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>>Wernstedt Competition 09 >> CTH>> >> Epp J채채ger & Charlotte Lartigue <<


n extention to the Museum of the Art The GĂśteborg Museum of Art in has an emblematic status in the city. Not only do the collections and temporary exhibition form an important part in the self-consciousness of the city, but the building is also one of the most important individuals in the cityscape. The building was once created in order to establish a firm ending of the city to the south, a replacement for the lost archway at Kungsportsplatsen. The location on the top of the hill was chosen in order to make it visible in the entire length of the new avenue. For the museum itself, the elevated position was more problematic, and several alterations have been made after the original building was inaugurated in 1923 in order to create better connections with GĂśtaplatsen. The extentionnew shall dock to the existing building. It shall contain exhibition spaces, a cafĂŠ, a shop with storage, an auditorium for 200 persons, workshops and offices. The proposed building must present a reflective attitude towards the original museum as well as to the extension from 1968 and to the estates on Ekmansgatan.


Inspired by the winning â&#x20AC;&#x153; Ares projectâ&#x20AC;? of 1924, we interpret the idea of a public courtyard as the core of the Museum. The project supposes emancipation of the main hall and extension gallery towards the backyard. The Art-forum is an interactive space for contemporary art experiences, public events and gatherings. The old fashioned way of passive exhibition is turned to an invitation for active participation.

Reflection of the screen Screen Screen

Backyard Backyard Main Mainbuilding building

1924 concept

2010 concept

To extend the main floor

To simplify the organization 100% 100%exhibition exhibition 100% forum 100%art Art-forum

Entrance Entrance Tolink linkone on main the main To floorfloor

Gathered Gathered offices offices Gathered Gathered workshops workshop

To Tolink linkfloors floors

Extra storage Extra storage Extra open studio studio Extra open

An An indoor indoorstreet street

Independent opening time for the Art-Forum Entrance Entrance Eventspace space Event

Closed Closed gates gates

Site plan 1/400

South Elevation

West Elevation

Section AA

Section BB

0 floor 0 / Main Hall

1 floor / Auditorium

2 floor / Gallery

3 floor / Offices

Vocabulary concept :


From brick to laminated veneer Bricks > Existing facade

Curved laminated veneer > Between double skin facade

Messing > Internal balconies

Cell glass > West & East Facade

White marple boards > Internal facades

White marble > Internal floor

Climate in the building

To play with light cell glass

structured screen glass roof Cell glass : Semi-opac light Insulated wall

structured screen glass roof Glass roof: Clear glass to bring light Or semi transparent to avoid Over heating

cell glass

structured screen glass roof Double skin facade : Laminated veneer as structure and Shading double clear glass create Insulating layer

Double glass roof Double glass skin facade Standard climate Regulated climate Air lock Openings Air flow

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An exteniton of Museum of the Art in Gothenborg. Honorable mention of the Wernstetd Competition.

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