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Tablet Wars Adult Rum from Ron Jeremy The All New Chrysler 300 Original Hot Mess Go from Beer Belly to Beach Body




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Knockout Productions is a strategic marketing company that offers an array of services. Our



Lifestyle Accessories

Robert Greene



Homefront Gears of War 3 sixteen


Tablet Wars Samsung Galaxy S II twenty-four


Ron de Jeremy Rum Bulldog Gin Effen Vodka thirty-two


Entrepreneur Getaways thirty-six


Chrysler 300 forty


Original Hot Mess forty-four


SELF RELIANCE sixty-four

PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS Theresa Depasquale sixty-eight

THE HONEST TRUTH Andrew Fashion seventy-four

LONG MAY HE REIGN Jason Amos seventy-six


goal is to build a relationship between brands and the people who matter the most to them. Planning and strategy allows us to understand the sectors our clients do business in, so we engage your target audience. We execute


LIVE TO LISTEN eighty-four


Dale Del Bello, JR eighty-six

JUST THIS GUY, YA KNOW? Nishant Gogna ninety


our vision with services to bring community alignment and campaign orchestration together. Through visual stimulation, culture stimulation and ongoing communication

Beer Belly to Beach Body

we are able to spread the


word. It’s not the size of

Mark A. Stiles

a company that matters,


it’s how far they can excel

Photographer Mike Ossola

your brand that counts.





It’s the End of the World

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Letter from the


t has been about three + years since we started this little publication. Through this amazing continuous journey, we are proud to say that we are still fighting. The current economy; especially the publishing industry has been under overwhelming duress. I guess that is why we decided to change the format of this issue, and attack the negative dogma first hand. This issue concentrates on the hard charging innovators, whom look deep inside themselves and know firsthand, that life is just a test. These modern day warriors call themselves, “Entrepreneurs”, and understand that life is a never ending battle, that only the last person standing will win. It is this mindset, that drives and fuels these men and woman, that losing is not an option. Throughout the years, we have all experienced many great forms of rejection. The older that we become, the more we learn to accept rejections graces. The truth is that we must all go through a point in our lives where we learn to realize that it’s just us against the world. It is only then, when we can make this simple parable a part of our lives.  Once we do, the doors of life will start to open up. 

There were many times, and plenty of sleepless nights, when this little magazine had nightmares of giving up. Luckily, this little magazine has developed some great friends and strategic partners that have become family. These family members have dedicated there time, capital, and hearts towards igniting the fuel that runs this little magazine. To those whom have supported our journey, WE THANK YOU! Furthermore, in business, warfare, love, or even life…. QUITING IS NOT AN OPTION! As Lance Armstrong professes in his autobiography, “PAIN is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever!” This issue is for you Tampa Bay!

Hugo D. Aviles

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â– Essentials

DJFURNITURE Are you battle or classic? The hoerboard Classic is a high class customized dj stand. All your turntables, CD-players and mixers will fit perfectly into the great-looking DJ workstation. The power cables are invisibly integrated into the corpus. All connections are placed just above the floor and can be connected comfortably to local audio systems. Choose your favourite cover material for the MDF corpus. Different high-quality veneer or hardened lacquer surfaces add your own personal touch.

Don`t worry about beerglass marks! The hardened lacquer surface makes sure a good party doesn`t leave any traces - at least not on your hoerboard. The starting price for the hoerboard Classic is 1,490 EUR. The price includes two audio connectors and a six-plug power point. Just contact us and we will give you any more details you might need or click for a detailed price list. The hoerboard is a design project. It`s not just buying a table.

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The hoerboard Scomber Mix is designed to make all your turntables, CD-players and mixers fit perfectly into a great looking workstation. The DJ booth consists of two units, needs less space than the hoerboard Classic and makes you more mobile with your own personal workstation. The top deck is made from CNC-designed MDF material and is fixed to a laser-cut powder-coated steel support. Both unit surfaces are available in several glossy or matt colours. Your own equipment is being placed in the customized high quality hoerboard. All power cables are invisibly integrated into the corpus. All connections are placed underneath the desk and can be connected comfortably to local audio systems. The starting price for the hoerboard Scomber Mix is 1,690 EUR. The price includes two audio connectors and a six-plug power point. Just contact us and we will give you any more details you might need or click for a detailed price list. The starting price includes a mix of brand new components.•••

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PYTHON (left)

The PYTHON belongs to the same unmistakable design category that includes elegant yachts and luxury limousines, fitting effortlessly into a life filled with first class design. Elegantly curved with precious materials - lace burl wood, mahogany, or carbon - the hand-stitched leather transforms the PYTHON to a piece that is as easy on the eyes as on the loving hands of its proud owner. The FINE TIMEPIECE at the centre of the PYTHON, the integrated weather station, the electronically controlled TIME MOVER速, the high tech humidor, and the small refined bar... it all fits perfectly together - the masterful execution of an innovative concept that is typical for BUBEN&ZORWEG.

PARAGON (right) The heart of the PARAGON WORLD TIME TOURBILLON is the exclusive movement 1389 with weight-pull from Erwin Sattler, a jewel among clockworks - just like the PARAGON is a rare jewel among wall clocks. The complication which thrills every true lover of fine timepieces, the tourbillon, is visibly integrated into the sliver-plated dial with sunray-bruh - and the regulator functions simultaneously as the second hand. Sterling silver inlays allow you to check the power reserve in an instant and the train of the BURBEN&ZORWEG 8 kg signature weight is secured in 12 stainless steel ball bearings. Whatever one sees or touches - this FINE TIMEPIECE from BUBEN&ZORWEG is a masterpiece of absolute perfection.

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Home is where the war is The year is 2027. The world as we know it is unraveling after fifteen years of economic meltdown and widespread global conflict over dwindling natural resources. A once proud America has fallen, her infrastructure shattered and military in disarray. Crippled by a devastating EMP strike, the USA is powerless to resist the ever expanding occupation of a savage, nuclear armed Greater Korean Republic. Abandoned by her former allies, the United States is a bleak landscape of walled towns and abandoned suburbs. This is a police state where high school stadiums have become detention centers, and shopping malls shelter armored attack vehicles. A once-free people are now prisoners… or collaborators… or revolutionaries. Join the Resistance, stand united and fight for freedom against an overwhelming military force in Homefront’s gripping single player campaign penned by John Milius (Apocalypse Now, Red

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Dawn). Stand alongside a cast of memorable characters as an emotional plot unfolds in this terrifyingly plausible near-future world. Experience visceral, cinematic first-person shooter action as you fight your way across Occupied USA using guerrilla tactics, and commandeer military vehicles and advanced drone technology to defeat the enemy. Multiplayer brings epic warfare to the online arena as infantry, tanks, attack helicopters and combat drones battle across huge, open battlefields. A rich feature set offering layers of tactical depth combined with a game-changing innovation in the multiplayer space will set a new benchmark in online warfare. •••

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Gears of War 3, the explosive finale The spectacular conclusion to one of the games industry’s most memorable and celebrated sagas, “Gears of War 3,” is poised to take the world by storm next spring. At this time next year, fans around the world will experience the epic story finale to the “Gears of War” trilogy when the third instalment in one of the biggest franchises in Xbox history arrives in stores April 8, 2011 in Europe. “When we released ‘Gears of War’ more than three years ago, we set out to tell the world an unforgettable story of bravery

and sacrifice in the face of insurmountable odds, and a year from now, players will get the chance to experience the final chapter in the story of Marcus Fenix and his companions in Delta Squad,” said Cliff Bleszinski, Design Director at Epic Games. “This is definitely the biggest and most dramatic chapter yet in the ‘Gears of War’ saga, and we can’t wait to deliver it.” Developed by acclaimed studio Epic Games and available only on Xbox 360, “Gears of War 3” plunges players into a harrowing tale of hope, survival, and brotherhood

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that will conclude the current story arc for “Gears of War.” With the last human city destroyed and the remaining survivors stranded, time is running out for Marcus and his comrades as they fight to save the human race from the jaws of extinction. “Gears of War” is a blockbuster entertainment franchise that has inspired a full line of toys and collectibles, apparel, an upcoming film, graphic novels and a book series by New York Times best-selling author Karen Traviss. The award-winning video games have sold more than 12 million units worldwide, and due to their riveting multiplayer action, are some of the most popular games ever played on Xbox LIVE. To accompany today’s announcement, Microsoft and Epic Games unveiled “Ashes to Ashes”, the first trailer for “Gears of War 3.” Created in Unreal Engine 3 by the same team behind the iconic “Gears of War” video spots (“Mad World,” “Rendezvous,” and “Last Day”), the video captures a desperate three-way battle between Delta Squad, the Locust Horde, and the fearsome new Lambent. Additionally, fans who want to share their excitement on Xbox LIVE will be able to choose from new Avatar items, available on Avatar Marketplace starting April 20, including the new COG armor introduced in “Gears of War 3.” •••

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HP Touch Pad is the first webOS tablet that works the way you do. HP enlarged the HP webOS world with the first webOS slate - the HP TouchPad - the breakthrough webOS user interface fully realized in the tablet experience.

your status, search your favorite websites - all before you’ve even opened an application. Whenever you want to do something on your TouchPad, Just Type.

With its vibrant 9.7-inch diagonal flush capacitive multitouch display, virtual keyboard, instant-on access, support for Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 beta in the browser and access to thousands of webOS applications, TouchPad works the way you do and is designed not just for fun but for mobile productivity. It’s ideal for anyone who wants the benefits of the amazing webOS platform on a much bigger scale.

It’s great for road trips, on a plane, while commuting, in public places, while visiting friends and on vacation. It’s easy to pack, has a long-lasting battery and integrated GPS (3G only), and posting vacation photos is a snap. When productivity is key, TouchPad makes an excellent companion. You can read and write email, view your work and personal inboxes together, or easily toggle between them. Integrated messaging conveniently combines all your text messages, picture messages and IM conversations with one person into a single view, and you can connect through SMS, Google Talk, AIM and Yahoo! Messenger. TouchPad’s virtual full QWERTY keyboard includes a number row, which reduces keyboard switching, making typing easy and fast. It powers on instantly and brings you back to exactly where you left off, whether you were in the middle of composing an email, playing a game or browsing a web page. With webOS true multitasking, it’s like you never left.

Designed to be used alone or as a digital companion to your webOS phone, TouchPad connects you and your devices through the elegant webOS experience. Never miss an important call or SMS message - they can be answered and viewed right on your TouchPad. Plus, HP’s exclusive new touch-to-share feature will let you simply touch an enabled webOS phone to your TouchPad to share web URLs. The TouchPad user interface is a visual representation of your workspace, so you can manage your workflow in a naturally intuitive way that’s easy and fun. The power of webOS true multitasking lets you have multiple applications running at the same time. webOS shows you your activities in the form of cards, not a sea of application icons on numerous home screens.

HP TouchPad is scheduled to be available in the summer. Exact pricing and availability will be announced at a later date. •••

This helps you do all the things you want to do, all at once, so you can listen to music, update your status on Facebook, read email and chat on IM at the same time. As you launch new activities, webOS will automatically group related cards - for example, an email and an associated web page - together in a card stack, so you can easily track all related items together. TouchPad offers a great internet experience around the house or on the go, so you can manage your busy life, be productive wherever you are and stay connected with work, friends, family and social networks. It keeps you connected anywhere there’s Wi-Fi for easy access to the web and entertainment. At home, whether you’re watching TV, relaxing on the sofa, at the kitchen table or in bed, you can check in with friends, surf the web, play games or read a book, magazine or newspaper. announced that it will launch a free Kindle app for HP webOS tailored for TouchPad that will give you access to more than 810,000 titles from Amazon’s Kindle Store. You also can subscribe to popular magazine titles, such as Time, Sports Illustrated, Fortune and People, and download movies and TV shows through the HP Movie Store. The TouchPad music app lets you transfer and play all your favorites from your personal music collection,(9) with amazing sound quality by Beats Audio™. You can start an email, create a message, update

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The first tablet with HTC Sense™ HTC Flyer blends HTC’s trademark design language with an all-new HTC Sense user experience that has been reimagined for the tablets. Using an intuitive and innovative approach to tablets, HTC Flyer combines natural touch and pen interaction. HTC also announced HTC Watch, a new connected video service that will debut on HTC Flyer tablet, and will collaborate with OnLive, Inc. to launch the first cloud-based mobile gaming service on a tablet.

Touch interaction lights up the HTC Flyer tablet experience, but it also offers a groundbreaking pen experience. With the new HTC Scribe Technology on the HTC Flyer tablet, people can rediscover the natural act of writing. HTC Scribe Technology introduces a wave of integrated digital ink innovations that make it easy and natural to take notes, sign contracts, draw pictures, or even write on a web page or photo.

Encased in a sleek aluminum unibody, the HTC Flyer tablet exudes the iconic style and build quality HTC is known for. It is also ultra-light, weighing as little as a paperback book, and compact enough to fit in a jacket pocket only. With a seven-inch display, lightning fast 1.5Ghz processor and high-speed HSPA+ wireless capabilities, the HTC Flyer tablet is perfect for those who have been waiting for a tablet that is both compact and powerful. HTC Sense for Tablet HTC Sense revolutionized smartphones by placing the person at the center of the experience. HTC Flyer’s tabletfocused HTC Sense experience focuses on surprising and delighting people with its gorgeous 3D home screen. A unique carousel of widgets puts a user’s most important content and information at the visual center of the experience. The HTC Flyer tablet also offers uncompromised Web browsing with Flash 10 and HTML 5.

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HTC Scribe Technology on the HTC Flyer tablet transforms traditional note-taking into smart note-taking by integrating natural onscreen writing with thoughtful and integrated innovations. A feature called Timemark enables you to capture the audio of a meeting in line with your written notes, so tapping on a word in your notes instantly takes you to that exact place in time in the audio recording of the meeting. Notes are also integrated with the calendar so when there is an appointment reminder you are automatically prompted with an opportunity to begin a new note or in the case of recurring meetings, to continue where the last meeting left off. In an industry first, the HTC Flyer tablet also features built-in synchronization with Evernote™, the world-leading notes application and service. The HTC Flyer tablet premieres HTC Watch, HTC’s new video download service. The HTC Watch service enables low-cost on-demand progressive downloading of hundreds of High-Definition movies from major studios. The intuitive, natural design of the HTC Watch service makes it easy to find the latest movie and video content, while advanced technology on the back-end enables instant playback over the HTC Flyer tablet’s high-speed wireless connection.  HTC takes mobile gaming to an entirely new level by being the first mobile device in the world to integrate OnLive Inc.’s revolutionary cloudbased gaming service. OnLive is leading in the home gaming market by letting people play top video games on their televisions and computers without the need to buy expensive gaming hardware or software. When integrated fully, the OnLive service will enable customers to pipe the OnLive service through the HTC Flyer tablet’s broadband wireless to their television sets, or let them play directly on the tablet. When integrated on the HTC Flyer tablet, people can play a variety of games, including hits like Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood™, NBA 2K11 and Lego Harry Potter™. •••

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iPad 2

Thinner, Lighter & Faster with FaceTime, Smart Covers & 10 Hour Battery Apple® has released iPad™ 2, the next generation of its magical device for browsing the web, reading and sending email, enjoying photos, watching videos, listening to music, playing games, reading ebooks and much more. iPad 2 features an entirely new design that is 33 percent thinner and up to 15 percent lighter than the original iPad, while maintaining the same stunning 9.7-inch LED-backlit LCD screen. iPad 2 features Apple’s new dual-core A5 processor for blazing fast performance and stunning graphics and now includes two cameras, a front-facing VGA camera for FaceTime® and Photo Booth®, and a rear-facing camera that captures 720p HD video, bringing the innovative FaceTime feature to iPad users for the first time. Though it is thinner, lighter, faster and packed with new features, iPad 2 still delivers up to 10 hours of battery life* that users have come to expect. iPad 2 is available in black or white, features models that run on AT&T’s and Verizon’s 3G networks, and introduces the innovative iPad 2 Smart Cover in a range of vibrant polyurethane and rich leather colors. With the new front and rear cameras, iPad 2 users can now make FaceTime calls to millions of iPhone® 4, iPod touch® and Mac® users so they can see family and friends anywhere there is WiFi. Photo Booth lets you apply fun visual effects, including eight photo special effects like Squeeze, Twirl and Kaleidoscope, to photos captured by either camera. iPad 2 comes with iOS 4.3, the latest version of the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, with new features including faster Safari® mobile browsing performance; iTunes® Home Sharing; enhancements to AirPlay®;** the choice to use the iPad side switch to either lock the screen rotation or mute audio; and Personal Hotspot to share an iPhone 4 cellular data connection over Wi-Fi.*** Additional iPad 2 features include a built-in gyro for advanced gaming; HSUPA support for enhanced 3G upload speeds on iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G on AT&T, and HDMI Video Mirroring that lets users mirror their iPad screen on an HDTV using an optional adaptor.

tomatically wakes iPad 2 when it’s opened and puts it to sleep when it’s closed, and has a soft microfiber lining to help keep the screen clean. The Smart Cover also folds into a stand for typing or viewing videos and is available in vibrant polyurethane for $39 or rich leather for $69 in a range of colors, including a (PRODUCT) RED one which helps support the Global Fund to fight HIV/ AIDS in Africa. Apple also introduced two new apps: iMovie® and GarageBand® for iPad, both available on the App Store for just $4.99 each. With iMovie, iPad 2 users can shoot and edit videos right on their iPad and post their movies to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and their MobileMe gallery; watch them on their iPod®, iPhone or iPad; as well as view them on their HDTV using AirPlay and Apple TV®. GarageBand turns your iPad into a collection of touch instruments and 8-track recording studio, allowing you to perform with onscreen keyboards, guitars, drums and basses using multi-touch gestures–even if you don’t play a musical instrument. iPad 2 runs almost all of the over 350,000 apps available on the App Store and there are more than 65,000 native iPad apps available from an incredible range of apps in 20 categories, including games, business, news, sports, health, reference and travel. The iTunes Store gives iPad users access to the world’s most popular online music, TV and movie store with a catalog of over 14 million songs, over 50,000 TV episodes and over 10,000 films including over 3,500 in stunning high definition video. The iBooks® app for iPad includes Apple’s iBookstore, the best way to browse, buy and read books on a mobile device.

