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BAIT MARKET Chinese giants join 44 p44 SHAKE-UP! forces to target Europe p4 February 2011 Issue 37


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SHOWS ON Confidence is high g in Brazil, THE RISE Russia, France nce & Canada February 2011 Issue 37


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EUROPEAN TRADE NEWS Czech bait specialist looks east and west

Why LK Baits is confident of growth throughout Europe p50

Zalt targets Russia, Ukraine and the USA

Move follows back to back sales increases of 20% p40

Boost for Europe’s boat sector Sea Fishing Show is expecting best attendance yet p46


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‘The situation is getting out of control!’ says Leeda’s General Manager in China. How prepared are you? Seepages6&8

Pozo’ looks beyond Italy

The time is right for growth, says Antonio Pozzolini p15

WHAT NEXT FOR CHINA’S DOMESTIC MARKET? China Fish President Li Jiang gives his views. Page33


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elcome to this special China Fish issue of Angling International. Beijing’s big show is always a massive talking point in the trade because much of what happens there is critical to the industry in Europe and the rest of the world. But this year’s show promises to be especially interesting. The huge price increases in Chinese products that have been talked about for some time are becoming a reality. Their effects are bound to have a significant impact – both in China, where the likelihood is that some companies will not survive, and throughout the rest of the world as

brands wrestle to manage large-scale cost increases. In this issue we talk to a major Western brand’s resident representative in China to get an insider’s view of the issues and their likely repercussions for the trade. We have also interviewed one of China’s leading fishing tackle trade authorities about the implications of internal legislation and cost increases on the domestic trade. Different companies will deal with the problems in different ways but one thing’s for sure, there will be some very intriguing conversations taking place in Beijing’s New China International Exhibition Centre from the 17th to 19th of February. Angling International will be there

as usual for the duration of the show and we look forward to being part of the debate. *Next month we’ll be taking a close look at angling’s eyewear sector, talking to some of the key players, examining the latest innovations and revealing what’s new for 2011. If you want to know how your company can be involved please contact US National Sales Manager Stuart Pavlik or International Commercial Director Lucie Henton. Their contact details can be found below.

Mel Bagnall

Meet the makers of Angling International... MEL BAGNALL, PUBLISHING EDITOR Mel’s vast experience in the angling industry includes six years as the publisher of UK company Emap’s angling business. He began his career on Angling Times where he was reporter, feature writer, sub editor and news editor. He has worked in magazines for more than 39 years.

ANTHONY HAWKSWELL, ASSISTANT EDITOR Anthony is an experienced news editor with a strong background in angling journalism, having worked as News Editor on the UK’s leading angling weekly newspaper, Angling Times. His background also includes time spent editing a national business-to-business title in the UK.

ROB CARTER, EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Rob began his career writing for and editing specialist consumer magazines in the UK (including Match football magazine, Fore! golf magazine and Trout Fisherman) before being appointed editor-in-chief of Emap’s contractpublishingdepartment.He is a founder director of Top Corner, the publishers of Angling International.

LUCIE HENTON, INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR Lucie can call upon 11 years’ experience of delivering commercial solutions for angling clients. Czechborn, she is also familiar with other eastern European languages. Call her to discuss your advertising and marketing needs.

KEELY DOCHERTY-LEE, ART DIRECTOR As Top Corner’s art director and co-founder, Keely has 16 years’ design experience, and a proven record of producing successful ad campaigns, brochures and direct mail. She has worked with many angling clients and today leads the design team on Angling International, managing the editorial production of each issue.

STUART PAVLIK, US NATIONAL SALES MANAGER Stuart is based in North Palm Beach, Florida where he manages the accounts of Angling International’s US and Canadian clients. An avid fisherman with advertising experience gained at Florida Sportsman, Stuart has a strong understanding of worldwide fishing from his tenure at IGFA and from extensive travel.

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February 2011 Angling International




Inflationary pressure in China is sending prices soaring. “Nobody will be able to absorb these costs,” warns Leeda’s General Manager in China Andy Howkins.


leading buyer of fishing tackle in China has issued a stark appraisal on the price rise volcano that is erupting in the country. He warned: “Increases are a reality and the situation is rapidly getting out of control.” Andy Howkins, General Manager (China) for UK-based Leeda, has lived in the country for five years and said that double-digit increases in prices by as much as 30% have arrived – and the situation could get worse. In an exclusive interview with Angling International, Howkins gave his own personal interpretation of the situation. He said: “The whole issue of Chinese price inflation has been a burning topic for those of us who have lived here for a number of years. The price hikes have been feared by us for some time. “The initial driver is a shortage of some commodities since, despite the recession in the west, most factories are full to capacity because of domestic demand.” He added: “Some raw materials have literally doubled in price – cotton is a prime example. Products with a fabric content have been worst affected, with

initial price requests for an extra 30% not exceptional. Clothing, luggage and rods have also been hit, as have bedchairs and seatboxes following rises in aluminium and steel.” Howkins explained that the increases have also been caused by other contributory factors, including: ● Currency appreciation. ● Over-stimulation of the economy by government investment. ● Forced rises in the minimum wage. ● Shortage of workers driving rates even higher. ● High demand from manufacturers. ● An element of profiteering. He added: “As there is no single root cause it is difficult to battle inflationary requests. At this time of year if you do not commit to placing your Purchase Order (PO) then you will miss out on the key selling season as current lead times are at the longest, with fourmonth production lead times and shipping taking another four weeks or so.” Howkins said that buyers have done their best to battle the rises, insisting: “We have not just capitulated under pressure, but the problem this time is not restricted to just a random supplier. This is mainstream across China and not restricted to fishing.” He said

Li Jiang, President of the China Fish show and a leading authority on the Chinese fishing tackle industry, believes that rising costs in his homeland could eventually lead to improved product quality. “Yes, fishing tackle prices will increase by 20% to 30% in 2011 because all raw materials and labour costs have increased due to inflation,” he told Angling International. “This could be both an opportunity

and a challenge to Chinese businesses. “Rising production costs will cause some small enterprises producing lowend products to go bankrupt, as lower profits will not sustain them. But some enterprises with vision will turn to manufacturing more high-end, value added and more profitable products by introducing advanced technology and management ideas. As a result, the quality of fishing tackle will get better.” Li Jiang also believes that price rises may also see a manufacturing shift to other countries. • See full interview on pages 33-34.

buyers had tried a number of tactics, including: ● Reminding suppliers of buyers’ loyalty in the past in a bid to persuade them to allow orders to be placed before the price rises take effect. ● Considering higher purchase volumes on a forward order but spreading the shipments over a year. ● Cancelling POs or postponing them until the market price eases. ● Switching suppliers where possible. He added: “We have also threatened and cajoled a few suppliers and insisted that we can’t accept the rises.

reduce our exposure to extravagant increases and are placing our orders much earlier to avoid them. In December we had already ordered 70% of all our 2011 Autumn/Winter clothing and by doing this secured our prices. “It’s a fact that you can find countries – in eastern Europe especially – with lower production costs, but we are not a company that changes suppliers overnight. We have strongpartnershipswithourChinesesuppliers and a good understanding of the market.

“However, I sincerely hope the Chinese take price and supply problems seriously. Moving production or supply further inland is an option because the labour is available there and the infrastructure not as developed. “In recent years we have seen Chinese factories concentrate more on the rapidly growing domestic market and if that continues it may take focus away from its longestablished export partners, who may then have to look to other areas of supply.”

Some have tried to co-operate with us to maintain a long-term relationship, but others have literally told us they don’t need our business. “You find out who your friends are and the negative reaction of some suppliers has left a bitter taste.” Purchasers will begin to feel the effects of the hikes when they pay for their goods in spring and the results for consumers could start to trickle through in the second half of the year. Howkins said: “A lot depends on how you run your business and how flexible you can be on pricing, but no distributor can absorb price rises to this extent within their normal working margins.” China’s vice-like grip over its customers could lead to many looking further afield for new emerging markets like India, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand – a possibility not ruled out by Howkins. He said: “The situation is happening already and any high price inflation will accelerate the process. Some Koreanowned manufacturers are already looking to Asia to set up new bases.


THE VIEW FROM EUROPE Lars Svendsen, CEO of Svendsen Sports, expressed his concern about the effect of the price rises on consumers, pointing to the fact that most of western Europe has just come through a recession and many countries are still in ‘deep trouble’. “When price increases are occurring almost overnight – and approaching peak season – the situation is a great worry,” he said. “As up to 80% of our suppliers are based in China, we have been working hard to 6

Angling International February 2011




“China has established itself as a key centre for fishing tackle manufacture and in the short term it’s not easy to find ways around your existing commitments to purchase from there. “Longer term, it has to take effect and some customers will remember how they were ‘stung’ in the early part of 2011 and may seek alternative sources of supply outside China. “The obvious potential new markets are there, but the situation cannot change overnight and it will take years to build up a fishing industry in those countries to rival China. “The potential is there for others, especially as Chinese policy is now driving domestic demand rather than exports to balance its international trade and placing less emphasis on overseas business. “If the manufacturers in China are suddenly filled up with high orders for domestic demand at a time when they are short of labour, then the importing countries won’t get a look in anyway!”

THE SMART SOLUTION Marketing higher volumes of new product is the best way to overcome the impact of increased prices, says Hardy & Greys Managing Director Richard Sanderson. Sanderson revealed that the retail value of new Hardy & Greys product in 2011 will be some £10m, representing Richard Sanderson says around 40% of the company’s new products are the key. global sales volume. “Manufacturers have to price according to their costs. They need a gross margin. Not to achieve that in an already flat industry is the road to ruin. “So prices are going to go up and this will clearly impact on sales volume. Those companies with little new product, who don’t have brands and who have been selling on price, are going to come under huge pressure. The higher prices

in China are certainly going to shake the market up, which frankly will be a good thing. “New product is a good way to overcome the problem. It is difficult for the consumer to benchmark the differential because no comparison can be made. “Price points are also a key issue and manufacturers will need to make the right decisions about which can be broken and which cannot.” Sanderson discounted the idea of a large-scale swing by manufacturers to other countries. “I have heard stories of Taiwan and Korean manufacturers moving assembly back to their own countries, but that can be a long and expensive process. South East Asia is another alternative, but places like Vietnam and Cambodia are very volatile and there’s a big risk. “In the short to mid-term the global industry will have to grin and bear the increased costs from China. The consumer has to pay the right price for the product, because a lower gross margin is not feasible.”

Chinese giants target European bait market


Ambitious: Old Ghost Bait Group President Yi Zhe.

he European bait market could be transformed following the signing of an agreement of co-operation between two leading Chinese companies. China’s biggest domestic bait supplier, The Old Ghost Bait Group, has announced

its intention to become a world force and has linked up with carp and match tackle giant Holly Kudos to spearhead its assault on the European market. The two companies have signed a deal in which Holly Kudos – already a growing European player – will provide its considerable expertise to promote Old Ghost brands in its new chosen market. “We want to become the top brand in the world and the first step is to enter the European market,” said Old Ghost President Yi Zhe. “Holly Kudos will be our sole distributor in Europe

and help us promote our brands and create new European-style products. “The next few years will see a tremendous change in the European bait market.” The deal will be officially ratified at this month’s China Fish by Yi Zhe and Holly Kudos President Wu Dong. Old Ghost is the number one bait company in China, providing 70% of a domestic market said to comprise 60 million to 90 million anglers. • For the full story see pages 44 & 45.

FIRSTDARTTOREVIEWBUSINESSTOCOUNTERRISEINPRICES First Dart is preparing for increases in raw material prices in China by launching a major review of its business’s practices. The producer of fishing line and tackle has appointed WK Tham, an international manufacturing and process engineer with experience of working in China to look at the running of the company. He started just before Christmas CHINA FISH and will be using his professional BOOTH NO. skills to review First Dart’s processes and procedures to raise the company’s efficiency, reduce error



rates and improve consistency. The company’s Group Marketing Manager, Simon Henton, said: “At First Dart we will inevitably have some price rises because of external factors beyond our control, such as raw materials, wages and energy, but we will try and ameliorate these by improving our internal efficiency. “With inflationary and currency pressures growing, it is production efficiencies that will be the key to our future success.” The company is exhibiting at this month’s China Fish and will be launching new carp lines and show-

Angling International February 2011

ing off some ‘brand new’ braid developments. Henton told Angling International the braid is not actually a braid. He explained: “It is made from PE like most braids, but is not actually several fibres ‘braided’ together, but a combination of multi-filament fibres that are combined using a process called ‘Homogenous Compound Bonding’. “This produces a fishing line that has the strength and near-zero stretch of braids, but feels more like a monofilament line and can go down to smaller diameters than traditional braids.”


New Delalande range targets street anglers range of micro jigheads in three shapes and three hook sizes in its new street selection. For more information on the new range and Delalande’s other soft plastic lures telephone +33 247 73 6565, email or visit the website



he Street Fishing phenomenon that is gaining momentum across Europe has inspired a whole new range of products from French company Delalande. The fashionable, fast-moving style involves fishing for predators with light tackle along city centre riversides, with the size of the catch secondary to the number of fish caught. Now, in response to demands from street anglers, Delalande has unveiled the Macadam Fishing Range, a series of small, brightly coloured vibrating lures and micro jigheads especially designed for their effectiveness in rivers. “Street fishing is developing fast in France and in other parts of Europe,” explained Export Manager Sandrine Weisse. “We have watched its progress and believe the time is right to help street anglers with a range totally dedicated to their light style of fishing.” Delalande, which still has its manufacturing base in France, includes six different lure shapes and a complete

The Scarabait (pictured bottom) is shaped to produce a curved, gliding descent and has four vibrating eyelashes. Mounted on a jighead or fished drop shot style, it is particularly effective for perch and chub. The Baby Buster (below) is designed for micro lure addicts and other lovers of finesse fishing. A pronounced wobbling action imitates small baitfish when used in a drop shot rig or mounted on a pro-head jig, which is effective for perch, trout, zander and pike. Micro jigheads (above left) weigh between 0.6g and 4g and are matched with hook sizes 6, 4 or 2. They are available in three shapes – round, stand-up or football.

