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Positive and encouraging teaching approach I started by writing out sticky notes for daily routines (getting ready for school, getting ready for bed and completing chores). I found the simple strategy was a win-win. I didn’t have to nag my kids by repeating myself 100 times a day and my kids enjoyed the satisfaction of feeling independent and productive as they crossed off each of their completed tasks. My name is Anjel Totty and I’m and I’m a Certified Tutor with the Barton Reading and Spelling System. People with dyslexia often struggle with the ability to accurately decode and identify what they read. Although disrupted processing of speech sounds has been implicated in the underlying pathology of dyslexia, the basis for that disruption and how it interferes with reading has not been fully explained.

I specialize in teaching students with reading, and spelling difficulties, Students who struggle more with spelling than reading, Students who struggle with math, Students who have trouble writing, and even tying their shoes. Dyslexia is the most common reason students of all ages struggle with reading, spelling, and writing. I teach Barton Reading and Spelling System and this program teaches students to read and spell phonetically. I use a multi-sensory method, so that the student is completely engaged in the lesson through the use of most of their senses. This program was designed for students with dyslexia and learning disabilities, but would help anyone that struggles with reading and spelling, especially individuals.

I have seen quite a great deal of growth in the students I am currently working with and I absolutely love teaching with the Barton System. I can’t stress enough the importance of making a consistent effort to recognize your child’s strengths and emphasize them. Many schools place a heavy emphasis on reading, writing, spelling, and math. These subjects just happen to focus on our child’s weak areas. Having to work 5 times harder than your peers on a regular basis, and rarely seeing the grades that reflect that hard work, can have a negative affect on a child’s self-esteem.

Be sure to balance the challenges out with plenty of opportunity for success and ease. Provide lots of different experiences so that your child can discover what their strengths and interests are. It’s great for their self-esteem and motivation. Vocabulary instruction is best when it involves having students draw a symbolic or realistic representation of the word. It requires them to make meaning from a word in a way that memorization of a definition does not. One can’t fake a picture. The first step in generating an illustration involves grasping the meaning or the context of the word. It doesn’t require artistic skill, but it does require thinking deeply. Creating the image also stores the word’s meaning in a different part of the brain, generating a visual association. Having students make pictorial flashcards can be a helpful strategy. Making a little drawing next to the word and its definition is another good practice. For More Information Visit:- Reading Tutor Santa Rosa

Positive and encouraging teaching approach  

My name is Anjel Totty and I’m and I’m a Certified Tutor with the Barton Reading and Spelling System. People with dyslexia often struggle wi...

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