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he letter for today kids is “Z”. Z is the first letter in a lot of fun words like, zebra, zoo, zig and zag, Zach (Saved By the Bell anyone?), and zero. Zero, as in how much you really want to hear our opinion on anything right now. So please,

keep picking us up, reading it, admiring our photos, events and advertisers and we will continue to cover them all in an entertaining way. Thats all. Bye bye.

Regards, Chad and Billy

Chad and Billy




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6 Issue Two 2009 7


Super Bowl XL Opus

Kraken Sport & Media bring you the ultimate tribute to on the world’s greatest sporting events: XL Super Bowl The Opus. With 950 pages and weighing in at 90 pounds, the Opus chronicles the first 40 Super Bowls. Chapters are dedicated to each Super Bowl, I to XL. These include a story of the season, a location shot of the stadium, the story of the game with stunning photography, a spread dedicated to the game’s MVP and a play-by-play game chart showing graphically every play of the game. The MVP Special Edition has signatures of every living MVP from the past 40 Super Bowls. $4,000. MVP Edition $40,000.

Ultimate Fantasy Football Trophy

Show everyone in the office who the true fantasy football champion is with the Ultimate Fantasy Football Trophy. Handcrafted from solid wood and resembling the actual Super Bowl trophy, this unique award can be customized with the commissioner’s signature, roman numerals, Swarovski crystals, and more. $300 and up.

Remember the AFL

Remember the AFL: The Ultimate Fan’s Guide to the American Football League takes you back in time to an era when it was more about the gameand less about money. In 448 pages you will be taken through the history of this early NFL rival from 1960 to 1969, season-by-season, team-by-team. Filled with fantastic photographs, stats, trivia, stories, and more, it’s a terrific way to learn more about this period in football history. $20.


One of Time Magazine’s 50 Best Inventions of 2008 - the premium running shoe is characterized by a technical metal spring damping and a purist mesh fabric that makes up the upper of the shoe. Whereas traditional shoes drain your energy with thick, dense foam, the Bounce:S suspension system – developed by adidas – returns more of the energy for a smooth, stable ride. In the field of sport, the cooperation between Porsche Design and adidas is now in its fifth season with the Spring/Summer 2009 collection. Functionality, top quality technology and impressive design are characteristic of these products in the areas of Water I Snow, Running I Fitness, Driving as well as Golf and Tennis. Price varies by retailer.

8 Issue Two 2009

Bactrack Breathalyzer

Here in the bay area leaving the bar after a few drinks is risky business. You felt fine when you left, but the cop that pulls you over says otherwise. The next day at work your friends and co-workers are laughing at your mug shot while you try and make bail. Despite the risks, nearly every night of the week more then a few of us play DUI Russian Roulette and hope we don’t blow our brains out by blowing a .08 or higher. Now there is Bactrack. Sleek, simple and accurate, this portable DUI test fits easily in pocket or purse. Using BluFire Sensor technology you have to only breath on the device to get an accurate reading in just seconds. For less then $100 you can have the peace of mind knowing that when you leave the bar you won’t end up behind some. $80. 9


Modine Bar

The bars are last calling, but you still haven’t sealed the deal. So where do you go? Well, if you have the Modine Bar from Pottery Barn, you simply move the party from the club to your humble abode. Unfold the top to double your surface space, and remove the insert to reveal a stainless-steel ice bucket. Inside each door, three fixed shelves with gallery rails hold an assortment of barware. The removable 16-bottle wine rack is topped by a drawer with a removable barware tray and a single fixed shelf. To its left, a fixed shelf suspends stemware on four racks, and shelves below hold bottles. Framed in mahogany with richly grained mahogany veneers, the bar is finished on all sides and has hidden wheels and antiquebronze-finished knobs. $1399.

10 Issue Two 2009

Feather Artist Club Razor

Now you can play Sweeney Todd. The most advanced barber razor in the world - no sharpening needed! A professional tool for those who want an ultra close straight razor shave but require a disposable blade. For barbershop, salon or home use. Can be sterilized - handle and all - simply by immersing in boiling water and is autoclave safe. Perfectly balanced for precision artistry, get a barbershop quality shave without the hassle of maintaining a traditional straight razor. Hygienic blades are easy to replace. $110.

