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IFE Newcomers Integration Weekend Erasmus Welcome Party Mentor programme Recruitment City game Making Easter Cards with SocialErasmus Tandem Spring Party Tandem Academic Job Trade Dinner in the Dark Erasmus Forest ESNOLYMPICS 2.13a. International Days Of Sport 2.14. Discover Europe 2.15. Flag Party 2.16. Trip to Cracow 2.17. Eurodinner 2.18. Non-party events 2.19. 14th birthday of ESN-EYE 2.20. Tandem Picnic 2.21. Erasmus Oscar Awards 2.22. Erasmus in Schools 2.23. Erasmus Hall

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ESN Upgrade Poznań Delegates’ Meeting Toruń Annual General Meeting Maribor National Platform Wrocław

4. General ESN-EYE Assembly 5. Partners and sponsors

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ESN-EYE Łódź is the non-profit student organisation that works in Lodz University of Technology. Its aim is supporting and developing international exchange programmes, especially Erasmus one. The motto of the organisation is: 'Students helping Students'. ESN-EYE is the organisation that gathers extraordinary people who struggle to achieve perfection when it comes to organising projects and events. They are organised not only locally and regionally but also on the national and European scale.



Mainly, they are connected with promoting international students' exchanges (Erasmus or Campus Europae), broadening European integration and helping the students of University Lodz of Technology with developing job career. Our activities rely on teamwork, where all the members have an equal possibility of gaining new experience and are limited only by their own creativity. ESN-EYE is the perfect place for developing many kinds of skills: managerial, organisational and linguistic ones while working on the projects designed for international group of people.


IFE newcomers

1st - 3rd of March 2013 Coordinator: Kinga Nowicka

Integration Weekend At the beginning of each semester members of ESN-EYE organise integration weekend for foreign students arriving to Łódź University of Te c h n o l o g y d u e t o E r a s m u s programme. This time it took place on 1 to 3 March and gathered over 70 people from all over Europe. We spent three wonderful days in the DRESSO holiday site in Sulejów. The whole event started on Friday – around midday students received special T-shirts and badges. The registration went without problems and we took off to Sulejów before 2am. After arrival we began with integration games, prepared very well by KInga Nowicka and Łukasz Bienias. During them it turned out that passing an orange using just chin, without hands doesn't have to be an easy task. What's

more, the shout “So what? SOCIAL!” was then created. After supper, we started the first theme party of Integration Weekend: Pyjama Party. Dressed in various pyjamas and bathrobes or even Spiderman's suit we had a wonderful time. The atmosphere was so great, that the participants of another trip that took place at the same time joined us to dance till dawn. Saturday began with a few hours of free time, to relax and rest while watching movies or strolling in the cold fresh air. After dinner the time had come for team tournament. Pulling the line and charades gave us lots of positive energy, but the real sensation was the music quiz. Each participant had to prove not only his musical knowledge, but also speed and reflex. At the end of the day everyone was to wear something pink and the second theme party, Pink Party, started. At Sunday we had to clean our rooms and pack our bags. Before the departure we took some memorial photos and said goodbye to the innkeepers. During the whole weekend we witnessed wonderful integration . Students from every corner of Europe lived and had fun together. Everywhere we felt friendly attitude and every participant wanted to get to know everyone.

Erasmus opinions „I really loved the parties and meeting new Erasmus and polish people. It was really fun!” „In general I liked the most integrating with people, learning languages for Erasmus Student was also great” „Dziekuje so much for everything!” „Thank you for the great weekend!” „PERFECT!” 90% of participants would recommend this trip to others

Erasmus Welcome Party 6th of March 2013 Coordinator: Zuza Magnuska

This semester Erasmus Welcome Party was held on March 6. For the first time ESN-EYE worked with the club Lordis. The party came crowd - about 750 people. We had fun until the early morning hours. The event went like never before. In a wonderful way we welcomed our newly arrived students.