Lures for the city: Delalande’s Baby Buster and Scarabait.

Mustad packaging wins high praise Hook manufacturer Mustad has picked up a top award for its environmentally designed packaging. It has won Best New Packaging at ScanStar, the Scandinavian Packaging Association’s annual competition for packaging design. Mustad said its objective was to provide its premium range of Ultrapoint treble hooks with improved visual appeal and impact in retail outlets. The design keeps the hooks neatly in place and Left: The bow-front packets are made from recyclable material. 10

Angling International February 2011

enables the purchaser to study the product while it is still in the pack. The packaging is made in recycleable polypropylene, which is more environmentally friendly than its PVC predecessor. The judges at ScanStar said they were particularly impressed with the packaging’s bow-front form that makes Ultrapoint stand out from the competition’s box-shaped products on the shelves. The new hooks were developed in close co-operation with Kevin VanDam, five times World Bass Fishing Champion in the USA. Mustad’s Category Manager, Hanne Hogness, said: “Kevin’s contribution to the development and marketing of the hook in conjunction with the packaging are major factors in our success in selling the product to major chain stores in the US.”


Ambitious Snowbee boosts its game and sea ranges


nowbee is preparing itself for its busiest year ever in 2011. Best known for its high quality fly fishing tackle, the UK company launches its brand new game fishing catalogue in February 2011. And following its announcement in late 2010 of its wider expansion into the sea fishing sector, Snowbee will also be publishing its new sea fishing catalogue in March. The expansive range of fly products are showcased in the new 102-page Snowbee Fly Fishing catalogue being distributed to the trade in January 2011. “It’s been a hectic but exciting time as we build up for 2011,” said Sales and Marketing Manager Simon Kidd. “Last year was our best ever for rod sales especially, and the new catalogue gives us every reason to be confident of doing even better. “The catalogue looks terrific and majors on the introduction of some great new fly products, including Switch rods, fly lines, a sling bag and many other matching and valuable accessories. “The game catalogue was completed just before Christmas but there was no time for sitting back before starting on the sea fishing version. Our MD Russell Weston was determined to work hard on the text and format over the festive period and the 32page catalogue majors heavily on the new products

we have introduced, which now give us a serious portfolio in the sea fishing market and especially for the bass and boat fishing enthusiast. “There’s been a growing demand among our customers for a full sea range and we are certain they will like what they find in the catalogue. We have previously produced a very select range for serious boat anglers but this new range positions us in a much wider market. “The new cool boxes and spiked sole boots, as an example, xample, represent a broader diversity for us in response onse to requests from our customers and we anticipate cipate a lot of interest from the UK and Europe.” Among the other products to be found in the he sea catalogue are three Deep Blue Charter boat rods, starting ting at under

£60, two Star Drag Charter multiplier reels, also under £60, and two Deep Blue CNC machined boat reels at around £250 each. In addition there are filleting knives, livebait containers, soft Snakebite lures, new plugs and Stinger jigs. There is also a selection of quality offshore waterproofs, as would be expected from a company with such a strong reputation in this field, and Snowbee is already reporting good enquiries from new retailers it has not dealt with before. “In addition to the new game catalogue, the introduction of the new range of sea gear opens up a whole new horizon for us,” added Kidd.

The new Switch rods and cool boxes are key items ems in the new Snowbee owbee catalogues.

Russian Show prepares for 80,000 visitors following surge in interest Organisers are expecting up to 80,000 visitors to the All-Russian Exhibition Centre in Moscow for this month’s Fishing and Hunting Fair. That is a 37% increase on last year’s attendance of 58,340 over the duration of the five-day event. Dimitri Gorodkov, spokesman for the Russian exhibition company, Expo Design, based his optimistic forecast on a continuing growth in interest in fishing, hunting and tourism across the former Soviet Union. He said: “Hunting and fishing have always been popular in Russia, but it is enjoying a resurgence of interest. As a result, the attendances at both our February and September shows reflected that despite the economic climate.” ExpoDesignrunstwohuntingandfishing In the mood to celebrate: show organisers shows a year to reflect the winter and are expecting another huge increase. summer seasons. The biggest is the winter 12

Angling International February 2011

event, which attracted 697 exhibitors in 2010. Organisers are hopeful that this month’s eventcouldfeatureasmanyas750. ‘There has been a growth inthe number of Russian manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers aligned to a strengthening of co-operation with foreign companies,” added the spokesman. Well known international names exhibiting at the show – from February 23rd to 27th – include Normark, Daiwa, Badger, Izumi and Albatros.

BANISTER JOINS HARDY & GREYS Carp writer and television presenter Jon Banister has joined Hardy & Greys as its Media Development Manager. Banister, who has edited a number of British Jon Banister will have a key carp magazines media role in the business. and regularly appears on television, is to head up the company’s carp media development strategies. Hardy & Greys Marketing Manager Gavin Burn said: “To be able to bring a guy of the calibre of Jon Banister to the company signals our intent to grow the media side of our brand within the carp market.” Banister said: “I have total respect for the Hardy & Greys team because it is totally and unequivocally customer driven.”


Pozo’ aims beyond Italy


ly fishing specialist Pozo’ has changed its name as it embarks on an ambitious promotional campaign to create greater awareness of its products outside of its native Italy. After 20 years of trading, the company – founded and managed by Antonio Pozzolini – will now be known as Pozo’ Fly Fishing Products srl. Pozzolini, a well known fly fisherman, is ably supported by Marketing and Commercial Manager Guido Volterra, who was originally involved in skiing and motorcycle racing at competition level before developing a deep interest in fly fishing that became a way of life. Volterra will continue to offer his managerial experience in the areas of marketing and communication and will be promoting Pozo’ Fly Fishing Products in a broader marketplace outside of Italy. He will also be responsible for the commercial and administrative side of the business. Pozzolini will remain in charge of public relations but will be mainly involved in technical research and further development of the products that have made the comAbove: Pozo’ founder Antonio Pozzolini, and left, with Guido Volterra.

pany successful. “This ambitious programme will include a significant presence at all the major exhibitions, including EFTTEX in Amsterdam in June,” explained Pozzolini. After launching the company in 1991, Pozzolini quickly established his products in his domestic market and grew a healthy export business after exhibiting at several EFTTEX shows. Expansion slowed for ‘personal life choice’ reasons before a bankside meeting with Volterra led to a business relationship and further growth plans. “The Pozo’ factory has great potential for future growth and development,” says Volterra. The company’s current rod range includes the Carbosteel, Mi-Tix, Dreamcast and Shuttle brands, all of which are sold with a five-year warranty. Other products include reels, lines, fly tying materials and accessories. For further information call +39 030 273 2027 or email or visit

Support grows for Clean Angling Coalition

Fishing industry businesses across the USA are continuing to join the Clean Angling Coalition – the organisation set up this year to reduce the spread of invasive species in American waterways. Broyhill Inc, Green Tackle and Waterworks/Lamson are the latest to sign up to the collaboration between businesses and manufacturers to highlight the dangers of the spread of diseases caused by introduction of invasive species. The Coalition was launched by the flyfishing industry, non-profit organisations, Craig Broyhill: “It’s a way media outlets of protecting fishing.”

and agencies with its ‘Inspect, Clean and Dry’ message to anglers. “Clean angling is a natural direction for our company to embrace,” said Micah Carrick of Green Tackle. “Promoting cleaning practices aligns with our New member: Micah philosophy of being a Carrick of Green Tackle. sustainable business. industry partners ensure that we protect “By working together our fishing resources for the future.” we reach out to anglers with a common The Clean Angling Coalition says message and consistent brand that that aquatic invasive species cause really helps to address the problem of both economic and ecological invasive species transport and introdamage in waters across the world duction into new fishing waters.” and the problem is continuing to Craig Broyhill, of Broyhill Inc, said: spread. Other industry partners “To join forces on the issue of invasive include Simms Fishing Products, species strengthens our message to Dan Bailey’s Fly Shop and Korkers. anglers. The combined efforts of February 2011



Angling International February 2011


Robinson Europe steps up search for partners


olish fishing tackle distributor Robinson Europe is set to expand in 2011 and is looking for new partners throughout the continent. The progressive company wants to strengthen its representation in Romania, Hungary, Austria, Russia, UK, Scandinavia, France, Portugal Busy year ahead: Export Manager Marek Olearczyk. and Spain. It is also aiming to increase its matchfishing products in countries that have seen growth in competitive angling. Export Manager Marek Olearczyk told Angling International: “This sector of the sport has been growing and to cater for this Robinson Europe intends to enlarge its competition fishing offer. “Next season we will launch a wider selection of our matchfishing products. This has been developed together with Marcel Van Den Eynde and will be sold under the

Van Den Eynde/Robinson Team banner. It will include rods, reels, lines, seatboxes, elastics and umbrellas.” Robinson Europe is a major sponsor on the eastern European match scene, particularly in the Czech Republic. The company, which is based Bielsko Biala, in southern Poland, has just rejoined EFTTA and will be taking advantage of that by returning to exhibit at EFTTEX in Amsterdam in June 2011. Olearczyk explained: “EFTTEX is one of the greatest fishing tackle events on the calendar and a presence there gives us an opportunity to pick up new clients.” He continued: “Our absence at the event in recent years was a result of the geographical locations of the individual shows – they were not convenient for us.” For further information on Robinson Europe call +48 33810 0789; email robinson. or visit

Recfishwest calls for artificial reef plan Western Australia’s top recreational fishing body has called on its regional government to seriously consider the benefits of artificial reefs to improve fish stocks. Recfishwest Acting Executive Director Kane Moyle made the call after taking part in a study tour looking at world-

leading artificial reef and marine fish stocking technology in South Korea and China. “Artificial reefs have been used extensively around the world to create additional fish habitat, regenerate damaged ecosystems and enhance catches,” Moyle said. “Korea and China – along with a number of other northern hemisphere countries – have a long history of developing a variety of purpose-designed artificial reef materials which are cost effective, biologically sustainable and environmentally beneficial. “It was clear that purpose-built reefs achieve specific outcomes, such as increased biodiversity and abundance of fish stocks. “There has been significant advancement in Korea and China from the traditional approach to artificial reefs which was the dumping of decommissioned ships and tyres Kane Moyle, Recfishwest to create marine structures.” Acting Executive Director. Studies on Korean and Chinese artificial reefs showed that certain species have increased in abundance between two and 13 times more than expected increases on a natural reef. Korean investment in artificial reefs is expected to exceed $US 100 million this year. “It would be fantastic to have artificial reefs deployed in Western Australia,” said Moyle. Above left: A reef fish module being deployed in South Korea. Left: Large steel artificial reefs designed for pelagic and demersal fish awaiting deployment in Sokcho, South Korea. February 2011



Angling International February 2011


Relix extends range for China Fish


hina Fish 2011 will see a string of new launches from Indonesian fishing tackle manufacturer, PT Central Sarana Pancing. Under its Relix brand the company will introduce the Morbid, Moonstruck and Twilite spinning reels. Its Carp LinQ range is also being extended. Making its debut at the exhibition will be the new Liquid Wire Leader, a carp leader made of braided material which is very heavy and soft, making it also suitable to be used as a tippet leader in fly fishing. PT Central Sarana Pancing has also developed several new ready-made rigs, including the KD Rig, Chod Rig and Shaker Rig, alongside a new rig box, which can hold 20 rigs. Lieanto Sjafri told Angling International that the group was happy to be back at the 2009 venue. He added: “Last

year’s venue was really bad. It was too remote and the services were not adequate. Even the facilities for the public were not up to the standard expected for this kind of international show. “China Fish has been very successful for us over the last six to seven years. We have been able to make contact with new customers from all over the world and that has resulted in stable business relationships.” PT Central Sarana Pancing will also be exhibiting at EFTTEX 2011 and ICAST 2011 and hopes to introduce a new carp reel for the Amsterdam showcase in June. The group is working on a new website dedicated to Carp LinQ, which will go online in the near future. The emerging South American markets are a target for PT Central Sarana Pancing this year to complement its global presence which already includes most of Europe, Russia, South Africa, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Argentina and Brazil.

Left: The P T Central Sarana Pancing team at China fish 2010 (from the left): Rivai Susanto, Gunawan, Teddy Susanto, Hans Jaya Putra and Lieanto Sjafri. Top: The Twilite reel launched under the Relix brand.



