested way of establishing partnerships with new distributors.” Targets for 2010 “We specialise in terminal tackle. We don’t deal with rods and reels but we carry a range of more than 8,000 articles for all types of fishing. The new Trendex range for predator fishing and our Seabehr range for the saltwater angler have sold very well on the European continent. In 2010 our strategy is to introduce them to the English market.” 36

Angling International November 2009

November 2009 Angling International













Rapala impresses with yet another classic lure

The versatile Max Rap. “From the start it was clear this was going to be a premium lure,” says Teemu Makela.

Designed for sea bass but capable of so much more, the Max Rap is destined to be Rapala’s next global best seller.


onceived in seabass terrain on the Atlantic coasts of France, Spain and Portugal. Designed and developed in Finland. And set to amaze and delight legions of anglers worldwide over the coming months and years – in salt and freshwater alike. That’s the Rapala VMC Max Rap, winner of the Best New Hard Bait Lure (Wobbler) award at EFTTEX 2009. No strangers to EFTTEX awards, Rapala have long prided themselves on producing the very best fishing lures with the very best fixture and fittings, a task helped immeasurably by their close partnerships with French hook makers VMC and global tackle giants Shimano. Teemu Makela, Marketing Director at Rapala VMC Corp., is understandably keen to relate the story of the Max Rap’s birth and subsequent journey to become a star of the biggest angling trade show in Europe. But first, Makela took the opportunity to outline the business benefits to the company’s existing and potential stockists of the Max Rap in terms of supply, support and marketing. “We, as a manufacturer, will supply advertising materials, video clips and other support to our distribution organisation. Obviously, every country will have a little difference in the best way to promote these new lures – depending on the local market and target species. “That local knowledge is part of the strength we

have, coupled with having our own distribution companies and a strategic partnership with the Shimano distribution organisation in all major market areas,” said Makela. With such a forceful global strategy behind it, here’s why Rapala’s award-winning Max Rap will become a ‘must-buy’ item for discerning anglers worldwide.

Born to beach bass

“The Max Rap was born to answer the needs of sea bass anglers, mainly in France, Spain and Portugal,” recounted Makela. “But its development and creation made it obvious to everyone involved that this lure has a wide array of other applications too.” The same can indeed be said of so many Rapala lures which have gone on to become multi-species classics. So what exactly made this latest creation a likely addition to that hall of fame in the eyes of Rapala’s experts, plus the EFTTEX 2009 judges? “The main features sea bass fishermen look for are long casts into the wind, shallow running action with lots of body roll, plus extreme durability in a harsh environment,” continued Makela. “Features that every angler, regardless of their target species, can appreciate, but which are especially crucial in MAX RAP STATS sea bass fishing.  Body length: 13cm “Based on that understanding, the Rapala  Weight: 15g R&D team at our factory in Vääksy, Finland  Behaviour: Suspending in freshwater, slow rising in saltwater started perfecting a body shape, weight shifting  Running depth: 0.3-0.6m mechanism and other  Hooks: Three super-sharp VMC Spark Point treble hooks in size 6 features that would eventually  Available in eight colours: FAYU – Flake Ayu, FB – Flake Blue FG – Flake Green, FHB – Flake Hot Blue, FHC –Flake Hot Chartreuse become the Max Rap. FPGH – Flake Purple Ghost, FRH – Flake Red Head, FS – Flake Silver “From the beginning it was A mix of natural and attractor patterns, all featuring internal scale clear this was going to be a patterns, holographic foil and 3D eyes. Special paints were also used premium lure with premium to create additional glitter underwater. features. We would have to

“Sea bass anglers look for long casts, a shallow running action with lots of body roll plus extreme durability, but these are features all anglers appreciate”

Contact Tel: +358 9 7562 5436 Email: Website: 38

accept the price that premium parts like tungsten weights and VMC Spark Point hooks would bring, plus manufacturing techniques such as laser-engraved internal scale patterns. After all, this was going to be the Max Rap with maximum features all the way – the culmination of years of experience combined with a creative approach and today’s technology to give the angler an extra advantage.” Rather than credit any one consultant or group of staff for the Max Rap’s creation, Makela preferred to underline Rapala’s teamwork ethic as a way of signing off the EFTTEX award. “All product development projects at Rapala are team efforts, not only within the R&D team but also with our worldwide distribution organisation and contacts with skilled fishermen around the globe,” he concludes. “Once the R&D team is happy with the prototype and it matches the original brief, samples are sent out to our local experts – in this case in France and Spain – for field testing and evaluation. “Based on their comments the team then tweaks the prototypes until even the most demanding fishermen are happy with the lure. That’s how we work.”