Mentor programme Whole semester Coordinator: Kasia Grzelak Mentor programme is one of the most popular ESN-EYE activity. The recruitment process usually starts several weeks before the upcoming semester. Mentor is a Polish person who helps the foreign student to adapt to new environment at first days of staying in Łódź. The person usually greets and picks up the foreign student at the railway station or at the airport, lead the way to the flat or the dormitory and shows round the whole university. Mentor is a great help when it comes to the situation where good knowledge of Polish is necessary, for example at the doctor's cabinet. This programme enables foreign students to visit the most interesting parts of the city and experience incredible moments while being surrounded by nice and hospitable people.

Recruitment ESN-EYE 4th- 15th of March 2013 Coordinator: Justyna Paradowska

This semester the recruitment of our section's new members was held at the beginning of March, from 4 to 15. During this time, we organised a meeting, at which the interested were informed about the working groups they can join as well as the overall activity of ESN-EYE. The difference between this and previous recruitments was that this time we managed to gather many willing to join from outside our organisation, which can help us promote our section also on other faculties of Lodz University of Technology. What makes this recruitment special is the fact that from 30 new members, the vast majority was encouraged by their friends, which earlier were or currently are active. Such word of mouth is therefore the best recommendation. 4

9th of March 2013 Coordinator: Szymon Klepacz The city game for Erasmus students took place on 9 March 2013. We met in the IFE building, where foreign students received special maps with places they had to visit (in a given order, together with bonus places) and instructions. Their objective was to travel through Łódź with Polish caretakers, visiting the most important city spots. At each venue members of ESN-EYE awaited with special tasks and surprises. For example, at Plac Wolności they had to find “Dętka” museum, before the rectory cover the door totally and in Manufaktura exchange the paper clip for something more valuable in 30 minutes. The event had its finale at a dinner in Esplanada in Piotrkowska Street. Here they had to give back the maps, show the photos they made and – last but not least – sing the songs about Łódź, which they had composed. Erasmus students liked the whole action very much – despite snow and low temperature everybody told each other stories about what they had seen with smiles on their faces. Along their route foreigners visited the recory, the White Factory, Księży Młyn, Plac Wolności, Manufaktura, the cemetery in Ogrodowa Street, the Film School and Piotrkowska Street. Besides, they had to mark on the maps the location of the Orthodox church in Narutowicza Street, the Old Market, and the Jewish cemetery. During the event, a short video was shot.

Making Easter Cards with SocialErasmus 16th of March 2013 Coordinator: Łukasz Bienias On Saturday, 16th of March 2013 we organized meeting with children from one of the common-rooms in Łódź, run by students from academic priesthood DA 5. There were over 20 Erasmus Students, accompanied by ESN-EYE members and volunteers from common-room. We started with a game in order to get to know each other and integrate together. Everyone had an ability to say something about themselves, their countries and hobbies. The game was conducted in English, so that children were able to test their language skills. During next part of our meeting children, with little help of Erasmus Students, were making Easter cards and eggs. Many foreigners were surprised because they haven't seen that tradition in their country. Later we invited everyone who was in the common-room to play with us and dance the “donkey dance”. That last game was very funny and cheerful. Not only because of the way we danced but also sang. After the dinner and “hourglass break” (special time for children to state their opinions) children received sweets from us. The whole event can be described as successful. We have received many positive feedback from children and Erasmus Students, who would like to participate in such meetings more often.


Tandem 26th of March 2012 Koordynator Nansi Bosakowska On the 26th of March, Tandem meetings have started. All the participants had chance to meet each other and talk for the first time at IFE building. There were about 50 students from 5 different countries: Poland, France, Turkey, Russia, and Spain. Most of the participants were Erasmus students and high school students from Łódż. The main aim of Tandem is practising language skills and learning new languages from the very beginning. Additionally, the first meeting in this semester was supposed to encourage teenagers to take technical studies in foreign languages, especially at IFE. After one-hour conversation in pairs, some of the students went to Finestra to get to know other participants.Tandem is taking steps to start collaborating with ExchangeAbillity project. Hopefully, new edition, targeted at disabled students, will start in April.

