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Simple ways of testing dyslexia Dyslexia is very common disease these days. So many people are suffering from this disease because this disease is increasing day by day. People are aware from dyslexia that’s why they are openly subjecting themselves to adult dyslexia test and treatments. In past, people were not familiar about dyslexia so people suffered from this problem and no treatment was given to them. But now everyone is aware about this and this is considered as a serious condition. If you suspect yourself having dyslexia then you must take a professional’s help who will suggest you to dyslexia test. There are so many ways through which you can come to know whether you are suffering from dyslexia or not but the only thing while testing is, you must be very observant. But if you have dyslexia then there are a lot of signs which indicates that your condition is very serious. For the handling the condition, you have to be strong and you must take necessary treatment. Some simple dyslexia tests are given below through which you can come to know whether you have dyslexia or not. 1.

You can ask someone to take adult dyslexia test by running a test spelling skills with you because dyslexics face some difficulties while spelling out simple and tough words. They often misspelled short, common and simple words. For example: enough, because, any, many, friend, they, island and said. Except these, those words are misspelled which go with how the words sound and some examples of those words are: search/serch, does/dus, please/plese, journey/jerney and knock/nock.


If you are dyslexic then you will definitely confused within left and right. Ask someone to give you instruction by using your left finger which will point to your right foot. With this simple test, you will come to know about yourself.


Dyslexic people feel very uncomfortable while evaluating and understanding math problems. So you can test yourself by sorting out mathematics equations.


Whatever you are feeling on paper, you will not able to write down.


A dyslexic person has problem of comprehension so you can test your dyslexia test by checking your comprehension ability. You will not able to repeat the words which are said to you.

Except these, one simple adult dyslexia test is find out whether you are feeling any difficulty while following instructions or not because a dyslexic finds it very hard to follow specific instructions. Some people are very much confused about how to test for dyslexia then they must go to an expert who will help them for further evaluation.

Simple ways of testing dyslexia  
Simple ways of testing dyslexia  

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