Angling International November 2009


The voice of the European Tackle Trade

EFTTA secures extra facilities for western visitors to China Fish New lounge will have free internet access, refreshments and free interpreters. Western visitors to next year’s China Fish will have access to a new purpose-built lounge at the show complete with free internet connection, refreshments and a free interpreter for short meetings. EFTTA agreed the new facilities at a recent meeting with China Fish officials in Beijing. The lounge will be open to all western buyers including non-EFTTA members and other western trade associations. All the services will be delivered to EFTTA by China Fish at no extra charge. The special 50 sqm lounge is designed to help western buyers have a more efficient and comfortable visit to China Fish. The facilities will include PCs, printers and a comfortable seating area. The lounge will also give EFTTA a more visible presence at the show. EFTTA personnel will be on hand to welcome and assist visitors to the stand and offer information about EFTTA and EFTTEX. The lounge is further evidence of increased cooperation between China Fish and EFTTA. It follows an agreement between the two show organisers on stricter measures against exhibitors in breach of copyright (see Angling International, October issue). The two organisations have also agreed that there should be a similar

lounge area at EFTTEX next year for eastern buyers. At EFTTEX in Valencia in Spain, China Fish will be able to welcome eastern buyers, visitors and exhibitors to the new lounge as well as provide information to the western trade community on China Fish’s pending actions, projects and IPR issues.

Says EFTTA CEO Jean-Claude Bel: “We are in agreement that providing the best support possible to our members is very important while they travel thousands of miles from home. We hope our members will use these opportunities and both trade associations are looking forward to meeting them in 2010.”

“China is such a huge potential market” Western companies really should be at China Fish, says EFTTA CEO Jean-Claude Bel.

What prompted this latest agreement with China Fish? For example, have EFTTA members been pressing for more help when visiting JEAN-CLAUDE BEL China? EFTTA CEO No, nobody had pressed us to do this. I had an open discussion with Li Jiang, the President of China Fish, in the summer and the question rose up: what more can we do for our members? We also wanted to find a way to promote our own services, of course, so this was perfect. As members probably remember from last year, EFTTA had a small stand hosted by China Fish to promote EFTTEX and EFTTA to Chinese companies as well as other people that don’t normally attend our show. The idea came to set up a bigger stand and use it as a lounge to increase our Above: EFTTA CEO Jean-Claude Bel (centre) with China Fish President Li Jiang (far right) and the China Fish team: visibility at China Fish.

We have also offered the same facilities to China Fish for EFTTEX. Why is a lounge area so important for western companies visiting China Fish? Some visitors were very pleased last year to see that we were at China Fish, and some of them used our stand area to run meetings, but the space was very limited. Of course, a lounge will not change their lives this year, we just want to make it easier by offering a more comfortable place than the bars or the restaurants to sit down and have meetings. It helps to have a gathering place that is easy to locate, and where you can find free interpreter facilities for short meetings, get internet access, and print out documents without waiting to be back to your hotel’s business centre. Visitors might also want to leave belongings there during the show. It is not that important, but it is an extra benefit we can deliver for free to western companies. It’s important they see EFTTA working on their behalf. Do you expect more western visitors to travel to China Fish following this announcement? Certainly not! They will visit the show because they need it for business reasons, not because EFTTA has a lounge there. Continued over the page…

“The question rose up at the meeting, what more can we do for our members?”

November 2009 Angling International




So what is your message to western companies considering China Fish but who may be more concerned about cutting costs next year? I’m convinced western companies should strongly consider exhibiting at China Fish. China has huge potential as a market of the future, so just think of the power of being there this year to show your products and establish your brands. And remember, there will be buyers there that do not attend EFTTEX. Some European companies have had a presence for several years and I’m sure many will be returning this year. That tells you all you need to know about the possibilities. They would have given up long ago if it wasn’t such a positive experience. Manufacturers and strong patent owners should explore the possibilities of selling their westernbranded tackle in China. After all, it works in other industries. You only have to walk past the shops in Hong Kong or Shanghai to see that. A small stand is not expensive and your flights and hotels are already accounted for if you are visiting the show. It can be a great opportunity for a small investment – and it could be better still. For 2011 EFTTA is considering setting up a Western Pavilion or a Western Village. We haven’t agreed precise details yet, but discussions have already started with China Fish. Will there be any special requirements to gain access to the lounge this year? No, we will warmly welcome everybody there! And this extra presence will also help promote EFTTA. How important is that for the Association? Absolutely, this is a good platform to promote EFTTA to the buyers who don’t visit our show normally. It is also a good platform to promote EFTTEX to potential exhibitors, Chinese or not, and potential members as well. We should be proactive, visible, and deliver to our members as much as we can everywhere we can. Likewise, do you expect the ‘eastern’ lounge at Valencia to attract more Asian companies? No, for precisely the same reasons that the EFTTA lounge won’t attract visitors on its own. Again, the China Fish lounge will help promote their show and also deliver assistance to Chinese exhibitors who have made the effort to come to EFTTEX. Sometimes they find it difficult for language reasons to communicate or solve a problem, so a visible base is the perfect solution. China Fish can use it to promote the show in a more efficient and convivial way to potential visitors and exhibitors. Does a similar agreement exist with the other major international trade shows? ICAST? The shows in Japan and Australia? Would you press for something similar or is there less need at these shows? This is quite new. Today, there are no similar agreements with other shows as far as I know. But I’d be happy to offer the other associations the opportunity to join us in China Fish and have a common lounge. It makes sense and gives western businesses more synergies there. 42

