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REELS SECTOR Shimano, no, Ardent, Ross, um, Maxel and more SPECIAL ISSUE Quantum, December 2011 Issue 47

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Leading companies reveal their key products for 2012 Starts p33 December 2011 Issue 47

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Essential reading for buyers in the tackle trade


Lead ban looms for Dutch anglers

Government determined to eliminate substance from sport p14

12-page reels special

How Quantum’s stunning new Generation Exo has shot conventional reel design full of holes p40-41

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hina’s position as the world’s major manufacturer of fishing tackle has once again come under intense scrutiny following Rapala’s decision to move another chunk of its production to Indonesia. In its third quarter report to investors, the Finnish company has Jussi Ristimaki: confirmed revealed that it is to relocate its VMC VMC hooks for Asia will now be made in Indonesia. hook manufacturing facility for the Asian market from China to Batam, Indonesia, where it has already made a decision to move part of its lure production. Rapala’s latest move out of China is being replicated by the giant US conglomerate, the Jarden Corporation – owner of Pure Fishing. It has stated its intention to ‘repatriate’ the manufacturing of certain product lines from Asia back to the Americas. Both companies have cited the rising costs of manufacturing in China as the reason for the about turn. In an exclusive interview with Angling International, Rapala’s Chief Financial Officer, Jussi Ristimaki has claimed: ● China is no longer the ultimate place for cheap production; ● China does not want labour-intensive low value industry any more: ● Rapala’s new base in Batam, Indonesia, has the potential to be the new hub for its Asian manufacturing operations.

“The whole of China is changing. There is a saying now that the main export is inflation.” – Jussi Ristimaki, Rapala Chief Financial Officer

Ristimaki said: “China and Hong Kong is still the main hub for our Asian manufacturing operations. Batam will run in parallel to China. However, Batam has many characteristics which potentially make it the main location in the future, but this can only happen over time. “Future steps relating to Batam will be considered once

Jarden Executive Chairman Martin E. Franklin: has announced strategy to bring back more production to America.

these first phases of lure and hook transfer are finalised.” Added Ristimaki: “The whole of China is changing. It was the place to go for cheap production, but now the country is developing, the minimum wage is going up and the currency is getting stronger and stronger. There is a saying now that the main export in China is inflation. “There has also been a change of mindset in the big cities and along the coastline. The do not want our very labourintensive manufacturing any more. The governor of the Ghuangzhou region – where a lot of tackle is made – has been quoted as saying that he wants the province to be more like Singapore, where hi-tech industries dominate. “To survive as a manufacturing base, the fishing tackle industry has to move inland where costs are cheaper. “It is difficult to say what the future holds for China. I cannot see Rapala pulling out altogether, but for us Batam presents the best option. We will continue to build it up and keep assessing the situation.” At the Jarden Corporation Q3 presentation in Rye, New York, its Executive Chairman, Martin E. Franklin (above), said: “I believe Jarden is at the forefront of the trend to repatriate product lines from Asia back to America. “Our view is that wages and benefits in China will continue to rise by 15% to 20% annually as the economy becomes more consumer orientated and the long-term trend in shipping and transportation costs move upwards. “This combination of events makes such repatriation an important part of our long-term strategy.”

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he resilience of the fishing tackle industry in times of severe economic crisis has been highlighted by the sales performance of Rapala and the Jarden Corporation’s Pure Fishing. Both companies reported increased sales, with Rapala posting a third quarter record and Pure Fishing – which includes the likes of Shakespeare, Berkley, Sébile and Abu Garcia – being highlighted by its Executive Chairman for its performance in Jarden’s ‘stand-out’ Outdoor Solutions division. Shimano managed a modest 1.3% increase in fishing tackle sales – still a noteworthy achievement considering the tsunami and floods that devastated the north-east coast of its home market, Japan. In the US, retailer Cabela’s reported ‘strong’ fishing sales and, despite accepting that market conditions were difficult, fellow retailer Big 5 Sporting Goods saw its sales rise and reported ‘positive’ sales trends going into the fourth quarter. The signs are also promising for next year’s EFTTEX in Paris. With more than 80% of booth space already sold, the organisers are urging potential exhibitors to book now

to avoid disappointment. See page 51 for more details. While it is naïve to say that these results indicate that everything in the fishing industry garden is rosy, they do provide the market with reasons to be optimistic at a time when business confidence worldwide is at an all-time low. This month’s issue contains our first-ever Reels Special and includes 12 pages on the latest developments within the sector. Major manufacturers give a fascinating insight into what sets their reels apart from the opposition and what we can expect from them in the future. Meanwhile, now in its fourth year, our Lures Special has established itself as the ‘go-to’ guide for all that’s happening within one of the most buoyant and competitive sectors in the fishing industry. Please don’t miss our 2012 Lures Special in January – it will be packed with all the latest lure developments in an issue that more and more companies recognise as the definitive state-ofthe-market report. Mel Bagnall

Meet the makers of Angling International... MEL BAGNALL, PUBLISHING EDITOR Mel’s vast experience in the angling industry includes six years as the publisher of UK company Emap’s angling business. He began his career on Angling Times where he was reporter, feature writer, sub editor and news editor. He has worked in magazines for more than 39 years.

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Li Jiang, President of China Fish, has reacted to the decision by Rapala to move production to Indonesia, saying: “China is temporarily losing its advantage as a lowcost manufacturer Li Jiang: China has because inflation is ‘temporarily’ lost its competitive advantage. high. However, the Government is revising its policy to help those small and medium-sized companies overcome their difficulties. “It is true that a number of companies have transferred their manufacturing to other countries, but it would be hard to replace the country totally. China is steeped in fishing tackle manufacturing history and the workforce is very efficient. “The situation should also be looked upon as an opportunity. Chinese companies should take a positive view and concentrate on innovation and producing products of high quality.”


he battle to stop the sale of counterfeit fishing lures flooding into Sweden via the internet is gathering momentum. Following the exclusive story that appeared in last month’s Angling International about the problems being faced by Sportsystem and its Myrans Bjorn Johansson Elmervik: Heartened by support in brand, the company’s MD, Bjorn counterfeit campaign. Johansson Elmervik, has revealed that he has received support from his country’s tackle trade association, SPOF Pole, and from EFTTA. He said the article had highlighted the ‘horrible problem’ of counterfeit fishing tackle coming out of China and the need to act. “The article did a good job in raising the profile of the problem and I have been heartened by the support I have received from other companies, as well as SPOF Pole and EFTTA,” said Elmervik. He added that SPOF Pole has a meeting planned this

month at which the police and a top Stockholm lawyer will be looking at ways to combat the growing problem. EFTTA also discussed the situation at their board meeting in Vienna in November. Board member Per Westerlund, MD of fishing tackle wholesaler and manufacturer, Bios AB, said that EFTTA was looking to make as much information as possible available to companies on how to protect their interests. He added: “We are also looking at how other industries – like the toy trade – protect their intellectual Property (IP) rights and discover if there is anything that we can learn from them. “Bios has been indirectly affected when fake lures from brands that we represent are made available for sale on the internet. It is not so much the value of what is being sold, but the intention to sell something fake. ‘A consumer buys a certain product because he feels it will do a good job for him. When it does not perform up to expectations because it is fake then there is a problem whatever the value of the product.” The postal service in Sweden is working with police and turning over any suspicious packages from China. If they contain counterfeit items, they are being destroyed. Elmervik added that he was sure that he now knows where the factory making counterfeit lures is located and has written to the Chinese Embassy asking for any help they could provide. He said that a recent search on the internet had revealed around 12,000 lures for sale – up to 50% of which he believed were fake. Counterfeit brands included Myrans, Blue Fox and Power Pro. He said: “Following the destruction by police of the counterfeit lures a lot of customers in Sweden will not have received their goods. They will want their money back and that will put pressure on these websites.”

HOLME JOINS SVENDSEN IN UK Former Patagonia European Sales and Marketing Manager, Duncan Holme, is to head up the UK sales operation of Svendsen Sport. Keen angler Holme has been appointed UK Sales Manager of the Denmarkbased fishing tackle distributor after an extensive career in the outdoor footwear and clothing trade in the UK, Europe and New Zealand. Holme said: “I am delighted to join the Svendsen Sport team at a time when 8

Angling International December 2011

our brands are developing and strengthening across the board. We have some powerful and diverse brands which have an exceptionally strong presence in the UK tackle market. “It is my intention to work closely with the team and our customers to drive a profitable and distinctive product mix now and into the future. “In difficult economic times it is critical that we offer value for money without sacrificing quality.”


Kasslin: Rapala is on course for net sales increase year-on-year


he economic storm clouds hovering over Europe and the US have failed to rain on Rapala’s parade. The Finnish giant reported another quarter of record sales. Net sales of the group’s fishing products increased by 11% compared to the same quarter last year and 8% for the year to date. Overall sales were up 4% to a new Q3 record of €63m (2010: €60.6m). Although operating profit for the quarter was down €2.8m (2010: €3.1m), it was up for the year so far at €28.1m (2010: €27.5m). President and Chief Executive Officer Jorma Kasslin told investors: “The re-emerging uncertainties concerning the future development of economies globally and particularly in Europe did not significantly affect the demand for fishing tackle in any of the major markets. “The weather has supported sales especially in central and western Europe, and our new products have been selling well.

“Some negative impacts of the ongoing financial turmoil have been seen in some single markets and impacting on some expensive product categories,” he added. The company announced that its new manufacturing facility in Batam, Indonesia is expected to be producing plastic lures in the fourth quarter and that it was spending €0.3m on relocating its VMC hook production for the Asian market from China. The new factory is expected to employ around 50 people. In North America, after a slow start to the season, Rapala sales developed positively during the quarter by increasing 3% from last year despite a US dollar that was 7% weaker year-to-date against the euro. As a result year-to-date sales are 3% down. “US consumer confidence and general retail business is still hurt by the ongoing economic uncertainties. Rapala’s North American sales increase in Q3 was supported by good delivery performance as well as

RAPALA’S THIRD QUARTER: THE HEADLINE NUMBERS • Q3 net sales increased 4% to €63m (2010: €60.6m) – a new Third Quarter record • Year-to-date (YTD) net sales increased 5% to €218.7m (€209m) • Operating profit decreased to €2.8m (€3.1m), but up on year at €28.1m (€27.5m) • Group fishing product sales up 11% (YTD 8%) • Other group product sales down 12% (YTD +5%) • North America sales up 3% (YTD -3%) • Nordic sales down 6% (YTD +5%) • Rest of Europe sales up 15% (YTD +15%) • Rest of the world sales down 4% (YTD -1%)

Q3 net sales


Angling International December 2011

Operating profit

Jorma Kasslin: Oversaw a record Q3 performance from Rapala.

the introduction of new winter fishing products and special sales programmes,” explained Kasslin. In the Nordic countries sales were down by 6%, but up 5% in the nine-month period. Kasslin said that the drop was largely due to the relocation of the Finnish distribution company. In the rest of Europe sales were up 15% in both Q3 and for the year to date. The growth was led by France and eastern Europe as well as the impact of Dynamite Baits. Rapala’s rest of the world’s sales fell 4% in Q3, but are up 1% for the year. Kasslin said: “External sales grew in all markets, especially Japan and Australia, while production volumes at Rapala’s Asian manufacturing operations are slightly down from last year’s record levels following the group’s ongoing working capital management projects.” Kasslin said it is difficult to predict what the future holds but added: “So far the recent economic turbulences have only had a limited impact on demand for Rapala’s products. Historically the fishing tackle business has not been too strongly influenced by downturns in the general economic climate. “It is expected that in 2011 our net sales will increase from last year.”


