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Baby Changing Pads and Accessories We all know that changing a baby in a vehicle is a most frustrating experience. The seats in a vehicle were made for our comfort( not changing babies)! All that can change when you use the special designed patent pending design that fits in between the space that is between the back of a seat and the actual seat itself to prevent baby from rolling or sliding towards the inside of the seat making it even more difficult to change our little ones. More and more we are travelling with our babies day and night. Some circumstances dont always allow us to be at the perfect place to do a diaper change, whether it be safety or sanitary related. With the DyPee changing pad we dont even have to get out of the vehicle to change a diaper. Just simply place wedge at appropriate angle, place the one inch memory foam pad on top to level surface and lay compartment pockets ( attached to pad) gently over seat. When baby is level there is less struggle and frustration and more comfort and sanity as your baby is cradled in the soft memory foam. The attached compartment pockets make it easily accessible to diapers and a small pack of portable wipes that you can store inside making it unnecessary to disrupt that perfectly packed diaper bag you just prepared. TANGERINE AND WHITE CHEVRON INFINITY SCARF Stay on-trend with this fashion accessory that any woman can Wear and every woman should have. Our chevron infinity scarf is made of 100% polyester and is lightweight for this spring and summer season. Beautiful colors available in this scarf for everyones taste. PUTTING IT TOGETHER There are many things that I have learned during this whole process. One being that it is a process... a long one and there are thing that need to be done in a specific order in order for things to happen the way that you want. I say this because this is where my husband comes in. He is the one that makes it perfect.... cutting no corners... and putting things together in a way that seems effortless to him although he has spent just as many sleepless nights ( if not more) as I have dreaming the dream that we both have but more specifically helping me make my dream and efforts come to reality. It was quite clear after searching for this type of changing cushion that there was absolutely nothing to compare. This brought us to the realization that this idea needed to be patented. If anyone has ever done a patent you know it is not an overnight effort. We struggled with data, we researched more than ever, and beings my husband is a superb artist he was able to do our detailed drawings for the patent. I would say this process took us a good month to do and do it right! Keep in mind during our midnight rendezvous with the computer during the day we were making the phone calls to ask questions that you cant do at 1 a.m. and then going back the next night just to do it all over again! During this time we also through many disappointing appointments we did find the company that understood what we wanted, met with them, and asked them to do our first run of dypee baby changing cushions! They are incredible! Very easy to work with and so much knowledge in the sewing area with all of their expertise I cant imagine us getting any luckier! Their work is impeccable with no details "unsewn". I believe we will be partners for a long time.I know I kind of got off topic tonight but

I felt I needed to backtrack as to not leave out all of the hard work behind the scenes work that has to be done before you can even think about putting your product out there for the world to see The Wave" DyPee Cushion Baby Changing Pad The Wave" DyPee Baby Cushion Changing Pad is perfect for changing your babys diaper in a variety of places. This DyPee Baby Changing Pad is the first of its kind to be offered for multi-purpose use which includes a patented design specifically for your vehicle. The bolstered wedge design gives many options for any vehicle. When it is placed in the space between the back of the seat and seat itself keeps baby from rolling toward the inside where it can be more difficult and definitely uncomfortable for your little one. The one inch detachable changing pad is made of premium memory foam with a PUL waterproof covering to protect the pad itself. The pad is then covered in a removable and washable 100% cotton material with matching trim and attached compartment pockets- one for dypee and one for wipes. This Dypee Cushion Pad is just perfect for multi uses including the vehicle with wedge attachment and for flat surfaces such as those found in public places, grandparents house, travelling, visiting, or just for an extra place to change baby in your own home.

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Baby Changing Pads and Accessories  
Baby Changing Pads and Accessories  

We all know that changing a baby in a vehicle is a most frustrating experience.  The seats in a vehicle were made for our comfort( not chang...