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DYNASET HG Hydraulic Generator Dynaset HG is the complete powerstation for a worksite. The compact size generator transforms hydraulic power of a machine into high quality electricity. It’s maintenance free and always aboard. Base machines: excavators, platform lifts, trucks, vans, cranes, service vehicles, tractors, ships, boats, fire engines, mining machinery, etc. Applications: Powering of electric tools, lights, heaters and coolers, welding generators, 1- and 3-phase motors, etc. Features: Powerful, reliable, light weight, easy installation, works without extra engine or fuel.

DYNASET Oy DYNASET is the leading manufacturer of hydraulic generators, power washers and compressors in the World. Mission DYNASET improves productivity, efficiency and versatility of customer’s mobile machinery by producing electricity, high pressure water and compressed air with accessories powered by hydraulics.

The hydraulic powered products produces electricity, high pressure water, compressed air, magnet, vibration etc. for hundreds applications in fields of construction, mining, demolition, recycling, service, installation, environment, forestry, agriculture, transportation, shipping, airport, rental, firefighting, military, infrastructure, process industry etc.

Editorial Smart investments during challenging times There are a lot of uncertainties in the global economy and therefore companies are cautious with their investments. Japan’s machinery orders fell 13% in January which is sign from drastic cautiousness. In the current economic trend, it makes sense to focus on capitalizing existing machinery. Small investments on hydraulic equipment will increase productivity of the machine and diversify its functionalities. Dynaset hydraulic equipment - for machines and vehicles - performs various tasks efficiently and they have the most supreme power to size ratio in the World. The equipment are always aboard saving space, time and money. They are cost saving solutions because additional engine or fuel isn’t needed. Maintenance- and emission free technology saves money in operating costs. The Dynaset hydraulic equipment are rational target for investments during these economically challenging times due to quick return on investment.

Contents Effective Fire Fighting


Dust suppression system


Dynaset always aboard




for professionals and rental customers

Dynaset Winter Olympics 2013


50 000th Product


helps to maintain road infrastructure



Mari-Anne Nurmi & Sari Toikka

Reijo Karppinen General Manager

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Technical specification:

Concentrated load 1600kg (3527lbs) Impact force 16kN / 200bar Impact mass 3,4kg (7,5lbs) Impact speed 45km/h (28mph) Stroke lenght 550mm (22in) Penetrator weight 28kg (62lbs) Total weight 36-75kg (79-165lbs)


DYNASET FP Effective Firefighting

DYNASET FP Firefighting Penetrator extinguishes fire by piercing structures sharply and effectively spraying high pressure water mist to the target to suppress and cools the fire without any water damages. It takes only a few seconds to move the penetrator to another location and pierce a new hole when fire is flaming in several compartmented structures. Because of the modern technology for added safety, there is no need for firefighters to enter a flaming building by breaking doors, windows or rooftops. Firefighting Penetrator pierces quickly medium weight windows, lightweight walls, floors and rooftops. It makes a hole – only the size of its diameter (43mm = 1.7”) – to the structure preventing access of supplementary oxygen to the structure [and complete combustion phase] as when breaking doors or windows. Since the Dynaset FP is through the structure, it immediately begins to produce high pressure water mist diffusing over large area and suppressing the fire. The atomized water mist absorbs heat from the fire and cools down the combustion chamber effectively. There are often massive water damages after the fire has been extinguished with low pressure water. The damages are considerably less when extinguishing with high pressure water mist. As a result of low water consumption, firefighting with Dynaset FP is also very effective and rapid in destinations where it is difficult to drive tank trucks. It’s possible to install Dynaset FP even to ATV’s and motorcycles for firefighting in tight places.

Dynaset FP’s penetrator cylinder works with water hydraulics. The complete unit includes a penetration tool, high pressure water pump powered by hydraulics and control unit. The unit can be installed on aerial ladders, platform lifts, ladder trucks and boom of a crane. Even with high apartment buildings and skyscrapers, firefighting can be done from the ground when equipped with a remote control and a camera. The penetration tool is targeted by hydraulic cylinders and manual control works in vertically and horizontally. The nozzle head is made of hardened stainless steel and it is shockproof when piercing various materials. It’s possible to equip the nozzle head extensive, extended or complex nozzle in proportion to power of high pressure water pump (30-180 l/ min). Nozzle head is convertible to low pressure nozzle head capacity of 250 l/min for traditional spraying as well.