The innovative new iPad 2 Smart Cover provides protection for the iPad screen while maintaining its thin and lightweight profile. Designed with a unique self-aligning magnetic hinge that makes it easy to attach and remove, the new iPad 2 Smart Cover au-

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XOOM Redefining the Tablet Experience

Motorola XOOM is redefining what a tablet experience can be as the world’s first device to run Android 3.0 Honeycomb, Google’s powerful operating system designed specifically for tablets and featuring the latest Google Mobile Innovations. Motorola XOOM also comes with support for Adobe® Flash® Player, allowing you to browse the web with full access to Flash sites, videos and games. Enjoy all of this on the Motorola XOOM’s 10.1” HD widescreen display, enabling HD video content that’s richer and clearer than ever before.

Beyond the Next Generation Motorola XOOM is uniquely equipped to support an always evolving tablet experience. Offering 3G wireless access that can be upgraded to super-fast 4G LTE, and powered by a dual core processor with each core running at 1 GHz, delivering up to two GHz of processing power, Motorola XOOM delivers performance that’s twice as fast at web browsing as the leading competitor on the market today. Thin, light and powerful, it’s easy to hold, easy on the eyes and goes anywhere you do with the connectivity and performance to support the latest features, software and functions as soon as they’re released. Surf. Watch. Play. Connect. Motorola XOOM is the first tablet to feature the latest Google Mobile innovations, including Google Maps 5.0 with 3D interaction, access to over 3 million Google eBooks and Google Talk with video and voice chat. And as a gamer, you can experience Motorola XOOM’s rich graphics at lightning-fast speeds with games that leverage the built-in gyroscope and accelerometer. Work with Ease Motorola XOOM lets you stay connected to work from anywhere through the country’s largest 3G network from Verizon Wireless. You can check personal or Exchange corporate email, view calendars and even send meeting notices. Not to mention that information is brought straight to your home screen with live, scrollable widgets. Open documents, spreadsheets and presentations, edit them on a virtual QWERTY or the Motorola Bluetooth® Wireless keyboard, and send them back lightning fast. Power Accessories beyond the Charger Motorola XOOM has a wide range of accessories to expand its power and capabilities. The “smart docks” are no longer just a place to charge your device; they make Motorola XOOM a portable play and work station that fits your lifestyle. The Standard Dock can be used for watching video content or listening to music through external speakers as the device charges. The Speaker HD Dock allows you to send HD content directly to your TV or blast your tunes without attaching external speakers. Create and Share Motorola XOOM is ready to document your adventures. It includes a rear-facing 5 megapixel camera with flash that captures video in 720p HD. View and edit your photos and video immediately, then display them on the 10.1” HD screen or on any HDTV with HDMI connectivity. Post your creations straight to YouTube, Picasa, and Facebook® or engage with friends and family through Motorola XOOM’s front-facing 2 megapixel camera designed for video calling. •••

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The world’s thinnest smartphone will let you experience more with less The Samsung GALAXY S II uses Android™ 2.3 Gingerbread, the latest version of the world’s fastest-growing mobile operating system. The next generation smartphone includes access to Samsung’s four new content and entertainment hubs, seamlessly integrated to provide instant access to music, games, e-reading and social networking services. Samsung has introduced a new range of enterprise mobility solutions, expanding the business capabilities of the Samsung GALAXY S II and helping enterprise customers empower a flexible and connected mobile workforce. Samsung has partnered with IT industry leaders to offer the most relevant enterprise solutions to the Samsung GALAXY S II, working seamlessly on the Android Gingerbread platform and paying special attention to securing data and network. These solutions include enhanced conferencing and connectivity services from Cisco, the most comprehensive mobile implementation of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and secure remote device management from Sybase. Samsung has selected the Samsung GALAXY S II as its premium mobile product with which to launch Samsung Hubs – integrated mobile applications designed to fit every element of your life. With Samsung Hubs, the Samsung GALAXY S II delivers rich catalogues of books and magazines, music, advanced mobile games and control of your online social life, all from a single device. The Samsung GALAXY S II gives customers more choice in personalizing their smartphone experience. New for the Samsung GALAXY S II, Samsung has introduced Live Panel,a service that aggregates live web and application contents to a single customizable homescreen. Customers can design the lay-out of their own Live Panel, online services and mobile apps to appear on-screen. SNS feeds, information and many more applications can all be embedded and accessed instantly through the magazine-like layout. With the enhanced voice technology on the Samsung GALAXY S II, customers will be able to do more with less. From opening the app to controlling the messaging, social media, email and calling, Samsung Voice Solution will recognizes voice and convert it to text and vice versa. Customized Voice Translation application makes the Samsung GALAXY S II the perfect travel companion, translating voice or text into - and from - a range of languages: simply speak a word or phrase into the handset and it will instantly translate it, with audio and text output. For swift and simple device management, Samsung has introduced Kies Air. With Kies air, consumers can manage their smartphone contents from their PC, via local WiFi connections. download photos taken on the built-in camera, listen to music, check missed calls and send messages in the web browser on their PC. For added connectivity, WiFi Direct allows consumers to connect to wirelessenabled PCs and printers without the need for wireless access points. According to market requirement, the GALAXY S II is able to incorporate Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to support emerging mobile payment service and other services with mobile operators. •••

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â– mixology


The legendary Ron Jeremy brings us a rum with long smooth taste.

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Ron de Jeremy Rum is an exceptionally well-balanced 7-year old rum from Panama. It has an inviting light amber color with very attractive copper hues. The aroma is that of carefully aged rum, with a harmoniously balanced orchestra of oak, fruit and spices. In the palate it opens up smoothly, showcasing a high level of craftsmanship. The oak comes through robustly and satisfyingly, yet gently enough to allow hints of vanilla and raw sugarcane to reveal them selves. The finish is elegant and long, true to the aromas and flavors previously experienced. Ron de Jeremy sips perfectly, naked or savored over the rocks, and mixes beautifully to make Ron’s many signature drinkxxx. It is the adult rum. Ron de Jeremy Rum is hand crafted by another legend, 72-year old Cuban Master Distiller Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez. Don Pancho is one of the most experienced and renowned Master Distillers in the rum industry today. His skills have been directly responsible for the success of countless rum brands. Don Pancho inspected his best barrels to hand pick the ones worthy of becoming Ron de Jeremy. It is this attention to detail that will reward the senses of those fortunate enough to try this perfectly distilled and aged rum. Ron Jeremy loves his rum; “I love Ron de Jeremy - the taste is long and full, and the finish is smooth, which suits me perfectly! And I love the idea. Ron means Rum! I am very proud of my Ron and I hope my many friends all over the world will have a chance to try it. Cheers!”

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The one and only Ron Jeremy He was born Ronald Jeremy Hyatt on March 12, 1953, in New York City and graduated from Cardozo High School (Queens, NY) in 1971, attained a masters degree from Queens College and then commenced special educational teaching in the New York City area. In 1978, a girlfriend sent his photo off to “Playgirl” magazine for appearance in its “Boy Next Door” pages. Ron was deluged with female fan mail, and letters of interest from adult filmmakers! He first appeared on screen in a hardcore production in Coed Teasers (1983). Now Ron “the Hedgehog” Jeremy is the most famous male adult entertainment star in the world ever. He is a worldwide legend, ranked by AVN as number one in “The 50 Top Porn Stars of All Time” list. He is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for “Most Appearances in Adult Films” with more than 2,000 films in which he

has performed, and an additional 281 films, which he directed. Ron has been inducted into both the AVN and XRCO Hall of Fame and earned a spot on the Adult Star Path of Fame. Ron is also a cross over star. Outside the adult film industry, he worked as a “special consultant” for 9½ Weeks and Boogie Nights and the movie The Chase, in which he has a small cameo as a news cameraman. He played the monster “Blisterface” in ABC’s children’s show Bone Chillers. He also appeared in the 1999 film The Boondock Saints, played a bartender in 2002’s Spun, and also acted in 2003’s cult film Zombiegeddon. He was an extra in Ghostbusters, played a male strip-club announcer in Detroit Rock City, and had a cameo in the film Killing Zoe and in the porn spoof Orgazmo. In addition, he appeared in several productions released by Troma Entertainment, such as Terror Firmer, The Toxic Avenger IV: Citizen Toxie, and Poultrygeist. In 2003, Jeremy appeared as himself in, and lent his name to, the comedy film Being Ron Jeremy, a parody of Being John Malkovich.

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He once again appears as himself in the 2009 release One-Eyed Monster, a horror film parody predicated on the premise that an alien force takes over Jeremy’s penis and begins killing people in the woods. Ron has appeared in numerous music videos, video games, stand up shows, talk shows and reality shows. His memoir, titled Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz was NY Times bestseller. Documentary of his life Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy has been shown worldwide. Portly Ron is not blessed with film star looks and a chiseled six-pack, his appeal and talents lie in other body parts and his regular guy appearance, comedic talent and amazing endurance in front of the camera. For a Living Legend Ron is a really nice guy. Let’s drink to that! Ron de Jeremy sips perfectly, neat or savored over the rocks, and mixes beautifully to make superb drinks. •••

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NO BULL Bulldog Gin. Defiantly Delicious.

A relative newcomer to the premium gin scene and housed in a smoked-grey tinted bottle with broad shoulders and an iconic spiked collar, BULLDOG is an ultra-premium gin handcrafted in London. It is quadruple distilled, triple filtered and infused with the taste and aromas of its twelve selected botanicals. Made from traditional copper pot stills and a painstaking distillation process, it exudes a smooth and harmonious texture with distinctive flavor, while seductive notes of fruit and citrus lend a refreshingly crisp character and balanced finish, rendering it the most mixable gin. •••

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Super-Premium Cucumber Vodka

The name EFFEN means “smooth, even and balanced” in Dutch. Based on a century-old Dutch recipe, EFFEN Vodka is made from premium wheat and also uses a continuous distillation process that creates a smooth taste on the palette. As the only vodka created by the industry, for the industry, EFFEN Vodka not only offers a world-class liquid but a sleek, form-meets-function design with a rubber sleeve that acts as a grip and an insulator to keep the vodka consistently cold. The delicious EFFEN product line includes the following flavors: EFFEN® Vodka, EFFEN® Black Cherry Vodka, EFFEN® Dutch Raspberry Vodka and now EFFEN® Cucumber Vodka. EFFEN is proud to be the first super-premium vodka company in the world, to add the cool and refreshing flavor of cucumber to their impressive vodka lineup. EFFEN Cucumber creates a refreshing take on classic cocktails such as the Bloody Mary, with the essence of freshly harvested vine-ripe cucumbers. This cucumber flavored vodka is made using the purist water along with all natural ingredients. ••• EFFEN Cucumber Vodka is 75 Proof and can be found at your favorite retail liquor store with a suggested retail price of only $29.99 per 750ml bottle. To learn more about the new EFFEN Cucumber Vodka, please visit:

EFFEN® Cucumber Coconut Palm (Created by David Nepove, National President of the U.S. Bartender’s Guild)

• 1 ½ parts EFFEN® Cucumber Vodka • 1 ½ parts Coconut Water • 1 Small Kiwi or Half of a Large Kiwi, peeled • ¾ parts Lemon Juice • ¾ parts Simple Syrup

EFFEN® Cucumber Basil Temptress (Created by David Nepove, National President of the U.S. Bartender’s Guild)

• 1 ½ parts EFFEN® Cucumber Vodka • 1 part Lime Juice • ¾ parts Simple Syrup • 3 Leaves of Basil • 1 ½ parts Club Soda Method: Add all ingredients, except club soda, to a cocktail shaker over ice and shake. Strain and pour into a tall glass with ice. Top with a cucumber wheel and basil leaf.

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Kevin Kelii Photography

There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs. As a fashion photographer my clients come to me for all their needs. Whether my clients need everything taken care of from planning the shoot, retouching, design of the look book or catalog and even a website, I handle all of this for you so you do not have to make a dozen calls to every company of service you need. Beauty photography requires a sensibility that few photographers take the time to cultivate. Unlike portraits, beauty for cosmetics, skin care or jewelry must be lit and directed uniquely each time and can never be formulaic. We specialize in

beauty photos that fully demonstrate the quality of your product. Also, the makeup and hair teams with whom we collaborate bring innovation and technical artistry to every project. Our results are always tasteful; the images are neither dull nor cloying. Any size fashion project you need photographed starts with: • Planning your shoot and how you would like each shot lit and set up. • Casting fashion models for your shoot. • Scouting locations. • Securing the location, for example if

you want to shoot on the beach, in the desert or any place your imagination can take you. • On the day of the shoot my team of makeup artists, hair artists, wardrobe stylist, assistants and of course me, work together to provide you with a successful look book, ad campaign, catalog or editorial. Whether large or small scale, big budget or medium size budget, please do not hesitate to call or email me.

Please visit his services page for details, and his galleries link, to enjoy the slideshows Kevin Kelii has to offer. Email: 30 | pulse

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Travel Trends for


As an entrepreneur myself, I know exactly what I’m looking for when I need to recharge. I need to be taken care of, I need a chic, sexy resort that makes me feel like I don’t have to worry about anything but pleasure. And I need that rest and recuperation to be within a 4 hour flight of Tampa, with WiFi. Don’t we all?

FUN TIME Entrepreneurs can’t leave for weeks at a time; four to five nights is the most we can be away from our businesses, and most of us opt for more long weekends than week-long getaways. With that in mind, here are my favorites for when I need to fit in some fun.

