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nce upon a day, (in modern times) there was a boy named Jack. He lived in a small village with his mother. His father died when Jack was very young and the only thing that he left Jack was an mp3 player. It was quite battered but still in quite a good condition. Jack and his mother lived quite well because the mother had a job. But then, one horrible day, she was fired. She searched for a job, but failed. Jack and his mother were slowly starving. They were forced to eat less and less, until they were reduced to eating a cookie each day. They sold almost all their belongings until there was just one thing of value left in the house- the mp3 player. Finally, on one particularly bad day, Jack’s mother said, “It’s no use. We’ll have to sell the mp3.” At first, Jack protested but was forced to give in as their food supplies dwindled lower and lower. So, he went out into the small market area in the centre of the small village. He tried selling it but the village was small and quite poor so nobody could afford to buy it. The day started to end and the other merchants started to leave. Jack was getting desperate. However, as he was just planning to leave, a strange man approached him. “I’ll pay you two cartons of food for that,” he said. He went away and came back with a large box full of food. To Jack this seemed a great price but it was hardly half of what the mp3 should have got. Not knowing this, Jack agreed and sold the mp3. The man started back to his van, but as he looked back at Jack’s departing figure, he felt sorry for him. “Wait!” he called. Jack looked back and saw the man hesitantly take out two small gold coins. Jack ran to him and eagerly looked at the coins expectantly. The man held them out and said “These are magic coins. I got them from a man a long time ago. Take care of them.” With these final words, he went back to his car and drove off. Jack stared after the man for a while before starting to lug his load home. When he got to his house, his mother yelled at him for only getting two cartons instead of about ten. Jack showed her the coins and for a moment, she was happy before realising they were fakes. She threw them out of the window and sent Jack to bed. Jack argued that they were magic coins, but she did not believe him. The next day, when Jack got up early after a horrible sleep, he looked out of the window and saw a fascinating sight. Right in the middle of their garden was a huge elevator. “The man said that those coins were magic and he was right!” thought Jack excitedly. He quickly got changed and cautiously stepped in front of the elevator. He looked curiously at a control next to it. There were three buttons. One was to go up and one was to go down. There was also one emergency button. Jack tried pressing the down button but it wouldn’t work so he pressed the up arrow. Instantly, the elevator doors opened. Jack stepped inside and the doors closed. The elevator shuddered to life and started to move upwards. After a few minutes, the elevator stopped and Jack got out. There was a strange road in front of him. Jack followed it and came to an enormous castle. There was a delicious aroma wafting from the castle. Jack's mouth watered. It was about


midday and he hadn’t eaten any breakfast. So he slipped into the castle. As soon as he entered, he almost tripped over the feet of a huge woman. “Hey boy, what are you doing? Don’t you know that my husband likes eating little boys? You’re lucky that I’ve already made some bacon and mushrooms. He can always eat you tomorrow though.” “Oh please don’t let him eat me,” Jack pleaded. “I only came to ask you for something to eat. It smells delicious.” The woman took pity on the boy and gave him a bacon sandwich. He was still eating it when the floor shook and a loud voice called, “Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum.” “Quick! Hide!” cried the Giant’s wife and pushed him into the oven. “After eating, my husband will fall asleep and then you must creep away. She shut the oven door but left a tiny crack open so that Jack could see what was happening. Again the terrible voice came: “Fee Fi Fo Fum I smell the blood of an Englishman, Be he alive or be he dead, I’ll grind his bone to make my bread.” “Boys, I smell boys. Have I got a nice juicy boy for me today?” “No dear,” said the wife. “You’ve got bacon and mushrooms today. You must be smelling the boy you ate last week.” The Giant sniffed the air suspiciously for a moment, but eventually sat down and wolfed down his breakfast. After he finished, he got out two large coins sacks from a cupboard and started counting the coins. Before long, he fell asleep. Jack crept out of the oven and started out of the door, but as he went he grabbed two large coins and raced out of the front door and to the elevator. He hastily pressed the down arrow and after a few minutes, the doors opened and he was back in his mother’s garden. He heaved the gold coins out and went out of the elevator. His mother came out to the garden and was relieved to see Jack. Then her eyes widened as she saw the elevator and the two huge coins. Jack told his whole story and although Jack's mother looked disbelievingly at him, when she saw the coins she realised that he was speaking the truth. Jack and his mother spent the gold on food and some household items but the money eventually ran out so the next day, Jack got into the elevator and went to the Giant’s house. This time he knocked and the Giant’s wife answered again. “Oh it’s you,” she said. “Weren't you here when two of my husband’s coins vanished?” But Jack assured her that it wasn’t him, so the wife’s heart softened and she gave him some breakfast. But once again, as he was eating, the Giant’s voice boomed, “Fee Fi Fo Fum!” Jack quickly jumped into the oven. Just as he did so, the Giant came in and bellowed: “Fee Fi Fo Fum I smell the blood of an Englishman, Be he alive or be he dead, I’ll grind his bone to make my bread.”