Pure Fishing makes ‘exceptional’ contribution to Jarden’s Q3 sales


ure Fishing’s American operation has clawed back between 70% to 80% of the sales it lost during the second quarter of the financial year, says its parent company, the Jarden Corporation. Martin E. Franklin: Praised The business was badly hit the performance of Jarden’s by the floods in the South and Outdoor Solutions segment. Midwest states in July, but has recovered as the season has got under way. In its Q3 results, Jarden reported an 11% increase in sales for the three months ended September 30th

compared to the same period last year – driven by an ‘exceptional’ performance from its Outdoor Solutions division, which includes the Pure Fishing businesses. Ian G. H. Ashken, Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer, reported that its fishing interests, which suffered from the floods in the US and the natural disasters in Japan, have ‘bounced back’ to report double-digit growth and end the season on a high note. Ashken added that the majority of this growth was from the sales of rods, reels and baits in the US, but that he was encouraged by the performance of its smaller international markets, especially in the AsiaPacific region. Jarden, based in Rye, New York, reported that sales

for the year to date were up 14% to $4.9bn compared to $4.3bn for the same period in 2010. “Jarden delivered a very strong third quarter, achieving net sales growth of 11%, including organic net sales growth in excess of 5% which in turn led to record earnings,” said Martin E. Franklin, Executive Chairman. “This robust organic growth was driven by exceptional performances across the board in our Outdoor Solutions segment. “The outstanding performance this quarter completes Jarden’s first decade on a high note – a period during which we not only became a Fortune 500 company, but also ranked as the best performing consumer stock over the last decade.”

Search is on for French agents for Climax and Sportex German brands Sportex and Climax are using one of France’s top angling shows as a launchpad for their expansion across the border. They will be attending the annual Carrefour National Pêche et Loisirs show for the first time in January 2012 and will be looking to Christian Rademann will be make contact with potential at Clermont Ferrand to meet agents or distributors there. potential partners. Christian Rademann, Export Manager of the brands’ owner, Ockert, told Angling International: “We will be happy to meet visitors to our stand at Clermont Ferrand who would like to work with us in France.” He added: “Our plan is to make our brands and products more easily available to French anglers. We receive a lot of enquiries from fishermen in France asking how and where they can buy our products. “Most of these requests are for the Sportex carp and catfish rods, the Climax CULT range and Climax Braids – such as miG Extreme and Touch 8 Braid. “At the moment we pass those requests to online retailers. However, to provide a better service, increase product availability and give our brands a physical presence in tackle shops, we have decided to concentrate our efforts on building up a professional and active base for this future business.

“We get a lot of enquiries from French fishermen asking how and where they can buy our products.” 12

“We have not decided whether to run this through a classic distributorship or a number of qualified agents and representatives. “We are still open to the options, but a decision will be made in February or March as we begin our build up to EFTTEX. “The French market presents an enormous opportunity for us. We know there is a demand for our high-end rods and lines. France is famous for its carp and catfish waters, which attract anglers from all over Europe. Many of these take our products to go fishing there, but cannot buy them in tackle shops.” Rademann explained that Ockert has been looking to expand its brands into the French market for some time, but the move has been triggered by EFTTA’s decision to stage EFTTEX in Paris next year. He said: “It will be a good opportunity for us to showcase our products to a large number of French fishermen and retailers.”

Popular: Ockert wants Climax CULT to be more widely available in France.

EAGLE CLAW SIGNS DAVE BERTOLOZZI Florida saltwater expert Dave Bertolozzi has joined Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle. An integral member of the fishing industry for more than eight Bertolozzi has vast experience. years, Bertolozzi has joined the company from Yo-Zuri America where he was National Sales Manager. At Eagle Claw Bertolozzi will focus on increasing brand awareness and driving traffic and promotions

Angling International December 2011

within the Florida saltwater market. Mike Jackson, Vice President of Sales for Eagle Claw, said: “We are looking for Dave’s experience in the saltwater market to be the key element in aligning our new strategy to expand our sales in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic coastal markets.” Bertolozzi brings 30 years of angling experience to Eagle Claw – including 20 years spent fishing the Florida saltwater. For two years he fished in the pro level of the FLW Redfish Tour as well as in many other tournaments across the USA and overseas.


Holland edges closer to lead ban


he Dutch Government has insisted that it is willing to join the likes of England and Denmark by bringing in legislation to remove lead from fishing tackle. A total ban within the next five years is Niels Breve is heading a looking extremely likely. group in Holland examining At a meeting with members alternatives to lead. of the project team charged with the task of developing lead alternatives, the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment stressed that since banning lead in hunting equipment the two remaining sources of pollution to surface water in Holland are lead in fishing tackle and lead used in roof tops. Under its Water Framework Directive, the Government is determined to address these two remaining issues, although it is still unclear how it will be achieved. Niels Breve, who is heading up the group looking into lead alternatives, told Angling International: “We are investigating the possibilities, but making it illegal would be totally unenforceable. You cannot outlaw lead if anglers can’t buy alternatives in the tackle shops. “We have to look at ways of educating fishermen


and introducing a viable replacement to lead.” He added that charter boat skippers are being targeted to spearhead the first phase of the plan to change hearts and minds. He said: “It is a good group to start with because we can provide a full range of alternatives for sea fishing. “Our plan is to contact the 100 or so registered skippers and persuade them to offer alternatives to their anglers. “Lead-free substances for sea fishing have been developed in Holland by Q Baits and Modified Materials and we know they work because they have been tried and tested. They are not yet available on the market, but will be provided for the pilot project. He added: “Last month we invited representatives from 35 angling clubs across the country to fish a contest on the North Sea and the results were very good. Many species of sea fish were caught and the anglers left very impressed with how good the alternatives worked.” Breve’s group, which consists of two Government departments, Dutch tackle shop owners, the Royal Dutch Angling Association and the two lead-free manufacturers, is now working on the next stage in its lead-free campaign. It is preparing a battle plan that will be presented to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment

Angling International December 2011

outlining how it will achieve its aims of making the country a totally lead-free fishing zone. Breve added: “It is going to be a long process. We still do not have lead alternatives for all weights and using tin and zinc – like they do in England – is not an option because those metals are considered equally as toxic as lead in Holland. “Good alternative metals are cast-iron or stainless steel, but many more other materials are available such as tungsten, glass, limestone or other more innovative high-tech materials.”

PrecisionPak on high in Australia

PrecisionPak is stepping up its search for worldwide distributors after being overwhelmed by demand in Australia for its tackle storage products. The company signed up leading Australian wholesaler Wilson Fishing after meeting at China Fish in February. It launched several of its ranges into Australia, including its Yakcatch insulated fish storage system (left) and its storage ranges for kayak and sea anglers, and has reported stronger than expected early sales. “Right from the AFTA Show, the orders have snowballed,” PrecisionPak’s Vice-president Sales and Marketing, Richard Tan, told Angling International. “They have been in volumes that no one anticipated. “We have a good relationship with Wilson. They are strong in the sports that PrecisionPak caters for, sea fishing and kayak fishing. Kayak fishing in particular is growing in popularity in Australia, but that’s true for other parts of the world too, which is why we are confident of rolling out PrecisionPak across the globe. We know our products sell, so now is the time for interested companies to get in touch.” Toronto-based PrecisionPak manufactures and distributes bags and luggage for outdoor sports. The growth in kayak fishing has been a key driver in the company’s tremendous growth in the past 18 months. “We were one of the pioneers who created various storage boxes for the sport,” adds Tan. “With our experience and manufacturing capabilities, we are uniquely placed to take advantage of the surge in demand around the world.” Demonstration videos of PrecisionPak’s products are available to view at www. International distributors should make enquires to sales@


Huge uplift in RBFF web traffic


merica’s Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) has seen a substantial increase in the number of people taking advantage of its digital services. The organisation – which is a Frank Peterson: numbers non-profit body set up to vindicate digital strategy. promote fishing and boating – is experiencing an all-time high in web traffic and social media interaction, exceeding many of last year’s annual totals just seven months into its fiscal year. President and CEO Frank Peterson said: “Our digital numbers continue to grow substantially, which means we are reaching more people at a faster rate and inspiring them to get out on the water.” In the 2011 RBFF Annual Report, Peterson said: “A huge sea change occurred in how we deliver information. The RBFF went digital in a big way. We rolled out a mobile version of, a new Boat Ramp App, a portable version of our Places


to Boat & Fish Map, a new online teaching resource and new interactive content for “Today’s latest technologies both increase access to information and allow users to tailor information to their interests. Consumers can now customise website content and conduct their own app searches on the go, receiving information that has the greatest value to them.” The results of the RBFF’s digital mission speaks for itself. It reported that from April to October this year: ● Unique visitors to Take Me Fishing™ digital assets grew to 3.5m – already exceeding last year’s total of 3.39m. ● Return visitors grew to 938,000 – exceeding last year’s annual total of 911,000. ● ‘Where to Fish’ pages have enjoyed 1.8m hits – surpassing last year’s annual total of 1.4m. ● RBFF’s ‘Take Me Fishing’ page on Facebook reeled in more than 40,000 new fans through an ‘Easiest Catch’ promotion launched in partnership with outdoor sports retailer, Dick’s Sporting Goods. ● Referrals through its website to fishing licence purchase pages reached nearly 835,000 – close to meeting and beating last year’s annual total of 853,000.

Angling International December 2011

The RBFF has now set its sights high for 2012. Building on its research indicating people are more likely to boat and fish closer to home, the RBFF is looking to refine its digital tools which help consumers identify convenient nearby locations. It will work with stakeholders to create seamless online fishing licence purchases and local registration via desktop, smartphone or tablet. The RBFF will also continue to help states learn innovative strategies from each other, such as Michigan’s streamlined 24/7 licencing via mobile phones. Over the next year the RBFF will be fully implementing its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) infrastructure which will connect stakeholder marketing with visitors already interested in their products and services. A new Content Management System (CMS) on will also enable the organisation to have a more direct, one-on-one conversation with consumers. Peterson added: “The RBFF will continue to assess performance, relying on actionable intelligence from our research to tweak website content, products and programmes so that they better serve our customers.”


ASA welcomes BP cash boost for recovering Gulf states


he American Sportfishing Association (ASA) is urging Congress and the US President, Barack Obama, to move swiftly on legislation that will release funds to regenerate the Gulf Mike Nussman: Welcomes of Mexico following the BP legislation that will ensure Deepwater Horizon oil spill. BP cash goes to affected Gulf of Mexico states. ASA President and CEO Mike Nussman has welcomed the RESTORE the Gulf Coast Act that directs 80% of the Clean Water Act penalties charged to BP to the restoration of the Gulf Coast environment and economy. He also applauded the bi-partisan House of Representatives members from the five Gulf Coast states for their efforts in directing the much-needed funding to the Gulf of Mexico region. He said: “On behalf of thousands of recreational


fishing-dependent businesses in the Gulf of Mexico region, the ASA thanks Representative Steve Scalise and the more than 20 co-sponsors of the RESTORE legislation. “Now that this legislation is introduced in both Chambers, we urge Congress to move swiftly to pass it and the President to sign it to law. “It has been nearly two year since the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and Congress needs to take quick action to aid the Gulf region in its recovery efforts.” Without Congressional action, 100% of these penalties, which it is estimated could reach $21.1bn, will go into the general treasury instead of towards the Gulf’s recovery. Similar to another bill introduced in July, the RESTORE Act directs that the BP penalties be paid equally to the five states for economic and environmental restoration projects. Nussman added: “The RESTORE the Gulf Coast Act represents a thoughtful, fair and state-centric approach that balances both environmental and

Angling International December 2011

Devastating impact: the BP oil spill.

economic considerations. In addition to the bill’s focus on habitat restoration and business recovery, the ASA supports the inclusion of a funding mechanism for fisheries data collection and research. “Recreational fishing opportunity in the Gulf and throughout the nation faces numerous threats from natural disasters to ever-increasing regulation. It is critically important that we invest in short and long-term fisheries data collection to help gather the science needed to properly manage fish stocks.” •The Gulf of Mexico is one of the most popular areas for recreational fishing in the US. The sport contributes $8bn annually to the region, supporting more than 82,000 jobs.


