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For this year I will like to visual the thrilling event that had shocked the nation. The England Riots 2011. 04.08.11+ the days England Escalated into something England never ever imagined would happen. Well what more can we say ‘expect the unexpected’, a event which will never be forgotten. Following the riots and violence that took place in the early of August this year. A range of people from different age groups took advantage of what was a ‘peaceful protest’ and of the community and burnt down the homes, businesses etc, and took out the heart of people’s happiness. Collectively resulting in thousands of items being looted and businesses destroyed for good. Starting from Tottenham, North London elevated into the outer sides of north London down to south London and into West England. “The place I once called my home has been destroyed forever, but will never be forgotten.” - anonymous A devastating event which shocked the world. Questions widespread quickly about the London 2012. However, Summer 2011 was the holiday that invited an spontaneous revenge of unheard voices of all ages. “…They have literally taken the heart out ….” - anonymous Looting was an unexpected valueable liberty, given to people taking part to “…shop as much as they like…” for free but not knowing, simultaneously that the police officers were working together secretly to catch these faces as a punishment. “I believe this is just simply a copy cat criminal activity” - Reporter I want my film to implicate the unheard voice of the England Generation. Indicating the education of young children has gone down due to government cuts. My film will be an expressionist film empowerint the hearts of young and old minded people who care to help and change the way people live. A formal documentation or something relevant that reflects how the rioting effecting the future thoughts of London. My film will illustrate to disturbance of hood violence attacking the blocks with vicious emotions driving inside them. I would like to re-live the moments in the style of when ‘The Earth stood still’. Implicating the religious aspect of floating thoughts that All around the world and in our nation we are seeing events unfold that the bible predicted would be happening in the last days. I want to apply Tyler Perry directing skills of getting the family together, a family who will discover and experience something they’ve never experienced before in their lives.


The position I have chosen to study is the director; a film director is a person who directs the actors and film crew in filmmaking. They control a film’s artistic and dramatic aspects while guiding the technical crew and actors. As a director, they also have many responsibilities to undertake during the production. They visualize how the film will look and turn out following the script of the scenes. They direct the tone and what the audience should gain from the cinematic experience. They decide the camera angles, lens effect and lighting with the help of the cinematographer, set design and production designer. They co-ordinate the moves of the crew and are involved in the writing and editing of the film. The director I will be studying is Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry is an American actor, director, playwright, screenwriter, producer, author and songwriter. Perry wrote and produced many stage plays in the south during the 1990’s and early 2000’s. in 2005, he released his first film, “diary of a mad black women”. Perry was influenced by watching an Oprah Winfrey show where he heard that sometimes therapeutic effect that act of writing can have enabling the author to work out his own problem. This inspired him into a career of writing due to his previous heart-broken relationship with his father frightening him with this phrase ‘…his only answer to everything was to beat it out of you..’. He started to write a series of letters to himself that had become the basis of the musical ‘I know I’ve changed’. In contrast to the Shakespearian traditional and contemporary pre-20th century films and plays such as, ‘Othello’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet by William. Both stories similarly links with my story plot about two teenagers who are in a relationship but cant be together because of the two different worlds they live in, they boy lives a council estate ‘hood’ town whereas, the girl lives in a respected posh house. Both plays experiences some similarities set of themes such us love and betrayal. Othello covers the theme of racism and jealously in contrast to Romeo and Juliet that covers fate, chance, duality and time. Both Shakespeare plays are set in Italy and creates this bond of best friends between the boys in either film, Iago and Othello and Romeo and Benvolio. I like the way he creates comedy in his films in such a positive way that gets the audience engaged in a happy mood. Nevertheless, I would like to add some joke comments with a twist that it will happen but in a negative way. That something serious will occur without them knowing. Most of Tyler Perry’s films are realistic therefore I would like my film to also be realistic focusing on how the scenes link together creating a shocking response from the audience. The visual technique applied in his film ‘The Diary of the mad Black Women’ explores shots like close up shot and over the shoulder shots. The close up shots are used to create tension and focus between the characters and audience. Hence, the over the shoulder shots are used particularly for the audience’s interest getting them involved with who the characters are interacting with. The visual style the work has is the quality of light in his film majority of the times is very bright coloured to support the genre of comedy. The composition of the film is tight and well constructed. Tyler Perry works well to demonstrate a variety of emotion depending on the synopsis of his films, in The Diary of The Mad Black Women is unhappy, love and fear. Each emotion is created through the relationship Helen has with her Husband who dumbs her for her ex-. In Shakespeare’s plays, creates emotion through the precise skill of performance and sound effect indulged. To express anger, murder, racism and hate despite the princess’s family disliking her to engage with Othello. Othello demonstrates that two lovers can’t be together due to their background issues. Nevertheless, Romeo and Juliet show the segregation of love and patience of the two secretly dating but cant be together due to their status. Surprisingly, both plays narrate sympathy but leads to a tragic death. In my opinion, I like the way Tyler Perry’s film has a more urban approach to the traditional simplicity of Shakespeare’s play of ‘Othello’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Alternatively, I like the way Shakespeare interpretive his film with theme resources. Therefore, in my film I am going to work with a variety of themes likewise I will want my film to be up-to-date with the issue of couples not lasting in a relationship due to their backgrounds or how their brought up.