JISPO changes name to widen its appeal The Japan International Sportfishing Show (JISPO) is changing its name and introducing new features in a bid to widen its appeal to the country’s angling public and trade. The 2011 event, which will be staged between March 25th and 27th, will now be known as the Japan Fishing Festival. Yozo Shimano (pictured right), Chairman of the Japan Fishing Tackle Manufacturers Association, which organises the show, said the move was intended to combat changes in the leisure industry and the unpredictability of the

financial downturn. The more angler-friendly and familyfriendly approach will see part of the exhibition hall being dedicated to an area where exhibitors and fishermen can communicate more freely. There will be a demonstration area for anglers at the nearby outdoor Rinko Park and outdoor attractions for families highlighting the pleasures of fishing and the sea. Mr Shimano said: “Fishing gives you special moments and allows you to communicate with nature. We want to convey the attraction of fishing to more people through our show.” Last year, the show attracted 55,458 visitors, including more than 2,000 from the trade, with 180 exhibitors occupying 800 booths in the Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall. The opening times for this year’s show will be: Day one – 10am to 6pm; Day two – 9am to 6pm; Day three – 9am to 5pm. February 2011



Brazilian show set to sell out as angling continues upward trend


razil’s growing sport fishing sector has raised expectations for the country’s major trade show later this year. The growth in the Brazilian economy is making the South American country an increasingly popular target for the world’s sport fishing industry. Many manufacturers see growing participation and buoyant trading figures as a rare opportunity amid a lingering recession and tough trading conditions in many other parts of the world. “The Brazilian economy is growing about 8% a year and the sport fishing market is keeping pace with it,” says Marcelo Claro, President of the Brazilian Sportfishing Trade Show.

Below: Coleman is leading the influx of major brands to the 2011 show.

“It is doing better than anyone expected two years ago. There’s no doubt that today the Brazilian market is being considered a great business opportunity. “There are ten million anglers in Brazil who consume huge amounts of fresh and saltwater equipment. “Freshwater represents some 70% of the market but because saltwater is more expensive, there is a reasonable balance in terms of value. “Latest generation equipment like carbon rods, reels, multifilament lines and a huge variety of lures are driving the market.” Exhibition space sold for the fifth Brazilian Sportfishing Trade Show in Sao Paulo is already 50% bigger than last year and more than 80% of floor space had been sold at the time of Angling International going to press. Fuelled by glowing reports from some of last year’s exhibitors, and with more than six months to go before the shows opens its doors in August, a sell-out looks on the cards. Companies including Shimano, Daiwa, Okuma, Eagle Claw, Sasame and Strike Pro have reserved space, along with Pure Fishing’s Shakespeare, Penn, Pflueger, Fenwick and Mitchell brands. The biggest booth space in the show – an

Leeda’s irresistible offer to retailers is... free beer! Leeda could become the toast of the tackle trade with its latest promotion. The UK company is offering a free case of beer to any retailer placing an order for £300 or more via its businessNic Brown: “This is one of to-business website, our most popular offers.” The website has revolutionised the tackle trade, says the company, by providing retailers with easy access to stock levels, images, articles and a live ordering capability. “Wychwood Specimen, Wychwood Game, MAP, Leeda, PB Products, Maxima, Amnesia and 20

all our wholesale products can be ordered at the click of a button. It’s a significant step forward,” said Marketing Manager Nic Brown. The beer promotion partners Leeda with the appropriately named Wychwood brewery and is open to everyone using the b2b site. The 12-bottle selection includes the legendary Hobgoblin beer, Wychcraft Thrice Hopped, Goliath and Scarecrow Organic beers, which are sent directly to the retailer. If you haven’t already signed up for Leeda b2b call 0800 130021 for your free password and login details. Or speak with your sales rep on his next visit. Existing site users should follow the instructions on the home page. “This is one of our most popular special offers and we decided to bring it back to celebrate another successful year,” added Nic Brown.

Angling International February 2011

Sao Paulo has become the centre of a growing sport fishing sector.

impressive 130 sqm – has been booked by outdoor equipment giant Coleman. The sport fishing tourism trade will also be prominent among the booths. Attendees are made up by distributors, manufacturers’ reps, retailers and travel agencies. The show takes place at Sao Paulo’s Frei Caneca Convention Centre from August 10th to 12th. For further information email

PARIS SHOW EXPECTING OVER 16,000 VISITORS More than 16,000 visitors are expected to attend the 15th French fishing and tourism exhibition, Salon De la Pêche Sportive, this month. The event takes place from February 4th to 6th at the Parc des Expositions, at Port de Versailles (Hall 8) in Paris. The number of exhibiting companies has risen by 10 to 130 and includes Confident: show organiser international brands Rapala, Shimano, Charles-Vincent Parachini. Daiwa and Ultimate Fishing. A new creation this year is The Heritage Days Fishery, a specially equipped venue where anglers can gather to take part in forums, attend meetings and view films. The organisers say that last year 12,000 fishing enthusiasts visited the show and spent an average of 250 euros each on fishing and tourism-related products.

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Clothing specialist Rongjia opens fourth factory in Taiwan


Your point of contact: Sales Director Berry Su.

angzhou Rongjia Garments is set to open its fourth factory in Taiwan in March. The latest facility will give the manufacturer of waterproof clothing – 60% of which goes into the fishing market – operations in XiaoShan, Hangzhou, Quzhou City and Zhejiang. The company was set up in 1997 by its current President Roland Su and General Manager Youyang Zhu when they moved from agency into manufacturing. It produces a wide range of sporting and outdoor apparel

for the fishing industry plus hunting and skiing. In 2008 the company introduced state-of-the-art automatic sewing machines into its factories, which has enabled it to produce consistent, good quality products. Its latest development is a new three-layer high breathability waterproof welded fabric. Hangzhou Rongjia Garments exports worldwide and will be showing off its products at this month’s China Fish. Companies interested in doing business should talk to Sales Director Berry Su.



Below left: One of the four facilities opened by Rongjia Garments. Right: Its China Fish booth.

CHANGEATTOPAT Lure maker Panther Martin hits the top of the charts on Facebook PUREFISHING’S PARENTCOMPANY

One of North America’s top lure makers has hit the top of the charts on the social networking site, Facebook. Panther Martin currently boasts almost 50,000 fans on the site – making it the number one fanpage on Facebook for a fishing lure manufacturer. The number is a far cry from ICAST in 2010 when it had just 1,300 fans. Panther Martin has since established an online community of avid anglers and claims that at ICAST this July its following on the site could be as many 100,000. It now has an average of over 20,000 monthly active users and devoted fans have posted more than 643 photographs and several high quality videos of fish caught on Panther Martin lures. Company co-owner John Hoge said: “Facebook will be a very interesting development in the fishing business. With big-box customers in a slow-go buying mode and huge pressure on pricing, it’s becoming necessary for fishing manufacturers to try harder to reach their customers. “In the current distribution system a manufacturer is often separated from customers by quite a distance. Rather than just working through distributors and huge 22

chain stores, Facebook allows manufacturers to talk directly to customers in a way that has not been possible in the past. “This can only result in a stronger relationship between the brand and the customers, better and faster feedback on new designs and quicker product introductions. New product samples can be sent out to fans for feedback within days, and a link posted will generate online sales literally in minutes.”

Brothers John (right) and Cecil Hoge, co-owners of HarrisonHoge, which owns Facebook favourite Panther Martin.

Angling International February 2011

The owner of Pure Fishing, the Jarden Corporation, has made strategic changes to its management structure. Martin E. Franklin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, has assumed the role of Executive Chairman, while James E. Lillie, President and Chief Operating Officer, has been appointed Chief Executive Officer. Franklin will oversee all aspects of corporate strategy, including growth initiatives, while Lillie will manage the day-to-day operations of the business. Lillie will also be invited to join the Board of Directors at the company’s Annual Meeting in May. Jarden announced a 18.5% rise in third quarter sales last month – a performance which saw a major contribution from fishing operations which include world-known brands such as Shakespeare, Abu Garcia, Berkley and Penn. Franklin said: “There are benefits to Jarden in having a new CEO after ten years.”


Ardent adds to accessories range


rdent, the only manufacturer making freshwater casting and spinning reels in the USA, continues to add to its reel accessories product line-up. Latest additions to the range include super-tough replacement reel handles and what Ardent believes is its best ever Reel Care lubrication product. In making available the new reel handles, CEO Michael J. Brooks says the company is responding to one of the most consistent areas of feedback from both consumers and angling pros. “We constantly hear that aluminium reel handles are vulnerable to damage,” says Brooks. “Once a handle has been bent they rarely feel comfortable or perform properly. So we’ve remedied the problem with two versions of replacement handles that are super tough.” The two variants each have four ball bearings and lifetime

guarantees. One is stainless steel, weighs 53g and has passed tests at three times the strength of aluminium. The other is in lightweight carbon fibre and weighs only 32g, but is, says Ardent, four times stronger than aluminium. “Both handles fit any baitcasting Michael J. Brooks: “Tests reel on the market, no matter what have been outstanding.” the brand,” added Brooks. Ardent’s new Reel Supreme Microlubricant is designed for high-end reels and has been launched in response to customer demand for a graphite-based alternative to oil and grease that also offers corrosion protection. “This is an easy-to-use product that combines a dry lubricant with an anti-corrosion additive,” explained Brooks. “It can be used on reel components and dissolves grease, oil and salt on contact. Field tests have been outstanding. “We are constantly looking to exceed out customers’ expectations and we believe these products do just that,” he added. For further information on all Ardent’s products call +1 314 878 7722, email or visit

The new Switch rods and cool boxes are key items in the new Snowbee catalogues.


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Flying Fisherman has signed four new distribution deals with companies in Europe, South America and Africa. The Florida Keys-based designer of fishing sunglasses and accessories has tied up agreements with Zep Sport International (France), Jandi Trading (South Africa), Tech Tackle SRL (Argentina) and Errepi Undine (Italy). Delighted: Company ViceFlying Fisherman Vice-President Linda President Linda Sheldon. Sheldon said: “In today’s global market we are seeing more and more demand for our products all over the world and our sales team is dedicated to opening new international territories for our products. “We are delighted to bring our new partners onboard and look forward to a successful association with them.” Jandi Trading is based in Durban and its coverage includes Namibia, Botswana, the Seychelles and Kenya. Tech Tackle SRL, of Buenos Aires, imports and distributes fishing tackle throughout Argentina, where the angling industry has enjoyed positive growth over the last ten years. Errepi Udine boasts Italy’s largest mail-order catalogue and has been supplying dealers throughout the northern and central regions of the country. It is located in Udine and Reggio Emilia. Based in Chantilly, Zep Sport International offers a diverse array of products from traditional fly fishing equipment to performance outdoor clothing and footwear. For further information call +1 305 852 8989, email or visit


Response ‘delights’ carp tournament organisers


ompetitive carp angling is catching on in America and has – not unlike its pro bass counterpart – seen a burgeoning circuit emerge. Carp Tournament Series was set up to organise big money matches and this year will be putting on the 2011 Carp Angling World Championship on the St


Angling International February 2011

Lawrence River, in northern New York State this September. Approximately 150 pairs of anglers from across the globe will be competing for more than $127,500 of cash and prizes over the five-day catch-and-release contest. The series is the brainchild of one of America’s best-known carp anglers, David Moore (pictured left), who led his country in pro level competitions in Europe in 1999, 2002, 2006 and 2009. He told Angling International: “I am delighted by the response from competition carp anglers to the event. It is indicative of how the sport is catching on here in the States.” Moore was instrumental in bringing a world-class competition to the St Lawrence River in June 2005 – the first time a professional carp competition of this magnitude had been held in North America. It is estimated that up to 600 competitors, media, volunteers and spectators attended the event, which generated $1 million in tourism revenue for the region over ten days. • Sponsorship opportunities are still available. Enquiries to Marketing Director Kathleen Kelly-Ori on +1 315 764 5654, or Visit the tournament website at


The new catalogue from French manufacturer Powerline goes to wholesalers, retailers and the media and is also available at trade shows. The dramatic and innovative front cover, showing a leaping marlin, opens the way to Powerline’s impressive range of lines, jigheads, lures and accessories. The catalogue, says Powerline, is more comprehensive than ever before and targets both the domestic and international markets with French and English text. “It is the most complete catalogue we have produced,” said International Business Manager Céline Boutin.


AFFTA to ask members to nominate 2012 venue


AFFTA Chairman Jim Klug: “There are a number of options open to us.”

he American Fly Fishing Tackle Association (AFFTA ) is to conduct a survey among its members to help decide the venue for its 2012 International Fishing Tackle Dealer show. The Association announced during the inaugral IFTD in Denver last September that it would be breaking from tradition in 2011 and moving the show to New Orleans. It also brought the show forward to August. The AFFTA Board has remained openminded about the choice of the next venue, with wi a return to Denver or another eastern an location being lo considered. co Now, No after its latest meeting, la the Board has elected to ask members for their preferred location.

“We need to listen to everybody and find out what this industry has to say and what it wants,” said AFFTA Chairman Jim Klug. “There are a number of options open to us. We would consider staying on the East Coast or a return to the Rockies. “Everyone I have had a conversation with in the industry seems to be calling for a show that alternates the location pattern. Maybe one solution is that the show is grounded every other year in a certain location but moves elsewhere in between. “There are a number of ideas so it is important that we get the views of the membership about what they want.” AFFTA made the decision to go forward with its own show following the withdrawal of previous owners Nielsen in December 2009. The first IFTD was widely regarded as a qualified success, despite the decision of a number of high profile companies not to attend. And a comprehensive report delivered at the recent Board meeting by Show Director Randi Swisher indicated that the next show is well on course to be bigger and better.

Verbal commitments have been received from Simms, Costa Del Mar and William Joseph, companies that were absent last year, with paperwork being completed at the time of Angling International going to press. “New Orleans is shaping up to be a great success,” continued Klug. “We are going to see a show that is substantially larger than last year, both in the number of exhibitors and the amount of floor space.” “Fifty-one manufacturers had signed up and paid for their booth space at the time of the meeting. At the same time last year we had zero. A number of the big players who were noticeably absent in 2010 have already committed for 2011. It looks like we are going to have the entire industry represented. “One of the advantages of having our own show is that we are able to try new things. Some will work better than others but we will continue to introduce innovative offerings as we strive to deliver more – and not just more of the same. “Our focus in the months ahead is to get retailers to the show in large numbers.”

Weihai Hanhigh to use China Fish to raise profile The Chinese manufacturer, Weihai Hanhigh, is targeting new and emerging markets as it looks forward to China Fish 2011. The company already exports to nearly 20 countries worldwide, but is using the Beijing showpiece as an opportunity to attract more export opportunities. And it is well placed to exploit new business following the opening of another factory in 2009, Gold Stone International, in the fishing tackle

manufacturing heartland of Weihai. The 3,000sqm plant complements its 10,000sqm factory in Gushan and has a capacity to generate 200,000 rods a year across all sectors. At China Fish the company is showcasing a number of lure fishing rods aimed at bass anglers. Company owner, Wang Qian Gang, said the models are aimed at its Japanese and Asian markets, but would also interest anglers in its growing sectors

of Europe and North America. He said: “China Fish will give us an opportunity to show these products to customers new and old. “The exhibition does not always generate a lot of orders for us, but it raises our profile and introduces us to new companies.” CHINA FISH For further information call BOOTH NO. +86 631 538 1858 or email


FISHING TACKLE RETAILER SOLD TO ITS FORMER PUBLISHER Fishing Tackle Retailer (FTR) – America’s magazine for the tackle trade – has been bought by a former editor and publisher of the title. Clem Dippel, who was involved with FTR for 20 years and has half a century of experience in the publishing industry, has acquired the title less than three months after its parent, BASS (Bass Anglers Sportsmen Society),

was bought from ESPN Inc. by a group of investors. Publication of the magazine was immediately suspended following the sale. Dippel told Angling International that it would be relaunched in March with a ‘new, very experienced and talented’ staff. Ronell Smith – Editor for over five years – and the rest of the FTR workforce were relieved of their duties

on December 17th. Staff were said to be shocked by the ‘bolt out of the blue’. An industry insider said that BASS, which has over 500,000 members, is keen to focus on its membership and that a trade magazine was not part of its strategy. It would focus resource on its events, website and two consumer magazines, Bassmaster and Bass Times.

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Aqua Sports welcomes new US Free Trade deal


orean clothing manufacturer, Aqua Sports, has entered 2011 bolstered by the forthcoming Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the United States and prestigious government backing. The company has been recognised as a developing and innovative organisation by the Government of the Republic of Korea which has awarded it Venture and Inno-biz certification. Managing Director of Aqua Sports, Brandon Hwang, explained that the accreditation and FTA with the US would help the company expand its North American markets. South Korean businesses expect the US trade floodgates to open between the two countries. The latest treaty follows a successful arrangement between South Korea and the EU announced in November last year (see last month’s Angling International) and it comes after

three years of often-tortuous negotiations. CHINA INA FISH Hwang said: “When the FTA comes into BOOTH OTH NO. effect later this year we expect more business volumes in the US. Korean products are well known for their quality and competitive price so customers will benefit from the cost savings from eliminated import duty.” ts would Hwang told Angling International that Aqua Sports be using China Fish 2011 to target the US and attractt customers in new markets in western Europe, South America and Japan. He said Aqua Sports would be showing off a new range of breathable waders, jackets and shoes. The company has been exhibiting at China Fish forr more than ten years and Hwang said it was an effective shop op window for his company’s products. He added: “We find some good customers at the show and I am glad to see ee it expanding, however I am a little concerned that the buyer numbers are not increasing at the rate that the event is growing.” rowing.”

2036 036

Aqua Sports is expecting to increase volumes in the US for its breathable waterproof products. But its next focus is China Fish.

Above: Managing Director Brandon Hwang (right) with Angling International’s Rob Carter at ICAST 2010 in Las Vegas.


Angling International February 2011


Fly fishing boosted by growth of Western Canadian Expo


he 9th Western Canadian Fly Fishing Expo continues to grow, with exhibitor numbers up for this year’s event at Spruce Meadows, in Calgary, Alberta, from January 28th to 30th. Chris Bird, President & Group Publisher of organisers, Bird Marketing Group, said: “We are seeing a very positive shift within the fly fishing market away from the recession. “The show continues to perform well and given our increased marketing investment for 2011, we expect to see growth at the gate.” Exhibitors will be filling 115 booths and there will also be three presentation theatres, a casting pool and a kid’s area. Guest speakers include some of North America’s top fly fisherman.

Among the companies taking part will be G.Loomis, Sage, Rio, Redington, Hyde Drift Boats and Superfly International, along with newcomer Patagonia. ● The International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) – a collaboration between Bird Marketing Group and Fly Max Films – has gone live. IF4 is designed to generate excitement and interest in angling and to introduce new people into fly fishing. Find the site at

Organisers are predicting an increase on last year’s attendance.

JOHN MAZURKIEWICZ SEVERS TIES WITH SCIENTIFIC ANGLERS Well known US industry figure John Mazurkiewicz is to end his long association with Scientific Anglers. Mazurkiewicz has acted for the 3Mowned company for more than 18 years and for Shimano for 19 years in his capacity as owner of Catalyst Marketing. However, following the acquisition by 3M of Ross Reels in October last year, Mazurkiewicz felt it necessary to make a choice between his two high profile clients to avoid a clash of competitive interests. “The writing was on the wall when 3M acquired Ross. I knew then that sooner or later the situation would reach this point,” explained Mazurkiewicz. “Client confidentiality

is everything and I didn’t want people questioning my credibility and ethics. Sooner or later I was going to run into a difficult situation and I feel it’s better to get out before that happened.” In addition to its reel manufacture, Ross is starting to place more emphasis on rods, increasing potential competition with Shimano. There is also the possibility of 3M seeking to acquire other businesses that could possibly compete with Shimano. In its November 2010 issue, Angling International speculated that 3M’s long time solus ownership of SA was a strategic anomaly and that the company’s purchase of Ross Reels was the first step in an ambitious expansion plan.

“I am tremendously sad to be parting company with Scientific Anglers but grateful to have had the chance to work with some really good people,” added Mazurkiewicz. “At the same time, I am very excited by where G.Loomis is going in the fly fishing industry and by Shimano’s plans for the future.” Taking over the

marketing role for Scientific Anglers is Business Development Manager Jeff Wieringa, assisted by Jessy Tomkins.

Right: John Mazurkiewicz presenting Scientific Anglers’ products at the IFTD show in Denver.

John Hudgens secures role at Yellow Dog John Hudgens will cover South America.

Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures – the US-based fishing holiday organiser – has appointed John Hudgens as its Programme Manager in South America. Hudgens has worked in the fly fishing industry since the mid-1990s when he started his guiding career. 30

Angling International February 2011

As well as developing new destinations, he will oversee Yellow Dog’s current operations in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Brazil. Company Director of Operations, Jim Klug, said: “Despite the ups and downs of the economy over the last 24 months, we have continued to see a strong level of growth and we are keen to

expand our employee base and the overall size of our business.” Yellow Dog is based in Bozeman, Montana, and specialises in arranging angling holidays throughout the world. It has over 50 destinations, including the Caribbean, South and Central America, Alaska and the western United States.



Following the criticism of last year’s ‘experimental’ location, China Fish has returned to its 2009 venue. With so much at stake, visitor satisfaction is key, says China Fish President Li Jiang, who is predicting a positive response from the trade, even before the doors open. “We’ll be back to 90% satisfaction,” he says.


eturning to its 2009 venue, China Fish – widely regarded as one of the most important trade events on the calendar – is set to recreate the levels of satisfaction it enjoyed among exhibitors and visitors alike before its ill-fated change of location last year. That is the belief of the President of China Fish, Li Jiang, who predicts that the universally popular return to the New China International Exhibition Centre (NCIEC), in the heart of Beijing, will send its satisfaction rates soaring back to the 90% mark. At last year’s event, only 7% of visitors and 21% of exhibitors liked the Jiuhua Centre. Li Jiang said: “Fol-

lowing our return to the NCIEC I expect that over 90% of exhibitors and buyers will be satisfied with China Fish. “Apart from 2008 and 2010, the satisfaction ratings at China Fish over the last 20 years have been around the 90% mark and I am confident we will return to that this year.” Li Jiang added that the improvement to services, including better shuttle bus coverage and an upgrading of the Visitor Lounge, will also prove to be popular with all those attending the exhibition. He said: “Last year the shuttle bus was only available to a number of hotels. >

Better for everyone: the New China International Exhibition Centre in Beijing.

February 2011 Angling International


“The new floor area will properly reflect the visitor to exhibitor balance.” – Li Jiang This time around it will visit all China Fish hotels. The Visitor Lounge will be much more comfortable with refreshments available throughout the show. “Free internet is available and all the computers have an English version. These improvements will make visiting the show a much more pleasurable experience.” Despite last year’s China Fish attracting 2,157 visitors – an increase of 26.7% on 2009 – many exhibitors complained that attendances were down. Li Jiang said: “Because the exhibition area was so large the visitors were more spread out and it looked as if there were not as many buyers as in previous years. “The scale of the show has been reduced from an original 33,000sqm to 26,400sqm. The new floor area will properly reflect the visitor to exhibitor balance.” However, Li Jiang said that closing one of the halls had brought its own problems and created a waiting list of 20 companies. He explained: “To maintain exhibitor numbers we would have been forced to reduce the booth size of some companies. “Although that can protect the interests of exhibitors in the short term, it is not a long term solution and we hope to work out a better idea for China Fish 2012.” Despite the smaller floor space, China Fish 2011 will welcome 61 new domestic exhibitors and five international newcomers, Lineaeffe (Italy), Extreme Fishing (Russia), Mercan Balikcilik Malzemerleri


(Turkey), Tradtiv Enterprise (Taiwan) and Jackall Inc (Japan). Pre-registration for the show is on course to emulate 2010 levels. Li Jiang said: “Just before Christmas 772 visitors had preregistered and that is basically the same level as the corresponding time last year.” Despite last year’s problems, China Fish continues to be a vital shop window for international markets. Li Jiang added: “Chinese enterprises can access the newest international information and trends and, more importantly, keep their order books full so that they can sustain their business development. “China Fish is also an opportunity for the home manufacturers to showcase their new developments to the international community. “Moreover, it is also an important gateway for some international brands to enter the Chinese sector.” Li Jiang has also drawn up a list of six top tips for visitors to China Fish 2011. They are: ● Use the new, improved shuttle bus facility. ● Download the transportation guide from the China Fish website – it includes essential exhibition information as well as places of interest to visit and eat.

Angling International February 2011

● Enjoy relaxation time in the Visitor Lounge. ● Visit the Best Product Showcase (Booth 2750 in Hall E2). ● Arrange an interpreter. ● Contact your co-ordinator – they can help with all your exhibition enquiries.


Li Jiang on China’s domestic market. Angling International: Consumption of fishing tackle in China increased significantly in 2009 compared to 2008. Did this trend continue in 2010? Li Jiang: Generally speaking, there is no noticeable increase in fishing tackle consumption in 2010. South east China (including Yunnan,

Guizhou and Guangxi) suffered from drought this year, so the fishing season was pushed back nearly one month. It shows how the natural environment seriously affects the consumption of fishing tackle in China. However, some big companies, taking Old Ghost Baits as an example, can still not satisfy the market demands, even though two more production lines have been added. What do you think the trend will be in 2011? Fishing tackle prices will increase by 20% to 30% in 2011, because all raw materials and labour costs have grown because of inflation. This could be seen as both an opportunity and a challenge for Chinese fishing tackle enterprises. On one hand, risi ng production costs will cause some small enterprises producing low-end products to go bankrupt, since the low profits cannot sustain them any more. On the other hand, some enterprises with vision will turn to manufacturing high value-added products for more profit by introducing advanced technology and management ideas. Therefore, the quality of fishing tackle will get better and better. The claim that there are 90 million anglers in China has been contested. What do you estimate the true figure to be? In Europe and America it is easy to get

the exact number of anglers by monitoring the sales of fishing licences, but in China it is difficult because anglers do not need licences. Some ten or 15 years ago, the China Fishing Tackle Association declared that there were 90 million anglers, but I am not sure if that is right. According to some industry figures, there should be at least ten million anglers. This number mainly refers to those who are very fond of fishing, and they usually spend more than RMB 1,000 (USD $150) on fishing tackle annually. But this data does not include those who go fishing only two or three times. If those people were included, the figure would rise to around 60 million. How much are Chinese anglers currently spending on fishing tackle and how is this likely to vary in the future? Currently, all Chinese anglers together spend over RMB 5 billion annually on fishing tackle. Basically there are three types of consumers. Traditional Chinese anglers using low-end hand poles and baits that they sometimes make themselves only spend RMB 400-500 (about USD $60-75) per person per year. As for those who are very fond of fishing and prefer to use middle-end fishing tackle, they usually spend closer to RMB 1,000-1,200 (about USD $150-180) per person per year. And nowadays, with lure fishing becoming more and more popular in China, many people spend more than RMB 8,000 (about USD $1195) per person per year on sea and lure fishing products. When the economic situation begins to get better and living standards improve, more people will surely begin consuming fishing tackle for recreation. The increasing popularity of lure fishing, boat fishing and sea fishing is the main force behind luxury consumption and will, I believe, lead to much more spend on those products. How many fishing tackle shops are there in China and is this number growing? Are these mainly small shops, or are there ‘big box’ stores like there are in the US? There are about 1,500 fishing tackle shops of a certain scale (owning employees), which does not include the very small Mama/Papa stores. The February 2011 Angling International


traditional fishing tackle shops are still the main force in China and occupy nearly 70% market share. Fishing tackle shops will increase by 20% in the next year. Chain stores are now playing a more and more important role in Chinal for example East Fishing (Taiwan), Hest, Johshuya and Oscarma. These ‘big box’ stores have already gained recognition amongst anglers. However, since they are still relatively new to China they currently have only 20-30% market share. What kind of fishing equipment is selling best in China? Fishing methods vary. Anglers in northern China prefer to use the hand pole between 3.6 and 6.3 metres long, while in southern China, anglers are fond of using casting poles. The sales ratio of hand poles to casting poles is 7:3. In addition, Chinese anglers also use lots of bait and floats, so these products are selling very well. Moreover, the growth in popularity of lure fishing and sea fishing in recent years has increased the sales of products used for these types of fishing. What will be the key trends in the Chinese domestic fishing tackle market in the next five years? In the next five years I believe we will see many more Chinese enterprises begin to manufacture more high-end, value-added products because of the rising price of raw materials and labour costs. How is government legislation impacting on the fishing tackle industry in China? The price of products will be much higher thanks to the increased labour costs, domestic inflation and the RMB appreciation. As a result, some companies might go bankrupt while others will seek a new way of survival by, as I’ve said earlier, focusing on the manufacture of high-end products. But since Rome was not built in a day, so in the beginning most companies will face a difficult situation. China’s fishing tackle exports declined by 20% in 2009. Are they still falling? In 2010, the appreciation of RMB certainly affected China’s export figures. But as the quality of the products has improved, I think the export value will stay at the same level as last year. Speaking at last year’s China Fish, Louis Tchertoff said that the shortage of skilled labour will determine the role