Tammy Levent CEO Elite Travel

Nikki Beach, Miami When I think of chic and sexy, I think Nikki Beach. It’s an unparalleled party scene in South Beach that combines luxury, cocktails, pounding dance music, and a star-studded clientele. South Beach is the ultimate getaway for nightlife lovers. There are more than 150 bars and night clubs in the area, not counting the exclusive private yacht parties or beachside resorts. It’s where jetsetters come to let their hair down – at least in the United States. If you can’t make it to San Tropez, come to South Beach and you won’t be disappointed. The party starts during the day at Nikki Beach with music, champagne, dancing, and lounging on daybeds by the water, and they host a spectacular Sunday brunch. At night, the scene moves upstairs to the newly revamped club 0-1. Reserve a VIP table to get the best view of what some describe as 1930’s cabaret meets Gilded Age bordello. You’ll also get a good view of the international hotties heating up the dance floor. Nikki Beach in South Beach is not a resort,

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so book a room at the equally chic Hotel Victor a mile down the road, which hosts its own VIP pool parties. Rates start at $260 per night including the resort fee. Esperanza resort, Los Cabos Mexico Esperanza resort is the place to go if you fantasize about reclining in a hammock with a cold cocktail while warm ocean breezes gently rock you into deep relaxation. The resort was called one of the

“World’s Best” by Travel & Leisure and ranked the #1 Spa in Mexico, but none of its many accolades prepare you for its striking beauty. This is Mexico at its best. Giant blue agave plants contrast against the warm stucco walls of 57 spacious casitas and suites, each with infinity edge hot tubs that end in breathtaking ocean views, and the resort’s full-service spa seems to spring from the earth to form steam caves, waterfalls and pools. Rates are subject to change, but are around $700 per person, per night, which includes daily breakfast, taxes and fees. FAMILY TIME As entrepreneurs, we are constantly inundated with the demands of our businesses, making it all the more important for the time we spend with our families to be high quality. Family vacations can be tricky. You definitely want to limit travel

time to avoid suffering from “are we there yet?” and it’s wise to try and agree on a few activities beforehand. Sure, you could all go to Disney World again, but Florida has many other options that don’t involve mouse ears. Amelia Island, Florida While Amelia Island is dotted with elegant little Bed & Breakfasts, for families the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort is a better option for keeping everybody happy. The resort offers family-friendly activities like youth programs, Segway tours, tennis and swim lessons for all ages, rental fishing rods, boogie boards and bicycles. With space to roam and plenty of things for kids to do, parents might be tempted to sneak away to the spa or one of three Audobon International certified sanctuary golf courses on the 1350 acre property. One of the most important features of this resort is not the most obvious: high-speed Internet access in every room, a vital resource for entrepreneurs on break. Rates range between $199 to $479, but you can make your stay allinclusive starting at $577 per night. The Breakers, Palm Beach The Breakers resort is part of Florida’s history and visiting the century-old property will make families feel connected to that elegant past. Kids and their parents can take the opportunity to learn about the resort’s former

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guests: the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, Astors, Andrew Carnegie and J.P. Morgan. After all, they were the entrepreneurs of their day, and they chose The Breakers when they needed to unwind too. Parents can enjoy two championship golf courses, the 20,000 square foot spa, and the stunning Italian Renaissance architecture at The Breakers. Kids have their own camp, family beach bonfires, the Family Entertainment Center complete with small movie theater, and the summer Golf and Tennis academies. Top that off with nine on-site restaurants, one of which serves brick-oven pizza, and your kids won’t be able to find a reason to squabble. Quality family time is guaranteed, and when the kids drop off to sleep, parents can schedule an oceanfront moonlit massage at the spa. The average nightly rate is $600. ME TIME As business owners, something or someone is always clamoring for our attention. Sometimes, however, it’s our own bodies and minds that need our attention the most. These sanity-saving escapes will help you focus on yourself for a change. The Body Holiday at LeSport, St. Lucia My favorite spot for really getting away from everything and everyone is The Body Holiday at LeSport in St. Lucia. The island of St. Lucia is one of my favorites – unspoiled, not touristy, and extraordinarily beautiful. It’s the perfect place for remembering how to breath and enjoy the moment. The Body Holiday at LeSport specializes in helping people do just that. It’s one of those exceptional resorts that sends you back looking and feeling better than when you came, and not just because of your beach tan. The Body Holiday takes an unusual ap-

es, live DJs, pool-side beds, and a sexy international beach party vibe going day and night. The last time I was there, I bumped into Pink. Enough said. The other option for nightlife is the Passion Club, which also features live music in addition to premium tequilas and Mexican fusion dinners. Even energetic types might want to speed their recovery after a long night with an appointment at the YHI Spa for treatments derived from Mayan and Aztec rituals. Arrive an hour early to experience the “Water Rituals” hydrotherapy circuit through heated and scented massage showers, heated stones, and an underwater massage chair overlooking the ocean. Rates are from $210 per night.

proach to fitness vacations. If there is something you’ve always wanted to learn to do, this is the place to learn it. Walk a tight rope, fly on a trapeze, learn fencing, archery, meditation, wind-surfing or tai-chi, or improve your golf and tennis swings; you’ll be having so much fun you won’t notice the new tone to your muscles and the fresh bounce in your step. The all-inclusive stay also includes daily fifty-minute body treatments at the Oasis Spa. You can do as much or as little as you like, so if you want to take an afternoon or two of lying on the beach, go ahead. Just raise the little blue flag next to you and a server will come to take your drink order. Both couples and single travelers are welcome at this adults-only resort; rates begin at $329 per night.

and high-speed internet access that is just right for the “work hard, play harder” entrepreneur who needs to mix business with pleasure. While you can choose to lounge in the sun, this resort is probably best for high energy vacationers. During the day, sip champagne on ocean-side day beds, or head over to Nikki Beach – it’s also part of the ME complex and guests are offered preferred access. Nikki Beach has live music performanc-

ME, Cabo San Lucas As the name says, the ME resort in Cabo San Lucas is all about you. This resort has a mix of pampering, partying

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Entrepreneurs are a special kind of traveler. We have money to spend but can’t be away for long; we must be available to our businesses no matter where we are; and since few things go as planned in business, we need to know that our vacations, at least, will be smooth and enjoyable experiences. We work nonstop taking care of every detail and every problem; on vacation, it’s our turn to be cared for. ••• For more information, visit or call an Elite Travel agent, 1-866-726-9090

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â– moto

The all new


This. Is. Chrysler!


elivering the stylistic distinction, technological innovation, premium E-segment sedan features and quality at a legendary value, the all-new 2011 Chrysler 300 sedan writes a new chapter in the brand’s legendary history, while setting a new course for the American brand.

The all-new 2011 Chrysler 300 sedan embodies the essence of the new Chrysler brand: delivering passion for design, people and the environment through expressive design, state-of-the-art connectivity and world-class levels of quality and efficiency.

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With more than 55 years of elegant proportions and head-turning style, the all-new 2011 Chrysler 300 delivers contemporary styling with design details unexpected in the segment. At the front, an all-new grille features seven deeply sculpted horizontal blades that express precision. The liquid-chrome finish of the blades and the new Chrysler wing badge provide a unique contrast against the beautifully drawn bright-chromed grille surround. Illuminating the road ahead are signature “key slot” headlamps with a scalloped lower edge. Inside, bi-functional projector headlamps are nestled next to LED-illuminated daytime running lamps, which together form a “C” shape for unmistakable on-road presence. The profile of the all-new Chrysler 300 features the distinctive proportions of its predecessor with added design refinement for a more tailored appearance. Dramatic front-fender forms rise above the sculpted hood and are echoed by rear-quarter forms, which rise above the deck lid and travel down the vertical taillamps for an unmistakably bold signature silhouette. For improved aerodynamics and visibility, the all-new Chrysler luxury flagship’s windshield has been raked back 3 inches, while rolled-framed doors with thinner pillars improve outward visibility by 15 percent. Elevating the all-new Chrysler 300 sedan’s rear-view presence is an integrated deck-lid lip spoiler with the new Chrysler wing badge proudly centered below. Jewel-like rear taillamps feature harmonious LED illumination, while signature “light pipes” illuminate for an alluring nighttime appearance. Strad-

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Delivering 292 horsepower (up 63 percent) and 260 lb.-ft. of torque (up 36 percent) compared with the previous 2.7-liter entry-level engine, the new Pentastar V-6 engine also produces 42 more horsepower (up 16 percent), and 10 lb.-ft. more torque compared to the 3.6-liter V-6.

dling the vertical lamps, Chrysler 300 sedan’s rear fascia integrates a chrome appliqué that seamlessly connects the taillamp elements while emphasizing the road-holding stature of the flagship sedan. Hinting at the flagship sedan’s performance are two fascia-mounted oval dual exhaust tips. Designed to exude a luxurious environment, the 2011 Chrysler 300 sedan features cast-skin instrument and door panels with three-dimensional dual gloss graining for a premium appearance and suppleness. Bright chrome contrasted with satin chrome accents give the Chrysler flagship sedan the appearance of milled aluminum. For added detail,

a new instrument cluster features two large gauge faces with Sapphire Blue illumination and chrome ring accents. Providing a premium and contemporary environment is an all-new Sapphire Blue LED-illuminated ambient interior lighting. Engineered to provide exceptional intown and highway efficiency and performance, the all-new 2011 Chrysler 300 and 300 Limited models feature the newest powertrain from the automaker – the 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine. When compared to the previous V-6 engines, fuel economy is improved by up to 8 percent with EPA-ratings of 18 city /27 highway.

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Performance has been a hallmark of the “letter series” Chrysler 300 models since 1955, and the all-new 2011 Chrysler 300C builds upon that legacy with the legendary 5.7-liter HEMI® V-8 engine delivering 363 horsepower, 0-60 mph performance in less than 6 seconds and up to 25 highway mpg. In addition, the engine’s innovative Fuel Saver Technology allows for seamless transition between smooth, high-fuel-economy four-cylinder mode when less power is needed and V-8 mode when more power is in demand. When running in four-cylinder fuel saver mode, the engine delivers up to 20 percent improved fuel efficiency. All-new 2011 Chrysler 300 series sedans are available in the United States in four highly equipped models: Chrysler 300, 300 Limited, 300C and 300C AWD. In addition, the Luxury and SafetyTec Groups provide customers with high-value content and innovative technology directly targeted for their specific needs. •••

Sister Act Introducing Official Hot Mess...officially.


spiring to nothing more than a good, old-fashioned rock & roll party, Official Hot Mess won considerable media attention and a cult following after scoring their first record deal before even graduating high school. O.H.M seems unstoppable as they keep evoking people’s amazement since the fantastic outcome of their debut album, which went to the top of the charts throughout Asia and Australia. “With their four-piece male band in tow, this dynamic duo is circum-navigating the music world with a young and sassy vibe, and some very catchy songs.”

The pop/rock band delivers captivating melodies, enchanting harmonies, and controversial lyrics… “Think The Bangles or Blondie with a little dose of Sarah Silverman-style sarcasm and you’ve got Official Hot Mess”… which lead to their current, original music being featured on MTV’s “The Hills”, “The City”, “My Super Sweet 16”,“The Jersey Shore”, “The Real World”, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and multiple Nickelodeon shows, to name a few. “Their clever lyrical twists and dance-fused melodies have given them a well-deserved edge over many of their pop/rock contemporaries” Kristy and Lindsey, the front women of O.H.M, are two fun loving sisters aspiring to make the music they love, and enjoy the crazy ride together; yet they also strive to create their own musical identity for other

artists in years to come to follow. This goal might seem lofty, but consider the artist: the girls, who at age 4, learned piano by ear, and performed the first song they ever wrote on PBS. By age 13, they had written their first original pop/rock song. At 14, they formed their first band and played venues across Florida. They managed to overcome the taunts and jeers of their classmates (at their public high school for the academically gifted), who couldn’t see past SAT Scores and Ivy League entrance exams. Hence, their bratty high school delinquent image-which is clearly indebted as their songs concern themselves with mostly boys, parties, their perception of the superficial LA lifestyle, and the over dramatic antics of the “popular girls”. MTV and MTVU premiered Official Hot Mess’ music video for their song, “Welcome 2 LA” -- “Official Hot Mess infuses a wily wit into pop rock anthems like their latest single, “Welcome 2 LA. The track snaps from a sunny melody into a sharply smart refrain that’s as catchy as it as calculated. A sly double entendre can sneak into a danceable groove, and that makes Official Hot Mess officially deeper than most of their peers

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in the pop landscape” . The highly acclaimed video reached the No. 2 spot on MTVU, and featured cameo appearances by Flavor Flav and America’s Top Model winner Adrianne Curry. It is currently airing on Fuse and will be featured on E! News. The music video has been featured in Youtube’s “Rising Videos”. They have performed on Fox News, CNN’s “The Morning Show”, “Good Day Atlanta”, and the nationally syndicated CW television show, “The Daily Buzz”. Official Hot Mess has shared the stage with The Bangles, Disney Channel’s Mitchell Musso, We The Kings, Plies, Kevin Rudolf, Bubba Sparxxx and Ja Rule to name a few. They played the Halloween Extravaganza at the Playboy Mansion and Superbowl Sunday at the Playboy mansion. O.H.M co-headlined with Lil’

Kim at Stars and Stripes 2010 (a charity event benefiting The Wounded Warrior Project) and are performing at the Annual Wicked Night Event alongside Kevin Rudolf and Ice Cube (an event to benefit the Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation) The multi-talented singersongwriters have a flair for theatrics with a budding career in film and television as well. With roles in upcoming feature films costarring with Andy Dick and Amy Smart “And with a new Vh1 reality show on the horizon, they’ll be household names before the year’s done”.

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Official Hot Mess has been selected as Clear Channel Radio and I Heart Radio’s (incl. stations such as Z100, KISS FM, and Y100) “NEW! Artist to Watch” and “NEW! Recommended Artist” of the month. Their new single, “Money Makes the Girl$ Go Round” just premiered on AOL Music and AOL Radio, and has been added to the rotation of “New Pop First”. O.H.M is sure to prove their calling card to Hollywood and turn more than a few heads. ••• Read exclusive interview and see more photos online at KRISTY ■ Been a vegetarian since birth ■ I’m a daredevil and have been flying trapeze since I was 12 ■ I love people who can find a connection with my music ■ I’m probably one of the only girls in the world who doesn’t like to shop (unless its online or at the grocery store lol)

■ I only have one human sibling (my sister, Lindsey, plus 3 canine brothers, Champ, Teddy and Leonardo) ■ I’m an animal activist and a member of Peta ■ I love rainstorms and the beach... especially at the same time ■ I believe laughter is God’s hand on the shoulder of a troubled world :) ■ I’m disgustingly double jointed and can bend in ways that most humans shouldn’t! ■ I will beat you at poker...any time, any place ■ I often giggle in my sleep, lol ■ I love performing (whether it be singing, playing bass, flying the trapeze (etc. lol) ■ I say “lol” wayy too ■ My music is what my feelings sound like LINDSEY ■ I’ve been a vegetarian forever and cook some darn awesome tofu dishes ■ I travel a ton for my career and I am starting to consider airports my second home, lol ■ In my spare time, I like to volunteer at the Humane Society and the Cat Depot and spend time with my own animals. ■ I am a shopping addict and often times shop for my sister (so she doesn’t have to go, lol) ■ Kristy and I once went statue shopping with Michael Jackson (I’ve always loved him, so ask me about it and I’ll talk for an hour, lol) ■ I’m a great cook, and baking is my favorite! ■ I love people who are nice to me and if I like you, I’ll probably bake cookies for you ■ I brake for frogs and rescue turtles from oncoming traffic ■ I believe in organized chaos ■ I’m really tall...and no...I don’t play basketball...I play volleyball :) ■ I love trash TV ■ I’m very sarcastic :p ■ I’m extremely ambitious, motivated and a major multitasker ■ Music is the universal language of mankind

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■ fitness


BeertoBelly Beach Body by Ben Wilkison

Like most of us, you set off on the quest of losing a few pounds this year and reshaping your body. This is no small task. Here are a few simple ways to keep your New Year’s resolution and actually reach your goal of having that “beach body” most of us desire. 〉

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Plan it out During your initial assessment you should look at the time you have available to accomplish this mission. There are many factors to be considered when designing your plan. Factors such as work schedule, gym access, prior commitments and diet are all important when you are putting together an effective workout and diet strategy. Take advantage of free websites that can help to assist in your planning. Hiring a Professional Certified Physical Trainer (CPT) is always the best way to go, but if you are unable to afford that luxury, sites like and can provide sound advice for proper dieting and resistance training. Once you have gathered all of the necessary information and have conducted a sound risk assessment it is time to move forward. Be Realistic I’m sure you have all seen ads in magazines and online articles where the before picture and after pictures are amazing and it only took the individual a few weeks to accomplish the visible changes. That is the point of advertisement. What the ads fail to mention is how much “work” the individuals put into their metamorphosis. Some of these ads use people that are actually bodybuilders or fitness experts and their full time job is to train. Since a high percentage of the readers are not sponsored fitness professionals, you have to be realistic when you consider your expectations in the amount of time you have allotted to accomplish your “beach body”. The average fitness expert or bodybuilder uses a 12-20 week program to trim their bodies down to the desired “lean” appearance that we see in most magazines. Since we are not trying to get you prepared to be on a competition stage but just a stroll down the beach with full

