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The Newsletter, Da-Yeh University, Volume 2, Issue 1

Monday, 24 March, 2014

The Newsletter DYU students draw and photograph DYU’s trees and flowers DYU Students of Cultural Creative Industries really enjoyed going outside to draw in DYU’s beautiful campus grounds. “It was a great opportunity,” Angel 陳瑀真 said. “Learning outside the classroom is really interesting,” Lulu 林晏如 said. _____________________

The drawing and photo above is by Lulu 林晏如. The drawing and photo on the left are by Angel 陳瑀真.


The Newsletter, Da-Yeh University, Volume 2, Issue 1

English daisies Amy 李宣霓 first took some photos of these little English daisies which you can see in the photo on the left. She then make a coloured drawing based on these flowers which you can see in the photo on the right. “I needed to be very observant. The flowers were very small but very lovely. I drew many different coloured lines and dots. These lines and dots seemed to make my drawing look more energetic. I learned this technique from Van Gogh and some other artists who painted around the same time as him. The most difficult part of this drawing was trying to show how dynamic the flowers and leaves were even in a gentle breeze. I hope I can do better next time. This opportunity to draw some of the flowers in the grounds of DYU made me much more aware of how beautiful DYU’s campus really is,” Amy 李宣霓 said. _____________________

More English daisies Karen 李宛靜 said that after seeing paintings by Vincent Van Gogh, their teacher let their class go outside to find some flowers, plants, or trees to photograph and draw. “When we were taking photographs of these flowers, I even saw a bee or a fly on one of the flowers. It was interesting,” Karen 李宛靜 said. Karen 李宛靜 and her classmates all drew using oil based crayons. She tried to draw like Van Gogh. She said that his colours tended to overlap each other. For example, the sky is not only blue and the grass is not only green in many of his paintings. _____________________


The Newsletter, Da-Yeh University, Volume 2, Issue 1

English daisies inspire another photograph and drawing Firstly, Peggy 劉珮臻 looked at the paintings of Van Gogh. Secondly, she went outside to take some photographs. Thirdly, she drew some flowers. After Peggy 劉珮臻 finished this coloured drawing she thought “whatever we do, we need to do it conscientiously.” _____________________

English daisies once again! Praynka 林家瑋 said that when she heard her teacher say that her class would be going outside to take photos and draw she was so excited. She said that she loves to take photos but that she is not good at painting. She said that she liked Van Gogh’s painting style and that drawing like him made her think a lot. While drawing, Praynka 林家瑋 said that she

thought about Van Gogh’s life and his paintings. She particularly thought about how he used colour and the way he mixed his colours together. After she finished her coloured drawing she said that she felt very happy because she had not drawn for a long time and that drawing made her feel free. _____________________


The Newsletter, Da-Yeh University, Volume 2, Issue 1

Azaleas Melody

江孟 drew some of the azaleas

beside the road on the way up to the DYU library building. She said that in her Monday class she had been learning about Van Gogh. “We first looked at many of Van Gogh's paintings then we left the classroom to go outside to draw. I now realise that drawings take a very long time to complete” she said. _____________________

More azaleas Dream

游夢婷 appreciated her teacher giving her class the opportunity to look at Van Gogh's works. Her photograph is on the right and her drawing is just below. _____________________


The Newsletter, Da-Yeh University, Volume 2, Issue 1

Azaleas inspire another photograph and drawing At first, Candy 楊庭昀 felt that drawing flowers was very difficult. However, after looking at the flowers very attentively she felt that it was easy to draw them. She tried to draw in a similar style to Van Gogh. Candy 楊庭昀 said that this activity gave her the opportunity to look more closely at these beautiful flowers then she had ever done before. This was the first time that Candy had drawn flowers in this way. She felt that this was a very interesting lesson. She was thankful that her teacher had given her this homework because it had improved her self confidence. _____________________


The Newsletter, Da-Yeh University, Volume 2, Issue 1

Azaleas once again! Mindy 何孟庭 said that when her class went outside she took this photo and drew this picture. ________________

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Call for newsletter contributions from students and staff Submissions should be original, include original photographs and be e-mailed to 馬丁老師 Martin Murray, editor (主編) of this newsletter and ILC English teacher: newsletter Many thanks!


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