China plays as a future source for the trade. He warned that international customers could move to cheaper sources in other countries? Do you agree? I think some low-end products will be shifted to other countries. Middle and high-end products will not shift to other countries, at least not for now, because high quality raw materials and skilled labour and techniques are needed and other countries might not be able to meet those demands at the moment. Nevertheless, a manufacturing shift to the poorer countries is a trend, just as European manufacturing has moved to Japan, then Korea and now China. I’m sure that in the future fishing tackle manufacturing will move to some undeveloped countries, but at least for now it won’t happen. What are the other big challenges facing the Chinese market right now? Most of the company decision-makers are already over 50 years old, so their management ideas, educational background and innovative awareness cannot keep pace with the times. Some 80% of company decision-makers will resist change, will not absorb new ideas, and will not even consider the further development of the company. So maybe this is the biggest challenge faced by the Chinese fishing tackle industry. China has long faced accusations of counterfeiting, something that China Fish has always opposed. Is this situation improving? The China Fish show established an IPR office in 2004, which is two years earlier than the Exhibition IPR law issued in China. In recent years, China Fish has paid much attention to fighting against IPR counterfeiting. Even at EFTTEX in Spain in 2010, China Fish invited government officials and professional lawyers to attend the show in order to resolve any IPR disputes for overseas companies experiencing such problems in China. We state clearly in the exhibitor contract that no infringement is accepted. If such complaints are received, exhibition qualification is cancelled immediately. Also in the next three to five years, we will not accept them into the show. These vigorous efforts by China Fish are improving the situation bit by bit, but it is an inevitable process during a nation’s development. I am sure one day there will be no more counterfeiting.

CHINA FISH 2011: THE FACTS & FIGURES Date: February 17-19 Venue: New China International Exhibition Centre (NCIEC), Bejiing Web: Exhibition area: 26,400 sqm Exhibitors: 450 Facilities: 1) Food and beverages include Subway, McDonalds and western and Chinese buffet. 2) Cloakroom. Booth 1155 (9am to 5pm). 3) Business Centre. Next to registration desk. Typing, printing and copying services available. 4) Visitor Lounge & Cyber Lounge. Booth 1105 (Hall E1) and 2208 (Hall E2). Free internet and rest area. Coffee and cookies (between 12pm and 2pm). 5) Intellectual Property Office. 6) Best Product Showcase. Booth 2750 (Hall E2). 7) Admission. Pre-registered free. Onsite registration US$30pp. Opening times: February 17: 9am to 5pm; February 18: 9am to 5pm; February 19: 9am to 4pm 34

February 2011

How to get there: • China Fish Shuttle Bus – free between the NCIEC and the airport. Details on China Fish website. Advanced booking requested. • Taxi – from Bejiing Capital Internatonal Airport to NCIEC will cost approximately RMB 40 (USS$6) Travel info: • Weather – Very cold. Temperatures: 1°C-5°C (day); -7°C (night) • Taxis – plentiful. Remember to ask for invoice/receipt to protect your own interests. • Voltage – generally 220V, 50HZ. China Fish Contact: Li Jiang, President of China Fish Email: Tel: + 86 10 5820 3101/02/03


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Exhibitions Our new partnership means we can design, build, deliver and store top quality show displays and installations.


Our experienced design team can turn your most ambitious plans into full-scale reality.



We can build a huge range of easyto-assemble stands to suit your budget. Perfect for companies taking their first steps in exhibitions.


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Our exhibition design partners, Hytner in the UK, have built an enviable reputation since 1993 for creating impactful installations – and delivering them on time and on budget. Their growing list of longstanding clients includes The British Army and the Royal Navy. Our 360-degree service means we can design, build, deliver and store any kind of display or installation – and manage your project before, during and after every show. We offer tailor-made options for first-time exhibitors; show-stopping stands for more ambitious companies; and ongoing solutions for long-term partners. Put your trust in Angling International and make your next stand your best ever.

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Gruppo DP’s magic touch How the masters of fluorocarbon line are taking their versatile product to the next level to the delight of anglers around the world.


ruppo DP has been supplying fluorocarbon – spooled and in bulk bobbins – to the fishing industry since 1988. Then it was not known as fluorocarbon, but sold as ‘the magic line that catches more fish’ with anglers becoming aware that the refraction index of the line helped them achieve excellent results. Gruppo DP says it has been a step-by-step evolution process that has seen fluorocarbon emerge as a versatile line. The advantages of the fluorocarbon material over nylon is not only its superior invisibility, but its sinking speed, low stretch, high abrasive resistance, durability and ability to cope with both high and low temperatures.


The Gruppo DP fluorocarbon series is made up of:

● Fluorocarbon standard ● Fluorocarbon classic ● Fluorocarbon camouflage (multi-colour) ● Fluorocarbon hard ● Fluorocarbon superhard ● Superfluorocarbon ● Fluorocarbon ultralight ● Fluorocarbon high stretch ● Fluorocarbon ice Gruppo DP says that the main advantages of 100% fluorocarbon lines are: • Invisibility. Because of the close index of refraction to that of water, it is so invisible that even fish hardly sees it. The only thing they see is the bait. • More strength in the water. Fluorocarbon is waterproof, and no water absorption means a wet test equals a dry test. It is well known that a conventional wet line is weaker than a dry one by as much as 15%. fluorocarbon retains 100% of its tensile strength when wet. It is also salt-proof. • Extraordinary sinking speed. Thanks to its superior specific weight, fluorocarbon sinks three times faster. • Better precision fishing. As a result of its better specific weight it is stream insensitive and stays fishing where it is casted. Thanks to its natural stiffness, the hooklength stays straight. • Controlled low stretch. Fluorocarbon has an instant hook-setting power. • Outstanding abrasion resistance. It has a tough surface offering great protection against rock, brush, snags and sharped-toothed species; • Durability. That’s great stress and UV resistance.

Spools from Gruppo DP. Fluorocarbon was once known as ‘magic line ’.

Gruppo carried on the development process by introducing a large range of fluorocarbon for several fishing disciplines, taking advantage of the different features and also modifying the standard ones to suit many other purposes. Gruppo DP adds that a good example of this is its brand new fluorocarbon High Stretch (pictured below), which offers the major advantages of fluorocarbon but also boasts better stretch – almost double the normal. It claims that it is also a great invisible shock-absorbing leader. The highly versatile Asso High Stretch.


Gruppo DP also makes line with different levels of hardness. Fluorocarbon was born as a stiff material – ideal for saltwater fishing – but in several freshwater techniques anglers prefer a softer leader and that is why Gruppo DP has produced hard and super-hard versions. The range of diameters can cover all aspects of fishing applications, from 0.05mm for pole fishing up to 2.30mm for big game. Although fluorocarbon has historically been used mainly as a leader material, Gruppo DP has also found an interesting market as a reel line. As a result, it offers a soft reel line for spinning, a medium stiff reel line for baitcasting and a specially coloured and easy-to-see line for ice fishing. The company asserts that fluorocarbon can be a useful line for ice fishing as it sinks faster and allows the bait to go down unaffected by the temperature.

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HENG FENG TO ITS GLOBAL CUSTOMERS: ‘COME AND MEET OUR R&D EXPERTS’ OEM giant Heng Feng wants yet more customers to experience its top quality service. “We are inviting our customers to our state-of-the-art headquarters,” says John Walsh, Heng Feng’s OEM Business Support Manager in the UK. “That way they can see their products taking shape right in front of them.”


eng Feng prides itself on being the number one supplier of qualitydesigned fishing tackle to leading global brands. And it says that its place at the summit is built on the innovation, design and quality of its products. Innovation is the soul of an enterprise, which has enjoyed incredible success as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) since it was formed just over 20 years ago. In fact the Heng Feng motto is ‘Innovation leads to future, endless passion, endless innovation’. Its OEM Business Support Manager in the UK, John Walsh, told Angling International: “We offer

Part of the vast Heng Feng showroom, which is dedicated to garden furniture and camping as well as angling equipment.

our customers a unique opportunity to work with us in partnership.” It is that desire to build special relationships with its customers that has persuaded Heng Feng not to exhibit at this year’s China Fish, but to go for a more personal approach. Walsh said: “We warmly welcome our customers to visit us at our headquarters and see for themselves our new products for the first time, designed and developed by Heng Feng and offering opportunities that are unavailable from any other supplier. “Most customers who visit China Fish then go on to factories in the Shanghai area, which is one of the major producers of fishing tackle in the world. That is why we are not going to the exhibition this year. We are keener to invite our customers to our state-of-the-art headquarters and to look at the many new products in our new showroom. “There they can discuss their requirements with the sales force and the R&D development teams then see their products taking shape in front of them.” Heng Feng now has over 350 R&D specialists – including ten foreign designers – working on an endless stream of new products The R&D team is sensitive to any change in the market and every year introduces new designs across more than 3,500 new products – 120 of which come with patents. As well as being one of the

“Most customers who visit China Fish then go on to the factories around Shanghai. By visiting Heng Feng, customers have opportunities that are unavailable from any other supplier.” – John Walsh 38

Angling International February 2011

world’s top providers of fishing tackle to key brands and household names throughout the fishing tackle industry, Heng Feng is also a major manufacturer of garden furniture and camping products. And it is the same stringent measures that are required to meet the strict legislative requirements demanded by Europe and America in those markets that are replicated in its fishing products. Walsh said: “Our experience in the garden furniture industry and camping sector has helped us keep abreast of the expanding amount of safety and environmental legislation which is being introduced. “It is this attention to detail and ability to provide One of Heng Feng’s eight factories in China.

customers with products to their exact requirements which sets us apart.” The Heng Feng group, which was founded just over 20 years ago, continues to grow and last year it saw turnover reach $350 million. It recorded sales of $300million in 2009. These impressive figures come at a time when the


Above: Heng Feng’s headquarters include meeting rooms and design laboratories. The company has 350 R&D specialists working on new products, including ten from outside China. Below: New tackle on display in the Heng Feng showroom. “We want customers to come and see for themselves what we can offer,” says John Walsh.

world was facing one of the worst recessions in living memory. Walsh said: “Everyone felt the recession for ten to 12 months because no one was quite sure where the financial situation was leading us.” “However, Heng Feng has managed to rise above the storm and continue to grow due to its special working relationship with its customers.” This customer relationship is described by Heng Feng’s business statement: ‘Customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, social satisfaction.’ The company says that the advantages it enjoys over its competitors include: ● Quality control. More than 450 professional staff inspects the whole production process before any goods leave the factory. Heng Feng has also passed factory audits by CSCC, BV, SGS and ITS. ● Technical laboratory for checking material qualities and specifications. The lab is at present under application for China national standards. European and USA testing standards can be achieved in the lab. ● The Heng Feng tent factory is a participant of the national tent industry standard association and is approved for government emergency tent production. ● Efficiency. Heng Feng continues to improve efficiency to reduce production costs and that results in a good supply at competitive prices. ● Overall scale. Its purchasing power means that it can buy at more competitive prices compared to other factories. ● Development and innovation. The development of multi-outdoors products results in a greater choice of angling products. Plus this multi-market coverage ensures Heng Feng’s product developments match the latest trends. ● The full series of products makes purchasing simple for customers. ● Heng Feng insist on growing business together with its customer. “To help our customer make profit is the only way to help our own growth.” says Walsh. “Meeting our customers’ marketing demands is our goal and their satisfaction is our responsibility.”