RandyLemckepresented with ASA Lifetime Achievement award

The American Sportfishing Association (ASA) has honoured two of its members for their outstanding contribution to angling. Randy Lemcke (pictured), Senior Vice President of the Plano Molding Company, was presented with the Norville Prosser Lifetime Achievement Award at the ASA’s Sportfishing Summit in New Orleans for the ‘extraordinary leadership’ he has shown in promoting the values of the sport and his steps in addressing the issues facing the recreational fishing industry. “Randy has worked on behalf of the ASA and the industry for decades. As Board of Directors Chairman, he

has brought a sense of fair play – and humour – to the position,” said ASA President and CEO Mike Nussman. “Randy’s humble nature and earnest desire for results before his own need for recognition have kept him out of the limelight, but I assure you, no one is more deserving of the award,” added Nussman. The ASA also awarded its prestigious Future of Fishing Award to Coastal Conservation Association of Louisiana (CCA) founder and Centre for Coastal Conservation (CCC) founding Chairman, Jack Lawton Jr, for his work over the past three decades in nurturing and growing recreational fishing. The award is presented to an individual or organisation which has made a special contribution to advancing fishing participation. “Jack has worked tirelessly to champion

Honoured: Randy Lemcke is presented with the Norville Prosser Lifetime Achievement Award by the ASA’s Mike Nussman.

marine fishing conservation and access to recreational saltwater fishing,” said Nussman. The award was presented by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

ASA focuses on the future of fishing in Louisiana at ‘best ever’ Summit The Governor of Louisiana was the keynote speaker at the American Sportfishing Association (ASA) Summit in New Orleans. Governor Bobby Jindal told recreational fishing industry leaders – representing more than 100 US companies and organisations – of his state’s resilience in not only facing the Hurricanes Katrina and Rita but also the April 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster. “Governor Jindal’s enthusiasm for recreational fishing and his pleasure in being with us at the Summit was felt by everyone in the audience,” said Mike Nussman, ASA President and CEO. Director of the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), Dan Ashe, also gave a keynote address, outlining what the organisation is doing to engage people in the great outdoors, while also con-

serving the nation’s natural resources. Ashe also met with the ASA’s Government Affairs Committee to discuss recreational fishing issues. In his welcoming remarks, Randy Pausina, Assistant Secretary for Louisiana’s Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, emphasised the importance of merging science with recreational fishing to help ensure the future of the state’s natural resources and the people who enjoy them. The ASA was also host to Geir Robinson, Vice President of Claims for BP’s Gulf Coast Restoration Organisation who provided an overview of the current situation. Other speakers in a packed itinerary also included: • Michael Colopy and Marc Gorelnik, who looked at foreign policy and trade issues in China. • Brian Solis, a leading business strate-

gist, who gave members an insight into the impact of social media on business and culture in the digital era. • Shari Boyle and Ken Johns, from the Brunner Group, who told how their organisation was using social and digital media to support the Recreational Fishing & Boating Foundation’s efforts to engage more people in fishing and boating. “A number of members told me that this year’s Summit was one of the best they had ever attended and that the speakers, committee meetings and networking opportunities were relevant and useful,” said Nussman. “That sets a high bar for us in 2012, but we have every intention of meeting – and surpassing – that bar.” The 2012 Sportfishing Summit will take place from October 9th to 11th at the Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa, Hilton Head, SC.


Dealer Connections networking facility returns to 2012 Miami Boat Show


rganisers of North America’s biggest boat show are giving dealers and manufacturers an opportunity to forge new business partnerships. The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) has announced that the second Dealer Connections will be taking place at the 2012 Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show and Strictly Sail. The initiative was created last year and gives boat and fishing manufacturers a chance to forge new distribution relationships and build new business. More than 70 boat companies participated in the inaugural Dealer Connections this year and it proved so successful that it has been extended to include accessory manufacturers – including fishing tackle and associated product makers. “The Miami Boat Show brings together key leaders from across the recreational boating and fishing industry, making it an ideal location for Dealer Connections,” said Thom Dammrich, President of the NMMA. “It is a programme that presents a rare opportunity for dealers and manufacturers to position themselves for growth.” Dealer Connections guests receive these benefits: ● Free educational seminars aimed at helping dealers build their businesses; ● Secure access to Dealer Connections appointment software; ● Access to the VIP Dealer Hospitality Lounge;

The Big Game Room is a Mecca for anglers at the Miami Boat Show.

● A Dealer Connections VIP Badge, which allows free admission to the show and access before and after show hours to allow flexibility in scheduling meetings; ● Exclusive invitations to special industry events. Interested participants should visit Dealer Connections at to register. For further information, email Cathy Rick-Joule ( or phone +1 954 441 3231. The 2012 Progressive Insurance Miami Boat Show

CHRIS SUMMERS APPOINTED NEW LEEDA BRAND MANAGER Chris Summers has been promoted to Brand Manager of the UK-based Leeda brand. Richard Taylor, Leeda Managing Director, said: “In a short space of time Chris has been able to make a real impact on the sales and overall look and feel of the Leeda brand, creating and launching 80 new products for the 2011 trade events and receiving nothing but praise from top UK retailers for the quality of the product, packaging and appearance he is now using across our entry level range.” Summers said: “I have been at Leeda since 2003 and worked in a number of different sections of the company, including telesales and marketing. I’ve been able to call on a lot of knowledge of the trade when deciding on new products and ranges. I have

also fished all my life, everything from carp to game.” Chris can be contacted at or called directly on +44 1527 587423.

& Strictly Sail takes place from February 16th to 20th next year and attracts some of the industry’s top fishing boat manufacturers, dealers and tackle makers to its dedicated section of the show. The Big Game Room is a Mecca for anglers who want to see the latest angling developments, rub shoulders with top name fishermen, attend seminars and watch demonstrations. To book space at the Miami International Boat Show contact Joanne Zito at

Strike Pro US signs up with FLW Outdoors

Strike Pro America has reached a sponsorship agreement with FLW Outdoors – the world’s leading tournament fishing organisation. As part of the deal, Strike Pro will have exclusive exposure across all of FLW Outdoors, including its tournaments, websites, magazines and events. Chris Gonzales, CEO of Strike Pro America, said: “We’re thrilled to be joining FLW as a 2012 sponsor. I have been in the fishing business for more than 30 years and watched as FLW has grown and changed our industry. “The partnership will help us connect with our customer base in a new way and share our products with fishing fans across the country.”

December 2011 Angling International



First saltwater summit for TRCP


op US fishing industry names – including the President of Pure Fishing, John Doerr – attended the first-ever Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP) Saltwater Summit, in Florida. Doerr, alongside President and CEO of the American Sportfishing Association, Mike Nussman, joined some of North America’s top fishing writers for four days of fishing and active discussion on marine and recreational sea angling issues. TRCP is a lobby group that protects America’s right to hunt and fish. It started its summits in 2003. Since then they have become annual gatherings, attracting some of the fishing and hunting communities’ most

Above: Pure Fishing President John Doerr addresses the TRCP’s first-ever Saltwater Summit. Left: The Saltwater Summit gave attendees a chance to fish and provided this sheepshead for the TRCP’s Katie McKalip.

powerful voices plus writers from across the US. Katie McKalip, Director of Media Relations, said: “These meetings have tended to focus on issues affecting public lands, private lands and freshwater fisheries. Marine and saltwater angling topics simply did not receive attention they deserved. “The first-ever TRCP Saltwater Media Summit focused on marine fisheries issues, from habitat conservation and restoration efforts to improving fisheries management practices.” McKalip told Angling International that the

response to the Saltwater Summit had been ‘overwhelming’. She said: “Clearly this gathering has filled a void for members of the saltwater media and marine conservation communities.” Highlight presentations included: • Participation and trends in recreational angling; • Priorities in saltwater angling; • Response and follow-up in the wake of the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill; • The sustainability of America’s fisheries; • Conservation messaging in the media and educating anglers on the key issues. Added McKalip: “Convening this event has allowed the TRCP to focus on something that lies at the heart of our identity: fostering partnerships and cultivating coalitions of sportsmen and conservationists with shared interests, priorities and goals. “In the big picture, our inaugural saltwater event facilitated relationship-building between members of the outdoor press, leaders in the conservation community and like-minded sponsors. “Media attendees left with a keener appreciation of the conservation policy issues that have the power to affect our marine eco-systems and fish habitat, the economic engine that’s powered by recreational anglers and – at the end of the day – our ability to get out on the water and catch more fish.”


The Fly Fishing Show, the seven-event series run by Chuck Furimsky in the US, has announced a partnership with the Clean Angling Coalition (CAN), the body dedicated to reducing the spread of invasive species. The partnership will deliver the ‘inspect, clean and dry’ message to the many thousands of visitors to shows scheduled for Denver, Col; Marlborough, Mass; Somerset, NJ; Raleigh, NC; Lancaster, Penn; Pleasanton, Calif; and Pasadena, Calif. The series

begins on January 6th and concludes on March 4th. “Invasive aquatic species are a real threat to our fisheries resources,” said Fly Fishing Show Co-Director Ben Furimsky. “Thoroughly cleaning gear is one of the best methods to prevent the spread of harmful algae, plants, snails and other hitch-hiking invaders. “We plan to educate show visitors on properly cleaning all equipment that comes into contact with water, promoting the Clean Angling brand and the

inspect, clean and dry message. It is important our industry stands together on this issue.” The CAN is a programme of the Invasive Species Action Network based in Livingston. Programme Manager Leah Elwell, said: “The Fly Fishing Show enables us to directly reach tens of thousands of anglers in key locations at the largest fly fishing consumer shows.” For further information about the Fly Fishing Show visit

Jagd & Hund sales increase The organiser of Jagd & Hund, Europe’s largest exhibition for fishing and hunting, reports that it has sold more square

metres of show space than it had at the same time last year. Records have tumbled over the years as the show has grown in popularity with last year’s event – the 30th in its history – attracting 650 exhibitors and more than 79,000 visitors. It has also established itself as an international event in its own right with a third of companies taking stands and 15% of visitors coming from outside Germany. Jagd & Hund 2012 takes place from January 31st to February 5th. December 2011 Angling International



Tubeology to sell Umpqua tackle


ubeology has taken on its first distributorship – looking after the sales in Europe of US fly materials maker Umpqua Feather Merchants – and set up a new sales outlet for its tube fishing products in South Africa. Ann Kitchener has also The Umpqua deal is a reversal sealed a deal for Tubeology of roles for the Yorkshire, in South Africa. England, company as Umpqua is Tubeology’s distributor in the US. Tubeology showed off some of the Umpqua products for the first time at the UK’s T&G Show in October and its International Sales Director Ann Kitchener

described the partnership as a ‘perfect fit’ for the company. She said: “We agreed the distribution arrangement at EFTTEX in June. We both recognised that the Umpqua products are perfect for Europe. “Umpqua is a great company to work for and it has a reputation for innovation and bringing that extra touch of quality to its products. “It has a fantastic range and it will be an easy brand to sell.” Although Tubeology will have access to the whole range of Umpqua’s products, it will be initially holding stocks of its boxes, value hooks and Red Hot Tapered leaders. It will initially be using its own distributors across Europe, but also looking for other partners to work alongside.