As far as hosting China Fish is concerned, I think the need depends upon the numbers of exhibitors and visitors from China. ICAST, JAFTMA and the Australian show are more domestic in outlook and so have limited numbers of exhibitors from the Far East. But I’m definitely happy for us all to share a lounge together at China Fish. Message passed! Bookings are now being taken for EFTTEX and western companies will also be making plans for China Fish. What is your message for any company considering their marketing budgets right now? Well, the economic situation is becoming slightly better, although the tough times are not over yet, I appreciate that. For those companies that have remained active, it is important not to give up on those past efforts. Instead they should continue with their proactive attitude to confirm their positions. Those that have cut marketing costs need to check if what they think they saved is not the same as the losses they have incurred, both in terms of sales and their standing in the market. Are they going to survive another year doing nothing or not enough? Markets and customers have very short memories. EFTTEX is the right place to get exposure in 2010. It will be the show’s first time in Spain, which will be warm and welcoming. But don’t think of EFTTEX 2010 as a purely Spanishorientated show. Sure, there will be a lot of Spanish visitors but above all and as always, EFTTEX is the number one pan-European event for our industry.


208 3 Book at +44 email Neena details on the or for more e website show visit th .com www.eftta


THIS MONTH MAROS MIX, HUNGARY Maros Mix has established itself as one of Hungary’s premium bait manufacturers and now has eyes on the export market. The key to the success of its products, says MD and owner Tibor Ambrus, is the depth of knowledge of the Maros Mix team. “Our company’s employees and test anglers compete in major championships. Together they have won more than 30 medals at the European and World Championships,” he says. By exhibiting at EFTTEX in Budapest, Maros Mix was able to introduce its wide product range to a new audience. Now the team is working to capitalise on the long list of contacts made at the show. “We created a huge database,” adds Tibor. “EFTTEX really helped open the door to new markets.” Products for 2010 “We pride ourselves on our wide choice of products,” says Tibor Ambrus. “We have something special for every angler, but we have particular high hopes for the puliska. It is a mix of cornmeal and polenta that can be used for feeding and baiting. It’s perfect for carp fishing and our test anglers have been delighted with its performance.” Plans for international growth Exports will be the major focus of the company’s business in 2010. “EFTTEX in our home nation gave us the perfect platform this year,” says Tibor. “We have plenty of international contacts – but we always want more!” How will EFTTA help “EFTTA membership is perfect for opening up the international market, and not just through EFTTEX,” says Tibor. “Being part of the membership database helps potential partners find us. The more of that, the better in my view.” Contact details Tel: +36 30 6442404 Email: Web:

Book now for EFTTEX 2010 Moving EFTTEX to Spain will confirm the show as the number one pan-European trade exhibition, giving exhibitors access to buyers from Europe, North Africa and South America. That is the view of Montserrat Calico, EFTTA Board member and Purchasing Manager of Calico SA in Barcelona. Bookings for EFTTEX 2010 are now being taken, and companies are being urged to move swiftly to secure space for the show which will be held in Valencia, Spain’s third largest city. Exhibitors at the 2009 show were given the opportunity to pre-book for Valencia during this summer’s show in Budapest, meaning the total number of companies planning to

Angling International November 2009

exhibit in Valencia is already at 145 with over 5000 sqm of space sold. Next year will be the first time the show has been held in Spain, which is good news for companies seeking business anywhere in Europe, according to Montserrat Calico. “This is not just about breaking the Spanish market,” she said. “Valencia will attract buyers from all over, especially from Spain’s southern European neighbours. It’s very easy for visitors to come from France and Portugal in particular. The Spanish market may have struggled in the recession but there is still a lot of potential for manufacturers. And any exposure to a new market has to be seen as a positive.”