Zirh’s Cocktail Bars

Since most of the time you wake up smelling of whatever drink it was you spilled on yourself last night, seems only reasonable that you shower in the same scent. Zirh’s Coctail Bars will keep you smelling like your favorite mixer all day long. Each bar is blended with healthy botanicals to restore moisture and soothe skin after sudsing over. Cucumber, Hops and Orange and Lemon Peels are just a few of the revitalizing ingredients found in these new bars. WIth flavors (scents) such as the Screwdriver, Long Island Ice Tea, Sake Bomb, Hurricane and Cucumber Martini all that is left is to name your poison. $15/bar - $60/gift set.

Liqueur Tasting Shot Glasses

This exclusive shot glass set is the premier way to present spirits, cordials and liqueurs at a tasting. The six specialty tasting glasses are crafted with a rounded bottom to enhance the aroma and tasting experience of your best stuff. Each glass fits perfectly into an individual spot on the beautiful custom-designed wooden shot glass rack for easy storage on an impressive display. $20

TXT ME Panties

A playful spin on today’s cell phone obsessed culture, Joon Design’s “TXT ME” line of intimate apparel says it all. The crystal embossed thongs, hats, tanks, and long sleeve shirts let the wearer quietly solicit the attention of the special someone that has caught their eye. While the shirts and hat convey an obvious message, by the time one sees the thongs, it may be a little to late to let your fingers start pressing buttons, then again.... Starts at $25. 11


12 November Issue Two 2009 2008

Photos by Ed Kolton November 2008 13

14 Issue Two 2009 15




Rubyy has raised the bar for energy drinks


he brainchild of Maurice Kanbar, the founder of Skyy Vodka, and partner Chris Huddleston. Rubyy Blood Orange Energy Drink is the first ultra-premium energy drink developed to appeal to sophisticated, stylish tastemakers.

On the forefront of the superpremium juice trend, Kanbar was developing a blood orange formulation with the industry’s leading flavor specialists when – via Huddleston’s encouragement – the team decided to evolve the exciting new citrus flavor into the first-ever luxury energy drink. After two years of development, they perfected the life-quenching, lightly carbonated infusion of blood oranges, tangerines and Valencia oranges – with a classic blend of caffeine, taurine and guarana extract – and Rubyy Blood Orange Energy Drink was born. (The “yy” at the end of Rubyy is the only hint at the pedigree behind the brand). Rubyy takes its name from the deep, rich flavor and color of the ruby blood orange. Found in the sun-dense latitudes of Italy, Spain, the South of France and Northern California, the blood orange is known for its vibrant, distinctive and explosive citrus flavor. Rubyy has an entirely unique taste profile, a not-too-sweet citrus punctuated with a smooth energy boost that tastes great on ice or straight out of the bottle. It can be enjoyed first thing in the morning, all day long, or blended into a signature cocktail in the evening. Each 12 fl oz bottle contains 100% RDA of B vitamins, 130 calories (derived primarily from fruit juices), and 80 mg of caffeine, about the same as a cup of coffee. The premium, sleek black bottle, developed by Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey’s packaging designer, looks sexy from the boardroom to the beach, and glows under black light. Credited for its “elegant and polished design” by, the bottle is crafted from 100% recyclable, opaque, cold-conducting aluminum skin, which chills quickly so Rubyy can be enjoyed at its ideal temperature. A resealable cap lets you bring Rubyy with you wherever you go, and the reusable bottle can be refilled with water or juice for the gym and beyond. Rubyy’s packaging is manufactured, tested and bottles to the highest standards exclusively in the USA. •••

Signature Cocktails



4oz Prosecco 1/2 oz Belvedere Pomarancza 1 1/2 oz RUBYY 1/2 oz lime juice 1/2 oz simple syrup

1 1/2 oz Absolut Peach 1 1/2 oz RUBYY 3/4 oz lemon juice 1/2 oz simple syrup 6 Basil leaves




Blake Landis Var Chloe, Santa Monica

16 Issue Two 2009


1oz RUBYY 1 1/2 oz Bourbon (Single Barrel) 1 splash Peychauds Bitters Muddle 2 cherries with Bitters and sugar

W Hotels Worldwide

David Nepove Southern Wine & Spirits 17


18 Issue Two 2009

Passion for

Fashion A

Who is Bebe Z and Ice It?

n artistic mind, relentless work ethic and an enchanting personality are what make Bebe Ziegler, President and CEO of Ice It by Bebe Z, the newest fashion designer who’s captivating the industry with her designs. Bebe creates every intricate design from her eye by individually laying out the materials by hand and completing a complex crystal puzzle that enhances a typical screen print to form a piece of art within the logo.