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confidence in your new body, we’ll stick with 12-14 weeks of dieting and training. Stay Motivated If it takes placing a picture in your bedroom mirror of the body you want, or constantly reminding yourself that you only have a few more weeks left, it is imperative that you stay motivated throughout the process. Your motivation level will fluctuate but as long as you have some type of motivation to attain your ideal body you will not give up on your program. Some people use major events to keep them motivated like weddings, vacations, or even birthdays. Whatever you chose just make sure it is something that will keep your head in the game. Using these 3 simple rules you will be well on your way to transforming that beer belly to a beach body. Now that we have discussed the rules of the game, let’s play! If you are like me my weekends are sacred. I’m almost certain you are reading this article waiting for this insane program and this totally boring diet. If you are waiting for that hammer to drop then you may disappointed. Your 14 week program will consist of minor diet changes, low impact cardio, and no weekend training…that’s right WEEKENDS OFF!! Let’s start with three days of your typical work week. For this article I’ll use the easy three: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I selected those days since no one wants to workout in crowded gyms on Mondays and no one wants to be in the gym on a Friday evening after work. Now that we have our days selected let’s select our training program. The three basic pillars to building a great beach body are diet, cardio, and resistance training. Some of us have the luxury of splitting our workouts where we can do our cardio in the morning and do our resistance training in the evenings. This split is by far the most effective. It allows you to do your cardio first thing in the morning after waking up. Doing cardio at this time provides the advantage of burning more fat calories versus performing cardio in the evenings. When cardio is performed first thing is the mornings, the body is already in a fasted state. I would suggest at least one scoop of whey protein

Beach Body Workout Tuesday AM: 1 Hour cardio (Treadmill uphill) PM: Lower body resistance training Leg extensions­—4 sets 12-20 reps Leg curls—4 sets 12 reps Leg presses—5 sets 10 reps Seated calf raises—3 sets 20 reps Standing calf raises—3 sets 20 reps

prior to beginning your cardio so that you can save your hard earned muscle. I use the treadmill’s hill program and walk for 45 minutes to an hour. If you prefer other pieces of cardio equipment that is perfectly fine. The main goal in the mornings is to get that heart rate up and keep it there. Dieting is made easier by proper planning so have your Ziploc bags ready. Know your numbers for your macronutrients: (protein, carbohydrates, and fats). By knowing your numbers you can calculate the amount of food and portion sizes you will need to take with you to work. This technique will keep you on track. There’s nothing worse than ruining all of those early morning cardio session with a lunch out with the co-workers at the local burger joint. Keep some whey protein in your office so that you can always shake up a meal when those moments occur. The old adage, “You are what you eat”, holds true in this case. You can calculate your macronutrients using a number of internet sites or you can just get a consultation from certified nutritionists. Resistance training is the final pillar to achieving that beach body. For some reason everyone thinks you have to hit the gym like it owes you something but that is far from the truth. Actually when you “over train” or stay in the gym for extended periods outside of your peak training window your body begins to produce a hormone called cortisol. Higher and more prolonged levels of cortisol in

the bloodstream (like those associated with chronic stress) have been shown to have negative effects, such as: • Impaired cognitive performance • Suppressed thyroid function • Blood sugar imbalances such as hyperglycemia • Decreased bone density • Decrease in muscle tissue • Higher blood pressure • Lowered immunity and inflammatory responses in the body, slowed wound healing, and other health consequences • Increased abdominal fat, which is as sociated with a greater amount of health problems than fat deposited in other areas of the body. Some of the health problems associated with increased stomach fat are heart at tacks, strokes, and the development of metabolic syndrome, higher levels of “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and lower levels of “good” cholesterol (HDL), which can lead to other health problems! Keeping a routine, being consistent and making progress should be your only concerns. Rome was not built in a day. Like Rome, your body will begin to form and change slowly but surely. You have to stay focused and motivated. You don’t have to lift every weight in the gym you just have to have a plan and stick to it. Below are several workout splits that might work for you. Please use the exercise guide at the following link which provides videos and detailed explanations of how to properly perform the exercises. •••

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Wednesday AM: 1 Hour cardio (Treadmill uphill) PM: Upper body resistance training Pull ups—3 sets 8-10 reps Dips—4 sets 8-12 reps Hammer strength bench press— 4 sets 8-12 reps Hammer strength shoulder press— 4 sets 8-12 reps Bicep curls with dumbbells— 5 sets 8-12 reps Pushups—4 sets 15 reps Thursday AM: 30 minutes cardio of your choice/30 minutes of abdominal work It is very important to work the abs like you would work any other muscle group. Focus on form and proper breathing. I’m sure you noticed the Thursday workout is a morning workout only. This schedule allows you to have the rest of your evening free. You can always add more workouts or training days to your beach body program but starting off slow is very important. Once you have mastered the 3 days a week and you feel like you are ready for more, then, and only then, should you add another training day and more exercises. Abs can be trained as often as every 2-3 days but if your diet is not in check then you are just wasting your time. Take small steps first and plan it out, be realistic with your expectations, then stay motivated. Following these simple and easy rules of the road will lead to exciting workouts as well as that beach body we all want and deserve. For more dieting tips and training advice please visit: http://bodyspace.bodybuilding. com/bwilkison/ Enjoy your workout!

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Mark A. Stiles

All About The Numbers



ark has 7 years of experience in public accounting and 2 years in the private sector as a controller for a site development company. Mark received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Stetson University in DeLand, FL. Mark A. Stiles, CPA is a full service firm offering accounting and tax services for small businesses and individuals in Central Florida. Our services include bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, corporate, non-profit, individual, estate, and trust tax preparation. 5 Interesting Facts: -Founder and acting CEO for High Fives For Hope, Inc. a non-profit organization geared at raising funds and awareness for Colorectal, Leukemia and Testicular cancers. -Played Professional basketball in Germany. -I share my life with a beautiful woman, Linda, and our dog Evee. -My sisters, Elizabeth and Stephanie, were both representatives in the Miss Teen Florida pageants. -My brother, Kevin, just recently competed at Cooperstown All-Star Village and is a rising baseball star. What was the most influential moment that made you want to become a CPA, and start working with young Entrepreneurs? In the accounting world you can venture off into two tracts: the corporate tract or the small business tract. I’ve never been too interested in being a number (corporate tract) and from the day I decided I’d be a CPA I knew I wanted to own my own firm. I also enjoy being able to sit down with my clients and help solve their problems. Entrepreneurs are the “dreamers”, I liken the business arena to the Roman Empire and Corporate America as the Roman army. But the strength, skill and advantages the Roman army had over the Pagans would be for naught without “dreamers” who created aqueducts, roads and military technology. “Dreamers”, similar to the “dreamers” of the

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Roman Empire, are what fuels America, and to me, there’s no better field in the world to serve! A lot of young Entrepreneurs don’t understand the value of a good CPA, and not just any type of accountant, to strategically manage ones books. Can you share with us why this is important? Why do you see a doctor when you have an ailment? Why do you see a dentist when you have a toothache? Why don’t you just represent yourself when in court? The answer to these questions is simple, because their schooling and time invested in their craft has established an expansive knowledge base. A CPA is a valuable commodity because we are the experts when it comes to your accounting and taxation needs. All CPAs are required to accomplish over 150 credit hours of undergraduate and graduate schooling, are mandated to pass four national exams and complete 40+ hours of continuing education per year. It’s from this knowledge base that CPAs are able to provide accurate and applicable advice and guidelines as you traverse the business world. What is the craziest thing a client has ever wanted you to do? Many startup clients want assistance in setting up “Business Credit”. There are countless TV or radio advertisements that offer “Business Credit” to new or struggling business owners. They give you an offer that seems too good to be true; all you need is a “small down-payment”. Just as most things in life that seem too good to be true, it is.Business credit is something earned over time; it’s your company’s credit score and banks use this as a tool to determine whether they can provide you with loans, lines of credit, etc. Banks and lending organizations review your businesses for several factors A) how leveraged in debt your company is, B) if your company is producing reliable and consistent revenues and C) is your company collecting said revenues within a reasonable amount of time. If you are just starting up and need capital you will have to personally guarantee business loans or put money down up front, it’s the nature of the beast. But it’s a much better use of that “small down-payment” for a scam.

Entrepreneurs are the “dreamers”, I liken the business arena to the Roman Empire and Corporate America as the Roman army. Dreamers are what fuels America...

For those individuals looking to hire a lawyer, what are some of the top qualities they should look for? A CPA becomes a very close partner in your business’ success so it’s important that you find a CPA that you feel comfortable with. This comfort is imperative, because your CPA shouldn’t always tell you what you want to hear. It’s the CPA’s job to assess your financial health and help you make steps towards ensuring that financial health remains consistent. A good CPA won’t tell you what you want to hear, a good CPA will tell you what you need to hear. What advice do you have for a young Entrepreneur getting ready to start their first venture? It’s cheesy and cliché, but “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Successful businesses have to be cultivated and, in addition to the monetary capital you’ll need, human capital is where you’ll spend the most. Most business owners have a great idea but forget that an idea is exactly that, an idea. It doesn’t generate revenue, doesn’t pay bills, doesn’t attract clients, doesn’t hire, doesn’t fire, and it certainly doesn’t help you fit 30 hours of work into a 24 hour day. You’ll find that your pay will be lower than you’ve ever experienced (average small business owner makes approx. 40-50k a year) and, for at least your first two years, a 9-5 is unrealistic. But, that’s the American dream, working hard and “believing in you” to reap the benefits in the future. The time spent and the financial opportunity lost from not working for the man, will be all worth it when your company sells for 5-8x yearly revenues!

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If there is anything you would change about the business, what would it be and why? The tax code can be confusing, daunting and highly interpretive, simplifications could be made to assist not only CPAs who normally perform the more complex returns, but for taxpayers as well. Explaining why certain deductions and their corresponding phase-outs, Alternative Minimum Tax and/or code specific credits normally go way over client’s threshold and do more to confuse clients than help. Do you feel that the printing industry is dying or evolving? Evolving, as we enter the age of real-time reporting, through online newspapers and social media, certain aspects of the printing industry are certainly hindered. At the same time, the lack of the mobility leads to lack in interpersonal dialogue that stems from having tangible products. I don’t carry my Nook Color everywhere I go, and I don’t leave it on my coffee table. But an interesting book or magazine in my study can lead to a great conversation piece. What 3 qualities do you look for in clients? Every client is different. Each client has their own unique way of doing business, they have their own specific needs and they all have their own goals which I’m there to assist with. With that being said 3 qualities all CPAs are looking for would be the following: 1) A realization that getting things right, up-front, leads to success in the future, 2) An understanding that, as a CPA, both you (as the owner) and your company’s best interest are kept in mind and 3) A confidence and trust in your CPA. •••


Ossola MIKE


ike Ossola is a portrait, wedding, and commercial photographer based in St. Petersburg, FL. A passion for photography and the drive to succeed have fueled his growth since starting his own company in 2008. Known for his creativity and attention to detail, Mike’s images are undoubtedly one-of-a-kind; evoking emotion and curiosity. Mike jumped into the world of photography during his college career at the University of Central Florida, where he majored in Radio & Television Production. Beginning as nothing more than a creative outlet, it soon developed into something bigger and better; a sense of purpose. Mike found his passion in life. This is what he was born to do. Shortly after graduating, Mike chose to start his own company and pursue photography full-time. A streak of luck and perfect timing allowed him the incredible opportunity to begin working with two amazing photographers. For the next six months Mike worked as location lighting assistant to editorial and commercial photographer Bob Croslin. He also partnered with Thompson Studios of Tampa as a photo retoucher and second photographer. The knowledge and experience he gained was invaluable. From musicians and models to weddings and live events, it’s his creative environmental portraits that speak his name. Using his surroundings to bring a photo to life, Mike relies on his raw talent of lighting and direction to create his images. It’s this combination of Mike’s unique vision and passion for photography that sets him apart from the crowd. For more on Mike Ossola Photography, please visit

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It’s quite simple. I love photogra-

phy. It is my passion and my profession. I live to inspire others through my work. Specializing in concept portraits, I enjoy visualizing an idea and then going out and creating it. On the other hand, there’s nothing like capturing a beautiful

image that’s unplanned, unprovoked, and very much in the moment.

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End World It’s the

of the

As we know it...and we feel fine!

In the wake of oil spills, earthquakes, tsumamis and growing global unrest, could 2012 be more fact than fiction? Sean Ocean shows us a glimpse at his post-apocolyptic world. Photographed by Sean Ocean Styled by Ashley Allbee Select Designer Pieces by House of Dali Hairstyling by Sarah Mielkey MUA by Jessica Rivera

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Reliance Self The Robert Greene Interview

Three-time New York Times best-selling author Robert Greene speaks with Pulse Magazines Hugo D. Aviles, in depth, on the dark side of Self Reliance, and what it takes to be a young entrepreneur.


obert Greene is the writer of such works as, The 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction, The 33 Strategies of War, and The 50th Law, an elaboration of his ideas on power in context of the life of the rapper 50 Cent. Can you tell us a little about your personal writing style, what were some of your main influences and motivations while growing up, that made you want to write such classics as the 48 laws Of Power, 33 strategies of War, and Art of Seduction? I have wanted to be a writer since I was a little kid, I read a lot when I was a boy, and in high school, I had some teachers that encouraged me in that direction. I

liked so called, “Hard Core Philosophy.” Things with a little bit of an edge. I was drawn to writers such as, Nicha and Machiavelli. I guess I had several jobs in journalism and later on in Hollywood, but to sort of answer your question. I always liked writers who have a clear and precise and hard edge to their style.

things that I have read over the years, and it all just sort of burned out of me like a cloud, that I worked very hard in making the style something that I thought was unusual, that kind of reflected my own personal tastes and likes like Machiavelli, and Gracidon, and the Art of War, and things like that.

I really do not like people who pull a lot of attention to themselves in there writing, who it convexly becomes about their ego, who show off and use fancy words, and images. I like people who get to the point who make it clear, who kind of get you in the gut with what they’re trying to say. You can have inspiration in how you write, I try to do that as much as I can, and I often write with a little bit of anger to me, but it has to be under control and with discipline. If you play basketball and you write music, or with anything, you have to learn to keep things under control, and be effective in anything you do.

In your book titled the “50th Law”, your chapter’s headings act as commandments for today’s young Entrepreneur. In your opinion, what differentiates the “50th Law” from the “48 Laws of Power”? There related, but I kind of presented it as the ultimate law of power. In my other book, all of the three books, I have looked at some very powerful people in history. I often use the example of Napoleon Bonaparte, and with him, I tried to figure out what makes him so powerful and what makes him so different from any other general. And when I had the opportunity to write this book with the rapper 50 Cent, who wrote it with me, I wanted to do the same thing I did with him as I did with Napoleon. I wanted to figure out why he turned out the way he did when 99.9 percent of the people he grew up with ended up dead or in prison, or wherever.

People do not understand that the same rules apply to writing. It is a discipline, so I have always set the style that I wanted to create, and when I got the opportunity with the “48 Laws of Power”, about 14 years ago now. I have accumulated all these ideas, the workings in the world, seeing how the world operates and many

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I decided after spending time with him,

and thinking about it deeply, that there was a quality that he had. He can actually reduce it to this one quality, “His Fearlessness.” The more that I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that this is really sort of where everything stems from. You can read the “48 Laws of Power” and learn a lot, but if you’re fearful and you have never dealt with some of these basic anxieties, you won’t be able to apply them. So the more I thought about it, this is sort of the ultimate law of power. It’s not really specific actions that you do, which is sort of what the “48 Laws of Power” is about. It’s not about specific strategies; it’s more like your mindset, how you should think about life, and how you should think about the game of power. So in that sense, it’s kind of underneath everything in the “48 Laws of Power”, it’s sort of essential in the understanding, so you can apply the laws in life in a more effective way. Do you believe that society today has created robots, and that young Entrepreneurs need to see “Things for what they are? “ Yes, I can agree with that….but as far as robots? I will have to think about that a little bit more. I don’t like the appropriate way in some level, but the way I would signify it. By nature human beings are kind of born conformant. I think it is something engraved in us in sort of our primate heritage. Since we are very social creatures and we look at what other people are doing. If you’re not careful, your whole life becomes about always looking what other people think about you. Your standards become something that you have no control over, that is sort of external to you. So you have to be very much aware of this and completely reverse that dynamic. To be an Entrepreneur, you depend on your customers obviously as your life line, you depend on the number of people you have working for you, maybe you depend on other Entrepreneurs, ect. But the more that your inner-directed, you gain your values and your sense of self from yourself, the more powerful and the better Entrepreneur you will become. It’s weird if you look at it, but sometimes... This might be a little hard to fathom, but if you think about it in the course of the day how many times you’re basing your ideas on what other people are thinking of you. By doing A…B.. & C… How are they going to judge me? Will I be popular?