Spring Party 3rd of March 2013 Coordinator: Zuza Magnuska

On the third of April ESN-EYE organized Spring Party. It was held in the Lordi's club. Around 250 people honored us with their presence. The event lasted until morning because everyone had a great fun. We also made great pictures!

9th of April 2013 Coordinators: Aleksandra Chlebowska & Mateusz Sowała Due to the fact that Łódź University of Technology can boast about many talented students, it decided to collaborate with the Municipal Council of Łódż in organising Academic Job Trade. The list of organizers is following: Łódź University of Technology, the Municipal Council of Łódź, International Łódź Fair, ESN-EYE Łódź, BEST Łódź, the Career Office of Łódź University of Technology, KNZZL Experience, since the last year- Medical University of Łódź represented by the Foundation for the Medical University of Łódź and Academic Career Office and since this edition also- Student Section of PTF 'Młoda Farmacja’. Academic Job Trade 2013 was the biggest event of such a type in Poland. It was visited by about 17.000 people, who had the occasion to get acquainted with job offers from 100 exhibitors. During this edition, students and graduates had an opportunity to choose among 40 different training courses in which 1500 people took part. 6

Dinner in the Dark 20th of April 2013 Coordinator: Ania Komenda

On 20th of April, in restaurant 'Titi' on Sienkiewicz Street 67 there was organised 'Dinner in the dark' with Erasmus students. It was incredible experience that let everyone get closer to the world of blind people. The meals were eaten in the complete darkness and were served by blind waiters. The event was popular among foreign students who were impressed by the idea of such an event.

20th of April 2013 Coordinators: Łukasz Bienias & Kasia Klimacka In the days of your childhood when you were still small and looked at a huge forest, did you wonder why it is there? Who planted it, or maybe it just came out of the blue? Recently we had the opportunity to have known this mystery, because we've planted Erasmus forest! On 20th of April ESN-EYE Lodz and ESN UŁ with foreign students went on a short trip around Lodz to the forestry Tadzin. That was the place where we left a mark by planting new, beautiful forest. 54 brave souls took up this hard, but very satisfying job, planting more than 900 trees. Before the day was over, it was time to play! All Erasmus students took part in a traditional forest game - 5 stations, 5 tasks and six teams competing for one prize. The victory was not the only goal, though. Good fun, integration, and time spent outdoors – that's what we will remember this trip for. After planting the forest and running more than three kilometers during the game, the time for a meal came bonfire with sausages, delicious pierogi, traditional Polish bigos and other snacks. Satisfied, rested and happy, we finished the day in a unique way. In our new Erasmus Forest we buried a bottle with a letter. Maybe one day someone will find it and read our message...


Whole semester Coordinators: Arek Kisiel & Piotr Słowik

At the very beginning of the semester as the members of ESNOLYMPICS working group we decided to organise regularly sport competitions to encourage Erasmus students to physical activity during their stay in Poland. Thanks to the courtesy of Łódź University of Technology we managed to rent a sport hall at the alley Sport Centre in Politechnika Alley. Football matches were the most popular plays, although basketball and volleyball also gathered willing players. During eight meetings, which took place in almost three months, we brought to life a Facebook group with over 170 members, who actively organise plays together. Despite the official tournament is over, we decided not to waste fine weather and spend every free moment on meeting and playing with international friends. The great summary of our work was Sport Day organised in cooperation with Łódź University, which turned out to be a success.

