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Introducing the SoundStation VTX 1000™ Name Date

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Introduction Key Features Product Details What Others Are Saying


Conferencing Problems Ever waste your time on inefficient conference calls?

“Can you move closer to the mic – I can’t hear you”

Inefficient Calls =

 Lost Productivity  Slow Decision Making  No Competitive Advantage  Unhappy employees


SoundStation VTX 1000™ The world’s first conference phone that automatically adapts to what ever room it’s in Everyone sounds better

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Breaking the Sound Barrier!

Key Features

World’s First Wideband Conference Phone 2003: Polycom’s new 1876: Alexander Graham Bell's invention was good for its time, but…

VTX Wideband Technology

• Uses same network to bring

every voice, syllable and telephones and speakerphones still sound 100 years old

word to you. • You’ll think the person is

sitting next to you!


gh Fidelity VTX Wideband

It’s like going from Black & White…  

to C olor TV

Key Features

Amazing Room Coverage SoundStation VTX 1000

• Whether 2 or 20 feet

away, be heard clearly on the other end.

• TWICE the microphone

reach of SoundStation

Key Features

Audio Demonstrations Clearer Conversations, Better Meetings High-Fidelity VTX Wideband:

Amazing Room Coverage:



Key Features

Problem Solved  Shouting into the phone  “I thought you said fire not hire?”  “Huddling” around the phone …Could you please repeat what you just said?”  “I didn’t hear that…

Productiv ity

Decision Making

Competiti ve Advantag e

Happy Employee s

Key Features

Investment Protection SoundStation VTX 1000 Future Feature and Enhancement Possibilities  Improved voice quality

• Download new

add new features and

 Connectivity into the Polycom Office


 Improved UI

software remotely to

Key Features

Maximum Configuration SoundStation VTX 1000 offers greater configuration versatility:

• Independent input and

output • Bass/Treble controls

• Switchable mics and


SoundStation VTX 1000™

Circuit Switched

Product Positioning SoundStation®

VoiceStation™ 100 T he smallest and least  expensive multi­person  conference phone.  I deal for  desks or small conference  rooms.

Polycom’s first conference  phone that set the standard.   T he perfect system for small  conference rooms or offices.

•  Compact S iz e


T he gold standard in  conference phones. High  quality sound for medium  conference rooms or  executive offices.

The world’s first automatically adapting conferencing system for lifelike sound any size conference room or executive office.

All the great features of the SoundStation Premier plus: All the great features of the  SoundStation plus:

All the great features of the  VoiceStation 100 plus:

•  T hr ee  Micr ophones  

SoundStation Premier ®

•  L ar ger  S peaker •  L ar ger  s ize •  Ex pandable 


• High Per for mance S peaker   ­ twice as  loud as   S oundS tation • Reduces  PC, Pr ojector  and  HVAC nois es • Dynamic Mic S witching • B etter  Micr ophones

Better • Mor pandable   e Ex

Acoustic Clarity Technology

• Talk from 2 ft or 20 ft from the mic and be heard. • High Fidelity VTX Wideband Sound • Software Upgradeable to protect your investment • Maximum configuration flexibility


Product Details

What’s Included?  Complete System in a Box: • • • •

Phone console Two external microphones Subwoofer Power/Telecom module

Product Details


Single Unit MSRP: $1,799 Twin-Pack MSRP: $3,398

Sav e $20 0

rade In 2 and Save on 2

Additional $300 off

Sav e $50 0

Product Details

Service Programs SharedCare Plus Program Standard Warranty    

Expedited part shipments Unlimited telephone support Online support SW Updates and SW Upgrades (new features)

   

1 Year Basic telephone support SW Updates upon registration Does not include new features

• MSRP - $99 for 1 Year • MSRP - $249 for 3 Years • Site Licenses Also Available

Protect Your Investment

What Others Are Saying:

Customers “In my initial experience with the SoundStation VTX 1000, I was astounded by the wideband sound quality,”

Chris DiFiglia Associate Director IT Bear Stearns

“Holding a conversation over wideband was like listening to a highfidelity stereo rather than talking on the phone. And regardless of whether you're at the end of the table, in the back of the room, or writing on the whiteboard, the new microphone technology in the SoundStation VTX 1000 ensures that you'll be able to hear and be heard.”

What Others Are Saying:

Industry Analyst "Polycom's newest offering, SoundStation VTX 1000, is among the newest and most exciting products to emerge in the tabletop audio conferencing industry in quite some time…

David Alexander Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Audio & Web Conferencing

…Its wideband functionality delivers sizable benefits in voice quality and adaptability to the conference room setting, all at a very reasonable price point. Based on my research of the audio conferencing industry, I have not heard a product that compares in terms of voice clarity to what VTX 1000 delivers."

SoundStation VTX 1000 Now is the time to trade in/trade up Your business can’t afford to use yesterday’s technology and be stuck with yesterday’s problems

Photo by Ensign John Gay

Breaking the Sound Barrier!


Introducing the SoundStation VTX 1000™ Name Date  Introduction  Key Features  Product Details  What Others Are Saying Agenda Inefficient...