Will people like me? Will they think I am this, or that? You are doing this constantly throughout the day, and the problem with that is… and often times it leads to actions that appear to make people like you or living up to what they think. But they don’t satisfy you, and they don’t bring you power, and there not effective, and there not aligned with your goals and aspirations. Just on a daily basis you need to be aware of how much of your ideas and your realities are defined by other people’s opinions, and if you can cut yourself free from that, it is quite liberating, and it is quite powerful, and I have a chapter in the “50th Law” that can maybe help you exercise and even practice that in your daily life. Today’s Entrepreneur knows that to make it in this world, you have to be Self-Reliant. Explain what this means to you? Wow, well self reliance is a huge toot to me; I can spend about four hours talking about it. There is an essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson that I encourage everyone to read on self reliance. It will inspire you. But the idea is basically that you are born alone in this world and that you are going to die alone in this world. You have family, you have friends, they are important, but in the end there is no one that is really there that is going to 100% back you up or support you. You find out now a days that the company you work for will fire you on the spot, the state is short of shriveling away, there losing money, there not gonna be able to pay for your un-employment checks. You’re not going to be able to depend on them for anything. Your family should be there, but often times, they have their own problems and they can’t pay for everything that you want, ect. And maybe there sometimes not there for you in certain moments. So you have to learn early on in life that you are the last sort of safety net. You have to depend on your own skills, your own attitude. If you’re sitting there waiting for other people to help you, you are a loser! You are going to miss all of the opportunities that are out there. So you develop a mindset that I have to get things for myself. I have to be strong and occasionally if people are going to help me that’s great. If there is that contact out there that promised me to put me in touch with someone important and he comes through, fantastic. But I’m not going to be sitting there wait-

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ing for that to happen, and I’m not gonna be upset, depressed, or disappointed if it doesn’t happen. I am going to get things done by myself, and I’m going to learn how to do it at a very early age. I have the metaphor in the book of a guy that was on a desert island, who the story of Robison Cruso is based on. Living alone for nine months, whining to himself and feeling sorry. Then he suddenly decides that he is going to make the best of the situation. So he learns all these skills, he teaches himself how to hunt and build things. He ends up leaving the island, and after he is rescued, he looks back at how this was the greatest period of his life. Because he finally learns the skills that he needed to live, and it was a very exciting adventure. That is kind of the way you should see it for yourself. You are on an island, and you have to learn how to fish, hunt, and make your own hut. Do it for yourself, and it makes being an Entrepreneur, which can sometimes be a daunting task, be something that is actually a lot of fun. Based upon your vast knowledge of leadership, what three qualities would you say that todays entrepreneurs need to emulate, in the cut world of business today? Well, you’re kind of putting me on the spot there…I don’t know if I have enough time to think about this. Hmmm.. I guess I will just start thinking out the top of my head. Number one, you really need this in the world today; you need to be really fluid. So, it helps obviously if you’re young. The old business model, the old ways of doing things are kind of dying. We’re seeing what’s going on in the Middle East right now. A lot of turmoil a lot of change, it is sort of in the air. The old way of doing things in business and in politics, there on the way out. People that are kind of dependent, that went to business school, and depend on the process of A..B..& C, are kind of the people that do not know how to operate in a very fluid environment. So successful entrepreneurs now a day’s need to be very fluid and open. That’s definitely quality number one. Quality number actually something that is in the basis of the “50th Law” which is Fearlessness. And what I mean is, if you are going to be an Entrepreneur you’re going to fail. They have done studies about people who become successful entrepreneurs, and I mean really successful entrepreneurs. They’re the ones that have tried 5 or 6 times, and the 7th time, succeed. Or they have had a

significant amount of failure in their life. So in other words, you cannot be afraid of making mistakes. You start a business, you have an idea of something that you have always wanted to do since you were in high school, and most people wait. They wait for, and they golly gag for a check or something. No you need to go out and decide that you are going to do it, and it takes capital and some balls and a little bit of fearlessness. That if you fail, you have learned an incredible lesson about what works and what doesn’t work and what you can apply the next time. So not being afraid of failure, not being afraid of trying, not being afraid of what people think of you if you fail. Is not being afraid, makes quality number two. The third quality is persistence. All three of these are kind of related. I remember talking to 50, and I remember he would say, “I just keep going at the point when all other people are just gonna quit.” So in the book it says that he was shot nine times and he really died. He was dying in bed at home; he became a little bit depressed. He couldn’t do anything. His music career crashed, it looked like he couldn’t hustle in the street, and he was finished. Instead of giving up, he decides to martial every last bit of will power and energy and he actually decided to do what no one thought he can do, and that is to get back to music. That is the mix tape campaign that I described. Then again and again and again in his life, when things got bad, he just persisted. He kept doing it, he kept trying, he kept getting back at his feet, and not let anything bother him and get him down. Thomas Edison says, “That it’s 1% inspiration, and that its 99% perspiration.” I don’t think it’s quite like those numbers but its definitely persistence and effort that will get you through almost anything in life. So particular, now days in life, I think that those are the three qualities that you really need. In the very volatile world of business today, you need to have the vision to quickly adapt and overcome. Do you believe that this mantra is true? If so, how is momentum important? I’m not sure how to really answer that, but I have always been interested in the psychology of momentum. So for instance, it is very sinful and obvious when you watch a sport like football or basketball. In basketball you will see this all the time in the course of the game, suddenly

the team gains this incredible force of momentum and they either carried it out all the way to the end or it switches back to the other side, and I’m thinking... “Why does that happen?” It is so weird that sports run in these cycles. I think about it a lot, and obviously in sports there is a physical component, but there is a very powerful mental component that when you feel, the wind behind your back and everyone is sort of in the same page and the shots are going in. It has this sort of contagious effect, and everybody sort of gets swept up in it, and it creates this little tiny edge. Enough for you to come back from a twenty point deficit, or whatever that is. So, I always thought, why can’t you achieve this in the course of the game? ….just pretend that you have this feeling or act as if they have this feeling..and that answer is that they can’t all because this is a very tiring game, and gaining that momentum, is very hard to keep it going and it is very exhausting. Business, you know… momentum, what would that mean? It could mean several things, in the beginning when you are starting your business, half of the work that you are doing is exciting the people that are there on your side. Your investors if there are any, the six people that are working for you, and those who you really depend on in the beginning. If it looks like your idea is phizziling or you’re hitting resistance, or maybe it won’t work. The ground will sink and the people will lose faith, and that might mean that the credit line won’t open and the people will not work as hard. It is a delicate moment, and so I guess the answer to your question is that it really depends on the minds of the leaders. I have been around a lot of business leaders and even some political leaders and even some sports figures, and you have to have this kind of intense self believe that radiates out, and convinces everybody that these minor setbacks don’t matter and that it’s a long season and that were doing fine, and that I have a great plan. Your level of confidence is actually a critical component for keeping whatever momentum you have. Later on, if you are successful and you are in the public of eye. That means something else; it’s keeping that hot thing going. There is a whole other issue with that. I could address that with another answer, but speaking in a entrepreneurial sense. It’s that critical moment when you are

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keeping the baby alive, so it can turn to a grown adult and walk on its own, and it’s really up to the leader to feel that there is that momentum. To feel confident and know that you have a plan, and that will carry, and kind of create your own momentum. I think that is how I would answer that question. Do you believe that today’s young entrepreneurs have what it takes to lead from the front? Well, I don’t know…You know it depends on the individual, but leading from the front is the idea of basically.. the idea that there are two kinds of leaders, two types of generals. The person that just sits back in the tent ten miles from where the fighting is going on giving orders trying to control everything, but is sort of a little bit afraid of seeing the action. There’s him, and then you have the other kind of leader, who is out there working harder than anybody else. Who is there with the foot soldiers seeing and having direct contact with customers, with people who are working out in the street, who sort of lead by example. People see him or her working hard, being fearless, being resolute, not giving up, and that example keeps everyone else in line. It is an amazing quality for a leader to have and maybe today’s entrepreneurs are going to develop this more because by nature being an entrepreneur, you do not have that much bureaucracy that is there to protect you. If your little company or your business fails you do not have ten or twelve other people you can point your finger at and say it was really their fault, or the governments fault, or this persons fault, it’s your fault! You’re going to have to take the blame for it, so you have to learn early on if you’re an entrepreneur, to be strong and to be responsible and be accountable. So maybe today, because there are so many young people doing that and they learn through experience and the hard way. Maybe there will be more people who are leading from the front. There are a lot of people out there who refuse to take responsibility for their actions and that is the opposite of what we are talking about here, who always point fingers and whine and say, “I didn’t have this and I didn’t have that.” There are a lot of people out there who are the strong types that refuse to go down that path, and be tough minded and entrepreneurial. So hopefully I like to be a little bit hopeful like what you are saying.

ing something very basic, and in the war book I make it clear in a different way. Armies fight better when their backs are against the wall. They know if they don’t fight like hell they will all die. So this is how you have to think about yourself in life. If you don’t fight like hell, you’re in trouble. But you know, I don’t mean to be like this 24/7. No…. that would be very tiring and you need time off and you need entertainment and such. This is sort of a general philosophy that I talk about in that chapter in the 50th Law, and it’s also a beautiful philosophy that will make you appreciate life more. If you are a little bit more aware of death itself.

In your book the 50th law, what do you mean by “Confronting your Mortality?” It’s kind of a philosophical issue, and you might not think it has a lot of relevance to business or being an entrepreneur, but actually it has a lot. It’s pretty simple; it’s related to an idea in the “33 Strategies of War”, chapter four I believe, “The death grounds strategy.” The idea behind that... unfortunately life is short; I’m 50 years old now, so I’m up there. When you’re young, you don’t think that. You think you have all the time in the world. That you can waist time and things will happen and maybe in 5 or 10 years you will get your act together or whatever. You don’t realize that the days fly by and any moment your life could end. You know your mortal and your days are numbered. It’s actually, to think about it deeply, is a very good thing. It’s a warrior’s mindset; it’s the art of thinking that a bullet can hit you at any time now. What it translates to is that you have to make the most of every moment. You have to have a sense of urgency and dedication to you so that you make the most of these hours and days. So you know that you have… put it simply…if you die tomorrow will you be satisfied? Did you have the life that you wanted? Did you reach your goals? And probably not, and if you think that way then you will probably start thinking more of today. It can be very energizing to be aware of your mortality, and I think people avoid it. Then to waste a lot of time and they actually secretly get quite depressed because there not confront-

While working side by side with 50Cent, describe what it was like, and what would you say is the most important quality that makes 50Cent the Self -Made Entrepreneur that he is today? It was really a lot of fun. You know he is a big time celebrity, and living here in Los Angeles, I have met several celebrities before, but no one is like him. I’m not someone that likes famous people, I would prefer hanging around regular people. He is different so that is why I agreed to do the book; he looks you in the eye. He treats you like an individual and he listens, and he is almost like a friend. Somebody you would want to talk to if you were hanging around in a bar or something. I really appreciated that quality. We spent a lot of time together, I hung out with him. I went to his home, he bought the house that Mike Tyson used to own, and it was really a strange place. I hung out with him in New York and I went to Vegas with him to the video music awards. He is not a partying guy, he is actually a guy who likes to work out, do body building, and make business deals. He is a little bit shy, but he is powerful. So from the beginning I felt really comfortable with him, he doesn’t have a big ego, and it’s very nice to see. Like I said before, the quality that separates him is fearlessness, and it is also his confidence. There were times when I would be hanging out with him and I would be going through my own thing and I would get a little down on myself, then I would be like, “WOW, this guy had to overcome a lot worse things than I ever had to in my life. Why should I be feeling this way?” I noticed that in his office, and he has hundreds of people working for him, I noticed that he had this effect on everyone and that everybody feeds off

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of his energy. His self confidence and his calmness, and I think it comes from nearly dying I believe. You know he really was a half inch from dying and it kind of made him develop calmness, like death doesn’t matter. Like having 9 bullets in your body doesn’t matter, he developed a calmness, and it was very contagious. You know it affected me personally, and it made me think that maybe I should deal with my own fears and my own insecurities a little bit here. Those are sort of the main things that I observed. What future projects can we expect from the famous Robert Greene? Well,… I guess immediate projects, would be my next book. Which is definitely titled, “The Master Players”, basically I’m looking at…..I’ve done these four books about power and success in life, and I have noticed that all the people that I have discussed about, from Napoleon to 50 Cent to the Google guys or whatever, they all follow this kind of path, this one pattern, this sort of common denominator read through all their stories, and I’m really deeply going into that in this next book. It’s not necessarily about the political gaming ship that I have described in the other books. It’s more about the thinking process. I have this idea, that this is where we all have to work more for ourselves, in on so many levels. We have to be much more creative in the way that we think, and there is a way to do that. There is a potential in every one of us that were just not tapping into. So, I’m looking at all these types of geniuses, people very talented who think in a very creative way, and I’m going to show you through examples, how that can be a part of your life through historical examples. I have about 10 contemporary people that I have chosen to represent, what I call mastery. People that are masters in their field and skill sets, and I’m going to make this real clear. You know there is that thing called the “Secret” that a lot of people go really into. I’m calling this kind of the “Anti Secret”, in the fact that it’s something that you can really learn, and you will have tremendous power, but it’s not easy. It’s not like…ohh, I just take a pill, and I just accomplish certain things. It’s difficult, you have to be ready to do hard work, and if you take these ideas and you apply them, five or ten years down the line, you’re going to have an empire or something like it. That is sort of what the new book is about. •••

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Pursuit her

Happiness of

Theresa Depasquale, Vibe Fit Club co-owner

What motivated you to become a successful entrepreneur? I have always been a very driven person. Even at 16, when I worked my first job as a hostess, I acted like I owned the restaurant. I always knew that I wanted to run my own business; I just didn’t know what. The first day I met my business partner, Nabilah Shamseddine, we said we wanted to open a fitness and wellness club and five years later we did! I think surrounding myself with other motivated, inspiring people was truly the catalyst. Entrepreneurs need to be passionate but not emotional. How do you manage what seems like a contradiction? I am not sure if I always do! My partner and I sit back and laugh because we can sometimes let our emotions influence of our decisions. We’re working on that. Have your friends and family been supportive of your career choices, and if so how where they supportive? Yes! I have the most amazing friends and family in the world, especially my husband! He works very hard himself, but is always there to support me and my business. And I wouldn’t be able to do this if it were not for our parents helping us with my son. Did you have any role models or mentors in the earlier stages of your life, and if so, what did you learn from them? Yes, my mother. Growing up, she showed me that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. She was always breaking down barriers and became the only female in her position as Senior Director of Opera-

tions for ARG. She taught me to have a great work ethic which has helped me every step of the way. Whats your definition of hard work? Staying motivated and persevering in the face of everyday obstacles. What sort of obstacles did you face when starting out in business? Wow, let’s see…I think the biggest obstacle was not having previous experience. I think once you go through developing a start-up, you can take on anything! What is the one thing you know now, that you wished you knew when you started out? How much work is involved in a real start-up business. Nobody gives you a manual with directions, like in franchising. Would you change anything if you had to start again? NO! All of the hard work is what makes it all so fulfilling when you succeed. My partner and I put our blood, sweat and tears into creating VIBE and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Are you the type of person that reads self-help books or books relating to business? Absolutely. I like to consider myself always green and growing. Sometimes it takes reading something in a book to make a huge impact, even if it’s something you already know.

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pattern but there is definitely a few attributes that are typically present in the equation. Vision, hard work and dedication, to name a few.

Age: 27 Favorite Quote: If you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain. Quick Bio: I was born in Tampa. Yes, I am a true beach baby. I have always been a hard worker; even in high school, I held two jobs. After I graduated, I worked in new home sales for several years while attending college. I met my husband, Dr. Vincent Depasquale, got married, had a son and started my first business! Now, a year later, we have opened our second VIBE Fit Club! In addition, I am expecting my daughter on April 25th. Life is good. 5 Interesting Facts: ■ My guilty pleasure is “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” ■ My husband and I run five businesses between the two of us: Two VIBE’s, two chiropractic clinics and a World of Beer. ■ Money is NOT a motivating factor for me ■ I prefer a mixed greens salad over chocolate cake ■ I am a huge advocate of healthy eating habits for children. I actually get up early every day to cook my son’s lunch before he leaves for school.