HPW-DUST New generation’s dust suppression system DYNASET HPW DUST High Pressure Dust Suppression System is the most advanced technology for saving environment from dust emissions. Using dust suppression at demolition, mining, crushing, material handling, recycling, waste management, quarrying, etc. work sites enhances work efficiency and safety. It makes the air significantly clearer resulting better visibility and safer breathing. Even the taste and smell of the dust will be gone. Any amount of dust will be easily removed by HPW DUST Dust Suppression System. The system can be used effectively in practically all machine operated work, where dust emission is considerable. In urban areas dust control is essential to avoid soiling of surroundings and dusty air. The greatest benefits of the dust suppression system are in extra dusty work such as demolition, mining use. The system is especially designed to equip hydraulic crushers, pulverisers and hammers used on excavatorbased demolition machines as well as to equip all other tools and machines involved in handling of dust-emitting materials.

The industry uses old fashion solutions for dust suppression such as low pressure water irrigation systems and electrical charge suppression systems. The widely used low pressure models consumes a great amount of water making the work site soiled and muddy, and electrical charge systems are usually very expensive, space hogging and complicated to use. Dynaset provides new efficient solutions to replace old technology for better results. An effective dust particle binding, compact size and low water consumption as well as targeting the dust suppression to correct place are the specific features of the Dynaset HPW DUST Dust Suppression System. The system is based on the powerful Dynaset HPW high pressure water pump which is powered by the carrier machine’s hydraulics. High pressure water fog is sprayed directly to treated area through special nozzles. The nozzles are installed to the attachment and additionally on the machine’s boom. High pressure is atomizing the water to microscopic water drops. The weight of the water bounded dust particle increases dramatically which makes it to fall down. On the other hand the size of a water drop is so tiny that the dust particle doesn’t become wet enough to cause muddiness.


laps with the sweeper. Furthermore, when the sludge dries up, the dust rises again in the air. With the technology used in the Snowek – sweepers dust and sand are swept dry, which makes the street clean at once and the high pressure water fog suppresses the rising dust efficiently. The high pressure technology is based on using a minimal amount of water sprinkled with a minimum of 120 bars pressure. Consequently, the high pressure system uses less than a third of the amount water used in traditional watering systems.

High pressure dust suppression technology praised now also in road sweeping The annual street dust problem intensifies each spring during the mandatory road sweeping in the Nordic city streets. In 2012 Finnish maintenance attachment manufacturer Snowek in co-operation with Dynaset introduced new Snowek –sweepers that utilizes high pressure dust suppression for street dust control. The technology, that has been praised around the globe in construction and crushing sites, received an excited response around the Nordic road sweeping market that has for decades used time-consuming and inefficient watering systems to control rising street dust.

The sweeping season in the Finnish streets is hectic and the new technology offers considerable efficiency and speed for the cities’ maintenance units. When the street surface is kept dry, sweeping can be started hours earlier in the early spring, when the night temperature is below zero. With the old watering methods, the maintenance units had to wait for the ground to warm up to avoid freezing the roads. Minimized water usage also boosts work speed as working time is saved from continuous water tank refills. ”From the very beginning at Snowek we knew that the machinery manufacturers had not for years brought working and cost-efficient solutions to the everlasting street dust problem the cities are facing. Together with Dynaset we realized immediately that the highly praised high pressure technology would be the best and the most ecological solution also in road sweeping. After the initial idea, it was all about designing our sweepers to fully utilize the benefits of the new technology. Based on the market feedback, we were right and have been truly successful with this.”, states Mr. Jaakko Happonen the Managing Director and the Head Designer of Snowek Ltd.

High pressure dust suppression allows the sweeper brooms to work on a dry surface while the spreading street dust is suppressed with high pressure water fog that is sprinkled directly on the sweeping surface. The traditional watering systems wet the street surface and transform the dust and the sand on the street into wet sludge that makes brooms inefficient requiring several 7


High Stree



h Pressure et Washing Unit The high quality DYNASET High Pressure Street Washing Unit (KPL) is the complete cleaning set - including HPW hydraulic power washer with hand pistol washing equipment- for washing streets, traffic signs, park benches, apartment entrances etc. resulting dust-free surfaces. Street washing unit is suitable for all machines and vehicles such as tractors, loaders, trucks, pickups, sweepers, municipal vehicles, 4X4’s etc. Compact size, light weight and low water consumption makes the street washing unit a cost-saving and efficient solution. Washing with high pressure water regularly helps to keep surfaces as good as new. Water consumption can be less than 1 liter per square meter with high pressure washing. Because of the low water consumption, the surface is going to dry out in a heartbeat and it also makes possible to wash large areas effectively with a small vehicle. Dynaset hydraulic equipment have the best power to size ratio in the World. In the Street Washing Unit efficiency is based on the power of hydraulic high pressure water pump and special nozzles. Dynaset equipment are powered by hydraulics. They don’t need an extra engine or fuel and they are always aboard. To have even more efficiency, there are the Dynaset hydraulic brush nozzle and other accessories available.