“Although I’ve been down a couple career paths, my passion for fashion has never eluded me,” Bebe says, “and now it’s time for me to give back!”

The embellishments offer more ability to vary color schemes for an illuminating effect that becomes three dimensional. A combination of high-end fabrics, brilliant Swarovski crystals and innate genius has brought Bebe Ziegler to the forefront of the design world. As a former model and business owner in the salon and spa industry, Bebe has always been in the forefront of the fashion industry and is no stranger to making people look and feel their best. Ice It by Bebe Z began six years ago in the back bedroom of Bebe’s Tampa, FL home when she created a crystallized Buccaneers tank top for herself. When Bebe realized how popular the shirts were among sports female fans, the concept behind Ice It by Bebe Z was born. The mission is to create unique lines of apparel tailored to individuals with a passion for fashion, as well as life. Ice It’s current licensee portfolio includes organizations such as the National Hockey League, Collegiate Licensing Company, MGM Consumer Products’ PiNKiTUDE line, and Discovery Communications’ successful TV shows Miami Ink and LA Ink. The artistically designed apparel combines high-end fabrics with the brilliance of Swarovski crystals, rhinestones and studs in a customized logo or motif. Since the start of the company, Ice It by Bebe Z has proudly manufactured all of its apparel here in the United States of America. ••• 19

20 Issue Two 2009 21

Fashion the house of



he Collezione Automobili Lamborghini offers more than exclusive fashions and accessories – in every piece of this distinctive collection is the spirit of the world’s most desirable super sports car. The new Lamborghini online store (www. brings this unique shopping experience to your home. Furthermore, the Collezione Automobili Lamborghini has been expanded with three new fashion lines for winter 2008/2009.

The Lamborghini brand offers extreme and uncompromising experiences – for a life outside of the conventional boundaries, that goes far beyond the super sports cars and their engines. Every single piece of the Collezione Automobili Lamborghini is also part of a world of exclusivity and glamour. With its sporty chic, this distinctive collection of fashion and accessories embodies the spirit of the brand; it is extreme, uncompromising and, above all, unmistakably Italian. The pieces are very clearly “born in Sant’Agata Bolognese” and offer fashion highlights for every age group – the only thing that matters is the passion for the “bull”. The individual pieces are designed and produced in co-operation with some of Italy’s top fashion houses and to the very highest standards.

22 Issue Two 2009

Men’s Freedom Puffa Jacket - Green Men’s Hydrogen Cargo Trousers - Blue Military Style Boots 23

Men’s Hydrogen Faux Fur - Trimmed Jacket - Blue Men’s Hydrogen Striped Shirt - Light Blue Men’s Hydrogen Cargo Tropusers - Blue Military Style Boots Vintage Bag Since 1963 - Blue Ladies Hydrogen Faux Fur - Trimmed Hooded Jacket _ Tauped Ladies Tricolore Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Cream White Ladies Hydrogen Cargo Trousers - Blue Military Style Boots Automobili Lamborghini Since 1963 Small Shoulder Bag 24 Issue Two 2009

Men’s Automobili Lamborghini Sine 1963 Hooded Sweatshirt - Green Men’s Hydrogen Cargo Trousers - Green Ladies Automobili Lamborghini Since 1963 Zip-up Sweatshirt - Blue Ladies Hydrogen Cargo Trousers - Blue 25

26 Issue Two 2009

Allowing customers to pay with plastic isn’t an option for todays merchants, it’s a requirement. Reliable electronic payment solutions from FDIS-TAMPA can help reduce the time merchants spend handling other payment types and allow you to focus on serving your customers and making sales. Choose from a variety of our electronic payment and online transaction processing solutions to enable credit and debit acceptance, check verification, currency conversion and contactless payment options.


Whether merchants are opening a new business or expanding an established one, we provide flexible, robust and reliable products and services that enable merchants across the nation to accept nearly all types of electronic payments. These payment options include: • Major credit cards—MasterCard®, Visa®, American Express®, Discover®, JCB® • PIN-secured and signature debit • Robust quick service restaurant (QSR) point-of-sale (POS) solutions

• Dynamic wireless processing solutions • Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) • Gift cards, purchasing cards (levels II & III) • TeleCheck® Electronic Check Acceptance® (ECA®) Warranty service and TeleCheck® (ECA®) Verification Service • All Web-based, e-commerce transactions through the LinkPoint® Secure Payment Gateway—one of the most secure and complete online payment solutions