In South Africa, Tubeology has teamed up with fishing tackle distributor TrueGear, which is based in Machadadorp, in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. The deal means Tubeology now has dedicated distributors in most key territories globally, across the USA, Canada, Scandinavia, Pacific Rim and Europe. TrueGear’s Gary Truelock said: “Tubeology is perfect for the fishing that South Africa has to offer – whether that’s on the coast or on our many lakes and rivers. The flexibility and leverage that Tubeology offers is definitely the answer to catching the many diverse species in this beautiful and huge country.” Kitchener said: “We are thrilled to be working with the team at TrueGear. Their expertise mixed with the world-class fishing and the many options that Tubeology brings to the mix makes for a perfect union.”

UK’sSonikstrengthensteam KOPPERS TARGETS EUROPEAN EXPANSION WITH NEW LURES Sonik Sports has strengthened its sales and marketing operation as it gears up for further expansion. Three new appointments announced in early November will, says MD Simon Riddell, position the UK company to capitalise on the increasing interest in its products home and abroad. Joining the company to head up international sales is Martin Kelly (above), formerly International Sales and Marketing Director with Hardy & Greys. Prior to that Kelly spent 20 years with Black & Decker in various sales, marketing and management roles. An internal appointment sees the pro-

motion of Tim Swaddle-Scott to UK Sales Manager. Swaddle-Scott has been with the company since its launch in May 2008. In addition, Erin Kirtley has joined Sonik as Marketing Assistant, having qualified from Northumbria University with a BA (Hons) in interactive media design. “Martin has the experience and knowledge to help us further expand our sales to export markets,” said Commercial Director Ian McCormack. “Tim has played an instrumental role in helping establish the Sonik brand with UK dealers and I am positive he will continue to help us build a strong presence in the UK.” Riddell added: “Our commitment is to support our dealer network by providing top quality products, marketed in a dynamic way to ensure strong consumer demand and backed up by a strong after-sales service.”

Koppers, the Canadian hardbait manufacturer of Livetarget lures, is looking for European distributors in a move that coincides with the arrival of its much anticipated Saltwater Series onto the market. The company believes that there are huge possibilities for its new range of lures in Europe and is keen to expand its network which currently includes Russia, the UK, Austria, France, Germany, Cyprus and the Benelux countries. The company’s founder, Grant Koppers, told Angling International: “In Europe there are huge possibilities for anglers from the cold of the Baltic Sea in the north to the heat of the Mediterranean in the south. “We have already been hearing from our partners that it is not just saltwater, but freshwater anglers who are recognising their worth. “The new range is going to sell to the pike and zander community with many of the baits imitating the numerous freshwater silverfish species. The Spanish Mackerel is included in the Livetarget Saltwater Series from Koppers.


Angling International December 2011

We are really excited about the potential of this new range.” Seven brand new ranges were showcased at EFTTEX and ICAST earlier this year, but retailers will finally be able to get their hands on them as samples are being sent out for the first time this month. The new Livetarget Saltwater Series comprises of Scaled Sardine Wakebait, Blueback Herring Swimbait, Mullet, Menhaden, Pinfish, Spanish Sardine and Spanish Mackerel. Koppers said: “The saltwater range is another step towards Livetarget’s global brand status. It will open up huge markets that have so far been poorly serviced by hardbait companies. “All the Livetarget characteristics are included and more – beefed up construction, stainless steel hardware and Owner hooks that ensure it all adds up to a superb range of baitfish reproductions.” All Koppers products are now included in its Livetarget MasterCatalog 2012 which is out now.


Online carp tournament steps up its search for global sponsors


he world’s ‘largest free online carp fishing competition’ is stepping up its search for industry sponsors. In return it promises to deliver a captive audience of big spending, committed carp anglers from right across the globe. The TOKS Big Four International allows carp anglers from around the world to compete for prizes by comparing the size of their catches online. The competition has already signed up 40 worldwide sponsors including bait manufacturers, holiday companies and specialist magazines. Tournament Director Ken Keene says he is delivering a powerful route to market for the carp sector, especially in emerging territories, saying: “Carp anglers like to compete, but many are put off by entry fees, peg draws and travelling costs. With the TOKS, they can compete independently on their favourite venues while fishing in their own time. There are no financial obligations or restrictions and it takes place all year long. “We are catering for the needs of the worldwide majority of competitive and noncompetitive carp anglers. These are anglers who actively support the bait and tackle trade industry. It’s a very, very large market and we

are delivering it directly to our sponsors.” Adds Keene: “According to our projections, the TOKS will help create an even greater demand for specialised bait and tackle as anglers compete to win prizes. This will be especially true in the undeveloped regional carp markets such as North America, South Africa and certain parts of Europe.” UK-based Chapmans Angling is one of the competition’s sponsors. It says: “We saw the potential for TOKS from the very beginning. It’s a unique opportunity for us to reach carp anglers not only in the UK and Europe but across the rest of the world.” As part of his drive to increase its portfolio of sponsors, Keene has appointed Czech Republic-based carp angler David Fort as the TOKS European Regional Support Director. Says Fort: “TOKS is growing fast and attracting more and more people from around the globe. I’m exciting by its potential and delighted to be involved in developing it in the central European region.” Adds Keene: “Having an experienced carp angler with the marketing expertise plus a good understanding of the European carp fishing industry is just what the TOKS needs at this stage of its development. “We feel it is only a matter of time before

Welch signs two bait deals

Specialist angler Ian Welch has joined two UK bait companies in advisory capacities. He is to work for steamed bait specialist Innovate Baits to develop products for the barbel market and artificial baitmaker Enterprise Tackle, where he will develop and promote tackle. Innovate Baits partner Trevor Mansfield said: “We are aware that there are a number of boilies on the market which will catch barbel, but there are very few indeed which have been developed specifically for the species. Ian has a solid background in fishery science and has caught more big barbel Ian Welch will have advisory during the past roles at Innovate Baits and 30 years than Extreme Tackle. 30

most anglers – so who better to put together a totally new range of products designed specifically for river anglers.” Welch said: “To catch barbel consistently throughout the seasons requires a level of bait awareness and expertise which few possess, and most commercially available boilies and pastes are well wide of the mark. “For this reason I’ve always had an edge, but the lads at Innovate have persuaded me to ‘spill the beans’ and make my mixes and flavours available to everyone.” On his link-up with Enterprise, Welch said: “I have used Enterprise Tackle artificial baits for more years than I care to remember and a huge number of my biggest fish, both home and abroad, have fallen to them.” Enterprise Tackle owner Chris Hornsby said: “We look forward to working closely with Ian in further developing our brand. We were looking for a well respected all-rounder and Ian fitted the bill perfectly.”

Angling International December 2011

TOKS Director Ken Keene: “We are delivering a very, very large market.”

the TOKS Big Four International becomes a real staple within the worldwide carp angling industry. We’re very excited to have David on board as European Regional Support Director and look forward to giving carp anglers throughout Europe a high-profile contest they can feel very much a part of.” To view the competition website visit To discuss a working relationship with the TOKS contact Ken@ For opportunities in central Europe visit or contact One of the event’s global competitors, Johan Pretorius from South Africa with catch.

CATCHES UP IN SCOTLAND Scotttish salmon anglers have never had it so good following reports that the total number of fish caught there have reached record levels. In 2010 the total number of retained and released rod-caught salmon and grilse reached 110,498 – the highest on record and a 31% increase from the

previous five-year average. Salmon being released after capture grew to 86%. The number of rod-caught sea trout has declined for much of the period since 1952, but a catch rate of 27,704 for 2010 was 34% higher than the previous five-year average. The number of fish being released increased to 72%.

PETE SHORT JOINS McNAB Web business McNab Media, formerly Fish and Fly Ltd, has appointed Pete Short as Sales Director. The company has also opened a new sales office in Peterborough in the UK. Short was previously Key Account Director for the angling portfolio at Bauer, the UK’s biggest publisher of fishing magazines.

Robin Coates, Commercial Director of McNab Media, said: “Given the rapid growth of traffic across our portfolio and the corresponding decline in consumer magazine circulation figures, we recognise the need to strengthen our sales resource. Pete understands how the future of this sector is evolving online.”


Surveys show power and resilience of angling


Rob Southwick: His survey shows US anglers are buying the same amount of tackle.

new economic study has concluded that outdoor recreation, natural resources and historic preservation in the US generates more than $1 trillion in economic activity and supports 9.4 million jobs a year. The report, conducted by Southwick Associates, also revealed that in 2006 the total contribution from outdoor sports – including fishing – in the US was nearly $730 billion, generating more than 6.4 million jobs and $99 billion in federal and state tax revenues. In the same year the combined effect of fishing, hunting and wildlife watching on National Forest Service land totaled $9.5 billion in retail sales, supported 189,400 jobs and provided $1.01 billion in annual federal tax revenues. The reports says that in 2006 there were 32.9 million anglers in the US who spent a total of $22.6 billion on fishing gear and trip- related sales and paid $4.1 billion in federal and state taxes. In all, the total economic contribution from recreational fishing was $61.4 billion. “Sportsmen put billions of dollars of their own money annually into conservation through the licences they buy and excise taxes they pay on fishing and hunting equipment,” said Lindsay Thomas, a former US Congressman and current Chairman of the

Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation. “This combined with other taxes that are paid through activities associated with outdoor recreation and historic preservation total over $100 billion annually contributed to state and federal coffers.” Commissioned by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, the study is being conducted as part of a larger ongoing effort by the NFWF to determine the economics associated with natural resource conservation.

• A report by into the buying habits of US fishermen in 2011 compared to the previous year showed a slight increase in the numbers buying more tackle. Participants in the survey were asked if they were buying more or less tackle than in 2010. Those buying more rose 1.5% from 16.2% to 17.7%. Anglers who said they bought the same increased 4.4%, while those saying they had bought less dropped 3.6%. “While everyone in the fishing industry would love to see the ‘buying more’ responses make a significant jump, at least a so-called double-dip recession – at least where this market is concerned – does not appear to be on its way,” said Rob Southwick, President of Southwick Associates, which conducts the survey. “Fishermen are pretty much buying the same amount of gear.”

Cabela’s reports ‘strong’ tackle sales

Cabela’s Chief Executive Tommy Millner: planning expansion.

