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January 13, 2017

Wrongful Death Lawyers Answer These Frequently Asked Questions

Image 1 Top Questions You Can Answer with the Help of Wrongful Death Lawyers

You might be wondering how you can seek justice for the death of a loved one you suspect died due to someone else’s fault. This is where a wrongful death case comes in. Wrongful death occurs when a life is lost as a result of someone’s improper action or negligence. However, since the legal system is complex, there are many aspects to this case that only experienced Los Angeles wrongful death lawyers can understand. Who can file such a claim? What timeframe do


you have? What compensation can the family of the deceased receive? These are the common questions that a skilled lawyer can answer for you. Who Can File a Wrongful Death Case? Basically, immediate family members can file the lawsuit, but only one of them can represent it. It could be the surviving spouse, a parent, a sibling, or a grandparent. If more family members file the case due to a conflict, the court will still likely combine them into a single lawsuit. In case the victim has a will, the administrator or the executor can file the case. The damages that will be awarded will be distributed to the bereaved family members. The proceeds, however, will be treated and distributed as if the deceased didn’t have a will. A “survival action” lawsuit, however, can also be filed to seek compensation for the suffering, expenses, and other losses that were sustained before the victim died. In this case, the damages will be distributed depending on the victim’s will. When Should You Sue? The statute of limitations for such a case is two years from the day the victim died. However, it’s best to act as early as possible because the legal process can be tedious. Gathering pieces of evidence, negotiating with the other party, and court hearings can take time. Also, you would want to close this chapter of your life as soon as you can, so that the entire family can finally start moving on. How Much Can The Family Recover? It always depends on the situation and circumstances of the case. Your lawyer can estimate it based on the medical and funeral expenses, and on the amount of wages lost due to the death. The pain, emotional distress, and suffering of the victim, while they were still alive, can also be considered as well as the family’s loss of guidance, support, and care, now that the deceased is gone. Filing a case and receiving compensation will not bring a loved one back to life. However, knowing that their death didn’t go in vain and justice was served can significantly help family members move on as comfortably as possible.


If there’s the littlest hint of suspicion that a loved one’s death was caused by another person’s negligence, don’t hesitate to call and talk to a lawyer for legal guidance. About D&Z Law Group: D&Z Law Group always prioritizes your needs and interests. Its team of diligent lawyers make sure to fight for what’s best for you. Their skills and experiences in various cases produce results that definitely protect your rights and improve the quality of your life despite the misfortune you had.

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Wrongful Death Lawyers Answer These Frequently Asked Questions  

Who can file a case? What’s the statute for limitations? How much damages are awarded? Get answers for these from Los Angeles wrongful death...

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