FDIS-Tampa uses First Data’s processing engine. First Data powers the global economy by making it easy, fast and secure for people and businesses around the world to buy goods and services using virtually any form of payment. Serving millions of merchant locations and thousands of card issuers, we have the expertise and insight to help you accelerate your business. Put our intelligence to work for you. 27

Photos courtesy of Girls Gone Wild


e have all been flipping through the channels late at night and stopped on the only infomercial worth watching. No, I’m not talking about the Shamwow! although that guy does hypnotize me. I’m of course referring to the Girls Gone Wild. Hot, young girls getting their fifteen minutes the only way they know how...making us happy. Ever wonder where these clubs are with all this going on? Wonder no more. Saturday, January 30th, Dolce Vita in Channelside with bill that club, and the Girls Gone Wild will be their doing just that...Going Wild!

Lauren Falls was born in Houston, grew up in Cleveland, Texas and currently lives in Galveston. Lauren, a self-confessed workaholic, currently fills her days and nights working as an office manager for a maintenance company and as a bartender for two different Cleveland clubs. She hopes to own a bar or club of her own one day, but admitscwge if her modeling career takes off. She’s currently majoring in business and plans to get a real estate license. You can see Lauren in person with several of her friends as they host one of the hottest parties to come to the bay area for the Big Game! •••

28 Issue Two 2009 29

A few of Lauren’s friends: (clockwise from left) Amber Hay, Mandi and Jenny, and Kelli.

30 Issue Two 2009


32 Issue Two 2009 33

34 Issue Two 2009 35




Confessions of a former Night Zombie

Photos by Becky Johnson 36 Issue Two 2009


is name is Jason Ortis but must of you know him as Gemini. Back when he was home and DJing full time, Gemini was a bit of a night zombie!!! Now a new chapter has opened in his life and it has guided him into the medical realm. It seems a little hard to believe that a guy who used to have Neon Green Braids down to his ass, wear feather boas & furry jackets while bouncing around like a maniac behind the turntables is now working in the medical field!

A true Gemini, Jason makes extreme and sometimes drastic changes in his life. The company he works for now basically does ultra-sound testing for those people who are at a high risk of having a Heart Attack, Stroke or an Aneurysm. Sometimes they simply just want to be aware of what is going on inside their bodies. He loves what he does now and finds it is very fulfilling. “I get great satisfaction when we help people.”, he told us “And that makes me feel like I’m making a real difference in the world.” What do you think of the current club scene in the Tampa Bay area and the path it is on? I’ve seen a lot of changes over the last few years & things have definitely changed since the days of the “Fantasy Ranch”. Even back when I was @ “The Amphitheater” clubbing was  more of a lifestyle for a lot of people... These days I see people just going out to be seen or just as a social environment. It’s not so often that I see people that are really  there for  the music or supporting or following their favorite dj’s. There are a few promoters that are still throwing big events like bringing Tiesto or Oakenfold from time to time but as a whole, from what I’ve seen, the days for underground clubbing & Big Electronic Music Events has slowed down in this area quite significantly. Then again I’m not really djing the underground rave circuit anymore... I did that for years & wouldn’t have changed a thing- I had a BLAST -but for now places like “The Venue” & “Floyd’s” are more my forte. I’m wearing a differant kind of jeans these days! Not as baggy & way more expensive -LOL!!!  I have a lot of respect for promoters like Johnny Peace , Regis, Monk & Santoro for still bringing in world class electronic music DJ’s to Tampa & throwing big events! Most clubs are catering more towards hip hop/top 40 these days 37

“Even though I love what I am doing now I am still staying in the music world and djing now @ the Baddest club to ever hit the Tampa Bay area-The Venue!!! ”

38 Issue Two 2009

& that’s fine but I hear that stuff enough on the radio during the week!!! When I go out, I want to hear something fresh & exciting, so that’s why I fell in love with the electronic stuff. House music, if you really listen to it, is really phenomenal stuff!!! It’s beautiful & Inspiring to me...It moves your soul-not just your ass;) Not that shaking your ass all night to me playing Lil Wayne or Flo-Rida is a bad thing, I just prefer to listen to & play stuff with a little more substance. What/who are some of your musical influences?  What is playing currently in your car/ipod? Well, I first got into DJing in the early 90’s & as I said earlier things were a lot different back then...I was just doing the underground stuff. I worked for DJ Icey as his Lighting Designer @ a club called “The Edge”  years before I ever started DJing. During that time I’d have to say that I was really influenced by dj’s like DJ Icey & Kimball Collins from Orlando & then I got turned onto Sasha & Digweed, the Rabbit in the Moon stuff & then shortly after that I really got into the Epic sounding Trance that guys like BT & Oakenfold were producing! What a great time for clubbing! I remember leaving Firestone in Orlando & Simons in Gainesville many times when the sun was already up!!! These days I really love the stuff that Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten are producing. I love music that is inspiring & emotional! I’m always looking for that next song that makes the hair on my arms stand up- 39

“Trust me...djing for the last 16 years has been quite an adventure & I have stories that will blow your mind!!!”

