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Bryan Baek was born in Seoul, Korea on September 5th, 1993. His family moved to the United States when he was 9 years old, and since then, he calls Atlanta, GA his hometown. Graduated from Mill Creek High School, Bryan is an avid clarinet player, and he somewhat regrets spending his 4 years waving his arms as a drum major in the school marching band. Aside from his passion for sweet, unhealthy southern food, Bryan also enjoys good quality beer and browsing on reddit. Inspired by the bros in the AAB (especially Ragin' Seiji), Bryan likes to pump weights and increase his cardio. When he's not watching NFL games, Bryan is usually performing perfo with the Harvard Glee Club or filling out legal advice for PBHA Small Claims Advisory Service. After watching the Wolf of Wall Street, Bryan has decided to become an Economics concentrator with a Computer Sci secondary. He's expected to get a citation in Chinese Mandarin because he sees China as a huge, growing market and that one day, he may become the Wolf of China (and not go to jail).

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Andrew was born on a cold winter day in Ithaca, New York but was fortunate enough to spend his early childhood sipping on Southern style lemonade and listening to country music while basking in the sun in Nashville, Tennessee. When he turned five, his family moved to Seoul, where Andrew learned how to speak Korean and became accustomed to the Gangnam life. After 8th grade, Andrew left home to attend boarding school at Phillips Academy, where he enjoyed playing squash, editing the school newspaper, and contemplating the meaning of life with his dorm buddies over cup noodles and red bull at two in the morning. An avid member of the Harvard Club Squash Team and one of the co-presidents mo of Harvard Korean Association, Andrew studies Economics and hopes to work in corporate finance in the future. Andrew enjoys reading and listening to house music, hip hop, and jazz during his free time and can be easily bribed with Hershey's Cookies n' Cream.



Fran was born in Seoul, South Korea. After visiting his cousin in Toronto when he was 10, he begged his parents for 2 years to send him to Canada. His parents finally gave in, and at the age of 12, his family moved to Vancouver, Canada, where Fran finished his elementary and secondary education. Fran developed various interests during his years in Vancouver. He became an avid musician, playing percussion in the school band and the local youth orchestra, and playing guitar in the school jazz band. He continued the pursuit of his interest in music at Harvard, Ha having been involved in the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra and THUD (The Harvard Undergraduate Drummers). He also enjoys weight training and playing basketball in his free time

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Chris was born and raised in Greenwich, Connecticut and has two younger sisters, Katie and Caroline. After 8th grade, he left home to attend boarding school at Deerfield Academy. In high school, he received 12 varsity letters for 3 sports (water polo, swimming, and crew) rece and was heavily involved in coaching Special Olympics swimming. At Harvard, he has continued to play water polo and is on the men’s varsity team, though has been set back by a recent string of ankle injuries suffered while playing basketball. He loves reading books, travelling to foreign places, and has a labradoodle named Darcy.

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Denis was born in Fullerton, CA on January 7th, 1993 as the oldest of a four brothers. He has lived with his family in Anaheim Hills, CA (suburb in Orange County) for his entire life and has enjoyed the delicious food, spectacular beaches, and beautiful eye-candy the OC has to offer. Having grown up competing nationally in tennis tournaments, tennis was and still is a big part of his life. Having graduated Canyon High School in June 2011, Denis was always busy in the classroom or on the court, leaving little room for other activities. As a good Asian, he also played the piano for 10 years and still enjoys serenading the girl next door every e time he returns home. At Harvard, Denis is on the pre-med track and stands as the number 1 player on the Men’s Varsity tennis team. He hopes to pursue a career in sports medicine upon attending medical school in order to put his sports knowledge to good use. In his free time, Denis enjoys reading Barstool, hanging out with friends, snowboarding, fishing, or discussing the latest hair and fashion trends.

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Min-Woo was born and raised in sunny Southern California, a faraway land of beaches, warmth, and tacos. Growing up, Min-Woo was an avid swimmer and rower. Now he enjoys surfing, spoken word, and making friends. Last summer, he had an absolute blast teaching in Taiwan and China. Technically an only child, Min-Woo is grateful that he has so many brother-like and sister-like figures in his life. A member of the Asian American Christian Fellowship, Min-Woo studies English and hopes to one day use his reading comprehension skills to good use. He believes that trail mix is nothing without its fair share of M&Ms. Min-Woo is currently enveloped in an existential crisis over the value of briefs versus boxers

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Charles was born in New York, New York but soon after moved to Carle Place, a suburban area in Long Island. He has an older sister who graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan and a younger brother who is also attending Harvard. Growing up, Charles was an avid lover of music and sports. He started piano at an early age and soon after picked up the saxophone. Charles performed the piano at Carnegie Hall at the young age of 10 – unfortunately, his musical abilities have declined considerably since then. During his time at Carle Place, Charles was a member of the orchestra, band, varsity track team, wrestling team, and football team. Football was his favorite activity and the sport largely defined his high school years. He is proud to say he bench pressed 300lbs as a high school senior, but regretfully realized he has stone hands after he dropped an interception thrown right at him. When he was accepted to Harvard, his parents got a Chihuahua named Tinkerbell (who is now fed better than their son) as a replacement. At Harvard, Charles is studying Economics and has been involved in HCAP (Harvard College in Asia Program), HNMUN, HUEA, and the Harvard boxing club. In his free time, Charles enjoys Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing, new challenges, Super Smash Bros, and chilling with bros. He loves the diversity at Harvard and enjoys meeting new people and being exposed to new perspectives. He hopes to give back to the community later in life.

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Jeff was born in Huntsville, AL and moved to the suburbs (Duluth) in Atlanta, GA with his parents and little brother Eddie when Jeff was 7 years old. He's lived there ever since and in high school was really involved with clarinet, student government, debate, and the tennis team. At Harvard, he dabbled in freshman crew and the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra before settling down with dancing with Expressions Dance Company and BMF Step. In his free time, he enjoys chillin with his bros over beers, getting swole at the Mac, listening to House music, and turnin' up at AAB retreat pitcher races. He's currently studying Applied Math and really enjoys computer science. In the future, Jeff hopes to work in corporate finance and technology. If you're in town, hit him up for a game of pick-up basketball.

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Dom was born in Toronto, Canada, where he was exclusively fed Tim Horton’s and bacon as an infant. Dom has a lot of love for Boston and considers it his true hometown. He also has a lot of love for steak (salt and pepper with a bit of butter), hip hop (Roots, Chance, sad boyz 2003), drumming, and music in general. He also digs art and will dabble in street art, traditional portraiture, and photography. One of his greatest ambitions is to set up an easel in Boston Common and draw portraits for free for an entire day. His other ambition is to be Banksy. Dom plays volleyball and recently got into surfing and sandboarding, which he picked up pl in Australia while doing immunology research at HMRI. He’s big on innovation in medicine and wants to figure out how he can best make an impact on public health. One day, he wants to actively work towards fighting the disorders he’s seen his family and friends go through. For now, kicking back with the boys will suffice.


AAB Recruiting Class of 2013  

Self explanatory

AAB Recruiting Class of 2013  

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