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The Newsletter, Da-Yeh University, Volume 2, Issue 2

Monday, 31 March, 2014

The Newsletter DYU students draw and photograph DYU’s trees and flowers In this issue you can see some more drawings and photographs by Da-Yeh U students of Cultural Creative Industries. They said that they really enjoyed going outside to draw and take photos in DYU’s beautiful campus grounds.

Mothering Sunday Yesterday was Mothering Sunday. In England and a few other English-speaking Commonwealth countries this is a special day. It is a traditional time to visit your mother and give her a posy of flowers and a piece of Simnel cake. This is a light fruit cake covered in marzipan or almonds with some marzipan or almonds in the middle of it. It is very delicious! _______________


A Fuji cherry tree

Jay 陳秋霖 said that when he looked at this tree, which is a Fuji cherry tree from Japan, he just wanted to make a beautiful drawing. He said that although he knew that he could not draw like Van Gogh or other famous artists, he could still draw with life and feeling. “l tried my best to draw it and I think this drawing is the best I have done in my whole life. This was the first time I have gone outside to draw. This was a life changing experience because it gave me time to focus on DYU’s beautiful surroundings,” he said. _____________________


The Newsletter, Da-Yeh University, Volume 2, Issue 2

Flowers Joanne 黃品璇 said that when she drew the picture on the left, she focused on the colour of the flowers. In her drawing she used red, green, black and brown. “In the sunshine the red flowers and green leaves had many different colours. The flower centres even had a bright golden sparkle. It was amazing,” she said. _____________________

More flowers Amy Liao

廖瑞玲 said

that her class had recently learned about Van Gogh’s works. “We saw many paintings by Van Gogh then I used pastels to draw these flowers. I tried to imitate Van Gogh’s style. When I saw these flowers I felt very happy because it made me feel full of vitality. Since this is my first sketch, I felt that drawing it was quite novel,” said Amy 廖瑞玲. _____________________


The Newsletter, Da-Yeh University, Volume 2, Issue 2

A closer look at a crown of thorns


The Newsletter, Da-Yeh University, Volume 2, Issue 2

Tree leaves Judy 林珈佑 said that she tried to take her photograph from an angle that showed the natural beauty of DYU’s campus grounds. “It’s so much fun going outside to learn. It was a leisurely morning. We didn’t just stay in the office or class. We thought we’d go outside and take a walk and breathe the fresh air. What a wonderful day,” said Judy 林珈佑.

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Newsletter contributions Submissions should be original, include original photos and be e-mailed to 馬丁老師 Martin Murray, editor (主編) of this newsletter and ILC English teacher: newsletter Many thanks! 4

Dyu newsletter 第14期  


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