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The kitchen is the heart and soul of a home. Whether it is a stylish centrepiece, a place for friends to gather and gossip or a nexus for the family to grow up around, your kitchen is the focal point of your home.

NATURAL That’s why it’s important to have a quality, stylish and long-lasting surface as the showpiece of your space.

Clever design, earthy, natural colours – stylish appliances and a Satinera™ solid surface benchtop. All the right ingredients to add class to your kitchen:


With a colour palette of earthy, yet lively options to choose from, the elements of Satinera™ solid surfaces blend organically, personally and elegantly. The stylish finishes and amazing versatility will see you creating the kitchen you have always envisioned.


Sleek, elegant lines transform the ordinary into a beautiful surface and, with absolutely no open cracks or joins, you‘ll dramatically reduce dirt and moisture.


No open joints and inbuilt heat resistance means Satinera™ solid surfaces satisfies the rugged lifestyle of any home.


Hygiene is important and because Satinera™ is nonporous, bacteria, mould and liquids are not absorbed, leaving a cleaner surface and piece of mind for your family


Thanks to the revolutionary materials used in Satinera™ solid surfaces, scratches, stains, chips and other surface deterioration can be renewed without sacrificing the look and feel. Renewing of your benchtop is completed on-site by a DuPont™ certified fabricator. For more information contact DuPont™ or its authorised representative on 1300 766 144.*


Satinera™ solid surfaces is chemically inert and non-toxic, meeting even the most restrictive food zone standards. Once used, Satinera™ solid surfaces can be reworked to create new products - generating one third less waste than stone in the fabricating process.

*E  veryday wear and tear, including light scratching, may be exhibited. Scratching is not considered a product defect and hence not covered by the DuPont™ 10-year warranty.



Satin White





Satinera™ solid surfaces creates harmony in your home by using the finest earthy tones. The colour pallet brings to life the natural minerals within the material, offering all the advantages of Satinera™, with a look inspired by nature. Designed to compliment any décor, the subtle tones of Satinera™ tastefully highlight your kitchen, providing the look and feel you desire.



Satinera™ solid surfaces moulded sinks represent the new standard of seamless integration Satinera™ solid surfaces sinks have one main objective. To provide unparalleled, hygienic workflow coupled with stylish natural design. The new moulded modular sinks are fused into your benchtop to create one smooth, continuous surface. With no undesirable cracks or open joints our sinks are more hygienic, durable and visually impressive.


STYLISH Designed to maximise washing up space, while integrating easily within the overall design of your kitchen, you can choose from the oversized-single basin or the double basin with half sink for ample washing-up capacity.

Satinera™ solid surfaces are practical. Good looks combined with functionality are the core of a versatile kitchen. Not only does a kitchen boasting Satinera™ look sleek and stylish, its nature makes it ideal to handle everyday use. The hardwearing, specially formulated surface resists stains so you can use your kitchen the way it’s meant to be. Oversized basins provide the practicality of space for everyday use. Satinera™ is a unique blend of elegance and durability providing a stylish and practical solution for your kitchen.

STYLE. DURABILITY. QUALITY. backed by the satinera™ quality guarantee Your Satinera™ quality guarantee

At your service.

10-year peace of mind. Year after year, with proper care, Satinera™ solid surfaces will remain as beautiful and elegant as the day it was installed. DuPont™ is so confident in the quality of Satinera™ they offer a 10-year limited warranty on all product and installation*.

Continued satisfaction makes Satinera™ a leader in solid surfaces. Our future relies on our ability to meet your needs with the highest quality products available.

Register your warranty certificate. To ensure your Satinera™ benchtop and sink has years of worry free use, please ensure you complete your DuPont™ Satinera™ solid surfaces Warranty Certificate and return it to DuPont™ or its’ authorised representative. Your new Satinera™ surface will then be registered in our national warranty database for peace of mind. Quality Network. The team of DuPont™ certified fabricators and installers are continually trained with the latest DuPont™ techniques for working with Satinera™ solid surfaces. Our team strives to always deliver the highest levels of quality and customer service.

We strive to ensure your experience with Satinera™ is enjoyable and memorable. Please do not hesitate to contact DuPont™ or its’ authorised representative if you have any queries, concerns or compliments about your new Satinera™ solid surface.

*Refer to the warranty document for full terms and conditions of the 10 year limited warranty

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