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FOR A WOMAN who’s literally been to hell and back, Tricia Helfer is pretty chirpy. We catch up with her in her home in LA, and our chat is regularly interrupted by belly laughs and her cats demanding attention (“sorry, my cat is screaming at me...”). She’s currently working on Season Three of Lucifer, where her character Charlotte has recently returned from hell, with no memory of the full season the devil’s mother spent using her body to paint the town red. Playing multiple characters within the same show isn’t unusual for Helfer, who played countless versions of the Cylon Number Six in Battlestar Galactica for years. But Charlotte is having a little more trouble adjusting than Helfer is. “She’s having these recurring nightmares and she’s had her whole world shaken because she’s had a four-month blackout essentially, and for someone for whom her intellect is her tool, a high-powered attorney, that’s something that’s very threatening to her emotionally. Not having control of her mind,” Helfer tells us. Charlotte has no idea that she was the goddess of creation and mother to all the angels (including Lucifer, played by Tom Ellis, and his brother Amenadiel, played by DB Woodside) – but Helfer hints that that may change towards the end of Season Three. “[Charlotte] meets someone else by chance – someone that I worked with a lot last season and I’ve not worked with at all this season – her other son [Amenadiel]. Who she doesn’t know! We’re just starting to shoot the last part of the season and there’s some really meaty stuff coming up for Charlotte where she starts to understand a little more. She goes from a really broken place, she’s starting to piece together the puzzle.” The character of Lucifer’s mum, known only as ‘Mom’, departed at the end of Season Two and is now “chilling in another realm”, according to Helfer, and she doesn’t think she’ll be back. “I loved playing Mom, I mean she was a lot of fun to play, but that storyline was originally a one season storyline... aside from going off into another realm, her essence



was becoming too much for the human body, [laughs] I would have exploded I think. I don’t know how they would have written around that one...” Helfer has sung the praises of her Lucifer cast mates in many interviews, describing them as “a bunch of really nice people who get along, like to have fun, and are really good actors”. Elsewhere she has referred to them as feeling like a “family”, a word she’s also used to described the Battlestar Galactica cast. “It’s a little piece of magic, it’s not something that you can necessarily put your finger on,” Helfer muses when we ask what turns work colleagues into a family. “I think often when a show is on location that brings the cast closer together. You’re all in rental apartments and you’re all away from your families, so you tend to spend a lot more downtime together than when you’re all filming at home.” But more important than that is the atmosphere that the lead actor creates on set: “I think a lot has to do with the number one on the callsheet. The Tom, the Eddie Olmos, they set the tone of the show in many ways. If you’ve got a difficult number one – and I’ve certainly been on one show like that, but I won’t say which! – when you have a difficult number one it kind of bleeds down. If you have a very confident, kind number one, that also trickles down, because they set the tone. If you’ve got someone who’s grouchy and pulling diva antics and things like that, it’s harder for everyone to be around and everyone’s on eggshells and it’s just a different mentality on set.” Few TV teams have ever been as tight as the Battlestar Galactica cast, many of whom have worked together since (Helfer, Jamie Bamber and James Callis were all reunited for another Ronald D Moore show, 17th Precinct, which tragically never made it beyond the pilot). Edward James Olmos is godfather to his on-screen son Jamie Bamber’s real children, and Helfer and Katee Sackhoff are still good friends who have launched many joint charity fundraisers – but the two of them have









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