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January 13, 2017

Factors to Discuss with Personal Injury Lawyers When Considering a Settlement

Image 1 Factors Important in Settlement Talks With Personal Injury Lawyers

Many personal injury cases end in a settlement rather than going to trial. An informal settlement occurs when both parties negotiate and agree to resolve the matter through a certain amount of payment. Settling means that the victim agrees not to take any further legal action in exchange for the payment. This process puts a closure to the incident faster and avoid the grueling process of a court trial.


However, you have the right to refuse a settlement offer if you’re uncomfortable with it. It’s a decision you shouldn’t make hastily, though. It’s necessary to talk to personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles first, before entering into any agreement. When meeting your lawyer, there are several factors you need to discuss to make the right decision about whether to settle or pursue the case. Strength of Your Case Upon discussing your situation, your lawyer should be able to assess your case and determine your chances of winning at trial. Lawyers can tell you the likely verdicts and settlement outcomes in cases similar to yours. They can also tell you the difficulties you might face when you decide to go to trial, including the strengths and weaknesses in the pieces of evidence both parties have. Money and Damages Another important factor to discuss is the amount of money you can get as compensation. Your lawyer can estimate how much you should receive based on the injuries and damages you sustained, and compare it to the amount you can get at trial. They can also help you determine the defendant’s financial capacity to settle, taking into account their insurance coverage and monetary resources. Plaintiff’s Concerns You and your lawyer should also talk about where parts of the settlement proceeds will go. How much will go to your lawyer’s fee and the expenses you’ll have throughout the process? Discuss contingency fees with your attorney, since it could mean that you don’t have to pay a professional fee if you don’t win the case or receive a favorable settlement. You should also think about the things you’re willing to sacrifice for a settlement. Keep in mind that this process is give and take, meaning you may have to give up something to reach an agreement. You may want to settle the easy issues first and then continue negotiating over the more complicated aspects of the case. These are the points of discussion that you and your lawyer should touch on during your meeting. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask them. This is important for determining whether a settlement is in your best interest or not.


About D&Z Law Group: D&Z Law Group has a team of lawyers that will fight for your rights. They deal with every case as if it’s their own and and will your opponents head on. All these to protect your interest and welfare, and to get you the compensation you deserve for the trouble and damages you sustained.

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Factors to Discuss with Personal Injury Lawyers When Considering a Settlement  

By discussing factors such as money and damages with personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles, you can make a decision whether to settle or go...

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