That’s when you know its good!!! I am really into the Filo & Peri stuff now as well as producers like Andy Duguid, Cosmic Gate, First State, Jonas Steur & Aly & Fila to name a few... As far as what’s in my iPod.... well that has a lot of different stuff in it... I’m a huge Counting Crows fan, believe it or not, so I have all of their albums on there. I can really relate to  what Adam,(Adam Duritz- Lead singer),is singing about  when it comes to loss & sorrow & being in love & losing the people that mean the most to me. Plus I’ve been to a lot of their shows & they  are really  a great live band!!!  Definitely my favorite so that takes up a few gigs there:) I have some Bob Segar, John Lennon, Tom Petty, Hendrix, Green Day, R.E.M. on there as well. On the Electronic music side I have Podcasts for Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren & Above & Beyond, some “In Search of Sunrise” compilations & a couple of mix CD’s that I mixed a few months ago...   Any major events/projects planned for ‘09? Just doing my residency at the Venue during the week. From time to time I’ll do a guest spot here or there but primarily just at The Venue... I’ll do a guest appearance from time to time with my friend DJ Santana for Alan & Luis @ Green Iguana & I always look forward to doing a special guest appearance @ Floyd’s nightclub inside the Hard Rock casino for Johnny Peace & Regis. Regis, one of the promoters, told me that my birthday party was the second biggest night they had all year!!! That’s always a fun night so I’m looking forward to that... We throw a Gemini party every year there cause Regis & I are both Gemini’s (yes that’s part of the reason why my name is DJ Gemini- Duh???) It’s usually the first or

40 Issue Two 2009

second Saturday of June depending on what the schedule looks like for them. The other thing I’m really looking forward to is the Superbowl celebration that we are having @ the Venue!!! Its called “The Good Life Experience” & is hosted by P. Diddy, Deon Sanders, & Winky Wright! It’s During Superbowl week from Jan 28th-31st. I don’t know if you have ever heard about Diddy’s parties but from what I have seen on TV & from what I hear, they are off the CHAIN!!! That’s going to be a lot of fun getting to rub elbows with those guys! I know that when he throws a party then the A-list celeb’s come out in full swing!!! Who knows who else will show up???  It’s going to look like a scene from the Grammy’s or the Oscars with a Red Carpet entrance & everything! Should be very exciting!!! I am also excited to be doing more charity events with the 13 Ugly Men organization! I got involved with playing their Thanksgiving party this past year @ the Kennedy & it was a very successful event! My buddy Dan Gorda got me involved with them! It had been a long term goal of mine a while ago to be able to use my djing skills to try & do some good for the community & to help out with local charities so I’m totally excited about working with them in the future!!! Other than that I am just focusing on getting back in the Studio & writing some music again. It’s been a while since I’ve put anything out but I have been writing a lot lately... I sleep with a pad & pencil next to me at night cause I come up with the wildest stuff when I’m sleeping... It’s really weird!!! I wake up & I’m like “damn, i need to get this into the computer fast!!!” but by the time I get the studio all turned on, I’ve forgotten most of it... So now I just try to write it down or I’ll just sing or hum into my iPod while its fresh in my head...I have about 20 unfinished tracks right now- Sometimes I’ll read what I wrote down the next day after I wake up & I’m like “What the Hell was I thinking???” LOL!!!   Where can we get some of your music? You can go to my myspace page- and I usually put my cd’s up on there or you can get stuff from my friend Tommy Who’s online record store at: . Other than that you can always ask me if I have any cd’s on me whenever you come & see me play @ the Venue!!! I hope to see ya soon-Peace. ••• 41

