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In this issue • Enhancing oil well productivity • Equip your mini-excavator with HG • Wastewater pump service

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DYNASET HPW Hydraulic Power Washers DYNASET HPW Hydraulic Power Washers are powered by hydraulics of a machine or a vehicle and produces high pressure water in the pressure level of 90 - 1600 bar, water flow from 20 to 300 l/min depending on a model. HPW models cover power range of 10-200kW. HPW pumps are only a fraction the size of other pumps in the same power range. The compact size practically guarantees an easy installation to any space in the machine or the vehicle. HPW pumps are used for power washing, street washing, pipeline cleaning and bin cleaning, dust suppression, water cutting, hydro demolition and scaling, firefighting, drilling fluid pumping, water hydraulics, washing robot, underwater works, etc.

DYNASET Oy DYNASET is the leading manufacturer of hydraulic generators, power washers and compressors in the World. Mission DYNASET improves productivity, efficiency and versatility of customer’s mobile machinery by producing electricity, high pressure water and compressed air with equipment powered by hydraulics.

The hydraulic powered equipment produces electricity, high pressure water, compressed air, magnet, vibration etc. for hundreds applications in fields of construction, mining, demolition, recycling, service, installation, environment, forestry, agriculture, transportation, shipping, airport, rental, firefighting, military, infrastructure, process industry etc.

Editorial DYNASET hydraulic equipment increases productivity of used machines Modernization of used machines by Dynaset equipment is increasing during economically challenging times because investing in new machines requires plenty of capital. Used machines can be equipped with a very small investment instead. It will take only for a few thousand Euros to get electricity, high pressure water or compressed air aboard. Innovativeness creates completely new revenue opportunities for companies. Dynaset equipment enables considerably longer lifetime for machines by diversifying their functions or changing the use. An old tank truck can be repurposed for street washing, sewer cleaning and other cleaning work with power washing. PPL pipe cleaning unit is often added to septic tank trucks. In agriculture Dynaset pipe cleaning unit is used for flushing drainage system and opening blockages in subsurface drainages.

Contents Enhancing oil well productivity


Equip your mini-excavator


Dynaset Dealer Meeting


Wastewater pump service


Training in Dynaset




Kalle Antniemi & Juudit Ojansivu

Sweepers can be equipped with HPW hydraulic power washer to clean difficult places such as corners where sweepers aren’t able to drive. HG hydraulic generator improves capability of an excavator or other machinery at worksite. It is prudent to analyze the needs of the machine at worksite and to improve versatility of the machine with new equipment. Versatility enhances opportunities to gain more profit while saving time and effort. Have a nice and active summer! Reijo Karppinen General Manager

DYNASET Magazine No. 2, 2013 Editors Olli Sairanen Ville Siekkinen

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Publisher DYNASET Oy


DYNASET HPW 1200 & 800 The best power-to-weight ratio in the World DYNASET HPW hydraulic power washer transforms the hydraulic power of a machine efficiently into high pressure water. Compact size HPW800 and HPW1200 can be installed on various machines e.g. excavators, loaders, trucks, mining machines, ships. HPW pumps are designed for various applications such as hydrodemolition, water cutting, and heavy industrial washing. For example powerful HPW1200 is an excellent product for hydrodemolition where a concrete is removed with high pressure water creating a rough surface which provides better bond for the new concrete. High pressure water is a safe to use in hydrodemolition because it doesn’t create micro-cracks like jack-hammers does.

Technical specifications DYNASET HPW800/30

Max water pressure 800 bar (11 603 psi) Max water flow 30 l/min (7.93 US gal) Weight 39 kg (86 lbs) Width 340 mm (13.386“) Length 195 mm (7.677”) Height 195 mm (7.677”)


Max water pressure 1200 bar (17 405 psi) Max water flow 100 l/min (26.4 US gal) Weight 177 kg (390 lbs) Width 915 mm (36.02”) Length 265 mm (10.43”) Height 350 mm (13.78”)



ro New p


or t s se


DYNASET HPW enhancing oil well productivity

DYNASET HPW1200/100 has been applied in oil drilling equipment to enhance the productivity of the oil well. The whole process started three years ago when we modified a truck for the Jianghan Mechanical Research Institute of CNPC Drilling Engineering Technology Research Institutes in China. We installed 4pcs HPW800/30 into the chassis of the truck by taking the power out of the truck’s own engine with Dynaset HVO hydraulic power take off. This modification brought generous profit to the customer in oil field productivity enhancing service. Now, the customer invested again on the skid-mounted equipment to apply Dynaset HPW1200/100 to provide high pressure water power source with higher reliability and performance. The powerful water jet produced by high pressure water opens the silted oil suction. The nozzle is driven to move forward horizontally dozens of meters or even hundreds of meters opening the oil flow channel in the oil-rich layer. The oil is able to flow more easily and continuously from several opened horizontal oil channels to the oil suction at the bottom of the oil well achieving the goal of enhancing its productivity. Coiled tubing operation machine, which has a continuous and seamless steel tubing length of thousands meters, is used for bringing the high pressure water output by HPW1200/100 to the bottom of the oil well. It is operated with the special water-hydraulic controlled switchable nozzle auxiliary unit which delivers the nozzle to the silted oil suction port at the bottom of the oil well.

Advantages of Dynaset application: 1) Compact size, light weight, easy to move 2) Linear flow and pressure control from 0-100%. It meets the pressure’s continuous adjustment and change requirement of the special hydraulic controlled switchable nozzle auxiliary unit of this application. 3) Installation of a hydraulic accumulator as a vibration absorption part, and also installation of a special designed high pressure water vibration absorption unit. These two installations minimize the reversal vibration effect produced by HPW1200/100 to meet the requirements of coiled tubing operation machine. Mr. Wei Sun, Dr. of Tech. DYNASET China


Equip your mini-excavator with compact

DYNASET HG New generation’s mini-excavators are featured with powerful hydraulics which allows usage of more powerful hydraulic equipment. DYNASET HG hydraulic generator transforms the power of a mini-excavator into high quality electricity for all AC-powered tools, lights, heating, cooling, welding, 1 or 3 phase motors etc. Typically a worksite gets electricity from a traditional combustion engine driven generator or cable pulling is required. Once Dynaset HG is installed on a mini-excavator, it is always ready to use. A traditional [combustion] engine driven generator has high operating costs. It requires refueling, maintenance, spare parts and possibly transportation to different locations which all create costs and extra working hours. Temporary cabling increases expenses as well. There are always payroll and material costs which increases the price of electricity. Dynaset HG hydraulic generator runs without an additional engine or fuel and maintenance free technology makes it a cost-effective choice.

Because Dynaset HG is always aboard and ready to use, it saves a lot of working hours. Without delay the machine’s operator is able to perform different tasks such as welding or repairing with electric tools. Even when electricity is often available in the city, it is still difficult for a worker to go knockin doors and begging for electricity. It is always time-consuming effort as well. “The hydraulic power guarantees availability of electricity anywhere, anytime when a mini-excavator is equipped with Dynaset HG. It allows versatile usage of the machine in various projects,” says Anni Karppinen, Sales Manager from Dynaset. A traditional [combustion] engine driven generator is a space hogging solution, e.g. a fuel tank requires a lot of extra space. Dynaset HG doesn’t need a fuel tank because it is powered by hydraulics of a machine. Dynaset HG is less than half the size of traditional generator which guarantees easy installation on a mini-excavator.


A mini-excavator equipped with HG6,5kVA can produce enough power for a whole worksite or HG3,5kVA is more than sufficient to produce electricity for basic needs. There are also more powerful Dynaset HG models available. Different models of Dynaset HG generates high quality electricity in power range of 3,5 – 200kVA. Automatic frequency control regulates frequency exactly to 50Hz or 60Hz and automatic voltage control maintains steady voltage of 115V, 230V and 400V etc. regardles of the electric load. Dynaset HG includes overload protection, safety earth leakage and international standard 3 to 5 pole sockets or alternatively a fuse and a socket box.

For example: HG6,5kVA dimensions W=210 mm (8.27”) L=485 mm (19.09”) H=340 mm (13.39”) Weight 42kg (93 lbs)

HG3,5kVA dimensions W=190 mm (7.48”) L=420 mm (16.54”) H=225 mm (8.86”) Weight 26 kg (57 lbs)






aler Meeting 2013

Dynaset Dealer Meeting 2013 brought together a great number of Dealers from all over the World to Finland on June 12th and 13th. In addition to training, Dynaset arranged a factory tour where a number of Dynaset applications were demonstrated with our customers’ machinery. Dealers got a lot of information about the equipment and a bunch of fresh ideas how to serve the customers. Dynaset would like to thank the dealers for active participation and successful Dealer Meeting.


Grundfos wastewater pump service runs on

hydraulic power

Grundfos is one of the most notable pump manufacturers in the World. They have established a wide maintenance network in Finland and efficient operation requires unique solutions for service vehicle fleet. To fulfill these requirements, DYNASET and H&L Autovarustelukeskus Oy are carefully selected partners. Operation has to be efficient in all four seasons and in all weather conditions when a wastewater pumping station requires maintenance. Grundfos nation-wide maintenance network is using a set of light four wheel drive trucks. Grundfos has 17 specialized vehicles of which 13 have cranes installed on.

“Grundfos maintenance service covers area of whole Finland therefore the service vehicles have a plenty of tasks and great number of kilometers are driven. A Service vehicle has to be reliable and it has to have versatile functionalities like in a workshop. It is essential help when installing and maintaining pumps,” says Service Manager Jari Järvenpää from Grundfos. Dynaset implements the hydraulic system to the vehicles because it isn’t available in as a factory option. Hydraulic PTO connected to


engine drives the Dynaset equipment and crane. Power from hydraulic equipment Dynaset has provided Dynaset HVO hydraulic power take off and Dynaset HG Hydraulic generators for the vehicles. HG transforms hydraulic power of the vehicle into high quality electricity for tools. The new vehicle has HG6.5kVA model instead of HG3.5kVA, so that 3 phase electricity is also available. The new vehicle also has HPW200 hydraulic power washer which replaces the old electricity powered washer. Work efficiency has significantly improved because the hydraulic washer is powerful and can be used without the generator. “It is pleasant for Dynaset to see Grundfos’ commitment to us as a supplier and willingness to develop its own maintenance service vehicle concept with the help of our equipment,” says Sales Engineer Jari Vuorenmaa from Dynaset. Dynaset understands the meaning of wellequipped service vehicle. One of the company’s expertise is to manufacture compact hydraulic generators, power washers and compressors which are well-suited for maintenance work in different fields of business.