I have extended my story board into a shot list to appropiately decide which part of my film I can work on for my experiment. I have problemtised my shot list in colours. Red as the earthquake effect. Green as the message from above and Blue as the documentation. The reason why I have coloured them is to make it easier to tackle and organise.

Experiment 1

Earthquake effect story board broken down.

Experiment 2

Message from above rain weather collusion effect story boared broken down.

EXPERIMENT REVIEWS. Experiment 1: ‘Earthquake’ Script and Reflection: OBJECTIVE:

In my experiment I plan to achieve a earthquake scene of sudden illusionistic physical body movements which reflect this feeling. I will be using special editing effects which enhance the change of weather through the source of lighting. REFLECTION: I think that my experiment turned out okay however, I stuggled as the actor looked like he was dancing more than appropiately responding to what a realistic earthquake scene would feel like. The atmosphere of this scene seemed quite dull. Overall, the effect at the begining of different shots and the shaking waving effect gives it a more positive approach. SCRIPT: No script for this experiment as I was focusing on the effects. Experiment 2: ‘Messages from above’ Script and Reflection: OBJECTIVE: I plan to achieve a short experimentation exploring a message sent from above. Creating a mysterious authentic experience of a message from the bible being scattered and sprinkled individually from above like rain on the ground, whilst people are just normally just about, walking. The message is clearly to say that ‘the actions being done shows that the end is near’. Therefore, I would like the audience to feel as if their in their own world as the message from above reaches their levels descending down outer space into the earth alerting them that the end is coming closer. I hope to link this with jumping shots of disaster scenes snipping in between. REFLECTION: The expriement turned out okay due to the windy weather it played a great role. Although, I wished for some rain, the wind realism came out good. SCRIPT: No script as I was focusing on the camera tracking the message.

SCRIPT. ‘Documentations’ Script and Reflection: OBJECTIVE: I plan to achieve a documentation of people discussing their thoughts on the riots. And have their image blacked out. So you can see that their talking but with low key light. Create a interactions of the speakers and questionnaires talking together. REFLECTION: My experiment turned out alright although I had to re-interview a number of people to get them to took. As I explained to them their faces will not be shown. SCRIPT: what do you think about the riots? Speaker1*- To be honest yeah I was born and raised here. I’ve seen so many things in the past but nothing as close as this, would I of thought would touch my home town. My heart fells empty and sympathy is drawn to those who has lost a lot in such a little time. And I sincerely apologies on behalf of those ‘mindless people’ who did this. Speaker2*- The place I once called my home now is gone, dried up like a dessert. Blacked out before my eyes. A place what used to be such a bright carnival scene is now a murder scene. Every street closed. I mean my house is like above that coca-cola shop. Boy it looks like today It’s a allnighter for me. *sighs* Only the lords knows whats to come? Speaker3* - I moved out of the ends because I feared that one day something bad will happen. My predictions was right. I am not surprised but who’s to blame, the feds or the youts? Speaker4* How do you feel for your generation? Believe me yh the hoods is as you see it. If you don’t like it, ahh don’t buy yourself into it. Forget your help, we don’t need it. Ima strong person. They think its over, mate, people are getting aggy love. It’s getting mad out here. This aint the life but the government had it coming. Im on a league of my own. Do you think theres a reason to why this happened? Like I said before the hood is as you see it. Don’t judge by your eyes but listen to whats been told. Coz’ if I told you the reasons you won’t believe me let alone take it on board. What do you think the gov’s should do to prevent this from happening again? Ahh thats easy, give us back what we deserve the freedom to feel free. Enhance us with the goods you’ve taken away from us.


MIA Pre-Production