The wife put a plate of sausages in front of him and said that he must be mistaken. After eating, the Giant took out a medium sized contraption and clapped his hands twice. Instantly, there was a whirring and sucking sound and a gold coin dropped on the table. The Giant put the coin with all the rest of the coins. Then he fell asleep. As soon as Jack had seen this, he raced out but grabbed the contraption on the way. He raced out of the house and went back down to the garden. However Jack’s mother was not pleased. “Why did you bring some useless trinket when you could have brought some gold? What am I going to do with you?” But Jack put down the contraption on their table and clapped twice like the Giant had done. There was a whirring noise and to the mother’s surprise, a gold coin dropped on to the table. Now Jack and his mother lived in great luxury. But one day Jack was bored so he went on the elevator again and walked to the Giant’s house. This time he did not knock in case the wife recognised him. So he slipped in and hid in a large, log shaped basket. After a few minutes, Jack heard the great voice of the Giant roar: “Fee Fi Fo Fum I smell the blood of an Englishman, Be he alive or be he dead, I’ll grind his bone to make my bread.” “If it’s that pesky boy who stole your gold and that contraption, why don’t you look in the oven? It’s my best guess that he’ll be in there. But thankfully, Jack was not in the oven. The Giant and his wife searched high and low but never thought of looking in the basket. Eventually, they gave up and the Giant wolfed down his breakfast. After eating, the Giant took out a small keyboard and clicked his fingers. Wonderful music started to play from the keyboard. Soon after this, the Giant fell asleep and the keyboard stopped playing. Jack crept out, and then raced to the door, stealing the keyboard on the way. But the keyboard cried, “Master, help me!” and this woke up the Giant and when he saw Jack running away with the keyboard, he let out a bellow of outrage and chased after Jack. Jack ran down the road and got into the elevator. He repeatedly pressed the emergency button on the control and the doors swished shut and the elevator zoomed down. It reached the bottom in seconds and when the doors opened, Jack thought he was safe. But then he saw that the Giant was climbing down using the elevator cables! Jack quickly put down the keyboard, ran to a nearby axe and threw the axe at the cables above the giant's head. The cables severed and the Giant fell and crashed to the ground. The keyboard broke but the contraption continued to give them coins and they lived happily ever after.


PLANNING DONE FOR FAIRY TALE FLUENCY: Note- Got hold of copy of the ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ story from

Elements of story:          

Jack, the Giant, the Giant’s wife and Jack’s mother(main characters) The man who gives him the magic beans in exchange for the cow The beanstalk The five magic beans The two coins Stolen from Giant’s house The hen who laid eggs of gold The harp The cow Old fashioned theme Set in Jack’s garden and the Giant’s house

Elements story want to keep/eliminate/change         

Main characters will be kept the same The man will be kept the same The beanstalk will be changed The five magic beans are changed The two coins(stolen from the Giant’s house) will be kept the same The hen will be changed The harp will be changed The story will have a modern day theme Same setting



FLEXIBILITY Beanstalk changed to Elevator (to suit modern day theme) The five magic beans will be changed to Two magic coins The hen which lays solid gold eggs will be changed to A mechanical contraption that gives out gold pieces The harp will be changed to A keyboard The story is changed from an old-fashioned theme to A modern day theme

ORIGINALITY My original idea- Jack and the ElevatorQuick ideas for storyJack has same money crisis so goes to sell an object (mp3). Instead of a good price, only gets two food cartons and two magic coins. During the night the coins form an elevator. Jack goes up in it and finds a Giant’s castle. Adventures follow.


ELABORATION Jack and his mother There is a boy called Jack who lived with his mother. One day, his mother lost her job so they didn’t have any money. They sold almost everything until they only had a mp3 that Jack’s father had left them. Jack went and sold it to a man who gave him two food cartons and two magic coins for it. However, this was not enough and Jack’s mother sees that the coins were fakes and chucks them out of the window. In, the morning Jack wakes up and sees a huge elevator outside his window and he goes to a Giant’s house then adventures follow.

Short Summary

The Giant and his Wife

Characters The man who buys the mp3 off Jack (and gives him magic coins)

Giant’s House

The Market



Jack and his mother’s house and garden

Changed Elements/Develop ments

Go to Flexibility for details.


FLUENCY For my reworked fairy tale I have displayed fluency by first getting down lots of elements from the fairy tale ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and then using as many ideas/elements from the story as possible so that the reworked version would still be true to the original story (Jack and the Beanstalk). Also I have demonstrated fluency by getting ideas for the elements that I want to change and the elements that I didn’t want to change or eliminate

FLEXIBILITY I had to be flexible when planning the reworked story as I was planning to do a modern theme so I had to change the elements that I wanted to change accordingly. This restricted me a little bit so I had to be flexible and find a solution to the problems that I faced and eventually coming up with ‘Jack and the Elevator’.

ORIGINALITY Originality was the easiest branch of creativity as the reworked story had to be original even though it was tweaked the original story was tweaked a bit. My original idea was a modern day theme to the fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk. I also


demonstrated originality by changing the idea of a beanstalk leading to the Giant’s house to an elevator leading to the Giant’s house. I also demonstrated originality in many other parts of the story.

ELABORATION I elaborated the original idea of ‘Jack and the Elevator’ by writing the story itself and doing a mind map (included in this document). I had to focus most of my planning on this particular aspect of creativity.


Creativity Response  

Creativity response for fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration.