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I look into such phenomena as light, hue, rhythm, sound, the value of the thing itself. I focus on excerpts from reality, juxtaposing them, in silence. I touch, study, take note of them, rejecting the urge to design the event. I just register, hang up the objects in space. Free of definition, of categorization, of divisions. I recognize images carrying certain stigma of premonitions and afterimages. I am more interested in questions than answers. More invested in the process, not the final effect. I work with different media touching on both material and extrasensory reality. By exploring reality, I look for openings and canals leading to places that escape all names. I am on the lookout for mistakes and disturbances. For movement, the flow of information, paths of light and breathing space. The art is a natural space for life, the reference system and the transformation of medium. Within its realm, nobody and nothing is separate, everything – body, sensuality, tangibility of things and phenomena; purely imaginative world – is a self-complementing form. Feeling and seeing become creative process, the building of life image.�

Anna Dyga Born in Poland. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice PL (Intermedia and Digital Techniques Studio) and the Faculty of Arts at the Pedagogical University in Cracow PL (Litography Studio), both diplomas with distinction. She’s focus on the process; of creating, feeling, in nature and life in general. Her pieces are in between various disciplines: printmaking, painting, photography, sound and site-specific installations, oscillates between analog and digital action. She works also with art theory, decoration and interior design, artistic education and the area of personal development. From 2010 until 2013 an assistant in the Department of Printmaking and Drawing at the Pedagogical University in Cracow. Led authorial interdisciplinary workshops for children, adults and teenagers in public museums and institutions. She presented individual shows and took part in group exhibitions. Selected activities and exhibitions: 2018 PROCESS - collective exhibition, UNIVERSITY GALLERY, CIESZYN, POLAND 2017 UNCERTAINTITY - collective exhibition of educators and artists associated with the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice StrefArt Gallery, Tychy, Poland 2017 +/- Invisible point of view - individual exhibition, International Festival of Circles of Art, Galerie Města Třince, Czech Republic 2017 The Unsystematic Signal - Krakow Photo Fringe - multimedia group exhibition, Gallery 5A, Krakow, Poland 2017 FORM. Man. Transformation. Art. Reaction. - group exhibition, Center of Silesian Culture in Nakło Śląski, Poland 2016 Noumen - individual exhibition, ThetaC - Gallery, Kraków, Poland 2016 5th International Biennale of Digital Graphics - Gdynia 2016 - post-competition exhibition collective, Galeria Centrum Designu, Gdynia, Poland 2016 Polish Soundscapes - project - Kraków Tape Run, Gallery El, Festival Wydzwięki, Elbląg, Poland, Oblastní galleries Vysočiny, Jihlava, Czech Republic 2016 Why don’t you deal with politics - Red Sea installation, Gallery, Kraków, Poland 2015 Finger in the eye - exhibition of the Interdisciplinary Workshop and Literary Interpretation Workshop of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Action Gallery, Warsaw, Poland 2014 Noumen - invisible point of view - individual diploma presentation, Walcownia Cynku Szopienice, Katowice, Poland 2014 Faces of Freedom. Polish graphic art of the 20th and 21st centuries - exhibition from the collections of SMTG, International Center of Graphic Arts, Krakow, Poland 2013 Adapters - exhibition of the Literary Interpretation Laboratory at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Educational House of the Silesian Library, Katowice, Poland