Cabela’s has reported a 65% rise in profits following ‘strong’ sales of fishing gear. In its Q3 report, the retail giant, which operates 34 stores in the US and Canada and also has successful catalogue and online businesses, revealed that its smaller size ‘next generation stores’ it has been opening since 2009 are performing more than 30% better than its traditional tourist destination outlets. As a result, its Chief Executive, Tommy Millner, said Cabela’s would be accelerating the introduction of the new-look stores and planned to open five more next year in the US and Canada. He also revealed that the recent opening of the company’s third outlet in Canada – at Edmonton, Alberta – has ‘exceeded expectations’. The picture was not quite as buoyant at its rival, Big 5 Sporting Goods, which saw


Shimano Normark UK – the new joint venture between Shimano and Rapala – has launched two brand new trade catalogues for retailers. It has produced its first-ever catalogue for Shimano UK and one for Advanced Carp Equipment (ACE) – the UK carp brand bought by Rapala-owned Dynamite Baits last year. Both brands are distributed by Shimano Normark in the UK. The Shimano UK Trade Catalogue 2011/12 features more than 1,000 UK-specific products over 188-pages and is a result of extensive research via customer surveys to ensure the company provides its retailers with the level of service they require. Marketing Manager Steve Cole said: “The publication features tackle suited to the UK market and presented in the way retailers want with product pictures, key selling points and essential technical details. “The codes, trade prices and RRPs are printed under every product, making ordering simpler than ever before,” added Steve. The 36-page ACE Carp Trade Catalogue is part of an extensive advertising and marketing campaign that is being spearheaded by its new signings, Terry Hearn and Ian MacMillan. Cole said that the catalogue has been designed to make ordering products from its range of terminal tackle and accessories as ‘simple’ as possible. He also announced that following feedback from customers, ACE has reduced the sizes of all its trade packs so that shops do not have to order in such large quantities. All products in the catalogue – except for lead – are now available in packs of six or less.

its same-store sales decrease by 0.1% in the third quarter of 2011. It reported net sales of $234.7 million, compared to $231.8m in the same period last year. Its Chairman, President and Chief Executive, Steven G. Miller, said the results reflect continued weakness in the consumer environment which contributed to a decrease in customer traffic. However he added: “After a soft start to the quarter that we believe was largely attributable to unfavourable weather conditions in many of our markets, sales trends improved during August and September. “While we are pleased to report that positive sales trends have continued into the fourth quarter, we should note that consumer spending remains highly unpredictable.” Big 5 opened three new stores in Q3 to take its total to 398 across North America. December 2011 Angling International

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2011 *)!$% /12




n eclectic mix of assorted reels make our first-ever Reels Special a riveting read. Over the next 12 pages reels for all applications come under the spotlight, including what the makers claim are huge advances in the design of baitcasters and a breakthrough in fly reel innovation. The very latest developments in reel Angling International Assistant Editor, technology and design are revealed as some Anthony Hawkswell of the top brands give readers an insight into their innermost thoughts on the way forward through product innovation. These include Ross, Ardent, Quantum and Shimano. Take a look at what these manufacturers have to offer…

FEATURED IN THIS SECTION 33 Snowbee reveals the secret behind its new Onyx series. 34 Iconic reel brand Ross builds on its proud history with the F1 while Relix reveals its new 2012 series of baitrunners. 35 They were written off as a ‘gimmick’, but no one’s laughing at Wavespin’s tangle-free reels any more. Here’s why. 36 Why the stunning Shimano Aernos FA is no shrinking violet. 37 Italian manufacturer Carson unveils the Tricast ST and Procast ST, while the Maxel Fishing Tackle Company flexes its muscles with the Sealion series of jigging reels.

38 Living on the Edge. Ardent hails its ‘game changing’ offering to bass anglers. 39 Chinese manufacturer Lead Sporting Goods launches a new aluminium alloy spinning reel. 40-41 Quantum shoots conventional reel design full of holes with the Generation Exo baitcaster and spinning reel. 43 A look to the future – the creators of Varioverse™ describes ‘the greatest leap forward in fly reel functionality design for 100 years’. 44 Omoto’s new Predator is ready for the feistiest of fish.

Snowbee makes big splash with its smallest ever reel


nowbee says it has once again delivered on its promise of high quality tackle at an affordable price with launch of its latest fly reel series. But there is also a surprise hidden among the new Snowbee Onyx series – the size of the smallest reel in the set. The ‘baby’ #1/2wt Onyx is the smallest reel Snowbee has ever created and has already generated huge interest within the trade since it was revealed on the Snowbee stand at the UK’s Tackle and Gun Show in October. “We are offering a lightweight solution right across the Onyx range, in all sizes,” says Snowbee Sales & Marketing Manager Simon Kidd. “But the baby of the set is something special. Having a small, compact lightweight large arbor reel for under £50 is quite unique and really captured the imagination of the trade. The consumer magazines are also keen to announce the launch once available, and we are hopeful stock will be with us in time for Christmas.” The lightness of the Onyx reels is down to them being die cast in aluminium then CNC machine-finished. “This gives them their lighter weight and a high quality finish and feel,” adds Kidd. “It means anglers get a quality reel at really sensible pricing. We feel that at last there is a modern, affordable reel for the small brook rod and stream enthusiast.” The full Onyx range comprises of the #1/2wt

(UK retail £49.99), a #3/4wt (£49.99), 570 Cassett reel (£59.99), 790 Cassette reel (£65.99), 570 Cassette Kit with three spare spools (£75.99), 790 Cassette Kit with three spare spools (£79.99) and #9/11 wt Salmon/Saltwater Size (£79.99). All the reels have the following features: ● CNC machine finished, die-cast aluminium frame and spool; ● Large arbor design for fast retrieve, consistent drag performance and minimal line memory; ● Extra hard paint finish for saltwater and chip resistance; ● Multi-disc cork & stainless steel centre drag system; ● Easy left to right hand conversion; ● One-way roller clutch bearing; ● Stainless steel main spindle; ● Quick release spool. All the single reels come complete with a neoprene reel case and there is a nylon zipped carry case with both the multiple cassette kits. First deliveries of stock are expected before Christmas.

Left: the new #1/2wt is the smallest in the Onyx range, and the smallest reel ever made by Snowbee. Below: the full range. First deliveries are expected at the end of December.

Make contact Tel: +44 1752 334933 Email: Web:

December 2011 Angling International



Ross unveils new hi-tech F1 reel It says it’s a ‘complete departure’ from conventional engineering.


oss Reels has a proud history of producing fly fishing reels. The 3M-owned company was the first in the world to manufacture mass-produced fully machined fly reels from bar stock aluminium. And from the original R-series reel made in 1973 to the present day Ross F1 series introduced in 2010, the company has been at the forefront of reel development and technology. Ross says: “The F1 series is a no-holds barred hi-tech engineered reel that took more than two years in design, development and testing. The series is a complete departure from conventional thinking and incorporates the most innovative features found on any fly reel.” The full series now includes the newly designed F1 size 5 which has been engineered for large capacity and big fish. Like all the F1 family, it features a carbon fibre drag system with multiple contact points that deliver a smooth and dependable performance. The drag adjustments are made using a large diameter drag knob that has uniform adjustment

throughout the drag adjustment range. The sealed drag system includes ten individual O-rings and incorporates carbon fibre and stainless steel construction, making it ideal for the most demanding fishing conditions. Ross adds: “Whether you use the new F1 size 5 for salt, spey or warmwater fishing, it will be your new ‘go to’ high capacity, fishstopping fly reel. The complete Ross F1 series is available in sizes 1, 1.5, 2, 3. 4 and the new 5. The size 5 is available in black or nickel silver and retails for $625. Each reel is precision manufactured and assembled at the Ross factory in Montrose, Colorado. Make contact USA Tel: Brad Befus +1 651 736 1172 Email: Web:

Innovation worth waiting for: the F1 has been two years in the making.

Make contact International Tel: Jeff Wieringa +1 651 736 5952 Email: Web:



he 2012 series of baitrunner reels from Relix are set to be launched at China Fish in Beijing in February. The company says that the newcomers have been developed as a direct result of the feedback it has received from customers to its first baitrunner series. “This new reel is going to have a high capacity surf cast-type aluminium spool that will improve casting performance while maintaining high line capacity,” it says. “The reel body and rotor is made of high performance fibreglass-reinforced nylon and the shape has been designed to have that powerful appearance that instills confidence.” The new Relix baitrunner is equipped with a powerful drag system and the time-tested Relix Bait Leader System that has been proven to perform consistently, adds Relix. Also set for launch at China Fish is a new series of spinning reels that will incorporate a worm gear oscillation system – known to have


Angling International December 2011

a superior line lay performance compared to the more common spur gear oscillation mechanism. Relix is also expanding its baitcasting reel range by offering a magnetic brake as an option. Samples of all these reels are expected to be available this month and are scheduled for production next year.

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WaveSpin adds two new ‘tangle-free’ reels


aveSpin says that when it first introduced its ‘radical’ tanglefree wave design it was written off by many as a gimmick. Instead, this thoroughbred reel has scooped awards and sold in its thousands since its launch five years ago. WaveSpin says that ‘Bass Professor’ Doug Hannon ‘re-invented the reel’ with a unique wave spool design – the antithesis of the spinning reel’s smooth face fabrication that had been used for over six decades. The company now has a growing family of guaranteed tangle-free models in a variety of affordable price ranges, starting at $45.95 MSRP in the US. Buoyed by its success, the Port Richey, Florida manufacturer has introduced two new ‘super strong’ versions of the original DH models, the DH3000 (9.5oz) and DH4000 (11oz). All WaveSpin reels, including the ZTR series, use the same high quality spool and drag system as the company’s more expensive models. The DHxL, ZTR,

and DHz Series reels also feature double-shielded stainless steel bearings throughout. The five DHxL, DHz and ZTR series WaveSpin reels sport what the company describes as a ‘bold, rich look’ and feature new graphite composite for even more strength. The lightweight bodies on all eight models in the WaveSpin range (8oz to 12.5oz) hold a variety of line capacities and each drag operates on a lifetime waterproof lubricant that has been engineered and perfected by Hannon. He said: “WaveSpin’s tangle-free reels will guarantee more fish. Pros tell us that time wasted in clearing hoops and tangles can cost you up to 300 casts a day. More casts means more fish – that is the WaveSpin advantage. WaveSpin’s Russ Riley added: “In the unlikely event of an angler having any problems with any form of tangling, all they have to do is make a quick call to our warranty department. “Once through, they will get a real person

Making more waves: the ‘super strong’ DH3000 has been added to the range with the DH4000.

on the line who will help diagnose the problem. If they are not happy after two contacts we will refund the purchase price.” WaveSpin is marketed through major sporting and fishing stores, including Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s and independent tackle stores throughout North America. Make contact Tel: +1 989 967 8426 Email: Web:

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Strong line-up: the new Biomaster SW (left) and Ultregra XSA C14 (centre) have been added alongside the high value Shimano Aernos FA for 2012.

SHIMANO PLACES THE FOCUS ON EXTRA VALUE AS AERNOS FA HITS THE SHELVES Few mid-price reels pack in as much technology, says the reel giant of the latest addition to its P4 series.


ith its stunning red and gunsmoke cosmetics, the new Shimano Aernos FA is no shrinking violet. The Aernos FA is the new leading light of Shimano’s highly regarded P4 series, and Shimano says few reels offer anglers more value for money. “Aernos is fully packed with famous Shimano features, including Dyna-Balance AR-C spool and Varispeed, which are normally to be found on the higher price- point reels,” the company says. The Aernos FA family consists of the four most popular sizes favoured by anglers, including the 3000S (shallow spool), which is said to be perfect for use with thin diameter monofilaments or braided PE line like Power Pro. Shimano says it is convinced that this reel will find its way to many Shimano enthusiasts who understand the concept of ‘more value for money’. Shimano’s P4 concept 36

stands for Power, Precision, Performance and Pleasure and is said to combine ‘uncompromising’ quality with mid-price affordability. The Aernos FA heads a formidable line-up of new Shimano reels that have been launched for the 2012 season, including an ultra-light Ultegra XSA C14. The company says: “When it comes to extreme distance casting, more speed equals more distance. That’s why we have used C14 – an exclusive blend of carbon and polyamide – to build this superlight ‘Big Pit’ reel.” The largest model weighs in at only 640g, a saving of over 15% on previous models and making it easier to move during the cast which in turn generates more tip speed in the rod. It is fitted with all of the best ‘S’ System features, plus a cold-forged AR-C spool, closer meshed Aerowrap II, along with two-speed oscillation for ‘unparalleled’ line lay. It is available in two large sizes – 10000 and 14000 – and two small – 4500 and 5500. All models have five shielded AR-B ball bearings plus a roller bearing and an easy maintenance port for simple lubrication.