What is the most inspiring film that you have ever watched? Pursuit of Happiness How do you achieve balance in your life? I honestly don’t. It is a juggling act when you are a working mom so I just do my best to make it all work. I am very lucky to have a great business partner who always has my back. I couldn’t do it with out her! Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Enjoying time with my family. I’m sure I will be working on another venture, as well. I tend to get bored easily. What projects are you currently working on that you’re excited about? We have something in the works but it is a bit too early to talk about it. It’s going to be huge! Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur? Hard one. I don’t think it’s necessarily a

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What sacrifices have you had to make to be a successful entrepreneur? The first year was much harder than it is now. There was one point where I think we were working 80 hours a week! We (my husband, business partner and our families) had to sacrifice a lot of personal time to get the company up and running, but it came together and we have an awesome staff to help us now. What three pieces of advice would you give college aged entrepreneurs interested in starting a new business? 1.Don’t let anyone influence your dreams. You can do anything you put your mind to. 2.If you don’t have anyone close to you who has ran a successful business, find a mentor who can give you advice along the way. 3.Lastly, when you do get started, don’t give up. It is very easy to get discouraged when things don’t go the way you planned but you have to persevere and make it through the tough times. Find solutions. •••

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Honest Truth from a Young Millionaire Andrew Thomspson, aka ANDREW FASHION

The Andrew Fashion Bio as told by Andrew Thompson: Have you ever heard of “The Secret?” It’s a movie based on one theory, one law, one rule, The Law of Attraction. Let me tell you, my entire life, well ever since I started building websites around the 6th grade, and figuring out you can make money from it in the 9th grade, I have craved and wanted to make money so badly off the internet. It was my constant thought, and at some points I was making small amounts of money from the internet while in high school. I had no negative thoughts in my head, and I know it for a fact, how badly I wanted it, and it came, when I dropped out, cause I never stopped, ever. I programmed day and night working my ass off to make money from the internet. If I wasn’t skateboarding, I was on my computer 24 fucking 7, literally. All the way from grade 6 to grade 12, I went through my VB phase, C++ phase, Hacking/cracking phase, Subseven phase, and ended up sticking with PHP/MySQL/XHTML/CSS. The fact that what I wanted and saw in my head so bad came true, making millions off the internet, now that’s not the only law of attraction moment that happened to me. The entire time I was making millions, the entire two years, I was worried, worried to lose it all, worried my site would die, worried I would get banned or cut off. Guess what, it happened, which goes to show that “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” ~ Buddha. So now you know how I did it. I had a vision and persevered. I hear two things a lot from people, I am ADHD and can’t ever concentrate (true), and that I am insanely persistent (true). If I want something, I never give up, ever! You must persevere, and I must continue to persevere, or I will never reach the top again.

From these 4 years of experiences, I have lost a lot a faith in people, in relationships, my trust has basically been shattered, and have a hard time believing anyone anymore. People will say and do anything to get where you’re at. But if you want the fame, the money, that’s one of the consequences you must deal with, just keep you’re guard up. I feel I need to keep my guard up more, but that’s the story, that’s how I did it, and how I plan to do it again. Well it’s a little different now… Your tail consists of a life filled with fantasies and adventures most young Male Entrepreneurs would dream of, from making 2.5 million by age 21, purchasing Luxury Vehicles, and touring the world with beautiful woman, you have developed a taste for success early on in your life, all while dropping out of school. What was the defining moment that made you say “Screw conformity”, and pursue your dreams of becoming a SERIOUS MONEY MAKER? It was early on in my life, about the beginning of high school. I was really stubborn; I mean I was really really stubborn. It got to the point where I was really sick of it and people even asked me, “How come you won’t finish another year?” The point was that; I didn’t want to do another year, I was sick of it. I wanted to build websites; I didn’t want to go to class. I was sick of the drive, sick of the school, sick of the homework. I just wanted to do my own thing, and start and run my own business. So that’s when I decided I wanted to drop out, move out with my best friend, and hustle. Build websites and make money. At the time, we were already making money from websites. We were making about two dollars a day, and then we went from ten to one hundred dollars, depending on how much traffic we got that day. So we decided to do this full time, bust are ass and hustle! To see if we can punch this up to $200 dollars a day..

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then $300 dollars a day..then $400 dollars a day.. And see what we can do to make the websites bigger. It was early on in high school, but it was towards the end of my senior year that I decided to quit school and just do my own thing! Ambition and stubbornness are two traits that go hand and hand, as a innovator yourself, what mindset do you feel you need to have in this day of age to get past all the bullshit, and make it to the top? I would say it’s definitely my persistence and stubbornness. I am not much of an astrological person but you know some of the girls that I have dated always pull up the astrological signs and bring up mine. Sometimes I feel that shit is right on point, it’s crazy because it says that I’m stubborn and persistent and those are two traits that I see I have over everyone in my house, my friends, and mostly everyone I have ever met. When I want to do something, no matter how long it takes, I will get it done, always. If I want to get a company done, if I want to build a website, if I want to launch a new product, I am very very annoyingly persistent. I will always get it done, and I will always get it done my way. Would you ever settle for a nine to five? or is the hustle of being self made the way to go? As bad as it sounds, I would probably do illegal shit before I would do a nine to five. I would rather become homeless than to go to a nine to five. I have never had a nine to five or a regular job. Actually, I once worked at a computer shop when I was sixteen years old for about six months, that’s when I realized that it just wasn’t for me. In the game of capitalism and Entrepreneurship, it is kill or be killed, with emotional volatility consisting of very high highs, and very low lows… what would you consider some of your best and worst moments, and achievements while coming up? Wow that’s a tough one. Well, I think some of the best moments are… well the feeling is the best.. I think it’s more of a feeling of being able to do whatever you want. I’ve gone on so many trips and have bought so many expensive things. I have paid for cars and houses in cash, and the sales reps were like, “Damn, how the hell is this kid paying us with a $120,000 cashier’s check?” I bought my first car, in 49K cash, and my second car in 120k cash, and I put a little over 20% down on my house in cash, which ended up being 93K cash, and then I ended up renovating the house with 350k cash. So I have spent a lot of money in cash, and there’s a lot of amazing moments like Hawaii and Vegas, but to tell you the truth… It’s the feeling of power. The feeling that you can fix anything and help anybody. I gave my parents cash any time they needed it. I helped my parents

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a lot. I even got them out of some serious tax trouble. I think the feeling is the greatest thing. It doesn’t get any better than knowing you can pull out a pen and a check book and just know that you’re safe and help out anybody that you ever wanted. That has to be the absolute best moment, is having the power. As far as the lows…well I was in front of a bankruptcy attorney about to give her a check and declare a chapter 11 or a 9, I don’t recall right now because it was a year ago, but I was going to lose everything and keep my house. While I was in front of her I couldn’t bare it, because I knew it was going to fuck up my credit and If I wanted to seek investors or get into Real Estate development, it would ruin my chances of retrieving capital because I would have a BK under my belt. So I couldn’t bare it and started balling my eyes out, and started saying, “I can’t, I can’t do this, I just can’t!” That’s when I told her to give me two more days to think about it and started searching for an investor to get money for B-Model, because I just didn’t want to do bankruptcy. That was the lowest moment I have ever had. I ended up not writing her the check and found an investor two months later and everything picked up from there. We once heard of a great quote that stated, “You have to make a million, than you have to lose a million, in order to keep a million.” Do you believe this parable holds some truth?

Absolutely, not because I have lived it, but because I have seen it time and time again. It happened with my mother’s ex husband, and many famous millionaires. I think everybody who has made a lot of money, has lost it. I guess because it comes so fast or they just weren’t expecting it. I’m not sure if it’s just destiny or that’s just how the whole world works, you know I think it’s just some type of test to see if you are supposed to be a person with that kind of money. To see if you were a person that even deserved it in the first place. So I think it’s just a test. Are you obsessed with money, or are you obsessed with the game? The game and power. The game and power bring money, but it’s definitely the game and power. It’s always always power. Well, the game, it’s a game and it’s always fun. The whole point is that it’s an idea of finding and creating new companies. It’s a game...The game of business, and that brings power and that’s what makes the game fun! During these tough Economic times, Young Entrepreneurs in the Internet Grind are facing obstacles….do you see opportunity? Absolutely, there is opportunity anytime. Just because the economy is down, and we took a hit in the real estate market, doesn’t mean that you should not invest. Just because the economy is down doesn’t mean that you should not pick yourself up. When it comes to raising venture capital from investors, friends, or family, to start a dream…What tricks of the trade would you advise today’s young Entrepreneurs coming up? Raising venture capital is really tough. It took me..hmmmm…from the time I almost declared bankruptcy it took me a good solid, I said early a couple months, but honestly it took about 6 good months. And that’s not a lot of time considering that I didn’t have a job and I had to hustle and do freelance work on the side in order to get help here and there. It was really difficult, and I have seen this lot. With friends and partners I have met. Seeking venture capital, a lot of people think you need a business plan and honestly, you do not need a business plan. You only really need a business plan if it’s some complicated complex project where you need to raise millions and

millions of dollars. I have seen this over and over again with successful entrepreneurs and friends. You need to hustle and go through every connection you have to seek investors. I hit up my mom, my mother’s ex husband, my friends, my friends friends, I hit up everybody and at the end of the day I only found about five people. So I decided to hit the internet and do research. I kept networking, and to tell you the truth. It was actually facebook that got me my investors. I posted a pentacle blog, and I have several, and I posted a really in depth story of my life and it reached some people on facebook. I had about 1500 friends at the time, and it was through that, that it reached some investors attention. Then I wrote a business summary, a bio, projections, how much money is needed, where the money is going, when I was going to pay them back and I still have all the documents to this day. But basically you need to write the guts, start networking, hustle, and you have to believe in the plan, and believe in the company, and most importantly…believe in yourself! You have to sell yourself, I might not seem like I’m a good salesman, but when your pitching your idea to raise money, you have to hustle. You have to believe in yourself and be a salesman. That’s all I did, and boom $150,000.00 six months later!

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The key to success is simple…one needs Motivation (Hunger) and a Hustle (Plan of Action).. What next? I guess that’s the problem I see with a lot of people, is that a significant amount of them would come up with an idea, and they just want to do it. A lot of people come up to me with an idea telling me that they want to do this and they want to do that. But no one does there full due diligence, they never ever do their research. They never educate themselves; they just come up with an idea and try to work it. They don’t know if there is a market, if there is even money to be made in the business, how they’re going to get clients, they just start without any plan at all. When I come up with an idea, I do all my research to see if its profitable, how I’m going to market it, what I’m going to name it. You have to do your full due diligence. I think that’s the problem with young entrepreneurs, is that they just jump in. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just that you have to do your homework. You will save yourself a lot of time if you just do your research. What would you say differentiates you, versus a guy with an idea and motivation? A lot of people can be motivated, but a lot of people cannot and will not be as persistent as me. I get it every single day. My inbox is still blowing up every day with people with ideas, saying that there motivated and they have drive, blah blah blah.. But these people don’t understand the persistence that it takes to be shooting at your business for four years before it blows up. That Amazon dude was what, in business for like seven years before he even made a dollar. A lot of people have motivation, but do they act on it? Do they do anything about it, do they stay consistent, ……NO, and I see it every day. In my line of work, all I care about is business and money. It’s obvious that to make over $100,000 a month from a site, it takes serious hard work! Tell the people about the hours and sacrifices you made to get you to the top. I learned through trial and error. You can call it luck, but a lot of people do think it was hard work, and that the interest of the matter is that it’s both! I worked my ass off from 9th grade to 10th grade, and that’s when I learned that you could make money on the internet. I

built Photoshop website after Photoshop website, I probably built ten different Photoshop websites from scratch. There was no word press, there was no click of a button and you have a blog. I had to do it manually. I had to write my own websites that would let my buddies and I make tutorials. I did everything myself, I scripted every website myself, programmed myself. I made all types of websites before even YouTube existed. I would try to build video sites in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade….all while trying to make money off Google ads. There were days when I would make $200, and days where I would make $5 dollars. I think the average was about $30 dollars a day. It was finally after building 30 websites that I started feeling the MySpace wave coming in. I was addicted to MySpace and there were no help sites. So I decided to revolutionize and change the game, I was so addicted to MySpace that I decided to build the best MySpace site there was. All the best codes, generators, ect. And in 45 days after dropping out, barely paying my rent with no money for groceries, living alone with a buddy where we were hus-

working when all others were sleeping, drinking about two twelve packs of soda a day. I became a machine, and in 45 days I created a fucking internet empire! Did you have any mentors or role models you looked up to during your come up years? When I made my money, I had a guy who would help me with my money a little bit. But any time I had questions, he would give me answers and that was my mother’s ex husband. I wish I would have made him my full time mentor – accountant, because he would have saved my ass. But I guess the answer would be no, but I did have a guy who would help me upon request.

tling for money. I gave up all the bullshit, and built the website. All on a vision and a dream! Have you ever had an idea where you just wanted to give up everything and attack? I just couldn’t sleep. I would wake up early and I was excited, I would keep on

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Are there any influential books you would recommend for internet earners? Rich Dad Poor Dad of course, when I lost my money, that book and series changed my life. That book changed my mind set on money, real estate, finance, and how things work. That’s definitely one of the most important books that I could ever recommend!•••


R EI G N Jason Amos

w w w. A j a Ch anne lside . com | ww w. Th | www.Midnite-Production s . co m

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What motivated you to become a successful entrepreneur? I never wanted to answer to anyone as a boss, so I knew I had to be my own! It wasnt easy though, I started from the bottom of the business, and worked my way to the top. A bouncer on the VIP level at Prana earning $15 an hour while still in college. I started becoming a familiar face and then started promoting college nights there and at CODE, in the then flourishing Ybor City district of Tampa. Then moving on to promote Dinner Parties at Mangroves, and then to Floyds in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino with my partner in Midnite Productions, Enrique DeJesus! From there we got our break to be the managing partners of the newest hottest Nightclub to hit Tampa Bay, AJA Channelside. After a great year there, we were notified to be the hospitality group chosen to take over the prime location on the intersection of South Howard Avenue and West Platt, in the heart of the SoHo district and the rest is history! Entrepreneurs need to be passionate, but not emotional. How do you manage what seems like a contradiction? Very good question...I am extremely passionate about all of my projects, However, I know that I cannot become emotionally attached to any of them because they all have a selling price and I have to be careful not to treat any of them like a shrine, because the overall name of the game is to build a successful brand, then sell, and do it all over again. Have your friends and family been supportive of your career choices, and if so how where they supportive? My family and friends have been extremely supportive throughout my career, even though most of them never knew I planned on going from nightclub promoter and consultant to Managing partner and owner of my own. Nevertheless they all believed in me and knew whatever I chose to do, I would end up being successful. Did you have any role models or mentors in the earlier stages of your life, and if so, what did you learn from them? Without a doubt my parents were definitely my biggest role models growing up. They instilled in me the work ethic I have now. I’m somewhat of a perfectionist now because of my mother. Whats your definition of hard work? Being the first one there and the last one to leave. All while being prepared for any possible scenario or situation that could

go wrong, and always be able to bounce back from any situation even stronger! What sort of obstacles did you face when starting out in business? As most self made entrepreneurs would say, initial capital to start the business was my biggest obstacle! What is the one thing you know now, that you wished you knew when you started out? When bringing a deal to the table that is in your realm of expertise, to carve out a bigger piece of sweat equity for yourself, and never use your own capital to fund the deal in order to minimize your risk! Would you change anything if you had to start again? I wouldn’t be so overzealous in the beginning of my career as I was. Just be more patient and wait for the right business deal to present itself, instead of jumping into the first couple that presented themselves! Are you the type of person that reads self-help books or books relating to business? I never usually read self help books, but I always love to read books, articles & watch tv documentaries relating to business, and how people got to where they are today. Very educational and inspriring. What is the most inspiring film that you have ever watched? This is a tough question, because there are so many, but one of my sole favorites happens to be, “Remember The Titans.” How do you achieve balance in your life? Well considering work at night consists of partying and traveling, I relish the opportunities when I get to relax and clear my head like the gym & church. These simple elements are really important to me, along with going to the movies & nice dinners out with great friends…. because I love to eat! Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I see myself married with children living off of all of my diversified investments! What projects are you currently working on that you’re excited about? My partners and I are looking to team up with a couple more bars and restaurants for REIGN MG, the management company we started a year ago. It now consists of The DrYnK Bar & Lounge, AJA Wiregrass,

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There is no elevator to the top, you gotta take the stairs!