2013 REGULÆRT - Anna Dyga, Malwina Migacz, Jonas Jansen, Poland - Denmark, private space, Krakow, Poland 2013 Love - group exhibition, Galeria Emilia, Cracow 2012, Poland 2013 deframestration - TEDx - participation in the action of the artistic group LASEM, Krakow, Poland 2012 Study of the key - exhibition of the Literary Interpretation Laboratory at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Rondo Sztuki, Katowice, Poland 2012 Grafugi - a collective insert, State Higher School of Eastern Europe, Przemyśl, Poland 2010 Graphics of Students and Pedagogues at the Pedagogical University of Krakow, Graphic Center of Neapolis, Thessaloniki, Greece 2009 Grand Prix of the Young Polish Graphic - post-competition collective exhibition, Contemporary Art Gallery Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow, Poland 2009 Autorenexemplare - collective exhibition, Krakauer Haus - Nuremberg, Germany 2009 Circulation - lithography - individual exhibition, Lokator Gallery, Cracow, Poland 2009 GRAPHICS GRAPHICS V - ext. collective - Stara Drukarnia, Rzeszów, Galeria Lokator, Kraków; 2008 Through borders - collective exhibitions with scholarships from the MKN GAUDE POLONIA program, Gallery of the St. Włodzimierz, Kraków, 2008 Three internal paintings - an individual exhibition Galeria Przedział, Cracow, Poland 2008 Graphics of the Year 2007 - collective exhibitions Gallery of the Graphic Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland 2008 GRAPHICS GRAPHICS IV - collective exhibitions Galeria Lokator, Kraków; Old Printing House, Rzeszów 2008 6 + 6, dyga, libera, painting - double exhibition with Waldemar Libera, St. Stuba Jana, Krakow, Poland 2008 Chimerycznych Lokator's notebook on Roland Topor's seventieth birthday anniversary group exhibition, Lokator Club Book Gallery, Cracow, Poland 2008 GRAPHICS GRAPHICS III - collective exhibitions Galeria Lokator, Kraków; Provincial Cafe, Nowy Sacz, Poland 2007 GRAPHICS GRAPHICS III - collective exhibitions, Old Printing House, Rzeszów, Poland, Christiana, Prešov, Slovakia 2006, 2005 Exhibition / painting and painting for the foundation, International Cultural Center, Krakow

+/- Invisible point of view Międzynarodowy Festiwal Kręgi Sztuki, Galerie Města Třince, 2017,Czechy

Noumen ThetaC - Gallery, 2016, Kraków, Polska To co niepojęte, nie jest przez to mniej rzeczywiste. ― Blaise Pascal I want to explain. This - he gestured to the window - is everything. I really don’t want to speak about any concepts. Because there are no concepts. Finally he laughed, breaking the growing tension. If I say something that is a kind of answer, the audience will be stuck in what I am saying. And there are infinitely many answers. ― Ryoji Ikeda noumen (gr. νοούμενoν)- rzecz sama w sobie,wyobrażona; pomyślana, rzeczywistość, która istnieje niezależnie od świadomości.

„It is merely a fragment of reality. Just a few objects which might be unable to exist in a realm different from their own. Just a couple of images that through their own presence evoke, subtly rouse, maybe even animate, present something incommunicable – the space of the invisible, of something that cannot be specified in certain place and the point of view time, of something undergoing continual change and movement, illusion and aberrations, something dependent on both ever changing category of ‘I’ and light in which it moves. The open territory of elusive meanings. Undulation. Internal cartography of the unsignified. The subjective choice of the moments of experience which fail to ever become external except for the possible afterimage. The record of communing with, towards, inside, beside, between. Of the presence and the lack thereof. Of being here, being there, somewhere. Of not being. Without neither beginning nor end.”

Red Sea 2016/site specfic installation/sound/video Gallery, 2016 Krakรณw, Polska

The intention of the proposed installation is visualization of category of transition understood in literal and metaphorical way. This is an attempt to show possibly close to every human situation of loss, a sense of security, insecurity, the search for and the way to regain lost confidence and trust. Simplicity of the creation allows a stronger sense of participation of the recipient in a staged environment. No domination of detail increases concentration - or lack of it of their own particular presence.

Light, druk cyfrowy,2016

druk cyfrowy,90x90, 2014

druk cyfrowy,90x90, 2014

druk cyfrowy,90x90, 2014

druk cyfrowy,90x90, 2014

druk cyfrowy,90x90, 2014

day drift.frame of reference ,2014, druk cyfrowy na pล‚รณtnie

maria.frame of reference 2014, druk cyfrowy na płótnie

night shift.frame of reference 2014, druk cyfrowy na pล‚รณtnie

Noumen I, 2014 druk cyfrowy

Noumen II, 2014 druk cyfrowy

Noumen III, 2014 druk cyfrowy

Noumen , 2014 druk cyfrowy

Noumen. Either Path, 2014 druk cyfrowy

REDBLUE, 2014 druk cyfrowy

Noumen 0, 2015 druk cyfrowy

Ferry dream 2013, projekt fotograficzny

Ferry dream 2013, projekt fotograficzny

2014 druk cyfrowy

2016 druk cyfrowy

il giorno, la notte, 2013 druk cyfrowy

Margines,2013, Pracownia Interpretacj Literatury, ASP Katowice

Figura graziosa 2012, olej na płótnie

IMMERSION, litography 2007

obiekt, 2007

anna dyga | art  
anna dyga | art