What next for the bluefin tuna?

Are fisheries ministers finally ready to address the problem of overfishing for bluefin tuna? Maybe. But if they are, how will sportfishing be affected?

JAN KAPPEL is EFTTA’s lobbyist to the European Union. Part of EFTTA’s remit is to talk to decisionmakers to ensure policies created at a European Union level do not harm their angling industry. Read Jan’s full monthly updates at

The bluefin tuna has been overfished for decades. This is due to a number of factors including over-capacity of fishing fleets, catches that exceed legal quotas, pirate fishing, the use of illegal spotting planes to chase the tuna, under-reporting of catches, fishing during the closed season and management measures disregarding scientific advice. Some 90% of the EU’s tuna catches goes to Japan. Ten years ago, the majority of bluefin tuna in the Japanese market were medium-sized mature adults of 120kg or above; now a third is below the minimum landing size of 30kg.

The key decisions International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna (ICCAT) In late 2006 ICCAT agreed a multi-annual management plan, which was implemented by the EU in late 2007. The plan received much criticism for doing ‘too little too late’. On top of that, the official catch figures for 2007 showed 61,000 tons, which was twice the legal quota agreed by EU nations and ICCAT, four times what scientists advised was responsible and six times what ICCAT’s own scientists said was needed for the recovery of the stock. An updated ICCAT plan was adopted in 2008 and implemented by the EU this spring, but it was still not good enough to satisfy the critics. Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) Monaco took the driver’s seat and suggested the bluefin tuna be included in Appendix I of the CITES. This – if approved next year by a majority of 175 nations around the world – would ban all international trade in the fish. Surprisingly, French President Nicolas Sarkozy was quick to support the Monaco proposal (but a few weeks later France made a u-turn). The UK, Germany, the Netherlands and other northern countries soon followed suit. This triggered the European Commission into action. It came out in early September with “provisional support” for the CITES listing as suggested by Monaco. However, Fisheries Commissioner Joe Borg added: “It will be very important to see what the latest scientific advice says [in November]… If ICCAT plays its role efficiently and we can ensure full compliance, a complete trade ban can be avoided.” But this “provisional support” didn’t find ground with all ministers. At a meeting on 21st September, Spain, Malta, Italy, Greece, Cyprus

and France formed a blocking minority against the CITES proposal. The EU’s environment ministers, however, will have their final say by the end of the year. European sportfishing A number of tuna provisions have been introduced for our sector such as one fish per recreational boat trip and a prohibition on recreational and sportfishing in eight out of 12 months in the eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean (15th October to 15th June). Also, fishing authorisation, boat registration and catch reporting are required but without being specific about the details. The picture in America The Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA) is strongly opposed to a CITES listing. They fear that sportfishing eventually could be banned as a consequence. RFA states that a CITES listing is grossly excessive particularly in a quota management system. It is much more likely that the Atlantic bluefin tuna stocks will be rebuilt if all ICCAT contracting parties are forced to comply with annual harvest quotas that currently exist. As I hear it, the ASA is also opposed to the CITES listing. International Game Fish Association (IGFA) IGFA President Rob Kramer wrote in July: “What does CITES mean for recreational fishermen? The short answer is, very little. Most importantly, if bluefin tuna are listed on CITES, there will be zero new restrictions on recreational fishing in the US since recreational-caught fish do not enter international trade. A CITES listing means only good things for recreational fishermen because reduced catch will mean more fish migrating to coastal waters where recreational fishermen can catch them.” EFTTA and EAA Neither of the two organisations have been out with official statements as yet. I have heard many voices in favour of the CITES listing. It is clear that more needs to be done if we shall ever achieve sustainable tuna fisheries. Maybe the threat of a CITES listing is enough to drive the ministers to come up with something more tangible to avoid CITES? I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one but we will know more when the states comment on the scientific data to be presented in November. By then – if not before – it will be time for EFTTA and EAA to form official opinion statements.

PEOPLE On the move...