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The front drag offers precise control when playing the fish and works in harmony with the powerful single handle that keeps the angler in control at all times. ”Extreme distance anglers will be pleased to know that not only does the Ultegra C14 cast further,” says Shimano, “but all models retrieve over 100cm of line with every turn of the handle.” Shimano has also added the Biomaster SW – suitable for heavy duty spinning and jigging – to its saltwater range. It has been designed to cope with the harshest of environments and has many features that can be found on its big brothers, the Stella SW and Twin Power SW. Shimano says: “It is a power tool at an affordable price.” The range consists of three models – 4000, 6000 and 8000 – which are suitable for many disciplines at sea. The 4000 has a high gear ratio and is perfect for sea bass or other fast swimming predators. The top of the range 8000 Power Gear model has a low ratio and is extremely well suited for jigging. It is also strong enough to heave big snappers and groupers to the surface. Make contact Tel: +31 341 27 2233 Email: Web:


Carson unveils new Tricast ST and Procast ST models


arson has been producing top quality fishing tackle at its Italian headquarters in Torino for more than 60 years. The company says that research and development is its strength and producing innovative products its ‘passion’. Designed to suit all types of fishing are the Carson Tricast ST and Procast ST – the two latest reels to be introduced onto the market. The reels boast nine stainless steel ball bearings and an ergonomically designed handle and grip. They are said to deliver an extremely fluid action and a smooth release of the bail release system. The Tricast models have a 7BB+ one-way clutch on the aluminium and graphite spools. The Procast reels have two 4BB+ one-way graphite spools. Gear ratios on the Tricast 2000 and 3000 are

5.0:1. It weighs 220g and has a spool dimension of 0.20mm/115m. The 3000 version weighs 320g and has spool dimensions of 0.25/160. Both the 2000 and 3000 Procast ST models have similar gear rations to the Tricasts, with the Procast ST 2000 weighing 280g and having spool dimensions of 0.20/115, while the 3000 weighs 290g and has a 0.25/160 spool. Carson welcomes enquiries from distributors in Russia and eastern Europe in particular.

Versatile: the new Carson Tricast ST has been developed for all types of fishing.

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axel Fishing Tackle Company specialises in the manufacture of aluminium reels for big game trolling and deep water jigging fishermen. The Chinese company started producing game reels at the end of 2003, but only launched its own brand in 2008 after five years of thorough testing. The company says its continual focus over the years has been dedicated to excellence and that it now boasts a comprehensive range of big game trolling and jigging reels from the heaviest offshore to the lightest jigging and livebait fishing reels.

Make contact Tel: +86 769 8695 8396 Email: Web:

It adds that Maxel now is an international brand in the sector and has produced a portfolio of affordable reels that offer the ‘highest’ level of performance and dependability. Maxel’s latest introduction is the new Sealion series of jigging reels. Precision-engineered, they have been designed to be lightweight, but tough and rust-proof. The new Sealion series will give fishermen more confidence and power when jigging, says Maxel. They are made of 6061-T6 aluminium with ported crossbars to reduce the weight. The updated carbon drag system is said to be capable of ‘outrageous’ drag pressures, plus the improved pre-set knob and lever drag control mechanism allows for more precise and consistent drag setting. There are six sizes: 05/06/08 for small jigging, 09/10 for medium and 11 for large. There are silent line retrieve and clicker retrieve versions and they are available in single or two-speed. They also come with single or dual drag systems and in a variety of eyecatching colours. A left-handed reel has been specially designed (see inset top left) and is not confined to a simple switch side plate modification, says Maxel. All gears in the reels are heavy-duty stainless steel and precision-machined, as are the ratcheting clicker, drive and spool shaft. The newly enhanced balance handle with ergonomically-shaped aluminum power knob is designed to minimise jigging vibration. Maxel adds: “We use one of the best drag washers imported from the USA and top quality ball bearings from Germany and Japan, making them stand out from the common reel.”

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New drag technology puts Ardent on the edge of greatness “This is truly revolutionary,” says Ardent of Drag Tracking Technology, the breakthrough innovation that drives its new Edge series of baitcasting reels.


rdent has introduced a completely new high performance line-up of low-profile baitcasting reels that it says will be ‘nothing short of game changing’ for bass anglers when they go on sale this autumn. It says that the introduction of The Edge series will see it once again become a standard bearer for innovation and performance by creating and manufacturing the only freshwater baitcasting reels ‘made in the USA’ and truly unlike anything else on the market today. There are six reels in the new Edge range: Elite, Tour, Pro, Inshore Pro, Tournamen,; and FOF Tournament (Fishouflage). Ardent says all have been manufactured to be ‘unbelievably’ durable yet light enough to be fished comfortably from first light to the end of the day. But what sets truly them apart is Ardent’s new Drag Tracking Technology. “The Edge frame, combined with high-end components such as ABEC stainless steel ball bearings, a 7075 Triple bearing spool, helically-cut aircraft aluminium drive gear and a six-pin centrifugal braking system, should be enough to impress any fisherman,” teases Ardent in its pre-sale material. “But that’s not even the tip of the innovation iceberg. All the reels feature our new patent-pending Drag Tracking Technology – the company’s latest breakthrough innovation.”

Right: The Ardent Edge Elite is one of six reels in the new series.

Drag Tracking Technology allows the level wind eyelet to track in parallel with the line location on the spool as the line is being pulled from the spool in drag mode. This reduces the chance of line break on large fish by eliminating the sharp angles caused by the level wind eyelet being out of sync with the line location on the spool in drag mode. Furthermore, says Ardent, Drag Tracking Technology completely removes ‘drag surge’ as line snaps into alignment with the level wind eye as a fish is pulling the line (see panel below). Drag Tracking Technology is “the greatest fishing reel innovation ever,” says 1987 BASS Angler of the Year and 1998 Bassmaster Classic winner, Denny Brauer, who was among the first pro anglers to test the new reels. The company is proud of its technological advance and says: “Far too often a product is labeled ‘innova-

HOW THE NEW EDGE REELS ELIMINATE ‘DRAG SURGE’ Drag Tracking Technology completely is pulled through level wind off the spool, removes ‘drag surge’ as line snaps into which is locked to the pinion gear, this alignment with the level wind eye as a then rotates the drive gear, which has fish is pulling the line. the drag loose against it and has an OS Explains Denny Brauer: “While using gear locked to it. light line, quite often after a fight with The OS gear in turn rotates the the fish, the line will be on one side of intermediate gear against the worm gear, the spool, while the line guide is on the which is attached to the wind level. So, opposite side. as the line is pulled from the spool all of “This causes your drag to surge when these parts are locked together – causa fish is hooked as the line is snapping ing the level wind to track accordingly. into alignment with the line guide from one side of the reel to the other.” Intermediate Gear This ‘binding’ – as Brauer calls it – Spool means you have to fish heavier line, Worm Gear with lighter drag, to compensate for the drag surge. Eyelet on Ardent says its Drag Line Technology completely eliminates this problem without sacrificing any performance or castability. Level Wind OS Gear Here’s how it works: as a fishing line 38

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“This isn’t about fancy words, Drag Tracking Technology is about ‘reel’ innovation.” – Ardent tive’ or ‘revolutionary’ when all that is different is a minor design change or component upgrade – or even a flashy cosmetic facelift with some eye-catching new packaging. “Our new Drag Tracking Technology is a lot more than fancy words and window dressing – it truly is about ‘reel’ innovation.” Adds Brauer: “With the new Ardent reels, you can now fight the fish without fighting the reel.” All Edge reels are available in left-hand and right hand models. The Ardent Edge Elite, Tour, Tournament and FOF (Fishouflage) reels are available in 6.5:1 and 7.2:1 gear ratios, while the Edge Pro and Inshore Pro boast 5.1:1, 6.5:1 and 7.2:1 gear ratios.

Fishing Line moves side to side with level wind when line is pulled off spool

Eyelet on Rod

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China’s Lead Sporting Goods adds more jigging reels to range


hinese-based fishing manufacturer Lead Sporting Goods has launched a new aluminium alloy spinning reel – the LT 8000 – for vertical jigging. The company says that it boasts 4.8:1 gear ratio; 8+1 stainless steel ball bearings; carbon fibre drag washers for a smooth and powerful drag system;

rust-proof copper gear and pinion system; and a rust-proof stainless steel main shaft and body screws. It weighs 760g. Lead Sport Goods is based in Tangxia Town, in the south-eastern part of Dongguan City, on mainline China. It specialises in the production of high-grade trolling, fly, jigging and spinning reels. Two of its latest jigging reels are the HJO903 and the HJO904. Both are made of marine-grade aluminium alloy and stainless steel that have undergone a sophisticated process that involves forging, CNC machining and computer milling and anodising. They have a powerful and precise double drag system and ergonomic handles. Lead Sporting Goods says: “They are the professional fisherman’s best choice of jigging reels. They bring unlimited happiness and a complete sense of achievement.” The gear ratio on the HJO903 is 6:1 while on the 904 it is 6:1 and 3.7:1. They both have 9BB bearings, 30lb/500yds capacity, spool diameters of 61.6mm and a 32mm spool width. The 903 weighs in at 680g, while the 904 is 780g.

Above: The new LT 8000 aluminium alloy spinning reel. Left: The HJO903 and HJO904 jigging reels.

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QUANTUM PROCLAIMS ARRIVAL OF THE NEXT GENERATION IN REELS “We’ve shot conventional design full of holes,” says the company of its lighter, stronger Generation Exo as it prepares the Exo PT Baitcast and Exo PT Spinning reels for sale in January.


ou can always make a good design better’ – that’s the unwavering philosophy behind the Quantum® Performance Tuned® Series of reels. “It’s sweating the details and pushing the engineering that last 5% that makes all the difference – reaching another 10ft of casting distance and trimming that last half ounce of weight,” says Zebco, the company behind the Quantum brand. “These refinements only happen when Quantum® engineers question conventional wisdom to find a better way.” Welcome, says Zebco, to Generation Exo… “This is where we shoot conventional design full of holes,” it adds. “And where an exoskeletal aluminium frame sheds excess weight without sacrificing strength – and where a mere ounce delivers a ton of fish-fighting performance.” ‘Metal where it matters’ is the company’s enlightened thinking behind the exoskeletal hybrid construction of its new reels: the Exo PT™ Baitcast and the Exo PT™ Spinning. Each reel combines a special, ultra-rigid aluminium alloy in load bearing areas with a lightweight composite that reduces weight in non-critical areas by 50%. This allows the Exo PT™ Baitcast and the Exo PT™ Spinning reels to be built using the lightest possible frame with absolutely no sacrifice in strength. “In fact, the Exo frame is 38% stronger than magnesium and six times stronger than a graphite composite frame,” says Zebco. “In short we shaved weight from the Exo PT™ reels every place we could afford for a difference

“The Exo frame is 38% stronger than magnesium and six times stronger than graphite composite.” 40

Tempered aluminium TruBalance handle


Spinning reel

Lightweight spool

Rotor uses exclusive polymer C4LF™

you’ll feel on the water. You will fish stronger and longer with the sensitivity you need to detect the lightest of bites – and the rock solid performance and durability you demand when targeting trophy fish.” The Exo PT™ Baitcast and the Exo PT™ Spinning reels will be available in stores from January 2012. Before then Zebco invites all retailers and potential distributors to view 360° videos of the new reels at its dedicated micro-site There are also astonishing videos of the reels surviving crush tests as well as movies of top US pros

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casting the reels for the first time. As interest in these revolutionary reels grows, Zebco is now looking for distributors in a number of territories throughout the world. To enquire see the contacts details below. Make contact Enquiries from North and South America Tel: +1 918 831 6818 Email: Enquiries from Europe, Asia and Africa Tel: +49 41 82/29 43 34 Email:


Skeletal baitcast handle with contoured grip



● All Quantum® PT reels, including the new Exo series, feature the company’s custom-made PT bearings – the ‘smoothest in the industry,’ says Zebco. “These bearings are made from high-grade stainless steel and feature a shielded polymer cage for durability.”

Ultra-rigid aluminium alloy means reel can support over 4,000 times its own weight ducing a design that is 80% lighter than standard rotors.