Walsh said that Heng Feng is looking forward to 2011 with confidence despite fears that the increase in the price of raw materials in China would lead to wholesale increases for customers and consumers alike. He explained: “With the volume of materials the group buys we are still able to purchase at preferable rates. We have a hold over our suppliers because of the volumes we order. “We are also a very active organisation when it comes to investing in technology and new machinery and the more efficient the machinery the less it costs to produce.” Heng Feng is now a major manufacturer and has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1991.


It now has eight factories in Deqing and Zhejiang that manufacture products for its three divisions. It sources its raw materials from more than 500 suppliers and employs more than 5,000 people. Its size means that it can produce more than five million fishing bags, six million backpacks, four million items of outdoor furniture and 300,000 tents a year. Despite the enormous scale of its operations, Heng Feng says its main priorities remain founded on its tradition of customer, employee and social satisfaction. Heng Feng is proud of its roots and its reputation for being an honourable enterprise which values social responsibility.

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ZALTTARGETS RUSSIA, UKRAINE AND USA WITH ITS SPECIALIST PIKE-CATCHERS China is also on the Swedish lure maker’s list of targets following back-to-back annual sales increases of 20%. “There are a lot of anglers out there with money to spend,” says confident owner Peter af Rolén. “And we have the quality.”


Peter af Rolén: “Zalt is appreciated for the quality of its lures.”

ll water is Zalt water’ is the slogan that has become synonymous with Swedish lure maker, Zalt. But the company is equally well known and proud of its reputation for the number of huge pike caught on its lures. Company owner Peter 40

af Rolén told Angling International: “Zalt lures are the most successful Swedish lures for catching big pike. Since 1990, 36 pike over 15 kilos have been documented as caught on our lures. And of course a lot more have never been recorded. “Each year we receive calls from excited anglers

who have been successful and caught huge fish on our lures.” And it is those kind of impressive results with the rod that has seen the company, which was founded in 1987, grow to become one of Sweden’s top exporters of lures. Last year Zalt posted a 20% increase in sales for the second year running. And it was its growing export order book that led the way. Outside its native homeland, 20 European countries fish with Zalt lures, including France, Germany, the Netherlands and Romania. It has also carved up a big market in Russia and Ukraine where af Rolén believes there is massive untapped potential. He said: “It is a very big market for us, but we believe there is a tremendous opportunity for growth there.” With Europe already ‘on message’ and using Zalt lures, af Rolén revealed that Zalt is looking further afield and eyeing up the lucrative North American market, although he accepts that it would be a tough nut to crack. He said: “We had a distributor in Wisconsin about six years ago who enjoyed success with our lures, but it could not handle the brand. We are very interested in selling to North America, but we really need to find a well established distributor who can teach us the market. North America is a big ask, but the rewards are there if you succeed. “Trading there is a totally different proposition to Europe where it is more acceptable to build the

“All our lures are original and designed by us. Each year we receive lots of calls from excited anglers who have been successful and caught huge fish using them.” – Zalt owner Peter af Rolén

Angling International February 2011


Main image and insets: Zalt lures are known for their striking finishes. Below: Zalt-branded rods are a ‘natural next step’ says Peter af Rolén.

Above: Angler Magnus Jonzon with just one of the many monster pike caught with Zalt lures. This one was 19,100kg/135cm.

brand over several years. However, America screams ‘new, new, new’ and everything is on much shorter terms. Zalt has to find a way of reaching the market and I will be going to ICAST this year on a factfinding mission.” af Rolén also revealed that Zalt is looking at the emerging market in China. He said: “China has a very strong domestic economy. There are a lot of anglers out there with disposable income. I have already been talking to people out there.” Zalt is first and foremost a lure company and af Rolén believes that its concentration primarily on its core product has been the mainstay of the company’s success. He explained: “Many businesses try to supply a lot of different items, but we have focused on bait and to do it as well as we can. It can be too easy to buy a product, put your logo on it and take it to market.

“But we are not a ‘me-too’ company. All our lures are original and have been designed by us. That is very important and appreciated by our customers.” Zalt is always looking to improve its offer and has just added two more lures to its range – the Zam Z9 (9cm) and the Zalt Z7 (7cm) to meet calls from visitors to last year’s EFTTEX for smaller lures. af Rolén said: “We were asked for lures that you could use for cranking and jerking. So we came up with these dual purpose products.” The Zam Z9 is already on the market, while the Zalt Z7 will be showcased at EFTTEX 2011 in Amsterdam in June. They will join the already established line-up of lures which consists of: ● Zalt (three sizes) ● Zam Z tail (two sizes) ● Zam (four sizes) ● Zam Deep (two sizes) ● Zam Z (two sizes) The lure market is one of the most competitive in the fishing tackle industry with literally thousands of companies vying for a chunk of the lucrative sector. af Rolén says Zalt has prospered because it has a clear idea of what is demanded of its products. He added: “It is important that they stand out. “There are a lot of ugly lures on the market which look as though they have been produced without any design skills at all.”


Zalt offers a small selection of other products in its portfolio, including its own brand of rods which saw a 300% rise in sales last year. The company has a range of seven Zalt Water carbon rods sourced from Japan. They are light, well balanced and decorated with Zalt’s own pike pattern. af Rolén said: “Producing a rod range is a natural fit for us. They are high quality and have a design unique to us. Our customers can identify with the product because of the competitive price and our eye-catching branding.” af Rolén also revealed that the company is looking to introduce its own braided line, but admitted it was experiencing difficulty in obtaining the right quality product. “There would be no problem for us to buy any old braid, put our logo on it and pass it off as ours, but that is not our way. We are looking for a unique, high quality line that is exclusive to us.” Zalt has been a regular exhibitor at EFTTEX since it made its exhibition debut in Warsaw in 2005 – a move that af Rolén says opened the door for the company’s expansion. af Rolén said: “EFTTEX inspired us to move the company forward and we now regard it as a mustattend exhibition. It is the most important event on the fishing calendar for us. “It requires a lot of energy and investment to go, but you need to be there to become an established face in the industry. Meeting just one good distributor could recoup your money in one fell swoop. It is also a very valuable way of catching up with your current partners and plotting the way forward.”

Want to talk to Zalt? t? Here’s how to find them....

Tel: +46 8 55 60 34 22 Email: Web: February 2011 Angling International




OLD GHOST PARTNERS WITH HOLLY KUDOSTO CONQUERBAITSECTOR A sensational new partnership has been formed which combines the market expertise of Holly Kudos with the bait producing power of The Old Ghost Bait Group. The target? Europe’s vast bait market. “We want to be number one in the world,” says President Yi Zhe of Old Ghost. “And Europe is the first step.”


wo of China’s best-known names have signed a groundbreaking agreement that they believe will transform the European bait market. The Old Ghost Bait Group – China’s biggest Holly Kudos President Wu Dong: “Our connections in supplier of bait – has joined Europe will be the key.” forces with carp and match fishing tackle giant Holly Kudos to promote its baits across Europe. After five years of research and investigation into the European bait market, Old Ghost has already achieved remarkable influence in Europe, putting dealers on Old Ghost President Yi red alert for its first wave of Zhe: “We know we have the right products.” product releases. For its part, Holly Kudos will provide its considerable expertise in Europe to facilitate Old Ghost’s expansion into this vast new marketplace. Holly Kudos President, Wu Dong, and President


“The next few years will see a big change in the European bait market. Holly Kudos will be a great asset for us there.” of the Old Ghost Bait Group, Yi Zhe, have agreed the deal, which will be confirmed at China Fish where the two companies will share the same booths. Zhe said: “We are the number one bait brand in China and supply 70% of our domestic market which consists of 90 million anglers. We want to become the top brand in the world and the first step in that plan is to enter the European sector. “With these expansion plans in mind we have signed an agreement of strategic co-operation with Holly Kudos, which is a big and well-established figure in the European fishing tackle market. “Holly Kudos will be our distributor in Europe and will help us to promote our brands and create new European-style products. We also invite those customers who have already been in touch to contact us directly to enhance our cooperation. “Europe is our foremost focus – the next few years will see a tremendous change in its bait market.” Old Ghost has showcased its unique and powerful

Angling International February 2011

Above: A baking machine at Old Ghost’s bait factory.

baits at various European shows. Its products have also been field tested and approved by top anglers. It plans to introduce a variety of products at China Fish that it has designed especially for the European market in conjunction with Holly Kudos. Zhe said the baits would include sausage-like fresh-keeping wet bait and a range of groundbaits. He added: “We are convinced that fish around the world can never distinguish who makes the baits they eat.


Main image: Old Ghost’s factory. Insets below: Parts of the fully automated production line that makes Old Ghost the world’s biggest bait producer.


big profit margins will be on offer. Holly Kudos President Wu Dong told Angling International: “Old Ghost is without a doubt the biggest and best bait producer in China. They have conquered the Chinese market, leaving their competitors far behind. A fishing tackle shop in China is not a fishing tackle shop unless it supplies Old Ghost

Fish only bite their favourite food. However, to ensure our products performed fantastically on European waters, we consulted several famous European fishing experts. “In the next few years we will continuously research and investigate the international markets and are planning to set up bait study centres in European countries to stay at the cutting-edge of the business.” Old Ghost will attach its own brand to products that have the company’s intellectual property rights, like the sausage-look fresh bait and dissolvable groundbait pellets, and a top quality range of hook baits. However, for standard-setting groundbaits and boiles it is looking for OEM business and says that

products. We are glad to have this chance to associate products with Old Ghost and help expand its reach in Europe by providing our promotion experience. “Our connections with top anglers will help Old Ghost to create its range of European-style baits efficiently alongside its already excellent Chineseformulated baits, and our well-established sales strategy will enable them to be successfully distributed through respected channels. “Europe is a successful marketplace for Holly Kudos and under the agreement with Old Ghost we can offer our customers a whole new range of products.”


Holly Kudos Fishing Tackle Company is a daughter company of the Jiangsu Holly Corporation, a well-known and respected public listed company based in Jiangsu Province, China. It has been manufacturing fishing tackle since 1998 and is now an established supplier of a complete range of ‘high specification’ carp and match tackle in Europe. It offers a comprehensive range of over 5,000 tackle items from its manufacturing units in Danyang, a city near Nanjing and Shanghai. It also has a 500sqm office and showroom in Weihei, the industrial centre for fishing tackle manufacturing in the world. The Holly Kudos factories cover more than 30,000sqm and together employ 500 people. The company only accepts OEM business from wholesalers and does not take orders from retailers. Its strength lies with its experience with, and knowledge of, the highly competitive European market and it employs a large team of industry and angling consultants to stay abreast of the latest trends.

Old Ghost

Old Ghost Baits Group is the most famous and popular brand among China’s 90 million anglers and supplies 70% of the domestic market. The company was set up in 1992 in Wuhan, in the Hubei Province of China and currently has over 100 patents for its brands of fishing baits that also include powder, boilies and pellets. In 2009 the group invested in a totally automated 8,000sqm factory with nine assembly lines, making it the biggest bait manufacturing base in the world with an annual production capacity of 150,000 tons. The company has the angler at heart and in 1999 established the Old Ghost Fishing Academy – the first in China set up to provide free training for anglers. To date nearly 10,000 Chinese anglers have taken advantage of the tuition. Old Ghost also has its own film and television company called Travelling & Angling Around the World. Set up in 2002, the company has produced over 30 fishing books and published several million DVDs for free distribution. In 2003 Old Ghost set up a subsidiary, Hubei Fengxing Fishing Tackle Company which produces rods and fishing accessories and does business with over 1,000 franchise stores.

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Popular event: organisers are expecting 25,000 visitors from across France and from elsewhere in Europe.

Europe’s top sea show has plenty to celebrate – a 10th anniversary plus growth in the boat sector.


n improvement in the boating market, an increase in the number of exhibitors and growing interest from international businesses promise to make the tenth anniversary of the Salon Européen Des Pêches en Mer – Europe’s premier sea fishing show – the best in its history. The fortunes of the show, held each year in Nantes on the west coast of France, have shown a marked upturn since ownership passed to exhibitions company Expo Nantes in 2008. The event has become a key marketing investment for many of Europe’s top brands, who consider it ‘unmissable’, and it is expected to attract around 25,000 visitors to the Parc des Expositions de la Beaujoire on February 18th, 19th and 20th.

“The tenth anniversary of the show is a big occasion and of course we have a few special things planned,” said the show’s Project Manager Cyrille Devorsine. “There is an opportunity for visitors to win n fishing equipment prizes in a daily competition and every visitor will also receive a free fishing tool. In addition we have planned a special evening reception to celebrate the tenth anniversary.” A number of other favourite features will also be repeated. The Eco Village focuses on environmental and fish resource issues, while the popular Quay Area has an impressive display of accessories such as knives, binoculars, eyewear and technical garments as well as books and art.

“The European Sea Fishing Show reflects a booming market.” – Cyrille Devorsine


Angling International February 2011


Many exhibitors will also enter product into the third Innovation Awards, with the much-anticipated results being announced at a reception at 5pm on Friday, February 18th. Devorsine explained that the Nantes exhibitor list grows by about 2% annually and that 125 exhibitors (including 15 first-timers) will be offering products and services including fishing tackle, boats, engines and accessories at the 2011 event. Devorsine explained that making the show more international is an important objective for Expo Nantes, adding: “With our communication in Angling International magazine we fully expect to attract and welcome more international visitors. “Of course the domestic market is also a priority. Our show is the biggest in France and has become a meeting reference point.” This year’s Salon Européen Des Pêches en Mer corresponds with a large tourism show at the same venue and, together with the fact that it is a month earlier than last year to avoid public holidays, this is expected to boost attendance. Expo Nantes is also encouraged by an upturn in the boat market and reports that this is reflected in a year-on-year increase in boat exhibitors. “The European Sea Fishing Show reflects a booming market,” added Devorsine. “The 125 exhibitors offer a wide range of products and services from companies across Europe. The show is an excellent destination for exhibitors to meet and network with well-targeted visitors and professionals in the sea fishing industry.”

