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January 13, 2017

Types of Injuries You Can Seek Compensation for with the Help of a Truck Accident Attorney

Image 1 List of Injuries Your Truck Accident Attorney Can Get You Paid For

Truck accidents can lead to severe damages and permanent loss. In fact, getting involved in a truck collision is worse than being in a crash between two passenger vehicles. Imagine an 80,000-pound vehicle colliding with a 3,000-pound car? Those in the car don’t stand a chance with the other vehicle’s weight and strength. This is why truck accident cases often seek large sums of compensation.


If you’re in this situation, you need a skilled truck accident attorney in Los Angeles to make sure that you’re getting the right amount of compensation that can cover the damages you sustained. Your lawyer will study all the factors, including the type of injuries you have. Back and Neck Injuries Severe pain and dislocation can occur in your back and neck due to the impact of the collision. This can result in difficulty moving, which can mean missed work and loss of income. Making personal injury claims can help you get compensation for your medical bills and loss of earning capacity due to the accident. Head Injuries Brain injury is considered one of the most heartbreaking impairments that can happen to anyone. Because it affects motor and cognitive skills, your life may never be the same after sustaining this type of injury. You may experience problems in concentration, memory, and vision, making it difficult for you to deal with your tasks. Spinal Cord Injuries This is a serious injury, since it can cause paralysis. Once paralyzed, your quality of life will severely go down. It will be hard to enjoy life as you used to, and you may require a lifetime of medical care. This is also the reason why it’s crucial to seek immediate medical attention after the accident. Spinal cord injuries may not be apparent as soon as the accident happens and might be missed during a routine check. MRIs though can ensure that nothing is missed, so that you can get the right treatment. Wrongful Death The death rate in a truck accident is ten times higher than in other car crashes. If someone you know died in a truck accident and you believe that the other party was at fault, then you can sue for wrongful death. You’d need the assistance of a reliable lawyer to establish liability for that case. All of the above is good enough reason for you to consider filing a claim or a case against the at-fault party. Though it will not erase the trauma, injuries, and lifetime effects of the accident, it may give you a sense of justice and closure to this dark chapter of your life.


About D&Z Law Group: D&Z Law Group banks on the word of mouth and referral of friends and family. This is because it aims to establish lifelong relationships with its clients. Represented by a team of reliable and experienced lawyers specializing in various cases, D & Z ensures that all your rights are protected in an honest manner.

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Types of Injuries You Can Seek Compensation for with the Help of a Truck Accident Attorney  

With the help of your truck accident attorney in Los Angeles, you can seek just compensation for injuries in the neck, head, and spinal cord...

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