The Exo PT™ spinning reel rotor uses

a revolutionary new material from Quantum™ called C4LF™. It is an exclusive polymer infused with long strands of carbon fibre. Most carboninfused materials have carbon strands that are 2-3mm in length. The C4LF™ carbon strands average 10mm and these longer strands align themselves in a stronger matrix that results in a rotor design that is claimed to be 2.6 times stronger than normal composites. This minimises rotor arm flex under heavy drag loads while pro-

● The Exo PT™ spinning’s new TruBalance® handle design (below left) incorporates a one-piece 6061 tempered aluminium handle arm for maximum strength. The skeletal handle has a unique rear-leaning design to counterbalance the handle knob weight for vibration-free cranking. The comfortable EVA knob completes the featherlight design.

line from contacting the spool prior to the exit radius, creating less friction for longer casts. The system also keeps the line in tighter coils as it leaves the spool to flow more freely and lessens backlashes and wind knots caused by looser coils. Quantum® says that its tests revealed a 10% increase in average casting distance over a standard spool lip design. “Combine this system with the micro guide set on our Exo PT™ rods and you have a deadly accurate, long-distance casting machine,” it adds.

The Exo PT™ Baitcast

● The new lightweight spool on Expo PT™ spinning reels employs Quantum’s MaxCast™ II design and a greater casting performance is achieved by a variable oscillation system that lays line evenly on the spool. The spool lip configuration is optimised for today’s range of line types and smaller, more compact rod guides. The conclave radius on the back of the lip prevents the


spool and it all adds up to longer casts,” says Zebco.

● Quantum® uses tempered aluminium for its skeletal baitcast handle. Its contoured grips add comfort and produce one of the lightest handles on the market.

features a micro-sized version of Quantum’s exclusive ACS ™ cast control system that offers a wide range of centrifugal settings which can be fine-tuned with the turn of a dial. “Factor in the low start-up inertia of our exoskeletal super-light

● Quantum® subjected its Exo PT™ baitcast to a crush test in its lab and it withstood over 1,700 lb of downward force and continued to perform flawlessly. This means it can support over 4,000 times its own weight.

● The exclusive Exo CSC™ drag system combines a series of carbon, stainless steel and ceramics for optimum drag performance. The carbon disks provide a friction surface that delivers high drag lockdown while maintaining smoothness. The ceramic disks have low start-up inertia and dissipate heat quickly on extended runs. The stainless steel disks impart the strength to keep the system in alignment under load, and this results in an extremely smooth drag that can ‘take the heat out of any fishing situation’. ● All Exo PT™ reels feature an aluminium drive gear that is ported to remove excess weight, yet its special aluminium alloy is designed to hold up under the toughest fish-fighting conditions. The 7.3:1 ‘Burner’ baitcast gear set ‘gobbles’ up an ‘amazing’ 31 inches of line per turn of the handle with a smooth vibration-free retrieve. ● Quantum® Hot Sauce™ is the industry’s standard in lubrication. The oil’s viscosity levels yield a freer rotation of the moving parts by molecularly bonding with the base metal. Its grease is made with exclusive tackifiers that hold to wear surfaces longer.

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Is this the future of the fly reel?

The creators of Varioverse™ claim it’s the greatest leap forward in fly reel functionality design for 100 years, but how does it work?


an there be a great leap forward in fly reel function? If so, what will it look like? Years after asking themselves these questions, Georgi and Stefan Chivarov believe they have the answer. Their patented Varioverse™ retrieve & drag system, they say, is the greatest challenge to the classic direct drive system in more than 100 years, prompting Georgi Chivarov to claim: “The next question is not if but how soon the Varioverse™system will take a significant share of the market”. According to Chivarov, in over 100 years there hasn’t been a technical solution that improves upon the direct drive system in terms of combining fight controllability with simplicity and lightness. “Even the so-called dual-mode system, a kind of direct drive reel with a built-in slip-clutch for a non-backspinning


Says Georgi Chivarov: “What’s the weakest link between the fish and the reel? It’s the tippet. Hence, on a VV reel you do not set the drag but you pre-set the limit of the maximum drag the handle can create. You will not reach that critical point, but always stay just close below. Every time the fish starts pulling stronger while you are reeling in, a VV reel will give line to avoid a tippet burst. As soon as the fish power drops below that limit, the VV reel starts instantly gaining line again.”

Keeping the Minimum

A VV reel allows the angler to not only increase but also reduce drag by turning the handle back. “But even if you spend most of your fishing time on pulling line off the spool and casting, a VV reel will keep assisting you,” explains Georgi Chivarov. “A mere turn of the handle back to a stop will instantly lower the drag to a level we found being comfortable for casting, but yet high enough to avoid spool over-run. Because of our unique progressive drag spring curve, this minimum drag remains unaffected by the maximum drag limit setting.”

handle could not persuade the main players in the market,” he says. “Thus, in the last 50 years the major fly reels manufacturers have concentrated centrated mainly on new designs and facelifts.” These, e, he says, have been mostly successful at improving maintenance and aint nd the durability of fly reels rather than their functionality. He adds: “And the conflict between the direct drive system and slip-clutch (anti-reverse) system has never been resolved. With the ‘VV’ – which is what we also call Varioverse™ – this has finally been done and it sounds the bell of change, at least for the range of #7 reels and upwards.” It was fishing that prompted the Chivarovs to design the VV system. “No matter which of the current fly reels we chose, we had to compromise on operating comfort and safety,” says Georgi today. “But what bothered us most was the distraction in those very seconds of a fight. Moments that decide whether you land the catch… or burst the tippet.” The Chivarovs asked themselves how an ideal retrieve & drag system would work and settled on a list of three key functions:

to reel butt al also so ttoo co conntrol drag like with a drag lever. There is no easier way to apply drag than by the handle. Your already there. Y You d don’t have to reach hand iis al ad th ’t h ch ffor drag knobs or pawls, switch the rod from one hand to the other or even look down to check if you are doing the right thing.” A VV reel is now being brought to market by Vision, which uses the Varioverse™ system under licence in its HDC fly reels, much to the delight of Chivarov. “It’s a reel that works like magic, and we can imagine licensing the Varioverse™ system in the USA too,” he says. “We are leaning back and seeing how the so-called traditionalists among the big fly reel brands will react. Time is against them,” he says. Make contact Email: Web:

1. One-hand intuitional retrieve & drag control 2. Intelligent drag limit setting for tippet safety 3. Instant switch between striping drag and fighting drag After thorough research and constructional work, the Chivarovs finally filed a first patent application for the VV system in January 2006 and a second one in December of the same year. This second was made only months before a well-known Swedish fly reel manufacturer brought its own patent application for a similar system to the patent office. The Varioverse™ system is a one-hand drag & retrieve system, which allows the angler to pre-set the limit of the maximum drag the handle can create during a fight. It also allows the angler to reduce drag by turning the handle back (see panel). Says Chivarov: “Not only does the VV system provide significantly improved handling and drag control flexibility in comparison to direct drives, it also allows the angler to fight harder and safer in closer proximity to the fish.” “VV system means a ready-to-go, non-backspinning handle not only December 2011 Angling International



Omoto strengthenswith two-speed Predator series


moto’s Predator two-speed reel series is said to offer anglers the best of both worlds: a high speed for lure presentation and a powerful low gear – activated at the press of a button – to battle with the most feisty of fish. The new 12/12N Predator has gear ratios of 6.2:1 (high) and 3.3:1 (low) and a carbon fibre drag system for a smooth and durable performance. It boasts six stainless steel ball bearings, anti-reverse system and stainless steel helical cut gearing.


Established in 1978 in Taiwan, Omoto Fishing Tackle is a recognised world leader in the design and manufacture of fishing reels and has exclusively engineered and made parts and reels for many established brands. It entered the fishing reel market under its own brand in 2007 and it has quickly established itself across the world. All its products are backed with a one-year warranty, including the new BKS SD Series and the TIPTOP SD Series. The BKS is said to be outstanding value for a lightweight, long casting reel and it comes in left-hand and right-hand configurations. It also has aluminium side covers, spool and inner side plates. It boasts a centrifugal spool system, auto-clutch lever and stainless steel reel foot. The BKS comes in two sizes – the 6000 and 8000 models. Both have 2+1 ball bearings. The 6000 has a 5.3:1 gear ratio and weighs 295g, while its bigger brother

Angling International December 2011

Right: The new Predator 12. Below left: The Omoto BKS and TIPTOP SD reels.

has a gear ratio of 4.8:1 and weighs 420g. The TIPTOP SD is a high performance reel that fits in the palm of your hand and boasts ball bearings available from 1 to 3+1. It comes with either or both a graphite and aluminium spool that is quick release. The frame and side plates are made of graphite and there is a casting control knob adjustment. Magnetic brake control is available in both the left-hand and right-hand models which have a gear ratio of 6.3:1. Make contact Tel: +886 422 155958 Email: Web:




Thanks to a combination of hi-tech materials, the new Legend Tournament Walleye rods are lighter, stronger and more sensitive than comparable models, says St. Croix.


t. Croix, the US manufacturer of high performance graphite and fibre glass rods, has combined hi-tech material from 3M with its own engineered hardware to create a new range of ‘state-of-the-art’ spinning and casting rods which it says will give serious anglers a competitive edge. The all-new Legend Tournament® Walleye rods are built on completely re-engineered mandrels designed with St. Croix’s proprietary Integrated Poly Curve® (IPC®) tooling technology. The blanks combine high-modulus/high-strain SCIV graphite with NSi (nano silica) resin – a proprietary matrix resin from 3M that significantly increases strength and durability with no change to the weight. The new rods are further strengthened with Advanced Reinforcing Technology™ (ART™), another St. Croix exclusive. There are twelve technique-specific spinning models in the range plus a Bounce-NTroll casting model. “The re-engineered Legend Tournament

Walleye rods represent the state-of-the-art in spinning and casting rod design,” says Jeff Schluter, St. Croix’s Vice President of Marketing and Sales, of the combination of the company’s SCIV graphite fibres with NSi from 3M. “The result of this process – plus the use of IPC and ART – is a breakthrough in smooth casting power, lightweight balance, extreme sensitivity and rugged durability.” The Legend Tournament Walleye rods are outfitted with Fuji® K Series Tangle-Tree Concept Guides with Alconite® rings and polished frames which are designed to ‘shed’ tangles when using super braid, monofilament or fluorocarbon line. They also feature split-grip cork handles made from super grade cork and Fuji’s new SK2™ split reel


seats for what St Croix calls “the ultimate in light weight and sensitivity”. The series retails in the US between $230 and $250. All Legend Tournament Walleye rods are designed and handcrafted in Park Falls, Wisconsin, the headquarters of St. Croix. They are protected by a lifetime limited warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service. St. Croix is the largest manufacturer of fishing rods and blanks in North America and has established exclusive distribution deals in many countries. Sales inquiries from outside North America can be made to Tom McCullough at Above and right: The new St. Croix Legend Tournament Walleye rods. Altogether there are 12 rods in the range plus a Bounce-N-Troll casting model.