Music There is

No Substitute for Experience

Joey Jam Having deejayed all over, what do you think of the club scene in the Tampa Bay area and the path it is on? The club scene in tampa is on the rise. As i traveled and performed all over the world, I have encounted many different styles, music and cultures. Lousiana loves a dj to interact and motivate the crowd. In N.Y. many clubs (not all) like the dj to just play music and Miami is a mixture of both. Here in Tampa, I think the club scene is still in transition, and the outcome will depend on the “open minded” owner, the “professional” dj and the “honest” promoter. What/who are some of your musical influences? My dad, a living entertainment legend, he has played for President Nixion, J.F. Kennedy, Queen Elizabeth and many more. I met Doug E. Fresh over 15 years ago and we are very good friends today. The first time he had ever seen cd turn tables i showed them to him. Jam Master J, I was a part of his organization “Nationwide DJs”. I took him and his wife to see Mike Tyson fight when they were on their honeymoon. My friend, Spyda (Andrew Smith), is a musical genius. He has guided me through the years. What’s playing in your car/ipod right now? I love to listen to, Bob Marley, good vocal house music, old school rnb, hip hop , reggae and classic rock.....I just love great music. Any major events/projects planned for 09? Major events for the 09.... most of them are still in the making.....but I am already booked for the biggest boat parade in America, the “Winterfest Boat Parade” in Hollywood, FL., in December. Of course Fri. and Sat. you will find him at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tampa,fl., 10pm to 3am. After all your years of perfoming, what is one memory that really stands out in your mind? When I was the lead entertainment at the Atlantis resort in the bahamas, I was performing one night and there was a table full of ladies. Well me being such a friendly person, I went over, introduced myself and took some requests. One of the ladies name was Juanita so all night i was calling her name on the mic, and they were laughing. The club had a unique set up. The music and my vocals flowed through the whole casino. At the end of the night she, Juanita, came over and told me what a wonderful time her and her friends had, and that tomorrow her husband would be joining her.......Michael Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we have been friends ever since. •••

42 Issue Two 2009

“As i traveled and performed all over the world, I have encounted many different styles, music and cultures.” 43

44 Issue Two 2009 45

46 Issue Two 2009 47

48 Issue Two 2009

JESSICA snyder J

Photos by Charles Williams

essica was born in Clearwater but grew up in Gatlinburg, TN. She wasn’t always a girly girl. Jessica used to love playing in the dirt and played basketball for 10 years throughout school. Tennessee was a great place to grow up but she is glad to live in Florida. You may be surprised to learn that she often stunts on motorcycles and has performed at Stunt wars in Lakeland. Jessica loves motorcycles and the audrenaline rush that comes with them! She also loves watching football on Sundays, especially the Giants! Sorry this post season didn’t go better for you Jess. For the past four years she has been doing hair, specializing in extensions. Jessica got into modeling through some friends and decided it was a fun and challenging thing to persue. 49

How long have you been modeling? Since I was 17 What is the craziest photoshoot you have been on? Well it was crazy in a good way..went to the Bahamas and stayed at the cove at Atlantis with FHM. We shot for a day then got to relax and have fun the other days! Worst experienceAlmost getting left in Mexico when I was 18.. ..... When you aren’t in front of the camera what do you do? Clean up after my 2 great danes :) and do hair extensions at my salon. Sports fan? Are you excited about the big game coming to town? Oh yes, I’m a big sports fan! I cant wait for superbowl! I hope my team is here in Tampa this year!! (Im sure they can still get some tickets) What would be the ultimate game match up? Colts and Giants! The Mannings :) One player you would like to meet. Eli Manning If you could do anything you wanted, what would that be? Be a very successful and wanted hair stylist in New York city.

50 Issue Two 2009 51

“I almost got left in Mexico when I was 18”

52 Issue Two 2009 53

A gathering of the world’s finest automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft and watercraft.

Image courtesy Michael Furman Photography

Saturday, January 31st

NFL Alumni Luxury Lifestyle Jet Port Reception Super Bowl weekend , St. Petersburg Friday, March 27th

Luxury Lifestyle Jet Port Reception St. Petersburg Saturday, March 28th

Display of exotic cars, motorcycles & watercraft Renaissance Vinoy Hotel, St. Petersburg 352-385-9450

54 November Issue Two 2009 2008 55

56 Issue Two 2009 57

58 Issue Two 2009 59

60 Issue Two 2009

Tampa Bay’s #1 Upscale, Fully Nude Gentlemen’s Club


4009 West Martin Luther King Blvd. Tampa, FL 33614 (Behind Legends Field) MON - WED 12PM-4AM





62 Issue Two 2009 63

64 Issue Two 2009




Tampa Bay's Premier Nightlife Publication

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