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Tel: +33 240 52 0811 Email: Web:



Frichy sets out plan to lead the world in fishing pliers

Europe is the key target, says Frichy Manufacturing General Manager Jacky Fan. “We are increasing production of our aluminium pliers all the time,” he says.


he Richy Group, the China-based manufacturer of fishing pliers, saw its output rise by a phenomenal 400% during 2010. And it is planning to increase that by a further 250% this year as it targets growth in Europe. The company, which trades as Frichy Manufacturing, has seen demand for its products rise dramatically over the last two years. In 2009 it produced 20,000 units and last year increased that to 80,000. Output for

Above: Jacky Fan interviewed by the Bass Channel at the Frichy booth at ICAST 2010 in Las Vegas.

the current year is expected to reach 200,000. Frichy Manufacturing is based in the city of Zhangjiagang in the provence of Jiangsu – an area renowned for the manufacture of hand-forged tools. Since 1995 it has built a reputation for its carbon steel and stainless steel drop-forged pliers, but in recent years it has developed a range of reasonablypriced aluminium products. Frichy Manufacturing General Manager Jacky Fan

said: “Before Frichy introduced aluminium pliers few fishermen could afford them. In America they cost around $100. “Our plan this year is to make aluminium pliers available to all anglers at a reasonable price and increase their popularity.” And he added that the group would be targeting Europe in the near future. “It is a very big market for fishing pliers, but most anglers are still using stainless steel models,” he said. “We are looking forward to entering this market so our 2011 products are designed with that in mind. “The European market is very fragmented. Different regions have different designs for handles, jaws and other details. Fortunately the Richy Group has the ability to meet individual demands thanks to our 180-unit CNC machine. “Worldwide we can produce 20,000 units a month, which is good for clients all over the globe.” Fan confirmed that it was the group’s intention to become the number one supplier of fishing pliers in the world. He said: “To achieve that aim we have a structured development plan in place.” The Frichy development plan includes: ● Price control Fan says that the group is planning to reduce its work with distributors and wholesalers and concentrate its efforts on retailers. ● Continued product innovation Frichy will introduce a new product onto the market every three months. In 2011 it will be launching the FPB06s, FPG and FPE models. ● Maintaining quality control Fan says that every pair of pliers that goes out of the factory has undergone eight different inspection processes. Frichy Manufacturing currently exports to 50 countries worldwide with the USA, Europe, Australia and Japan its main marketplaces. This year, as it continues its global expansion plan,

Above and below: Frichy representatives will be at China Fish and EFTTEX in 2011, as they were this year.

it will be at China Fish, where it can be found at booth 2430. The company will also be at EFTTEX, ICAST and the Japan Fishing Show. “We want our clients to know about our new products and keep our brand at the forefront of the industry,” added Fan.

“Different European regions require different designs, and we have the ability to meet those demands.” 48

Angling International February 2011


THE PICK OF THE FRICHY PRODUCTS SCHEDULED FOR CHINA FISH Left: Frichy’s FBP06S aluminium pliers “are ideal for slicing through tough braid,” says Jacky Fan.



“Before Frichy few fishermen could afford aluminium pliers. Our plan is to make them available to all anglers.” – Jacky Fan FPB06S (above, main picture)

Says Jacky Fan: “These mini aluminium fishing pliers have stainless steel split ring jaws that are ideal for slicing through the toughest braid. They have a comfortable spring-loaded handle and are seven inches long.”

FPE04 “These eight-inch lightweight pliers are as

tough as identical aluminium pliers with stainless steel jaws, but they are 13% cheaper. Better still, they do not rust in a saltwater environment.”

FPG02 “Another pair of lightweight pliers, these come

with a split ring opener and are also ideal for small split rings. Available in multiple colours, they are 6.5 inches.”

FPG03 “Also available in many colours, the FPG03


comes with a split ring opener and is 7.5 inches long.”

FPB03 “Spring-loaded and anodised for perfect

hardness and colour, the replaceable jaws of these pliers are made of stainless steel and tempered for a longer life. They have both a small and large split ring opener.”

FPB06 “These pliers have a replaceable stainless

jaw with small split ring opener and crimps. They are also spring-loaded.”



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Tel: +86 512 5690 3075 Email: Web: China Fish booth number: 2430 February 2011 Angling International





After conquering its homeland, LK Baits is targeting carp anglers throughout the rest of Europe with its range of highly effective boilies, pellets and additives.


K Baits is a name that is becoming synonymous within eastern Europe for the production of unique baits and additives for the discerning carp angler. Since it was formed by Lukas Krasa in 2006 its Innovative developer: LK products have reached Baits founder Lukas Krasa is an expert in carp biology. thousands of fishermen who can testify to its success with big carp catches, says the company. Krasa puts the success of his baits down to the unique technology behind them and the quality of the components that make up the products including LK’s own additives, such as All Amino Nutric. The process and additives LK Baits

uses set its boilies apart from other baits which, claims Krasa, tend to smell very much alike. “The hidden essence in many run-of-the-mill baits is from artificial and cheap preservatives. This is something you will never find in a boilie from LK Baits. The nutritional value and our unique bacterial process is laboratory-accredited – number 5665 (2007).” The company produces a range of products including the shelf-life LK Baits boilies, pop-up boilies, fluorescent boilies, boilie pastes, mini boilies, dips and the unique pre-drilled pellets. Each one has its own history. “The recipes are not just a collection of theories gained from books and magazines,” asserts Krasa. “Behind them are many prosperous – and also in some cases unsuccessful – sessions over seasons of testing in European waters.” Born in May 1982, Krasa is one of the most respected professionals in the production of baits and additives for

Main image: Lukas Krasa with fish caught during testing for his new baits. Far right: LK Baits fluoro pop-ups.


Angling International February 2011

carp fishing. From an early age he became interested in the natural diet of carp, including their digestion and general biology. During his studies he consulted with leading experts in the research of fish anatomy, biology and nutrition and in 2004 he published a book, ‘The Secret of Carp’. He has since worked for several Czech and foreign companies as a development engineer working on carp bait development, and subsequently founded LK Baits with the aim of producing top quality boilies. As well as offering a unique product, Krasa has always been proud of the company’s customer service. As a result, there is no minimum order requirement. LK Baits deals direct with its retail customers and not through wholesalers or distributors, a strategy that ensures higher margins. Says Krasa: “We respond to every request. We are not limited by a minimum amount for the end customer. For the European market we have a sales


manager – himself a very experienced carp angler – who endeavours to satisfy the needs of every customer to the highest standards.” The company is reaping the benefits of the carp fishing explosion in eastern Europe and – being based in the Czech Republic – is ideally placed to supply the fast-growing demand. The home market continues to provide the bedrock of its business, but LK Baits is continually spreading its reach across the region and beyond. Marek Roman, a sales manager for LK Baits, told Angling International: “New opportunities are constantly opening up for us. The carp market in Europe is growing each year and products are being developed all the time. Each year there is something new in the tackle shops. “We are already strong in the Czech Republic – I believe we are the biggest producer in our home country – and are well established in Slovakia and the Ukraine. We also export to Russia, Austria, Poland and Germany.” Roman added that the company nurses particularly high hopes for the Polish market. He said: “We started trading there last year and achieved some good results. Our advertising campaign, together with news reports and pictures of catches made on our baits, have captured the imagination of anglers in Poland. “As a result of this people are getting to know who we are and are liking what they learn. In Poland the carp anglers are used to poor quality local bait that is cheap and simple. Our products are more expensive, but the results have been impressive.” Roman added that Benelux, Denmark and the UK were also on the LK Baits radar as markets that could prove fruitful in the future. As well as providing a complete bait solution, LK Baits has branched out and is now selling an extended range of fishing tackle. It has an exclusive agreement to sell Sonik Sports equipment in the Czech Republic and also represents some other well-known brands. Diversification is a means of providing a wider range of products for its customers, but LK Baits will always be first and foremost renowned for its unique bait offering.


THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE SUCCESS A top expert in fish anatomy and diseases has helped LK Baits produce a carp market first. Lukas Krasa in cooperation with Dr Stanislav Cervinka developed a revolutionary additive called Bacteria Septic, the base of which contains several hundreds of millions of special bacterial

germs which help the carp digest baits more easily. The active ingredient is a substance which has matured over months and comes in various colours, tastes and smells designed for different reactions. Another liquid additive is the All Amino Nutric – a special mix

of amino acids and a range of natural substances said to attract carp by its smell.

LK Baits will be launching what it describes as a unique new pellet range in 2011. The pellets are made mostly from the same base mix as its boilies and can be applied as a bait additive to its Restart and TopRestart boilies. The pellets are also effective as an instant hook bait and take a number of hours before dissolving. The company is also introducing a new powder soak, which has been created to work alongside its best liquid food, the All Amino Nutric. For best results, LK Baits recommends that anglers soak the bait in liquid Nutric Acid and then coat the powder around it. Another newcomer to the range for 2011 is the All Amino Nutric concentrate with the addition of acid and attractors.


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Tel: +42 191 531 7360 Email: Web: February 2011 Angling International




There’s no hiding it – New Green is ideal for carp!

Prologic has developed the ideal camouflage colour, and used it to build an exciting new range for 2011.


rologic has long acknowledged the fact that carp are an intelligent and challenging species that command respect. The slightest suspicion and they become nearly impossible to lure. Blending in with the natural terrain of the waterside is a key factor in catching that one pivotal trophy fish. Because of this, industry insiders spend a great deal of time, energy and research on coming up with the best possible means of camouflage to make their products as natural as possible.

While searching for a new green colour that would provide the serious carp angler with the perfect all-season, cross-terrain camouflage, Prologic came across just that – only the colour is not green! The Svendsen Sport brand says that its research

established that the perfect colour is more brown than green. Armed with this discovery, Prologic has launched a complete carp range with an extremely stealthy profile – the New Green programme. Built on years of technical and practical fine tuning in collaboration with some of the most experienced carp anglers across Europe, Prologic believes it has provided the serious carp fisherman with superior all-season and all-terrain camouflage. Prologic says that the New Green programme has been well received by those who have enjoyed a sneak preview. The extensive range includes bivvies, overwraps, shelters, umbrellas, bivvy tables, sleeping bags, luggage bags, holdalls, weigh slings, mats and tackle boxes. Nearly 40 new products are included in the line-up and together with several new and highly specialised boilies, scents and powders – as well as new clothing, alarms and accessories – they are set to mark an exciting new carp season for Prologic enthusiasts. Products to be found in Prologic’s New Green range include the Tackle Organiser, new for 2011 and featuring many cool details and opportunities to customise to suit the angler’s own needs. Prologic says that the reasonably priced product is ideal for storing all carp gear. The Tackle Organiser is a 6+1 box system with


one big lure box and four smaller ones plus a rig board which all fit into the large box. Also included in the programme is Prologic’s New Green Weigh Sling. It comes in two different sizes and is made of fish-friendly soft PVC material. In addition, it features a soft PVC mesh drain. The whole product range is available this year and is being followed by a consumer advertising campaign in a series of fishing magazines across Europe.

The new 6+1 Tackle Organiser (above) and Weigh Sling (below) are star ar products in the New Green carp ran range. ange ge.

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Tel: +45 46 191913 Email: Web: or


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The voice of the European Tackle Trade


Once again, EFTTA members and western visitors can relax and catch up on business at the custom-built EFTTA Lounge, which is returning to China Fish after a successful debut last year.


EFTTA CEO Jean Claude Bel will be at the stand (below).

or the second year running EFTTA will be welcoming visitors to its custom-built lounge at China Fish 2011. The special 60sqm booth is bigger than before and has been designed to help western buyers enjoy a more comfortable and efficient environment to do business and meet customers at China Fish. EFTTA CEO Jean Claude Bel said: “The lounge was greatly appreciated by all the people who visited it last year – and that was

not only for the coffee and cakes which were well received in the cold environment. “It has been designed to offer a comfortable seating area where you can meet your customers and suppliers and enjoy free internet access, refreshments and interpreter services.” Staff from EFTTA will also be available to help visitors and provide information on EFTTA and the forthcoming EFTTEX 2011, which takes place in Amsterdam in June. The lounge will be open to all western buyers, EFTTA members and non-members and representatives of other trade associations such as ASA, JAFTMA, AFTA, AFFTA, ATA, BVA, GIFAP and FIPO. EFTTA has a successful relationship with China Fish and Jean Claude Bel said: “Our relationship with China Fish is very important to us. China is the factory of the world and we try to make the globe

smaller and collaborate on such hot issues as trademarks, patents and safety standards. “We have regular contacts during the show and keep in touch throughout the year. We have to show we are an active industry with an active trade association involved everywhere things are happening.” As part of its co-operation, China Fish will be hosting an equivalent facility at EFTTEX 2011, where officials of the Beijing showcase can welcome eastern buyers, visitors and exhibitors onto its stand to provide information on its current plans and projects, IPR issues and other relevant information. Jean Claude Bel added: “EFTTA and China Fish both agree that providing the best support possible to our members is very important when they travel thousands of miles from home. “We hope our members will use these facilities and find them useful. Both trade associations are looking forward to meeting members in 2011.”