Want to talk to St Croix? Tel: +1 715 762 3226 Email: Fax: +1 715 762 3293 Website:

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The pioneer of neoprene fishing gloves has upgraded to a new, improved material for its key ranges and has increased its availability in Europe, says MD Coby Rowe.


lacier Glove says that its focus on winter products remains true to its commitment to comfort and dexterity. For nearly 30 years, Glacier Glove has been producing high-end, Coby Rowe has high hopes for European sales. premium neoprene fishing gloves. The addition of fleece and waterproof membranes to the line of products stays true to the company’s core philosophy, but adds a new edge of improved performance, says Glacier Managing Director Coby Rowe. “We continue to test new fabrics and methods to improve our products without compromising comfort and dexterity for the angler,” he adds. Glacier Glove’s neoprene products have been the mainstay of the company’s fishing portfolio and continue to grow. “Neoprene has been around a long time, so consequently has earned a bad rap due to the vast array of ‘knock-off’ products that are manufactured and marketed as the same product, yet so often lack the quality of the original product. “You just cannot beat a great pair of authentic neoprene gloves for warmth and dexterity when you are fishing. When the gloves are made well you stay dry and warm, and that can make all the difference on a day out on the water and when facing the elements,” says Rowe. “This year we changed out the entire neoprene

line over to authentic G-Tek Neoprene to maximise its benefits of durability while maintaining its supple feel. “We have been testing the G-Tek Neoprene for a couple of years and are confident it will add to the value of our neoprene fishing glove line.” Along with the use of G-Tek Neoprene, Glacier has incorporated new fleeces and membranes in n its range of winter gloves. “As we review our products and each item’s purpose and performance, we really try to put ourselves in the shoes of the angler. “We ask ourselves the following questions: Is it comfortable? Is it durable? And most importantly, ly ly, Can I catch fish while wearing it? Each product’ss development involves careful direction from material, assembly and durability,” adds Rowe. The availability of Glacier Glove’s products across Europe is sure to be exciting for anglers who enjoy fishing all year round. Glacier Glove’ss products represent value and give you a return every time you wear them, adds Rowe. Above and right: Classic Glacier Gloves using authentic neoprene. “You can’t beat authentic neoprene for warmth and dexterity when out fishing,” says Coby Rowe.

“We expect G-Tek Neoprene to add value to our fishing glove line” – Coby Rowe 46

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Book now for EFTTEX 2012 Bookings are now being taken for the show in Paris. Will you be joining the 160 companies that have already secured their stands?


ore than 80% of the stand space for EFTTEX in Paris next year has been sold. Another near sell-out show is predicted following this year’s event in Amsterdam which was hailed a huge success and attracted the second-best attendance in the show’s 30-year history. EFTTEX Exhibition Manager Neena Tailor told Angling International: “Demand for booth space has been phenomenal and we are getting enquiries from companies almost every day. To date more than 160 companies have booked. “To avoid disappointment it is important that companies interested in taking up booth space contact myself ( or Exhibition Coordinator Helen Downey ( as soon as possible. “The success of last year’s event plus the lure of the French capital and the excellent facilities at the ParisNord Villepinte Exhibition Centre has made EFTTEX 2012 a show not to be missed. “It has all the ingredients for another hugely successful show. “Like Amsterdam, it is centrally located in Europe

and has tremendous international transport links,” added Neena. “EFTTEX has established itself as the place to do serious business over the years and that is reflected by the number of companies who are inquiring about booth space.” EFTTA has also appointed Paris-based hotel booking agency, The Blue Yellow Company, as the official hotel agency for EFTTEX 2012. The Blue Yellow Company will offer participants a range of hotels in a selection of star categories within the city as well as close to the exhibition centre and the airport at special negotiated rates. All hotels offered will have good access to the venue. Online booking will be open soon. Paris-Nord Villepinte boasts its own train station, Parc des Expositions, which is on the RER-B line and runs through the centre of city to the Charles de Gaulle airport. EFTTEX participants are advised to book hotels

Above: The venue for EFTTEX 2012 is the ParisNord Villepinte Exhibition Centre.

BOO STAN K YOUR +44 2 D NOW 08 ! Neen 365 040 @eft aTailor 5 m

with good access to an RER station if you are looking to use public transport to reach the venue. Neena said: “With the rapid transport system that serves Paris and its surburbs, this is the easiest and most efficient mode of transport for those travelling to EFTTEX and around the city.”

Decathlon’s Caperlan brand adds support to Line Charter Caperlan – the fishing brand of the giant Frenchbased Oxylane Group that is sold in Oxylane’s Decathlon sports stores – has joined EFTTA’s crusade against line cheats. The brand is the latest to sign up to the association’s Line Charter, the growing campaign to end the illegal practice of wrongly labelled line packaging. Caperlan’s David Rousseaux told Angling International: “Our signature on the Charter shows that we are absolutely transparent with our customers. What they see is what they get. “Caperlan makes a lot of inspections – linear and knot resistance, elongation tests, diameter control,

abrasion tests and use of components – during line production and post-production. These examinations are made in laboratories internally and externally according to the Standard NF iso 2026.” The Caperlan tackle brand is sold through the Oxylane Group’s Decathlon megastore network, which has retail outlets across the globe, including 240 in its homeland in France and others in China, Brazil, Spain, Germany and the UK. EFTTA launched its Line Charter website at EFTTEX in Amsterdam earlier this year. It is dedicated to promoting the campaign and features all the companies and brands that have signed up.

The website has revealed details of EFTTA’s plans to extend the Line Charter campaign even further with random testing of the lines of members to make sure they meet the standards they have signed up to. The brands of those who have not signed the Charter will also come under similar scrutiny and the results will be published on the website from June 2012 for all to see. Log onto to view the site.

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EFTTA’s strongest lobbying partner The reform of the Common Fisheries Policy is the latest battle which EFTTA will fight in Brussels alongside its partner, the EAA. The two organisations are closely linked, and here’s why.

JAN KAPPEL is EFTTA’s lobbyist to the European Union. Part of EFTTA’s remit is to talk to decisionmakers to ensure policies created at a European Union level do not harm their angling industry. Read Jan’s full monthly updates at

In early November the EAA planned its strategy for the upcoming debate over the reformed Common Fisheries Policy. EFTTA will set its strategy according to the EAA decision, just the latest example of cooperation between the two. But why does EFTTA work so closely with EAA? It’s true. The reform of the Common Fisheries Policy is a hot issue right now. On November 10th and 11th the EAA decided what to lobby from now until the final adoption of the Policy at the end of 2012 or early in 2013. EFTTA will follow what the EAA decides in this regard. The reason we work so closely with EAA is that it is the European organisation that defends the interest of anglers at a European level and beyond. The initials stand for the European Anglers Alliance. Europe has 25 million anglers of which some seven million are organised within a local club or a national organisation or both. EAA was launched in 1994 and is made up of 14 national organisations from 13 countries representing some three million affiliated members. What makes the two organisations so complementary? EFTTA and EAA are perfect partners in that they by and large share the same lobby aims. These include defending the rights of anglers to go fishing and to preserve or extend access to

fish and fishing spots. Both want to pressurise policy makers to conserve healthy fish stocks and rebuild depleted ones. Any other areas of common interest? Yes, both organisations also lobby that pollution of the aquatic environment is reduced and that negative impacts from man-made obstacles like barriers and hydropower plants are mitigated. We also work to ensure something is done to lessen the damage done to fish stocks by overabundant predators such as cormorants. How else are the two linked? EFTTA and EAA share an office in Brussels and co-finance my work as a lobbyist. How does EAA work to be most effective in Brussels on a day-to-day basis? In any given year, EAA members, staff and volunteers attend hundreds of events and policy meetings. They give oral and written input to consultations and keep in touch, answer questions and provide information to scientists and managers as well as policy makers all over Europe and globally. And how is it constituted? EAA has two working groups where knowledge is shared, EAA positions are formulated, actions are proposed and lobby efforts are coordinated. One is for sea and the other for freshwater affairs. The groups meet three times a year in Europe. Five board members are responsible

for the organisation’s smooth running. Consultation is key in Brussels. How does EAA ensure its voice is heard by the appropriate decision makers? EAA has permanent seats on various expert group meetings in Brussels. These are importance for both EAA’s and EFTTA’s aims and activities. These groups are chaired by the European Commission and they deal with issues under the EU’s freshwater, marine and fisheries legislation and policies. A good example is the seven Regional Advisory Councils (RACs). They are stakeholder councils involving commercial fishermen, processors, fish farmers, green NGOs, anglers and other organisations. They give advice on sea fisheries management to the Commission and the Member States. EAA sits on all seven of them. The combined meetings of these councils amount to more than one hundred days a year. And EFTTA supports the EAA presence on the RACs in the form of a financial contribution. And together, EAA and EFTTA promote angling? Absolutely, both EFTTA and EAA promote angling to decision makers and the public at large. We make sure people know about the good angling does for individuals, families and society at large, both from a social as well as an economic perspective.

INDIAN ACCESSORY MAKER TARGETS NEW GLOBAL MARKETS Mumbai-based A.V. Enterprises was established with the objective of manufacturing quality fly tying materials, tools, carp fishing tackle and accessories. The company says that these products are made under the strict supervision of skilled personnel in the workshop. It adds that all its tools are precision built and finished to achieve ‘perfection’ and ensure ‘world class’ standards and the ‘best quality’ goods that money can buy. “It is our determined commitment to serve our customers with ever improving quality goods and fast


service and to fulfill our high targets for innovative new products,” it says. “We work all year round inventing new products to keep pace with the changing needs and growing sophistication of the angling community around the globe. Our aim is to contribute to the pleasure of fishing.” PRODUCT RANGE: All kinds of fly and carp fishing accessories, including vices, bobbins, hackle pliers, hair stackers, swingers, disgorgers, needles, floats and banksticks. MARKETS: Italy, Hungary, UK, Austria, Netherlands, US. PLANS FOR GROWTH IN 2012: The company plans to

take part in EFTTEX in Paris next year where it will be introducing a range of new products. HOW EFTTA MEMBERSHIP WILL HELP: “It will enable us to gain contacts with companies around the world and an opportunity to introduce our products to a much wider audience. We are looking to expand into Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Russia and Sweden” says A.V. Enterprises.


Tel: +91 33 4001 2525 Email: Website:

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EFTTA donates €12,000 via Youth Grant Scheme EFTTA has donated a total of €12,000 to six organisations as part of its annual Youth Grant Scheme. Each year the EFTTA Board sets aside 15% of its profit in order to support youth fishing projects across Europe. The successful 2011 grant applicants are: 1. Fiskekorkort – Sportfishing Driver Licence (Sweden) During the Sport Fishing Fair, the Swedish Game Fair and the Elmia Game Fair youngsters are encouraged to take part in the Sport Fishing School. The project teaches children between the ages of seven and 12 about fishing, how fish live and the ethics around angling. After ‘graduation’ they get a ‘Driver’s Licence’ and gift bag – worth over €40 – which contains a fishing

rod, lures, DVD and magazines. Sponsors: SPOFA €5,000 and EFTTA €2,000. 2. Junior Sportfish (Serbia) Youngsters are taught all about fishing, including habitats and conservation. The scheme includes an initiative where rubbish is collected in the coastal area of the protected Jegricka River. Sponsors: Mont Press and Ribosport MM €2,000 and EFTTA €2,000. 3. Fish with a Friend Campaign (Finland) The main part of this scheme revolves around National Youth Fishing Day where children fish for free on lakes across Finland and are given special tuition. After the event the participants are presented with Finnish-made lures. Sponsors: FinlandiaUistinOy, KuusamonUistin and Wake Fishing €2,000 and EFTTA €2,000.

4. Fish and River Experience (Germany) Children from the cities of Siegburg and Siegen take part in excursions to the River Sieg to learn about fish fauna and river restoration projects. Sponsors: Pro & Con €2,000 and EFTTA €2,000. 5. Environment and Fishing for Youth Groups (Germany) A project aimed at teaching youngsters about entomology and the need for clean waters. Participants are educated on the water and also taught how to tie flies and fish. Over 150 groups take part. Sponsors: Rudi Heger GmbH/Traun River Products €2,000 and EFTTA €2,000. 6. Future Anglers (Sweden) A scheme that encourages anglers to take young people fishing to create a new generation of anglers. Sponsors: SPOFA €3,300 and EFTTA €2,000.

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