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Written by Andrew Christopher Edmunds INSIDE THIS ISSUE: I.L.C. summer camp


iPhone 7 revealed


History of the headphone jack


PokĂŠmon Go!




Welcome new students 2016!!!

Students get creative at the annual I.L.C. summer camp!! This summer another successful summer camp was attended by freshman students!

volved had great fun and learned a lot over the course of 5 days at summer camp.

Hosted by the I.L.C. and made possible due to the great efforts of our fantastic student helpers, the freshman students had the chance to learn English, explore the world and meet new friends!

Based on the huge success of this year, everyone in the I.L.C. is looking forward to hosting an even better show next year!

The audience was treated to some hilarious scenes, involving characters such as Shrek, Cinderella and This year, our students Anna and Elsa from got very creative as Frozen! they put on shows relating to various topics. All the students in-

If you want to get involved, please sign up to D.E.V.A. (Da Yeh English Volunteer Association), and you too can help out and share in the glory of the I.L.C!


Controversial Apple iPhone 7 revealed! Can we really live without headphones? Normally, the annual reveal of a new iPhone by Apple leads to great excitement among Apple fans, technology enthusiasts and the public. However, this year the announcement of the iPhone 7 has been met with confusion and dismay! Despite introducing a range of improvements to their new phone, including more power and a new water resistant design, the decision by Apple to remove the 3.5mm headphone socket from the iPhone 7 has drawn widespread criticism.

Instead, users must insert an adaptor into the phone, or use Apple’s own specially designed headphones. In order to appease customers, Apple has also introduced a very expensive new solution: wireless headphones! Although the technology is impressive, will people be ready to pay such a high price and abandon their old headphones?

The new design will not allow owners of existing headphones to plug them straight into the phone, so as to listen to music, play games and watch videos.

History of the headphone jack 

The familiar 3.5mm headphone connector is common to billions of electronic devices. The 3.5mm jack became popular on consumer products in the 1960’s.

It is actually based on an earlier, larger design. This was developed for use by telephone operators as far back as 1878!

The larger 6.35mm design is still in use, and is often used for heavier duty musical equipment, such as amps and electric guitars.

Although Apple is saying goodbye to the 3.5mm jack, there must be a future yet for such a popular connector!




Amazing new mobile craze: This year is the 20th anniversary of the creation of Pikachu and the rest of the Pokémon. To celebrate, Nintendo and Niantic have joined forces to release a very special game: Pokémon Go! This game is very special indeed, as it uses the GPS and camera features of smart phones in order to take the Pokémon out of the virtual world and put them into our real one. Players wander the streets of cities searching high and low for these elusive creatures, capturing them in pokéballs and training them for battle! This concept has proven to be a massive hit. Since the game launched, in fewer than two months the game has been downloaded more than 500 million times! It has also featured in countless news stories on television and the internet worldwide, and broken numerous world records! So far, Pokémon Go holds the following world records for mobile games: Most money made in one month; Most downloaded in one month; Most international charts topped (revenue); Most international charts topped (downloads); and Fastest to 100 million downloads! The incredible success of Pokémon Go is great news for gamers everywhere! Have you managed to catch all of these cute, mysterious and powerful creatures yet? Gotta catch ‘em all!

Top 5 Pokémon!

1. Pikachu

2. Eevee

3. Gyarados

4. Vaporeon 5. Dragonite

South America’s happy friend!

Super cute animal: LLAMA! Descending from the mountains of South America, the llama is an amazing and super cute animal! Looking like a cross between a sheep and a camel, llamas could once be found all over North and South America, but in modern times they are native only to Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru. Llamas are an important part of South American history and culture. The peoples of the Andes mountains have used these powerful and helpful creatures for hundreds of years, for transport, wool, food and companionship. When fully grown, llamas can reach heights of around 1.7 to 1.8 metres tall, and weigh up to 200 kilograms. They have also been known to live for 30 years or more. These animals are very sociable, and live in large herds much like cows and sheep.

Thanks to the good nature and usefulness of llamas, they have become popular among farmers all over the world, including here in Taiwan! They are mainly reared for their wool and their milk, but they are also useful as guards to protect sheep and goats from predators, due to their size. Although llamas have many great attributes, and of course a super cute appearance, you must nonetheless be careful when approaching them! These large creatures are rather powerful, and may use their strong legs and necks to attack humans if they feel threatened. They can also be quite clumsy sometimes, and may bump into people by mistake. Finally, just like camels, they have been known to spit at people! But, as long as you are careful, you can surely make friends with them! PAGE 4


DYUILC Newsletter Issue 10 September 2016