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The Obtura Standard Obturation Guide






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The Obtura Standard Backed by over 25 years of clinical performance, the Obtura III MAX is the preferred instrument for all backfill procedures. And with the introduction of the Obtura MAXPACK to our complete line of endodontic products, this combination will save you TIME and MONEY during obturation.

Bobby Mallik, DMD – Bridgewater, NJ Obtura Spartan enhances my endodontic success with their continued commitment to introducing the finest instruments and materials available for endodontic care. But what sets this company apart is their commitment to the customer. I have always recieved prompt and courteous service, if there has ever been a question or an order difficulty, Obtura Spartan has gone the extra mile to satisfy my needs as a busy endodontist in private practice. I have used Obtura Spartan products consistently for over seven years and will continue to for many more.

The Obtura III Max® BENEFITS OF THE OBTURA III MAX: • Easily fills root canals with warm gutta percha in seconds for MAXimum obturation success • Control the speed of gutta percha extrusion with the ergonomic handpiece design for superior tactile sensation • Cartridge-Free operation resulting in low cost per canal

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: • Thermal protector designed for patient safety • Lightweight, ergonomic handpiece design reduces hand and wrist fatigue • Unmatched 2 year warranty

The Obtura MaxPack BENEFITS OF THE OBTURA MAXPACK HEAT SOURCE: • Convenient, cordless design allows any operatory to become your endo operatory saving you time and reducing your need to purchase multiple pieces of equipment • Create an endodontic post space, remove excess gutta percha during lateral condensation, or compact gutta percha to prepare for warm gutta percha injection techniques, all with one device • Confidence in quality. Backed by Obtura Spartan Endodontics comprehensive one-year warranty

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: • Four temperature presets ranging from 150°C to 230°C • Lightweight, weighing only 2.22 ounces • Six slots for heat pluggers and ergonomic grip allows operation in any quadrant of the mouth • Safety: Auto shut-off after 10 minutes of downtime • High quality Lithium Ion battery minimizes downtime for charging

Obturation Accessories S-Kondensers BENEFITS OF OUR S-Kondensers: • Obtura S-Kondensers each feature nickel-titanium ends for apical compaction in curved canals and flat, stainless steel ends for coronal compaction in one instrument • Available in ISO color coded sizes individually, or in sets of 3, the S-Kondensers are appropriately configured for any canal anatomy

Applicator Needles BENEFITS OF OUR Applicator Needles: • 3 sizes of applicator needles: 20, 23, and 25 gauge • Available in 6-packs or bulk quantities

Gutta Percha Points, Pellets & Flow 150 BENEFITS OF EACH TYPE: • Points: Obtura Gutta Percha Points are available in nonstandard sizes for increased flexibility in all root canal sizes to support lateral or warm gutta percha delivery techniques • Pellets: Obtura Gutta Percha Pellets are available in Regular Flow, Soft Flow and Resilon™ type materials to compliment nearly all pellet based gutta percha delivery systems

MaxPack Accessories Obtura Spartan Pluggers BENEFITS OF OUR PLUGGERS: • Color coded ISO standard sizes make plugger recognition easy and reduce chair time • Flexible, tempered stainless steel pluggers navigate curved canals smoothly providing heat to gutta percha in the most apical region • Autoclaveable for multiple uses reducing inventory needs












Hot Testing Tip

Clinical Research Study #1 STUDY #1: A COMPARISON OF THREE GUTTA-PERCHA OBTURATION TECHNIQUES TO REPLICATE CANAL IRREGULARITIES ABSTRACT: A split-tooth model with artificially created intracanal wall defects was used to compare three gutta-percha (GP) obturation techniques, cold lateral, warm lateral, and warm vertical. The techniques were evaluated and compared based on defect replication quality as a function of defect location and size. The obturations were evaluated on an ordinal scale, 0 to 4, based on how much each defect was replicated. There was a statistically significantly better result with both warm techniques compared to cold lateral obturation, while there was no significant difference between the warm obturation techniques. Journal of Endodontics: Volume 32, Issue 8 , Pages 762-765, August 2006 - Authors: Jake Collins, BS, MS, Mary P. Walker, DDS, PhD, James Kulild, DDS, MS, Charles Lee, DDS PII: S0099-2399(05)00038-5 - doi:10.1016/j.joen.2005.10.001 - © 2006 American Association of Endodontists. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Clinical Research Study #2 STUDY #2: COMPARISON OF THE OBTURATION DENSITY OF COLD LATERAL COMPACTION VERSUS WARM VERTICAL COMPACTION USING THE CONTINUOUS WAVE OF CONDENSATION TECHNIQUE ABSTRACT: The purpose of this in vitro study was to compare quantitatively the density of standard cold lateral gutta-percha compaction and warm vertical compaction by using the continuous wave of condensation technique. Forty transparent acrylic blocks with 30-degree, curved root canals were instrumented using Gates Glidden burs and Profile 0.06 taper rotary nickel-titanium files in a crown-down manner. The blocks were weighed and randomly assigned to two evenly distributed groups. Group A was obturated with the cold lateral-compaction technique using medium-fine, gutta-percha accessory points until the canal was completely filled. Group B was obturated with the continuous wave of condensation technique until the canal was completely filled. The blocks were weighed again after obturation. Data were analyzed using a two-sample t test at the 5% significance level. Results demonstrated that the continuous wave of condensation technique resulted in a significantly greater density compared with cold lateral compaction. Warm vertical compaction using the continuous wave of condensation technique in acrylic blocks resulted in a greater gutta-percha fill by weight compared with standard cold lateral compaction. Journal of Endodontics: Volume 31, Issue 1 , Pages 37-39, January 2005 - Authors: Christopher S. Lea, DDS, Michael J. Apicella, DDS, Pete Mines, DDS, Peter P. Yancich, DDS, M. Harry Parker, DDS, MS PII: S0099-2399(05)60045-3 - doi:10.1097/01.DON.0000129037.75547.80 - © 2005 The American Association of Endodontists. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