International Days of Sport 20th - 21st of April Cooridinators: Arek Kisiel & Piotr Słowik We started our struggles with football. After one-hour warm-up, the first match started. The University of Technology team- Hadouken was playing with Erasmus Beasts- the team from the university. The final result was 5:2, but what is worth mentioning is the fact that Erasmus Beasts was the only team where women where included. The most emotional match was the one between two teams from Łódź University of Technology: Hadouken vs. Słowik's Team. The final result was settled before the final whistle of the referee and finally Hadouken won 2:1. The last match, played between Słowik's Team and Erasmus Beasts finished with the result 5:3. After one-hour break, the time for playing volleyball had come. In this discipline, the winners was Hadouken team, Słowik's Team was awarded with the second place and Erasmus Beasts- with the third one. Although, the level of volleyball rivalry was a bit lower than in the case of football, everyone had a lot of fun. Every point aroused excitement and was the source of enjoyment and great fun. The sport turned out to be the best kind of integration in which nobody cared about the results of the matches, but rather about a nice atmosophere. On Sunday, there was organised freestyle swimming. All interested in this sport could have participated in this event. The fastest people were found after one-hour so there was still some time left to enjoy recreational swimming. This event showed everyone how important in our lives sport is. Moreover, we managed to cooperate with ESN UŁ which will for sure affect our future relations and will have influence on mutually organised events. Erasmus students were impressed with such type of spending free time what is supported by the great number of participants, as well as constant questions about next editions.


March 2013 Coordinator: Sebastian Dziomdziora Discover Europe 2013 is the tenth edition of the unusual photo contest organised by ESN-EYE. Its aim is to discover the best photos presenting Poland, as well as other European countries. The photos are sent by students from the whole continent. This year, the contest was divided into three main categories: 'Citizen of Europe'; 'My Europe, My Home'; 'Surprise me, Europe!' and additional one: 'Success of Passion'. The final gala took place on the 17th of May in Warsaw and the regional gala took place on the 20th of April in Łódź. Below there are presented the winners at the national level.

Flag Party 25th of April 2013 Coordinator: Zuza Magnuska

Flag party was held on 25 April 2013. in the Siódemki Club at Piotrowska 77. It was the first event organized there. Its theme was the national colors and the dress code was too. The party began round midnight. There were a number of Erasmus students. A lot of guests came from Ikarus party organized by ESN UL. It came about 250-300 people and had fun till late hours.

Trip to Cracow 26th- 28th of April 2013 Coordinator: Szymon Klepacz At the end of the April, there was organised the trip to Cracow in which 21 people took part. The first day, after checking in the AQQ Hostel that was adapted after the old monastery, we spent on playing in the city game organised for us by ESN UEK. In the evening, we were having fun at the club called 'Cień'. The second day we started with breakfast at the hostel and later we were visiting Cracow with the guide. Later, Erasmus students had some free time and next was the sightseeing of Kazimierz. That evening was spent on walking in Cracow and partying at the club 'Shakers'. The last day, we left Cracow at 13 and spent the rest of the day in Oświęcim, where we had the chance to visit the museum in Auschwitz 9

.and Birkenau. At the late evening, we were back to Łódż. It was a great trip, with perfect weather and unforgettable fun.

10th of May 2013 Coordinators: Dominika Olczak i Łukasz Bienias

On Friday, 10th of June in the pub called 'Finestra' was organised EuroDinner. Foreign students with a help of ESN-EYE members were preparing their best national dished and in the evening everybody could have tasted delicious food. The event was popular among Erasmus students, as well as Polish ones. The attendance was surprisingly high but there was enough food for everyone. There was also the contest for the tastiest stand which was won by Spanish people. They prepared not only the most popular tortillas, but also empanada that resembles Polish pierogi with meat, salmorejo- tomato cold borsch and many others. This day, nobody was counting eaten calories. For sure, EuroDinner was the most delicious event this semester.

Non Party Events Whole semester Coordinator: Agata Staszelis

Non-party events is the ESN-EYE section that begins its activity. Its aim is to gather Erasmus on events, which are not parties itself. There were organised: billard, bowling or karaoke. As yet, not many foreign people appear on such events but still the fun is great. In the future, we are planning to make event bigger and concentrate on promoting them. nd

On 22 of May, Non-party events section organised pub crawl coordinated by Monika Kurela which consists in visiting as many pubs as possible.