Sébile divides its US territories Sébile USA has realigned its market territories and senior management responsibilities to improve customer service and increase market penetration. In a two-stage process, Sébile has divided the US market into northern and southern territories, with a subsequent division of the southern territory into south east and south west sectors at a later date. At the same time the company has eliminated the general sales manager position and reallocated those responsibilities between Patrick Sébile, Keeton Eoff (left) and Barry Stockhaus. Eoff becomes Regional Sales Manager for the southern US and Mexico, identified as Sébile’s priority area because it contains the largest number of clients and has huge potential for growth in the currently underserved western states. Stockhaus takes on responsibility for the northern US and Canada. “We want to be more customer-centric so that we can maximise our current sales force in the most effective way,” said CEO Patrick Sébile. “I will continue to assess all our major accounts to make sure that our customers are being serviced in the best manner possible. This may mean further changes if they are warranted. “We are confident these changes will be beneficial as they more closely align our talents to the needs of our customers.” Cabela’s Incorporated has appointed Scott Frnka as Vice President of Merchandising – General Outdoors. The former Vice President of Academy Sports and Outdoors’ Field and Stream division took up his new role in October, bringing more than 15 years of retail mechandising experience to the multi-channel retailer of fishing, hunting and outdoor gear. Other additions to Cabela’s retail team include Michael Copeland, Vice President of Retail Operations, and David Homolka, Director of Retail Operations. “We are bringing in the best and the brightest from companies like Lowe’s, Home Depot, Shopko, Walmart, JCPenney and Toys ‘R’ Us to enhance our team,” said Cabela’s President and CEO Tommy Millner. Cabela’s reported strong second quarter financial results, including a 6.1% increase in comparable store sales, exceeding external estimates. Debi Duplechain, previously at Wave Industries, has been recruited by US lure and attractant company Megastrike as National Sales Manager. Megastrike counts top tournament bait Cavitron, the e2 skirted jig and the e2 shakey head among its well-known brands and has just entered the scented soft plastics market. Well-known UK carp specialist Jon Jones has

joined Preston Innovations to help with its launch of a new carp brand (as reported in last month’s Angling International). Jay Cassell, Deputy Editor of Field and Stream and contributor to Angling Trade magazine, has received the Excellence in Craft award from the Outdoor Writers Association of America. Cassell has been an Association member since 1977. Spyder Active Sports Inc, parent company for Cloudveil Mountain Works, has appointed Thomas McGann as its new CEO. McGann, previously President of Burton and CEO of Motorsport Aftermarket Group, is charged with ensuring profitable growth and maximising operating performance. New Director of Patagonia’s Fishing Division is Bart Bonime. A former vice president at Redington and president of the Go Fish Corporation, Bonime also spent ten years at Columbia Sportswear heading up its fishing and hunting merchandise operation along with its advertising and promotion efforts. He joins Patagonia from Vast International where he was Vice President. He is responsible for Patagonia’s product, marketing and sales strategies both in the US and overseas. The new General Manager of Serbian lure manufacturer the Ugly Duckling Company is Maja Stankovic. The Sébile USA team of Cajun Phil Broussard

and his son Kevin has won the Royal Redfish Cup Championship in Pensacola – just a few weeks after winning the Outdoors Team of the Year title. “What an amazing year,” said delighted Sébile CEO Patrick Sébile. “Our team has achieved the best results that any brand could dream of.” The Broussards collected $50,000 prize money for their latest victory. The Federation of Fly Fishers has decided not to renew the contract of President and CEO R.P. Van Gytenbeek (left). The Federation cited the weak economy, lower donations and poor near-term prospects for improvement as the reasons behind its decision. Van Gytenbeek, who was Trout Unlimited’s first full-time Executive Director, Chairman of the FFF Board in the early eighties and creator of Fly Fishing in Saltwaters magazine, is hoping to find another challenge with an environmental or fishing body. Well-known UK angler and fishing writer Des Taylor has joined Wayahead Tackle as a consultant. He will develop future product ranges, including the company’s new gear for 2010 and a new brand for the specialist angler. Taylor is a columnist for Angling Times, the UK’s top fishing publication.

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Supreme Reel Construction Ci4 is a material created by the interfusion of carbon and polyamide. Initially developed by our cycling division for the Dura Ace brace bracket, Ci4 is a flagship technology which has now made the transition into the bodies of fishing reels. The upshot is a range of reels whose precision inner workings are housed within a protective shell with all the performance advantages of metal but weighing less. The result is less arm fatigue whilst increasing feel and balance through the rod. As always, the proof is in the performance. See for yourself why Ci4 has created such a buzz amongst Shimano’s top flight anglers…

Twin Tw win Power Ci4 FA Available in sizes: A 2500 and 4000

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Angling International Magazine - November 2009 - 22  
Angling International Magazine - November 2009 - 22  

Following last month‘s announcement of extra measures to counter Chinese copyists, EFTTA and China Fish have now revealed plans to provide e...