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New Pill Box

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New Pill Box Fruity Spin Pill Case (7 compartments)

Who says we can only be a pill case? Adding a new touch in the color and making it a real fruit like cases.Fun for kids who doesn’t want to take med, or vitamins. Applicable to store candies.

E-323 9.3x9.3x3.3cm Material:Poly Propylene+ABS Packing:1pc/opp bag,192pcs/CNT/3.01’


New Pill Box Moist Proof Pill Case(Happy Pill Collection) New design to enhance moist proof feature. *Casing colors can be customize and available for customize logo printing.

E-339 12x9.5x2.4cm Material:Poly Propylene Packing:1pc/opp bag,180pcs/CNT/2.20’


New Pill Box MINI Two Compartments Pill Case

box for your Tackle smallerbox medicine, for your smaller medicine, ay also use as mini accessory you may also usecase. as mini accessory case. and easy to carry, your pockets just Smallfits and easy to carry, fitsright. your pockets just right.

T-315 9.5x5.5x3.3cm Material:Poly Propylene Packing:1pc/opp bag

Leather pill box T-346Leather pill box 11.7x9x4cm Material:Poly Propylene Packing:1pc/opp bag


New Pill Box E-341 22x11.8x4.5cm MaterialďźšPoly Propylene Packingďźš1pc/opp bag

Glitering Macaron Keychain These gorgeous line features your choice of a French macarons pill case. The french macaron pill case measures about 4.5 cm in diameter. The pill case hang from a gold tone key ring and are accented with coordinated suede tassel, a crystal bead and a gold live your dream charm. Key chain length 16.5 inches.


New Pill Box E-353 22.2x5.4x2.5cm Material:Poly Propylene Packing:1pc/opp bag

Push & Flip Pill Case All newly designed weekly pill case, with 7 or 14 or 28 DAYS usage. specially design to suit your daily needs. Easy one touch pop-up cover,and features braille dot on the cover . *Available for customize logo printing.

E-353-2 22.5x11.5x2.6cm Material:Poly Propylene Packing:1pc/opp bag 16

New Pill Box E-353-4 22.5x23.6x2.6cm Material:Poly Propylene Packing:1pc/opp bag





New Pill Box One month Medication Center

E-341 9.8x2.5x2.3cm Material:Polystyrene Packing:1pc/opp bag,300pcs/CNT/1.48’

E-324/349 17.5x11x2.6cm/4.5x4x1.7cm Material:Poly Propylene M Packing Packing:1pc/opp bag

Makes our lifeeasier. Easy to carry.Vary shapes to choose from! 18

New Pill Box New color design detachable pill case. For morning and evening 7 days a weeks. *Available for customize logo printing.

E-337 13.3x6x2.1cm Material:Poly Propylene Packing:1pc/opp bag, 192pcs/CNT/1.63’

New color design detachable pill case. For 8 days a week. *Available for customize logo printing.

E-346 9.5x7.3x2.6cm Material:Poly Propylene 1pc/opp bag,200pcs/CTN/1.66’ Packing:1pc/opp



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