14th birthday of ESN-EYE 29th of May 2013 Coordinator: Zuza Magnuska th

The birthday of our section was celebrated on 29 of May in the restaurant 'Klub Spadobierców'.About thirty members of ESN-EYE and Mrs. Małgorzata Miller (deputy manager of IFE) appeared in this elegant place. The event started about 18. The main attraction was the birthday cake with eye motive. Food, as well as the atmosphere were great and everyobyd enjoyed this evening. The official character of the party and elegant design of the restaurant was the nice alternative. We all hope that heard wishes will come true one day!


15th of June 2013 Coordinator: Kaja Tyllak

On Saturday, June 15 on the field at al. Politechniki took place Tandem picnic combined with a bye bye SocialErasmus party. Erasmus students showed up in smaller number than the organizers had expected, but still we all had fun. Each participant actively took part in language games organized by Tandem and Social sports games. The weather was also in favour of us, so the Picnic ended in the evening with music and dances

Erasmus Oscar Awards 19th of June 2013 Coordinator: Diana Jastrzębska (in cooperation with ESN UŁ)

On 19th of June 2013 in Ambasada Club students had an opportunity to take part in the most legendary party of the semester - ESN Oscars Spring 2013. The event were organised in cooperation with ESN UŁ. The main aim of the party was to favour Erasmus students who actively took part in ESN events during the spring semester. During The Erasmus Oscar Awards statues in 11 categories were awarded. Erasmus from ESN-EYE and ESN-UŁ were awarded separately. "During the gala, you could feel like during the real Oscars" – told Ana just after the ceremony. And what happened after? Best afterparty of this semester! The event lasted until dawn, Erasmus students had great time on the dance floor during their last ESN party in Łódź and polish students chilled out before the final session. “The best party I have been in Łódź” – told Maxime, “unforgettable” – added Teo, “wish to have such parties in our country”. 11

Erasmus in Schools Whole semester Coordinator: Łukasz Bienias In summer semester 2012/2013 Erasmus students with their caretakers visited high school located in Łódź in order to accomplish the project called: 'Erasmus In Schools'. The lessons mainly concentrated on the subjects connected with the nationality of the particular student such as common stereotypes, culture and traditions. Pupils were not only listening to the presentations but also actively participated in activities, they were solving the quizzes and asking the questions about interesting facts. Additionally, Erasmus students were telling about their stay in Poland, what they got to know about our country, what was the most surprising thing during their visit and if it is worth travelling abroad with the help of Erasmus project. The classes were in the high chools no. 4, 12, 32; ZSP 19, the junior high school no. 36 in Łódź and MZS in Aleksandrów Łodzki, under Małgorzata Walewska, Agnieszka Piotrkowska, Aleksandra Matusiak, Małgorzata Karlińska, Martyna Płoszka and Anna Komenda care.

Erasmus Hall 1st of June 2013 Coordinators: Martyna Płoszka & Diana Tłuczek On the occasion of Children's Day on 1st of June, ESN-EYE Łódź organised formal revealing of the plaque memorising the end of the project 'Erasmus Hall' which consisted in engaging foreign students into painting the walls with cheerful fairy-tale motives in one of the hospitals in Łódź. We chose Korczak Surgical Clinic at the Department of Pediatric Surgery in Łódź. We were supported by the pupils of Makowski Art School with the artistic part. Our undertaking would be impossible without the help of Ecorson company which gifted us with paints, Leroy Merlin Łódź-Port which gave us paint brushes, protection foils and other necessary equipment. Moreover, the Engraving Workshop- 'Grawer' made and match funded the brass plaque, IFE which supported us with funding the plaque as well as promoting the event at the university. Almost 50 people were actively engaged in painting and a lot of people were offering their help during different parts of the project. The final result was approved with great enthusiasm by the hospital management, members of the department as well as the children who could have observed this action.