Training in DYNASET After flying 20 hours from Panama to Finland and making myself into Ylöjärvi, I started to work right away in Dynaset. Here is where I got to know the Finnish’s typical manners: humble thinking, very straightforward communication and the adoration for sauna. I never thought that the bluish uniform is going to look good on me, my girly spirit was talking, but it does and I like it. My first work place was the HPW200’s area or, in my “awesome” Finnish, pikkupainepesurit (and with my even “better” translation: tiny pressure pumps). As soon as I saw them, my first question was: can this tiny pump handle more than 200 bar of pressure?


In my memory data base, a pump with that power is usually bigger and heavier; I couldn’t make my mind in that moment that it was possible. During a couple of days, I was assembling my first batch of HPW200-ST; learning about all the sub-assemblies, quality control and other necessary preparations. Throughout all that time, I was wondering about the behavior on the test.

The day arrived, the moment I was expecting, the moment of truth: my first test driving; it was just me, the testing bench and the pumps. For my pleasant surprise, they showed me their real power and ease behavior. The time passed and I kept learning more and more about them, their features and applications. We even use it to clean our testing room; it’s so much fast and better. Ice swimming One of the most remarkable experiences I had in Finland was the “avantouinti” or ice swimming. At the beginning of this year, General Manager Reijo Karppinen invited me to practice this particular Finnish sport. I did not have an idea, a real one, what implied to enjoy a “warm” sauna (around 85 degrees Celsius) followed by dip in a frozen lake. The first part didn’t sound so bad; I had been in a sauna before and I like it. The second part, dip in a hole on a frozen lake, caught my attention and arose a fear. I was used to my warm beaches in Panama with an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius.

Reijo convinced me. At the end, the people that practice it are still alive and they like it so much that they do it once or twice per week, of course, on winter time. We planned to go the next Monday after work to a place near Ylöjärvi. During the travel, Reijo explained me all the details about what should I do, what should I expect and how should be my state of mind when I dip in to the water. After the sauna… I could have months of mental preparation, but my imagination would never equal the reality: the water is extremely cold. My feet were in pain and started to get numb. I got scared, first time ever I got that feeling. I went out as fast as my numbed limbs let me. Meanwhile, Reijo was enjoying the water like a baby seal. I tried to focus in regain my full movement on my way to the sauna and, as soon as I got there, the feeling was amazing. That is all about the after feeling, a feeling of deep warmness and total relaxation. I tried a couple of times more, even deeper; after all, I am a little bit stubborn. On our way back, Reijo commented that in a couple of weeks the Avantouinti Finnish Championship was going to take place. At that moment I accepted the challenge: be the first Panamanian girl participating in an avantouinti Championship. In the end, all these experiences are why I came for. I am leaving back home very happy because they were superb. -Katherina MorganKatherina Morgan • • •

Student in Technological University of Panama Trainee in DYNASET Oy 1.8.2012 - 16.4.2013 DYNASET co-operation continues


Introducing Kalle & Juudit Kalle Antniemi • • • •

Sales Support Master of Science in Technology 1 year career at Dynaset Responsible for sales support, company’s general email, customer service

Juudit Ojansivu • • • •

Kalle Antniemi and Juudit Ojansivu handle various tasks supporting sales and marketing team. These two are dedicated, focused and well organized professionals who the whole team rely on. They both have international experience from different companies and their English and Finnish skills are excellent. Kalle speaks good Swedish as well. Juudit speaks also French, German, Russian and some Swedish, Spanish and Estonian. These two are very different kind of personalities but they do agree on one thing: “One of the greatest things in Dynaset is the co-workers,” they comment about their colleagues. Kalle is Master of Science in Technology. He has lived and worked in U.S. for several years, so his strength is fluent English. Kalle is calm, polite and modest person who gives a lot of room for other people. In free time he likes to spend time with his family and 14

Sales Secretary BBA in international Business 2 year career at Dynaset Responsible for sales support, company’s general email, customer service, work health program

his passions are boating and motorcycling. He teach in boating classes e.g. navigation. Juudit is empathic, brave and very active individual. She is always ready for team work and helping others. She speaks eight languages and has international working history even before her two year career at Dynaset. “Dynaset allows and encourages people to be innovative and active in many ways. At Dynaset I am able to utilize my skills widely for mutual benefit,” she says about her employer. Her leisure time goes with her family and friends who she adores. She also loves to cook for them. A big part of her life is in the U.S. as there are part of her family. “I cannot wait to see what happens in the future [at Dynaset] as I know that many good things are on their way,” she finishes the interview.

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