AJA Channelside & TAPS Orlando! We are currently in talks with Mandarin Hyde in downtown St. Pete and other nearby restaurants such as The Deck Pizza, The Bungalow & Tampa’s newest addition, Fire. We also are in talks with the Hollywood Hard Rock Hotel & Casino to put The DrYnk bar & Lounge in one of their prime retail spaces. As well as taking our talents to South Beach with some restaurant concepts to Miami’s tourist destination, Lincoln Road and then move on to Las Vegas and put a restaurant in the lavish Venetian hotel! Our biggest and most anticipated venture is phase II of The DrYnK on South Howard. The Only true rooftop restaurant lounge in the area, poolside cabanas, with a California Cuisine of healthy tapas, handcrafted muddled fruit cocktails, a nice selection of draught beers and extensive wine list! Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur? Being cautious, smart and well prepared about the decisions you make. Find what works for you, replicate it over and over, and stick to it. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. What three pieces of advice would you give college aged entrepreneurs interested in starting a new business? 1. Surround yourself with the right successful people, it’s contagious, trust me! 2. Learn something new everyday, so… never stop reading 3. Get all contracts reviewed by your own team of lawyers because “if its in writing, there’s no fighting.” •••

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Will Royall is an entrepreneur at heart. The advertising agency he started is a full service firm, and is the basis of his success thus far. They do video production, web development, graphic design, media planning and purchasing, etc. While building the agency, Will networked and met a lot of people through his clients at Hilton, Ruth’s Chris, Fiserv, TGI Friday’s, Holiday Inn, etc. Many of whom he partnered with on 4-5 other businesses and some e-commerce sites. (A bunk bed company, hardwood flooring company, spa company, real estate property management company, and timeshare call center company.) Total revenues of all his companies currently exceed 5 Million dollars annually. Needless to say, now-a-days Will is working on multiple things at once. In his free time he likes to hunt, wakeboard, electronic music festivals, camping, and a good BBQs with friends. What motivated you to become a successful entrepreneur? Winning. It’s about winning. It’s also about the nice things money buys, but

more importantly it’s about winning. It feels good to be on top, help others get to the top, and continue to win deals and make other people’s companies, jobs, and families more successful in the process.

like “quitting your job right now would be crazy.” And “most people would die for that job, how can you leave it?” ask for business advice at times. Of course, it feels great to help them and offer them now that I’m able.

Entrepreneurs need to be passionate, but not emotional. How do you manage what seems like a contradiction? I have a passion for everything I do. However, I am a very logical person. It has to make sense. If it doesn’t make sense, then you just can’t continue with it, no matter what your “feeling” is for it. Feed your wins and cut your losses. You have to make sure you don’t get involved too emotionally with logically based decisions – and business is just that. It doesn’t mean though you can’t be emotionally passionate about making the right logical decision.

Did you have any role models or mentors in the earlier stages of your life, and if so, what did you learn from them? I used to find all my rich friend’s dads when I was young and corner them to find out how they made their money. They all owned their own businesses pretty much, or invested in real estate. Later in life, I seeked out mentors specific to my industry, and took the CEOs and Ad Agency execs out to lunch to learn about how to make my company more successful. I still touch base with mentors at times, but more times than not, I find myself helping and mentoring those just getting out of college now.

Have your friends and family been supportive of your career choices, and if so how where they supportive? Friends and family are more supportive than ever now. Everyone I talk to now-a-days knows if I say I’m going to pursue something, 99.9% of the time I’ll get it done, and do it better than most. In the beginning, there were definitely concerns about my decisions, but that’s because my decisions were made outside of my friend’s and family’s comfort zones. I didn’t come from a background of entrepreneurs. As time has gone on, those same people who once said words

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Whats your definition of hard work? Well, I’m always working smarter… otherwise I wouldn’t have time to enjoy the fruits of my labor, but I would say when working harder, a typical day is 6AM to 10PM at night, and more so, you should always have a constant “awareness” of always being “on” when a conversation can lead in the direction of an opportunity… regardless of time, day, or location. What sort of obstacles did you face when starting out in business? Sales. Learn sales. Sales is the life-

blood of any company. Without revenue, you have no company. Biggest obstacle in Year one. How do I increase sales? Biggest obstacle in year fifty? How do I increase sales? – Lesson here? Learn Sales. What is the one thing you know now, that you wished you knew when you started out? People will pay a lot more for your product than you probably think they will. You just have to give them a good reason to. Would you change anything if you had to start again? Yes, I would have gotten into e-commerce a lot sooner. There’s a lot more competition now, and as successful as we are, we would have killed it back then. Are you the type of person that reads self-help books or books relating to business? Yes. A note on this question. The reason I am where I am, and made the leap, was because I read one book every week on either Business, Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Finance, Investments, Real Estate, etc. for an entire YEAR, and then started my company. Call it my personal MBA. What is the most inspiring film that you have ever watched? Shawshank Redemption. So damn determined to get out and break free. How do you achieve balance in your life? Buy toys. And then make sure you make time to play with them and invite your friends over to play with them. You need down time, and time to realize why it is you’re working. Also, make some true friends. Why the hell do all of this if you don’t have anyone to enjoy it with? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? An educated guess based on previous growth-rates would be 100 Million + in total revenues between all my companies. A house in Ibiza, Spain, one here on the coast (maybe a few as I already have a couple investment properties) and a “little boat” to go inbetween.

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People will pay a lot more for your product than you think they will. You just have to give them

a reason to.

What projects are you currently working on that you’re excited about? Just check out all the websites. We would love the traffic anyways, and there’s too long of a list for me to tell you everything I’m excited about if I were to write paragraphs about it: • • • • • (looking for the right individual to help this take off still, hint, hint.) We’ve got a few other ecommerce sites coming online in patio furniture and kids playground equipment, which I think are going to do really well. I’m excited about our timeshare call center too. It’s seen some great growth this year. Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur?

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Yes. Read about business. Believe you can do it. Learn Sales. Network. And Try try again. What sacrifices have you had to make to be a successful entrepreneur? Sleep, and probably TV watching. Other than that, there have been a lot more gains than sacrifices. Who needs sleep anyways? You only live once, and it’s hard to get sleep when there is so much of the world to see. What three pieces of advice would you give college aged entrepreneurs interested in starting a new business? Find what you’re good at, focus, and partner with someone who can fill in your gaps. For example, in all my companies I handle the books, the marketing, advertising, and creative. Although I’m great at sales and I could do everything else, I partner with better sales people, designers, PR people, fulfillment people, etc. Then when you find the model, replicate it. •••

Live To Listen

Established: 2011 About: Founded by Alfonso Johnson along with the innovative partnership of media innovator Hugo D. Aviles, was born through the intense obsession for the art of music. Mission: is the new leading music & entertainment website within the US. We provide easy to digest advice and compelling inspirational stories for music moguls and entertainers. We give you an inside look at the outsized entertainment lifestyle you could be leading to reinforce the importance of why working hard and smart is essential. What is A cutting edge online content website based upon the fundamental idea of maintaining innovative direction over all content and production from programming, media, events, to advertising. Providing a new alternative to television with its online viewing platform and engaging content to unite our demographic through our communication and coverage of cutting edge fashion, music, and art. True to its name, MuzikGem.Com maintains a high standard of integrity in its programming, media content, and campaigns. THE INTERVIEW Can you tell us a little about, when it was formed, how the dream became a reality? Alfonso: To sum it up, is the “NOW” when it comes to muzik.

Whether it’s pop, hip hop, or indie... if it’s “NOW” you will always find it through us. Coming from Brooklyn, NY, muzik has always been a part of my life...from Gospel to Biggie, I used to listen to just about anything, hence our mantra “Live To Listen.” The dream became a reality, literally, around November of 2010. After hitting a couple low points with certain business relationships and ventures, I felt myself giving up on the whole “entrepreneur” thing. But the thing about TRUE entrepreneurs that most people don’t understand, our creativity and innovative spirit never dies. No matter how many times people steal our ideas, black ball us in an industry, or even play us, at the end of the day, we always have another ace up our sleeves. is my Ace of Spades. Hugo: To tell you the truth, MuzikGem. com is the creative brain child of Alfonso Johnson, or A.J. to me. Through the years, I have had the pleasure to work with A.J. on some cross marketing projects, and it was actually one of my partners in the magazine by the name of Chad, that introduced A.J. to me. Under the scope of three years, I have seen this young lad grow from a young innovator, to an Entrepreneur on his own terms. Most of my colleagues can vouch to the fact that I do not waste my time on stupid bullshit. If it’s not a revenue generated activity, or about business…well, then don’t waste your time or mine speaking to me. When it comes to ventures…especially a Website… I’m just not going to waste my energy or time executing it, unless I know that I have 110% support from the other end. In business, one

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of the hardest challenges to conquer, is finding a team of partners that have the same philosophies, visions, and most importantly work ethic. Especially when it comes to projects of this element! Everyone talks the talk, but do they walk it? ….no…..They want all the great benefits that come with being associated with a media monster, but do they comprehend and understand the blood sweat and tears that it takes to build it….NO!.. On the contrary, it is an honor to say that A.J. has that fire. If I call this kid at 3am to talk about restructuring the site, or want to speak to him about an interview….he picks up the phone! Just that simple element motivates me to work with the kid, and when I get motivated. It’s a rap…… game over! While working side by side with Pulse Magazine, describe what it’s like, and what would you say is the most exciting thing that has happened to you thus far? Hugo: It’s absolutely tough as hell. We demand the best and nothing but the best from our staff and team. A true leader leads by example, and that’s why our unit is tight, because we all put on are war paint and lead front the front! The Marines installed in me that you are only as strong as your weakest link. That’s why I don’t hold anything back, during meetings or phone calls. You can ask anyone in our team. I’m a complete asshole and don’t have the time to tolerate shit. I’m straight to the point.. and that’s it! And the truth is that this little magazine, along with the making of our new baby…MuzikGem. com…is driven by nothing more than passion and solid work ethic. From our all nighters trying to push deadlines with my partners Chad and Luca, to

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days on the pavement street teaming…. mark my words…we will be the next Tampa Bay movement! Alfonso: I must agree...leading by example is what it’s all about. How can you expect others to produce, if you can’t produce yourself?? The problem though, is finding people motivated enough, to work towards a long term goal. Between Pulse Magazine and, there’s definitely enough drive, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit to propel these two companies to the top of the entertainment media food chain. The most exciting thing right now, for me at least, is the concert series will be putting together. It’s in pre-production, and will be featuring crazy talent, as well as a surprise guest musical artist. Can’t really speak on it anymore than that, but just know, when it comes to live musical performances, will have Tampa, soon to be Florida, on lock. As they say, “Real recognizes real”.....and Tampa Bay is about to get REAL familiar with us, REAL quick. What are three factors that separate from any other music site? Alfonso: Relevance, Diversity, and Creativity. Just like fashion, muzik is always evolving. If you go throughout past decades, the content, production, and styles of muzik, as well as the videos made to compliment it, has constantly changed. That’s because the focus of any society is always changing, and it’s then mirrored through media. And that’s where you’ll find If you’re looking for Beach Boys, Run DMC, or 98 Degrees, you won’t find them on our site....No disrespect to them and their achievements, but they are no longer relevant to the muzik of today. We are about what’s going on NOW....who’s killing the Billboard charts, NOW...who are the trendsetters of muzik NOW. And I’d like to squash the idea of being a “blog”. I really hate that basically embodies everything that you can think of that is amateur. The amount of creativity, effort, and time that we have been putting into each project, to bring our viewers the very best in muzik entertainment, the word “blog”, can’t even begin to describe MuzikGem. com. We are a muzik entertainment source and medium, with goals that will soon put us on par with internet media giants like, and

Promise. Hugo: In a world of constant innovation, from technology to music, it takes the correlation of several styles to put out a decent music site. is powered by the following three factors….1. Constant Innovation, 2. Strategic Partnerships, 3. A Never ending devotion to today’s cutting edge fashion, art, music, and entertainment. With that in mind, as AJ stated before, “Tampa Bay is about to get REAL familiar with us, REAL quick.” Do you feel that the publishing industry is dying due to web and media sources, or evolving? Hugo: Damn…that’s a great question. Well, as we all know the economy has created a very volatile environment in all industries. The key to business, is evolving and adapting to your internal and external environment. That’s why we have decided to develop some serious strategic partnerships, along with some killer social media campaigns in order to attack all media markets. So to answer your question, the publishing industry is not dying….its evolving! Alfonso: It’s definitely evolving...and the web acts as the perfect partner to the publishing industry. With the way information travels nowadays, if you don’t have a web presence, you’re bound to lose out. The New York Times understands this. Wall Street Journal understands this. Vogue understands this. As long as people are getting hit on all fronts, web and publishing, by your brand, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. What type of work ethic do you need to have in order to launch a site during times like these? Alfonso: With the internet crowded with domains owned by people who never update their site, and/or produce low quality garbage, you have to figure out a way to be noticed. Buying a domain is easy. Posting every other month when you feel like it, is easy. Where the challenge lies, is in creating an aesthetically pleasing entity that constantly produces information, as well as media, that people love, and feel like they can rely on. And this is where work ethic comes in. I tend to come home late...a lot...after a full day of work and school, as well as meetings, and I’m usually extremely exhausted. But that doesn’t stop me from turning on my computer, and continue my work on Muz-

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82 | pulse If I made a penny for every email I sent out to local artists, setting up interviews for the “indie” section for our site, I’d be a rich man. Determination is definitely something I can say God has gifted me with. My way of thinking is like this...I will always be moving forward. If you want to join me, that’s cool....I’ll even slow down a little, and catch you up to speed if necessary. But I will never stop. If you don’t constantly won’t consistently progress. Hugo: Work ethic, it’s more like a way of life! As we all know, it takes more than capital and business plans with projec-

Relevance, Diversity, and Creativity. Just like fashion, muzik is always evolving.

tions to start projects and ventures in this age. It takes passion…..and heart! In order to launch a project of this nature, it takes many man hours and sweat equity. As we enter our introductory stage in our so called, “media life cycle”, as I like to call it, we know that it will take years before this baby takes off. Like I stated before, I fucking hate wasting my time, so why would I waste my time on a project that I do not believe in? The reality is that we’re currently in an environment where you have to learn to adapt and overcome. The current economic trends have created cracks within systems. The key is to have the vision to capitalize on these cracks before they become regulated. As Donald Trump states, “Through knowledge you gain vision, and through

vision you gain the ability to spot economic problems and turn them into economic opportunities!” So when it comes to work ethic, were in a time where if you want to succeed in the media internet game, you have to constantly re-invent yourself and your vision….again and again… In doing so, you will stay ahead of the competition……and as the great Sun Tzu States…if we fight…we win! What are your visions for MuzikGem. com in 2011? Alfonso: Forget the radio, any real muzik that wants to break out of the Tamp Bay area, will have to break through us...It’s as simple as that.

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Hugo: Damn…good question,…the city of Tampa has become more than a residence to me….it has become my home! So putting together a media site that incorporates the Tampa Music and Entertainment movement, is more than a venture….it’s an honor! The city of Tampa has my word that A.J. and I will put a muzik site that will revolutionize the Tampa Bay movement! is more than a vision…it’s the making of a muzik staple that will assist local talent and one day national talent towards achieving their own personal goals and dreams, is the making of a dynasty! •••

A second thing would be the fact that your food is cooked on the table right in front of you. Another testament to our high quality, but also it is a really entertaining time to meet and enjoy the show the chefs put on at the table. They really are part comedian, part knife showman and part chef. The third would be my family. Between the three of us we really have all the bases covered. And it is really awesome to be able to trust each other to get things done because we are family. Has your staff or team ever pushed you to the limits? My team here at Arigato may not all be my family, but they might as well be. We have so many employees that have worked here long enough to become cornerstones of the business. We all have the shared goals of increasing sales while keeping a high level of service. Over 30 years of accumulating people with the same goals and motivations. If we can keep everyone pointed in the same direction we can achieve greatness. Remember if one part of the team is failing the final product will suffer, so we take pride in saying that every person who works for us (with us) is part of our family.

Would you change anything if you had to start again? Yes I would have hit the ground running straight out of college. I graduated from Florida State and was slow to get involved in the real ins and outs of the restaurant. If I know then what I know now, I feel many of my current goals would have already been completed. Where do you see Arigatos in the next ten years? I have goals of building new restaurants, and also franchising. Ten years seems like a really long time but in the restaurant business, cut that time in half. I plan on getting my goals done in 3-5 years. What sacrifices have you had to make for your restaurant? Being a small business owner means wearing a lot of different hats. I have to be an expert in accounting, payroll, food costing, advertising, labor laws and health insurance just to name a few. And when a new one pops up you just have to be ready to learn all you can before making decisions. It is a really humbling experience to be willing to lean at all times. Most medium or large based companies have an entire division to take on of each of these responsibilities.