Conferences Mateusz Sowała, delegate

ESN Upgrade Poznań 2013 (3 delegates) From the 7th to the 10th of March in Poznań there was organised the conference called: 'Upgrade Poznań 2013' for all sections of ESN Poland. It was hosted by local ESN sections such as: ESN Poznań, ESN UAM Poznań, ESN UE Poznań. The meeting was of a training type. It was divided into two parts that were taking place separately. One of them was the training for 'Świeżynki' (people who recently joined the organisation) and another one- HR training that was aimed at more experienced members. Each day was dedicated to the different field concerning ESN. The main purpose of the training was developing organisational skills while working in groups, making use of human resources and broadening knowledge about the ESN organisation. Organisers managed to invite the representatives of joint stock company Jeronimo Martins Polska. During the meeting they presented incredibly interesting trainings.

Delegates’ Meeting Toruń 2013 (2 delegates) From the 22nd to the 24th of March, the Delegates' Meeting of ESN Poland took place. In this type of meeting participate delegates from 33 sections and representatives of particular committees. It is the occasion to debate about current issues concerning the activities of the organisations. During the meeting in Toruń, there was accepted the new budget for 2013. Moreover, delegates officially supported Robert Klimacki in applying for the member of ESN International.

Annual General Meeting Maribor 2013 (2 delegates) AGM is the biggest, as well as the most important ESN event of the year. This time it took place from the 11th to the 15th of April in Maribor, Slovenia. Over 500 people from over 427 sections from the whole Europe took part in this event. During 5 days, the previous year was summarized and over a dozen of representatives of international ESN committees had a chance to present their reports. There were also made the most important decisions concerning future activities of the organisation. During this annual meeting, new members of board are chosen. This year, Robert Klimacki has been chosen as the one of five members and will fulfil a function of Communication Manager in the main place of ESN AISBL in Brussels. Moreover, our section gained the opportunity to organise Council of National Delegates. It is the conference that gathers representatives of national delegates and members of all committees. This December, our university of technology will host over 120 students from the whole Europe.

National Platform Wrocław 2013 (6 delegates) National Platform took place from the 23rd to the 26th of May 2013 in Wrocław. It is the most important event of the organisation ESN Poland, during which the decisions about the annual activity are made. There are also debates about the future of the organisation, summarizations of all projects and a long-term plan of development. During the summer NP, new members of board are chosen as well as the organizers of the upcoming meetings. The number of the participants in this event is about 150 and these are people from all the sections in Poland and representatives of sections from partner countries.


General ESN - EYE Assembly

On the 17th of May 2013 the General ESN-EYE Assembly took place. Its aim was to sum up the activities during the summer semester, choose new members of the board and revisory commission and accept financial report concerning the summer semester. Each participant had the occasion to tell about the successes, express their own opinions and suggest some changes. The current personnel of revisory commission consists of: Paweł Kordek, Żaklin Fornal and Justyna Paradowska. We would like to thank Marcin “Cintos” Kwiatos for the long-term and full of successes work in the section as well as in the commission. President- Krzysztof Podstawek Vice-president- Kacper Olczyk Treasurer- Piotr Sordyl Secretary- Kasia Klimacka Delegate- Łukasz Bienias

Partners and sponsors PL


Coordinator: Kacper Olczyk Graphics: Justyna Pietrzak basing on the projects of:

Liliana Ćwik, Sebastian Dziomdziora, Wojciech Kabat Text edition: ESN-EYE members Kacper Olczyk Translation: Kamila Cybul

Contact: ESN-EYE Students Organisation ul. Żwirki 36 Building IFE A16, room 118, 90-924 Łódź Tel.: +48 501 874 515 E-mail:

ESN-EYE Activity Report  

ESN-EYE Activity Report for summer semester of 2012/13 academic year. ESN-EYE is an ESN section at Łódź University of Technology

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