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The Ed2.0Work Project The European network for the integration of Web 2.0 in education and work is an EU funded project that aims to promote innovation and best practice in the implementation of the use of Web2.0 technologies for teaching and learning in education and the workplace.

An overview of the Project’s main objectives: • To form network of organisations where Web2.0 technologies are efficiently and effectively used. • Form three Specialist Interest Groups (SIGs) to examine issues and offer guidance. • Establish means and methods for participants to share their experiences, products and expertise. • Create and accredit a network of Centres of Excellence. • Produce a series of core publications. • Run a Web2.0 services portal for teachers and trainers. • Enhance value to existing best practice by widespread dissemination. • Further expand the network. • Establish a forum for sustainable development and growth.

The European Network for the Integration of Web2.0 in Education and Work Professor Thomas Connolly University of the West of Scotland Paisley PA1 2BE E:


European network for the integration of Web2.0 in Education and work