Quick Company Bio: Arigato is a Japanese Steakhouse with locations in St. Petersburg and Clearwater. They are working to open a third location in Tampa. Arigato was founded by Dale Del Bello in 1971 and has been family owned, serving its customers happily ever since. Four Interesting Facts: • We currently have 16 employees that have worked for Arigato over 10 years. • Our recipes are based on the traditional Japanese cooking and are older than the United States itself. • Yes we are an Italian family that has owned Japanese Steakhouses for over 40 years •I hate paperwork and love computers. I am currently making the transition to a paperless office. It’s not easy right now but when it is finished it will be awesome. What three pieces of advice would you give college aged entrepreneurs interested in starting a restaurant? Get ready to work, work and work some more. I don’t think you can pick a profession that demands more constant work and supervision to keep in line. Second, you need to be able to look at the bright side of all things, because you really never know what is going to hit the fan next. This is especially true of the restaurant industry. Learn what the max occupancy cost you can support is. Don’t get in with a rent that is too high. A good place to find information for things like this is the National Restaurant Association. They have so much information and it really helps that it is tailored to the restaurant industry. What future ventures or projects can we expect from you or Arigato’s? The Tampa restaurant that was closed from a fire will be open soon in a new bigger location. And I can tell you we have so many loyal fans out there in Tampa that it is going to be a home run. I am also working on getting our sauces on the shelf at the grocery store. We are expanding our menu to add more seafood items as well. Remember we are family owned and family run so we take extreme pride to deliver a product to the table that our own family would be prod to serve. •••

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Arigato The Man Behind

Dale Del Bello, Jr

2011 VISION: We have been rebuilding since, what I like to refer to as “the perfect storm�, the fire that closed our Tampa restaurant and the housing market tanking and pulling everyone down with it. I feel that 2011 is my opportunity to get back to my goals I had back in 2007. Those goals are building two more Arigato restaurants in two more local markets, starting my franchise operations for the east coast, and getting my Goody Goody sauces on the shelf in your local supermarket. Can you tell us a little about Arigato, when it was formed, how the dream became a reality? Look, Its great to be recognized, but I have to tell you that I am only 1/3 of the machine that keeps Arigato running. My father and sister are the other two thirds making Arigato the premier restaurant that we are known for. Remember we are family owned and family run so we take extreme pride to deliver a product to the table that our own family would be proud to serve. My father opened the first ARIGATO in 1971 in Buffalo, New York. He later opened his second location in Rochester 1973, and his third location in Syracuse New York in 1975. After many cold winters, he decided to move to sunny Florida and opened up our St. Petersburg location in 1978. Soon followed both the Clearwater and Tampa locations. Currently there are three locations in Florida and they are run by my father, sister and myself.

From a business and creative perspective, how are you targeting consumers during the recession? There are really two ways to look at it. There are two types of customers you can market to. You have new customers and existing customers. It is very difficult and expensive trying to get the new customers that have no idea who you are and how to find you to get them to come in for the first time. It is much more efficient to pursue your loyal fan base of customers that are already coming in and try and get them to come back that one extra time. Right now we have a promotion with a travel company where we are able to offer some really cool travel deals for our guests that come back in 30 days. Like a bounce back offer. What’s the most common mistake restaurants make when opening a new location? I can probably fill your entire magazine with answers of what NOT to do when opening a restaurant in Tampa. I would say the most common mistake is getting in over your head concerning rent payments. If the rent is just barely what you can support, any dip in sales is really going to squeeze your bottom line. What are three factors that separate Arigato from any other restaurant? Our first would be our professionally trained chefs and the amount of experience these men have. Your food is prepared from start to finish by professional chefs, some of which have been working for Arigato over 30 years, and the level of quality is amazing. You will not find this level of professionalism at the family dining price point in any other restaurant.

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Nishant Gogna

He’s just this guy, ya know? consumer market.

What motivated you to become a successful entrepreneur? Well, actually, it all began over an argument at the dinner table between my father and me. I was explaining to my mother and father that the American spirit is driven by entrepreneurship and capitalism, a “work for yourself” mentality, and that they should open a business, and start working for themselves, instead of for someone else. My father challenged me that I knew nothing about business and that “talk is cheap.” It was tough love, but he had a point, as I really hadn’t taken a business class before, or attempted anything like that on my own. But I’m not one to back down from a challenge! I already hated working retail and corporate jobs, and the stories I kept hearing about Web 2.0 start-ups made me think “I can do this too!” So I stepped up to the plate, and within two months, and $3000 later, I had registered a domain, purchased hosting space, hired two web designers, incorporated my company with the state of Florida, and started my first web-based business!

That accomplishment was so thrilling that since then, I really couldn’t see myself doing anything else other than working for myself in one capacity or another. Entrepreneurs need to be passionate but not emotional. How do you manage what seems like a contradiction? Truthfully, I don’t think it is a contradiction, nor do I think entrepreneurs should not be emotional. Being emotional is being human, and when it comes to business, it’s important to get into the mind of your consumer, and see how your product or service emotionally affects them. 99% of the time, a consumer purchases a product or service based on an emotional decision. The key is to maintain a sense of emotion, but be able to separate your self from it, and logically assess and maintain the goals of the company. This is where passion comes in. Continue to be passionate about your product or service, and the overall vision of the company, but be able to switch gears and understand the emotion of your

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Have your friends and family been supportive of your career choices, and if so how where they supportive? Several of my close friends have been very supportive of my career choices, though several have not. Then again, entrepreneurship isn’t for everybody. Moreover, and it’s sad to say, but people can get jealous of other people’s successes, and they’ll do anything to destroy your energy and passion. But it’s best to ignore them and listen to your instinct. If you believe you’re on the right path, no one should be able to deter you from it. If they manage to, you never believed in your idea in the first place. Over the years, I’ve had my great friends that have supported me, namely my best friend for 10 years and a true mentor, Vishal Patel. No joke, the guy has the blood of entrepreneurship flowing through his veins, and I’ve learned a great deal from him! I always greatly thank him for his unshaken support! My parents weren’t completely supportive of my career choices until this past year, when my dad, after working for 35 years in his life, finally bit the bullet and bought his own rental property, which he now manages. He finally understood the entrepreneurial spirit, and now asks me for advice, which I’m more than happy to give! Did you have any role models or mentors in the earlier stages of your life, and if so, what did you learn from them? My father and mother were definitely role models and mentors in the earlier stages of my life. They demonstrated hard work and a strong commitment

relating to business, but definitely a lot of articles on the internet. Google has been such a plethora of knowledge. For any business related question, just type into Google and search results turning up hundreds of articles and forums related to your question will turn up. Yes, people share the same questions you do! So don’t be afraid to use the internet as a strong tool.

Every failure I’ve had was just another opportunity to learn and grow, and improve my chances of success the next time around.

to completing a goal. They also taught me to think outside the box, and be unique and creative. They greatly emphasized the “three pillars of excellence,” that being creativity, intelligence, and motivation, and also emphasized education in the sciences, technology, and mathematics. They also stressed the power of speech and a command of the English language, and encouraged me to enter into public speaking competitions. No doubt do I owe them my life for where I am today, and I thank them very much for everything they’ve done! I just keep working every day to make them proud! What’s your definition of hard work? The definition of hard work is smart work. Longer hours does not necessarily equate to higher quality work. The last position you want to be in is having your foot on the gas, but your wheels stuck in the sand. I work efficiently, and use technology to my advantage to clear work loads as quickly as possible. I believe what separates young entrepreneurs from the old-timers is that our generation has greatly embraced technology, including utilizing online social networking sites as a platform for marketing. Google has been an absolute help to anyone in the entrepreneurial field with their webbased office suite. But that doesn’t mean be lazy! You have to remain committed to your business at all times, practically living and breathing your vision! This in itself is hard work! What sort of obstacles did you face when starting out in business?

I specifically enjoy and especially The New York Times. Even if it’s not a business-related article, the writing in NYT is so well crafted that is just spurs thought and creativity in my mind. Ask any of my friends, I’m consistently reading the New York Times, even at the dinner table!

Ha! Probably every obstacle in the book! I haven’t taken a business class in my life, nor do I have any family members in business. I learned everything I know from experience and talking to the right people. To start at the beginning was a painstaking process, and required a lot of reading. From IRS Tax codes, to articles of incorporation, I spent a lot of late-night hours staring at a computer screen, jumping from website to website, article to article, reading all of the rules, regulations, tax laws, and legalities. I tell you what, they don’t make it easy, and there are a lot of hoops to jump through. But once you figure it out the first time, then it’s just going through the motions!

What is the most inspiring film that you have ever watched? Hmmm, that’s hard; I have a lot of films that inspire me! And I’m in the film and television business as an actor and screenwriter, so it really depends on the perspective. From an artistic perspective, I’d have to say Pirates of the Caribbean, Curse of the Black Pearl. For a period piece, that film was extremely well put together, the story was phenomenally written and utilized several plot devices in very effective and unique ways, and Johnny Depp’s performance as the off-kilter Captain Jack Sparrow is a performance for the ages. As an actor, I look up to Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow as the pinnacle of the finest acting of this decade.

Would you change anything if you had to start again? Absolutely not! I have no regrets of where I am today. All of the experiences and knowledge I have gained over the years has shaped who I am today, and I am very happy! Every failure I’ve had was just another opportunity to learn and grow, and improve my chances of success the next time around. It was Thomas Edison that said “I have not failed; I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

From a business perspective, I’d have to say the Blair Witch Project! What an ingenious idea! The writing and directing was so well crafted, that it overshadowed the fact the movie had no big name talent on its bill. Anyone notice that they never actually showed the “witch” in the film? The “witch” was the product of each viewer’s imagination, again, a product of excellent directing. And talk about marketing! Pure brilliance! Claming the film was real documented footage persuaded a lot of movie-goers to see it. On a film budget of $60,000, the movie raked in nearly $60 million! That’s a profit of 1000%! and it single-handedly changed the game of movie marketing! That is truly inspiring! And what’s more inspiring, that it was three Florida filmmakers that made that film! Yes, Florida has its share of talent!

Are you the type of person that reads self-help books or books relating to business? Not so much self-help books or books

How do you achieve balance in your life? I achieve balance by using my spare time to continue enhancing my skill set or expanding my knowledge. So even when

What is the one thing you know now, that you wished you knew when you started out? Ha! That’s an easy one! Making money takes money. It’s a sad fact of business, but it’s true.

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I’m not doing, I’m still doing.

broke up with me because I was spending too much time focusing on the company, and not enough on her. Fortunately, she understood after a while!

A wise man once told me: “If in the time you just spent, you didn’t either (A) learn something, or (B) make money, you wasted your time.”

I also sacrificed getting a medical school education in lieu of starting a career in entrepreneurship. I realized that while I’m still young and possess a lot of energy, I should utilize this energy in developing a successful company, while simultaneously focusing on an acting career. I do plan on going back to medical school later in life, but right now, I’m just too excited about all of the opportunities coming ahead!

I really take that to heart, and I say that to myself almost every morning. The best way someone can achieve balance is by complementing his business life with an artistic endeavor. Therefore, in my spare time, I read, play the piano or guitar, practice acting, write a movie screenplay, play sports, or drum up a new idea or invention. This way I’m either always learning something, or making money! Those words alone have helped me accomplish so much more than I ever thought I was able to! Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I’d be lying to you if I told you where I can see myself in 10 years, but honestly I can’t, and that’s the risks that come with being an entrepreneur. I might make it, I might not. I might be living in my parents’ garage, or I might be in a penthouse condo in Sunset blvd in Hollywood. But what I can tell you for sure is, in 10 years, I’ll either be working on my current big idea, or working on my next big one! What projects are you currently working on that you’re excited about? I have three projects that I’m simultaneously working on that I’m excited about! The first is Justified Entertainment, a 360 media and entertainment company that I co-founded with my great friend Ryan Justice. We produce short films, feature films, commercials, music videos, television shows, and much more! If it’s media related, we do it! It’s extremely exciting because we are deeply connected with the entertainment industry in the Tampa Bay area, and have met our share of stars, including Rock-n-Roll Hall-of Fame musician Marty Balin, and Hollywood actor Tom Sizemore! It’s a blessing to be in such a great industry with someone I can trust! The second is, which I co-founded with my great friend Stephano Vargas. I can’t reveal much yet, but I can tell you that we’ll be releasing a trademarked product to the world that will change the way people meet and interact with each other! We are extremely excited, and cannot wait to share our product with everyone!

The third is myself. As an actor, I am my own product that I must refine, perfect, and market to the world. Each day is a new opportunity to strive to be better than the last, by improving on my acting skill set, and networking and connecting. I have been quite successful thus far, and have been blessed to work with some exceptionally great talent in the Tampa Bay, Orlando, and Los Angeles area! You guys know who you are, and thank you!! Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur? I don’t think there is one particular formula to adhere to for all entrepreneurs. Each person works in different ways. Some entrepreneurs stress the importance of a written business plan, while others don’t. So it all really depends. There are definitely certain guidelines that one should adhere to, but as for a formula, not really, especially if your product or service is new and innovative. One thing is for sure: work hard, and work smart! What sacrifices have you had to make to be a successful entrepreneur? I definitely had to sacrifice a lot of time to get where I am today. While most of my friends were busy having fun, going out, and getting involved in relationships, I had to put all of that low on my priority list as I placed personal skill development and the business ahead of everything else. When I started my first company “Mobile411” when I was 21, I dated a wonderfully sweet girl, Gabriella, who almost

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What three pieces of advice would you give college aged entrepreneurs interested in starting a new business? First, read as much as you can! Search and study profiles on successful businesses and entrepreneurs throughout history. An entrepreneur I deeply look up to is Steve Jobs of Apple. He is an artist as much as he is a savvy businessman, and that’s something I try to mimic in all my ventures! Educate yourself on the market you’re targeting, and your competitors. Read web articles about new business and marketing techniques and keep up with the news. Reading helps complete the picture that you’ve painted in your mind concerning your business. It’s very important, so do it! Second, network as much as you can! Every meeting and interaction is an opportunity to build the business, acquire new investors, or expand your customer base! Ask a lot of questions! Ask how they became successful and the trials and tribulations they had to go through. Ask for opinions on your personal venture! Also, look for talented people in your network that share the same vision and energy that you do! Bring them onboard and build off of each other! The whole is usually always greater than the sum of its parts! And finally, trust your heart and your instinct. You’ll get a lot of nay-sayers that won’t believe in what you’re doing, or will convince you to “come back to reality” and get a real job, including people you may know, trust, and love. But if you believe in your idea 100%, none of that should matter. Always stay positive, and be true to yourself! Take responsibility for your own actions, but also take credit for the work you’ve accomplished. You control your own destiny! Oh, and as always, have fun!! •••

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Groove Cruise? “World’s largest floating dance music festival”

“Great music, great people, great DJs.” Deadmau5 “We both love playing in Pacha NYC, Space Miami, Stereo Montreal, Pacha Ibiza & Ministry of Sound. Groove Cruise has been the experience of the year. One weekend on a cruise. Playing there. Thank u guys… Really!! ~ Chus & Ceballos “It’s like a floating clubhouse” Alex Peace Chicago THE GROOVE CRUISE The Groove Cruise has been written up in magazines and newspapers around the world such as the New York Times, Timeout NYC, Miami Herald, Toronto Star, and even on MTV, CNN, FOX News, and Sirius|XM Radio. Whet Travel and the Groove Cruise is now a well-distinguished brand in the minds of young professionals across the country. The Groove Cruise has excited the lives of over 5,000 people and is rapidly expanding.  What started as a group of 125 friends going on a cruise in 2004 has erupted in to the world’s largest fully charted dance music cruise experience. The Groove Cruise is geared towards those who love dance music and who live by the mantra to ‘Work Hard and Play Harder’. Join the world’s best dance music artists on massive amenity jammed cruise ships as we sail to exotic destinations. Enthusiasts come from all over the world for the music and to escape reality, and they return to reconnect with the amazing friends they have met from previous years.

any dance party or cruise alone. The Groove Cruise is the only event in the dance music industry where there is artist-fan interaction. Groove Cruise passengers rate the ability to travel with like minded people and hang out with celebrity musicians as being the top reasons for enjoying the Groove Cruise. The Groove Cruise has a 97% satisfaction rate and a high percentage of repeat clients. 2000 sexy people, 72 hours, 55 artists, 9 party experiences, 2 islands, a massive cruise ship and YOU. Past artist talent has included Deadmau5, Benny Benassi, Sharam (Deep Dish), Robbie Rivera, Bad Boy Bill, Chus & Ceballos, Boris, Mind Control, Jonathan Peters, DJ Dan, Lee Burridge among many more. Don’t miss the most EPIC adventure of 2011!

TheGrooveCruise.Com 1-877-GET-WHET (438-9438) Use Code: “PULSE” For Rates & Special Discounts

Each year, The Groove Cruise sails from Miami and from NYC or LA on 3-4 day mind blowing high energy experiences. Depending on which cruise you attend, The Groove Cruise includes beach parties, pool parties, theme parties, shore excursions, crazy sporting competitions, sexy on-board fashion shows, and other events to enhance the Groove Cruise experience to a level unreachable by

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