“You can meet suppliers and enjoy free internet access, refreshments and interpreter services.” – Jean Claude Bel

NEW OFFICE CONTACT FOR EFTTEX EXHIBITORS EFTTEX exhibitors will have a new contact this year following the resignation of EFTTEX Co-ordinator Sally Steel. Sally is leaving the EFTTA Secretariat after three years in her post to go travelling and will be replaced by Helen Downey. Helen will be the first point of contact for

EFTTEX exhibitors in the run-up to the show in June. Said Sally: “I have enjoyed my time at EFTTA. I am confident that EFTTEX 2011 will be a great success and wish the Secretariat and exhibitors good luck. I am sorry to be leaving behind such a fantastic team and thank

them for making my time at EFTTA so wonderful.” Helen said: “I look forward to making contact with all the exhibitors booked for EFTTEX 2011. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me.” Helen can be emailed at

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Major Board changes for UK’s Richard Wheatley

for day-to-day operations in Malvern, UK assisted by manufacturer of Wheatley products his brother Nick. “The combination of the partners’ since 2007. “We have been proud to play a role experience in manufacturing, marketing and product development will significantly strengthen the comin the development of the Wheatley pany whilst continuing its tradition as a premium brand in North America and in the brand known throughout the world,” he says. creation of several new products, such as our unique GraFx COMPANY ADDS SUPPORT FOR MILITARY CHARITY anodised fly boxes,” said Gnann. is that the boxes are selling really Richard Wheatley – the English “In 2011, REC’s developThe new Richard Wheatley Board (from left): Mark Woof, Alan Gnann and Clive Edwards. “Our well.” maker of fishing tackle sundries combined experience will significantly strengthen the company,” says Mark Woof. ment efforts will provide the since 1860 – is doing its bit for The company has just opportunity to introduce completed its 150th anniversary the country’s ‘Fishing for Heroes’ ichard Wheatley, the UK manufacturer several new products and at the same time promotions, which included 50 charity. of fly boxes and accessories, has explore ways to leverage the Wheatley brand limited edition reproductions of The charity provides theraannounced ownership changes in the globally on a broad range of fly fishingthe original fly box/wallet lined peutic fly fishing for military war company which have seen the appointrelated products.” with cork steel, which was first veterans who are suffering from ment of two new Board members. Clive Edwards is an authority on the produced by Richard Wheatley Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Joining Managing Director Mark Woof on the Board company’s products and history. He has in 1860. (PTSD). is Alan Gnann, CEO of US business REC Components, an extensive collection of vintage Wheatley Woof said: “We have been To help the charity, the EFTTA delighted by the success of our and Clive Edwards, who manages the Richard member has produced a set products and memorabilia and runs the promotions – the reaction of the of four aluminium boxes that Wheatley museum. Each of the three partners will virtual Richard Wheatley Museum. are printed with the ‘Fishing for trade and our customers have have an equal share in the business. “I am pleased to be an active partner in The move follows the retirement and resignation maintaining the Richard Wheatley tradition Heroes’ logo and has donated 10% been extremely positive. of the price to the charity. “We were keen to emphasise from the Board of Mark’s father John Woof, who first established in 1860,” he said. Mark Woof, Managing Director the traditions of the company has been associated with the business for more Mark Woof has been associated with the of Richard Wheatley, said: “The along with the superb innovations than 30 years. company since 1980 and took over ownercharity is a great scheme and in aluminium finishing that are REC Components has been the exclusive North ship with his father in 1988. As Managing what is really encouraging for us now possible.” American distributor for Richard Wheatley and coDirector he will continue to be responsible


SUPPORT FOR YOUNGSTERS FROM EFTTA AND ITS MEMBERS Four organisations have been handed cash grants from the EFTTA Board as part of its Youth Grant Scheme 2010, which was set up to support fishing projects across Europe. ‘Let’s learn to fish!’ based in the South Savo district of Finland, has been awarded a grant of €4,000 from the EFTTA Board and its sponsors,

EFTTA members Finlandia Uistin, Kuusamon Uistin, Jigwobbler, Wakefishing and Eumer. In the region there are 120 comprehensive schools and 15,000 pupils under 16 years of age. The project is aimed at teaching angling theory and practice to 5,000 youngsters. As part of the scheme, the money from the

EFTTA Board together with that from the EFTTA member sponsors will help to pay for advisors and fishing tackle. In England, the Development of Angling to Young People within the Derwent Valley has received a combined total of €4,000 from the EFTTA Board and Hardy & Greys. The project delivers 12 monthly sessions a year to young anglers in the Derwent Valley – yo a picturesque part of rural North East England which is dominated by one En of the country’s top trout and salmon waterways – the River Derwent. The wa funding from EFTTA and Hardy & fu Greys Gr will be used to purchase 15 full sets se of fly fishing tackle suitable for river ri trout fishing. The International Baltic Sea Young Anglers Camp, based in the summer An capital of Estonia, Parnu, will receive ca a total of €2,000 from EFTTA and its sponsors to buy fishing tackle and sp

materials. Sponsored by Normark (Normark Eesti Ou and Normark Latvia SIA), the project teaches young people from Finland, Estonia and Latvia about waterway conservation and sportfishing. The fourth successful application, which will receive €2,000, is Fishing For Knowledge, a Daiwa Sports-backed project run by Solway Heritage. Fishing For Knowledge is a scheme which aims to provide angling experiences for youngsters in the river catchment area of Dumfries and Galloway, in Scotland. The money is being spent on equipment and educational materials. In March 2010 the EFTTA Board set aside 15% of EFTTA profit to support youth projects and the Association pledges to match the sponsorship from an EFTTA member up to €2,000. For further details on the scheme contact

“ March last year the EFTTA Board voted to “In sset aside 15% of EFTTA profits to support youth projects in Europe.” y 58

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at Angling rs ito ed t uc od pr e th th on m Each t exciting new International select the mos To help you t. ke ar m to t gh ou br g in be le tack customers, we decide on their appeal to yoeurmanufacturers so will include insight from thss immediately. you can start doing busine

products you need to know about

Below: the XCalibur Xr50 rattle bait with eyes at the back. Bottom: the new Square Lip, designed to attract ‘spooky’ bass.


Exciting new ergonomic crankbaits from XCalibur that ‘cast like bullets’ Among XCalibur’s exciting new offerings for 2011 are the new series of Square Lip shallow-running crankbaits and a whole new line of Xr50 rattle baits. The Square Lip wobbles with a semi-roll to show its flash to bass down below, while its silent swim projects a realistic baitfish look, sound and feel through water displacement – considered a real plus when bass are spooky or in clear water. Three sizes ensure anglers can match the hatch. The Alton Jones model Xcs100 is two inches long and weighs 1/2oz; the Tim Horton Xcs200 is two inches and 5/8oz; and the Edwin Evers Xcs300 is three inches and 3/4oz. It comes in 14 different colour patterns and the MSRP is $6.99. The new line of XCalibur Xr50 rattle baits is the result of a new and painstaking painting process that has produced a realistic, muted finish that looks and feels like a shell-covered crawfish. The 3D eyes previously at the front have been replaced with raised, blood-red crustacean eyes on the back of the bait. Black nickel in-line hooks ride up against the body to reduce snags, while the ergonomic shape allows it to be cast like a bullet. It comes in seven colour patterns with a MSRP of $6.99. What the makers say: “The Square Lip lures cast like a bullet and bounce off cover looking like a dazed and confused baitfish. The lip design allows it to be threaded through thick cover and come out the other side, a real temptation for bass. The Xr50 is among the most effective lipless crankbaits on the market and the addition of the Real Craw line-up makes it even better.”

Business contacts Tel: +1 479 782 8971 Email: Website: February 2011 Angling International



products you need to know about

A strong lure for sea bass Japanese lure manufacturer Duel has gone hardcore. It has launched the Hardcore Minnow, which it says has the strongest reinforced body, with wire throughout its construction. In addition, a magnet weight transfer system enables longer casting. The floating lure weighs 16g, is 120mm long and comes in 11 different colours. The dimensions of its sinking counterpart are 20g and 120mm. What the makers say: “The powerful wobbling action attracts monster sea bass. It is effective not only for sea bass inshore or in estuaries, but also for a wide range of fish, including dolphinfish, flatfish, yellowtail and kingfish. It is especially good in open seas and murky waters.” Business contacts Tel: +34 9330 01412 Email: Website:



A huge new range from Scientific Anglers Scientific Anglers has set its sights on the evolving Spey markets with the introduction of 70 new lines for all casting styles. The new SASPEY lines and tips – all featuring Scientific Anglers’ ‘SA ID’ marking system so that fly anglers always know what line is on their reel – include Spey Evolution lines in 420 to 680 grain weights for all-round big water, big fish situations. What the makers say: “Whether you are fishing ‘up close and personal’ or fine and far off, the Spey Evolution floating lines are the perfect all-round choice for salmon and steelhead anglers. They have a short rear taper and small diameter running line for exceptional distance and control.” Business contacts Tel: +1 866 587 6747 Website:

Reels for jigging for catfish and carp Carson’s new high capacity Domino reel features an ultra high capacity, perforated aluminium spool and progressive micrometric front drag. The Italian manufacturer has also incorporated a five SS ball bearings ‘one-way’ clutch, an unlimited anti-reverse system, ergonomic knob and aluminium handle. What the makers say: “Specially designed for jigging for catfish and carp, the Domino has power and reliability when going for the big fish.”


Business Contacts Email: Website:

Lures designed for street fishing

5 60

Angling International February 2011

Delalande, the French manufacturer of soft lures, has created a new range – composed of small vibratory lures and micro jigheads – for street and rock fishing. Included is the Streetbait, a lure that emits strong vibrations. The tail incorporates three balls and a ‘beater’ at the rear, providing high mobility and a slow descent time to the bottom. What the makers say: “When you understand that most bites occur on the descent, you can imagine what this lure will do when mounted on a micro jig in cast and catch or in vertical fishing!” Business contacts Tel: +33 247 736565 Email: Website:


Multi-feature surf rods from G.Loomis that cast forever

Surf anglers can now experience long casting with powerful, yet lightweight IMX graphite blanks thanks to the new IMX Surf rod series from G.Loomis. Available in 13 spinning models in lengths from 8ft to 11ft, they are designed with unique features that include a Sure Grip Technology handle design, an adjustable reel seat and tangle-proof Fuji K-Frame Alconite guides. What the makers say: “Our manufacturing technologies allow us to design a rod with a fast recovery rate and with it casting distance. With the 13 rods available, we’re able to provide anglers with the lengths, power and actions needed to fish everywhere.” Business contacts Tel: +1 800 274 4626 (tackle shops); +1 800 353 3671 (fly shops) Website:


Stretch technology from Gruppo DP Nylon stretches and over time this reduces sensitivity and hookset power, while fluorocarbon just stretches a little, says Gruppo DP. But now the Italian line company has come up with monofilament technology in two of its lines that it claims overcomes this flaw. One of these – the Asso Ultra Low Stretch – has the lowest stretch for a nylon monofilament (18%) and yet boasts strong knot strength. The Asso Fluorocarbon High Stretch (left) has a double stretch factor (35% to 40%) compared to standard lines, and offers natural hook presentation. What the makers say: “The Asso Ultra has minimum stretch, but enough shock resistance to avoid pulled hooks and lost fish, while the Asso Fluorocarbon High Stretch is particularly suitable as a leader and can be used with a low stretch braid and mono main line.” Business contacts Tel: +1 39 010369 6846 Email: Website:

Perfectly camouflaged bivvies and more For years Prologic has been working with carp and specimen anglers across Europe to come up with a green colour to blend in perfectly with waterside environments and function as a universal, all-season camouflage tone. The result is what ProLogic is calling ‘New Green’, although the company’s developers admit to being surprised that it is actually more brown than anticipated. Now the four-season blend has prompted the launch of a whole new range of bivvies, domes, covers, bags, holdalls, carp sacks, mats, weighing slings and more, all in the new colour. What the makers say: “These new products have been welcomed with great enthusiasm and excitement at trade shows during the fall of 2010 and now they are ready to hit the stores for the 2011 season. They are perfect for anglers who value a natural, stealthy approach.” Business contacts Tel: +45 46 191 913 Email: Web:


Versatile line designed to last longer


Voltage is a tournament-grade copolymer line extruded using P-Line’s UV-Guard technology. By adding a UV inhibitor during the extrusion process, the company says it has created a line that shields the sun’s rays, ensuring a longer life on the reel without losing valuable breaking strength. What the makers say: “It has always been a challenge to find the perfect line with just the right amount of abrasion resistance, castability and breaking strength without having to go to the extreme of using small or large diameter line. Whether you are loading a spinning reel to fish the flats, or putting ten baitcasters on the deck of your bass boat, Voltage is the line that will easily win your trust.” Business contacts: Tel: +39 0583 709036 Email: Web:


products you need to know about New screen-printed soft straps from Flying Fisherman Flying Fisherman has redesigned its Neoprene Sunglass Retainer Collection for 2011, offering 16 new soft straps with a series of screen-printed graphic game fish designs. The lanyard is made from ultra-soft neoprene material that is comfortable to wear, hand-washable and attached by moistening the temple ends of the glasses and inserting them into the tube-shaped ends until snug. The new straps are available in a variety of freshwater and saltwater designs. A plain back floating neoprene strap is also new to the collection, which offers floating, braided and rubberised lanyards. What the makers say: “These stylish lanyards help prevent the loss of sunglasses.”


Business contacts Tel: +1 305 852 8989 Email: Website:

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