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January 13, 2017

3 Actions That Won’t Help Your Brain Injury Attorney in Pursuing Your Case

Image 1 Mistakes to Avoid to Make it Easier for Your Brain Injury Attorney

A brain injury should never be ignored as it can affect several aspects of your life. For severe cases, it can result in loss of income and poor quality of life because you may no longer be able to function like you used to. If the injury is caused by another party’s negligence, you can sue for brain injury and get compensation for the damages you sustained. It may not bring back what you lost, but it can help you seek justice and some form of closure.


A Los Angeles brain injury attorney can protect your legal rights and ensure that you get what you deserve. However, they need your help as well. This means that you should know the mistakes that can harm your case so that you can avoid them. Failing to Get Immediate Medical Care The first thing you should do when getting injured is to seek medical attention. Even if a brain injury doesn’t manifest its symptoms immediately, it’s still safer to have it looked at by a medical professional. This way, you can get the right treatment and prevent the problem from getting worse. Also, you need medical documents to prove that you sustained the injury from the accident and that you did everything you had to do to take care of the injury. Not Talking to your Lawyer Agreeing to anything without consulting your lawyer may prevent you from getting what you deserve. Before signing any waiver or accepting a settlement offer, it’s best to talk to your lawyer about it. Your lawyer can determine whether the offer is enough or if you can receive a better compensation by taking it to court. Your attorney can also advise you on how to handle the case, depending on your situation. So, let your lawyer know whatever concerns, issues, or ideas you have, so that the two of you can work together. Apologizing for the Incident While any accident can be confusing and shocking, try your best to not apologize and take responsibility over anything that happened. This may harm your chances of filing an injury claim or case in the future, since you basically admitted that the accident was your fault. All in all, avoid saying anything that could imply that you could have prevented the accident. These are only some of the mistakes that you will want to avoid when pursuing a brain injury case. It might be a grueling process, especially if you’re still dealing with your injury, but your lawyer can be there to guide you through it.


About D&Z Law Group: Your best interest is the top priority. That’s the D&Z Law Group’s mindset when taking on any case, be it personal and brain injury, wrongful death, or construction accident, among others. A team of lawyers is always ready to use their skills and experience to help you get what’s right for you.

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3 Actions That Won’t Help Your Brain Injury Attorney in Pursuing Your Case  

To help your Los Angeles brain injury attorney work on your case easier, make sure that you get the necessary medical care and be open to th...

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