The Obtura Technique DOWN PACK 1



Master Cone Selection Once the root canal has been shaped properly, choose an appropriate master gutta percha cone

Plugger Selection Once the canal has been dried, select the heater plugger that stops within 3-5mm from the working length of the canal without binding

Master Cone Compaction Place the master gutta percha cone, coated with sealer, in the canal and sear it off with the Obtura Maxpack at the orifice, lightly compacting the gutta percha with a stainless steel plugger at the orifice



Apical Obturation - I Activate the Maxpack heating unit and down-pack the gutta percha to your predetermined length

Apical Obturation - II Allow the gutta percha to cool, apply a 1 second burst of heat to withdraw the plugger from the root canal, and gently compact the remaining gutta percha with a small hand plugger



Insert the Obtura III MAX needle into the canal and pull the trigger to backfill with gutta percha to the canal orifice

You may choose to continue backfilling until the canal is sufficiently filled or enough gutta percha is present to create a post space

Disclaimer: Obtura Spartan Endodontics products are not available in all markets. To confirm availability, please contact your local Obtura Sales Representative. This technique sheet is to be used as a guideline and the clinician’s judgment is paramount as each case is unique. Obtura Spartan recommends that the clinician practices all techniques on extracted teeth or practice instruments prior to providing care for patients. The basis for any successful obturation technique is an effectively cleaned and shaped canal system. Cases courtesy of Garrett M. Guess, DDS. La Jolla, CA.

Product Listing Obtura III MAX 823-800 Obtura III MAX 823-810 Obtura III MAX Handpiece 823-711 Obtura Power Supply 823-801 Obtura Accessory Kit 823-813 Obtura III MAX Multi-tool 823-616 Obtura Needle Nut Wrench 823-815 Obtura III MAX Thermal Protectors 823-618 Obtura Plunger Seal Assembly 823-812 Obtura III MAX Plunger Shaft w/ Seal 823-814 Obtura III MAX Handpiece Bushing 825-103 Obtura Heater Reamer Tool 822-613 Obtura Cleaning Brushes 822-609 Obtura Cleaning Kit Obturation Needles 823-620 20 Ga. Needles (6 Pack) 823-621 20 Needles (Bulk Pack) 823-622 20 Needles (Double Bulk Pack) 823-623 23 Ga. Needles (6 Pack) 823-624 23 Ga. Needles (Bulk Pack) 823-625 23 Ga. Needles (Double Bulk Pack) 823-635 25 Ga. Needles (6 Pack) 823-636 25 Ga. Needles (Bulk Pack) 823-628 Combo Double Bulk Pack Touch ‘N Heat 824-400 824-101 824-102 824-103 824-104 824-105 824-107

Touch 'N Heat Model 5004 T&H Standard Anterior Tip T&H Standard Posterior Tip T&H Narrow Anterior Tip T&H Narrow Posterior Tip T&H Spoon Tip T&H Hot Pulp Test Tip

Obtura MaxPack 824-700 Obtura MaxPack 824-706 MaxPack Main Device 824-701 MaxPack Charging Console 824-702 MaxPack Battery 824-719 Obtura Spartan Spreader (Narrow) - 25/.03 824-720 Obtura Spartan Spreader (Standard) - 25/.05 824-722 Obtura Spartan Plugger Stand - Black (Holds 6) 824-723 Obtura Spartan Plugger Protector Sleeve (Bag of 10) 824-705 MaxPack Power Cord Obtura Spartan Pluggers 824-703 MaxPack Battery Enclosure 824-704 MaxPack AC 12V 1620mAH Adapter 824-710 Obtura Spartan 30/.04 taper Plugger 824-711 Obtura Spartan 35/.04 taper Plugger 824-712 Obtura Spartan 40/.04 taper Plugger 824-713 Obtura Spartan 45/.04 taper Plugger 824-714 Obtura Spartan 55/.06 taper Plugger 824-715 Obtura Spartan 55/.08 taper Plugger 824-716 Obtura Spartan 55/.10 taper Plugger 824-717 Obtura Spartan 60/.12 taper Plugger 824-718 Obtura Spartan Hot Testing Tip System B 824-500 System B Model 1005 824-506 System B Handpiece 824-507 Buch Plugger Xtra Fne .04 824-502 Buch Plugger Fine .06 824-503 Buch Plugger Fne-Med .08 824-504 Buch Plugger Med .10 824-505 Buch Plugger Med-Lrg .12 824-508 Buch Pluggers Set of 5

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