DYNASET Always aboard Machine’s hydraulic system is a power source which DYNASET utilizes to increase productivity and work efficiency of working machines and vehicles. Dynaset hydraulic equipment produces electricity, high pressure water, compressed air, magnet, vibration etc. without extra engines or fuel. The best power to size ratio in the world guarantees easiest installation to every machine. A lot of space is saved from machines and vehicles because hydraulic equipment doesn’t require any additional engine or fuel. Dynaset provides maintenance and emission free technology which allows companies to make responsible and productive choices at the same time. Using hydraulics for transferring the power from an engine to hydraulic equipment, a lot of space is saved from a vehicle. The hydraulic equipment can be placed freely because they are maintenance free and don’t have heating exhaust pipes. Dynaset has developed a method for taking power out of an engine when there isn’t power take off (PTO) available. Dynaset hydraulic power take off HVO takes power out from a vehicle’s engine with tooth belt or with cardan shaft to hydraulic pump. The Dynaset HVO high speed pump tolerates even 5000 rpm from an engine while rotating freely with no noise. Dynaset is familiar with all hydraulic systems and has a lot of experience in most of the vehicle brands for example Toyota Hiace HVO 30kW, MB Sprinter automatic HVO 30kW, Fiat Scudo 1,6 D HVO 25kW. MB Sprinter - a food delivery vehicle - has HGV 10kVA for retaining food temperature during the delivery or pressure washing vehicle 500 bar Fiat Scudo 1,6 D could be mentioned as examples of applications made by Dynaset. 10


for Professionals and Rental Customers

The construction machinery rental company Lamminsivu from Tampere, Finland has equipped its fleet of big Aichi boom lifts with Dynaset hydraulic generators. With Dynaset hydraulic generators their work and any rental customer’s job can be done quickly and safely, in a reliable and very cost effective way. Installations to self-propelled boom lifts are safe; the compact generator itself is located in the chassis and runs on hydraulic power provided by the hydraulic system of the boom lift. The hydraulic generator is always ready to produce high quality electricity for all needs, with no need for separate fuel.

The majority of bigger Aichi units of the Lamminsivu fleet have been equipped with 6,5 kVA Dynaset hydraulic generators.

The operating platform, reaching the height of as high as 30 meters, is equipped with regular sockets for light and power current. The convenient installation yields maximum usability and safety: all kinds of electric tools can be used up high without any extension cords, hanging cables and the dangers they cause.

- Clearly, booms with a generator are rented first. Customers making reservations are aware of the benefits the generator brings and virtually every customer asks for a generator equipped unit, says Kupsus.

The lifts are equipped with electricity to improve usability and versatility, not just for the Lamminsivu professionals - the rental customers want it, too.

- The Dynaset generator is safe and reliable. The work is usually done on rocky terrain, and you only need to run over a cable once and it is ruined, says Aki Kupsus from Lamminsivu. Kupsus’s clear professional opinion is that the hydraulic generator is an essential piece of equipment on a platform lift. - For one thing, it enables easy and powerful lighting. And even if you use cordless tools, their batteries need charging, too! The hydraulic generator has been proven powerful and valuable in serious work. - The generator is very handy when working with steel elements. For example, the work requires plenty of welding, and the generator makes the work a whole lot simpler, Kupsus explains. 11

DYNASET Winter Olympics 2013 Traditional DYNASET Winter Olympics was held on February 22nd, 2013. During the year Dynaset personnel gather around together after work to chill out and compete playfully. There were several different sports and here are couple examples of them... Throwing a pump replica is a traditional sport in Dynaset Winter Olympics. The sport is suitable for everyone because it’s all about accuracy. There is a painted “dart board” in the ground and you get maximum five points by hitting the center of the board. There are also sectors for 3, 2 and 1 points. Only few got the maximum five points but everyone had fun. Competing with a ATV was the highlight of the day. The new sport completely surprised everyone and most of the competitors wanted to drive several laps. Our Panamanian trainee Kathy had so much fun that she didn’t want to stop driving... DYNASET success is made together with all employees and their wellbeing is crucial for the company. Dynaset has active workplace health promotion program for the personnel and several activities are held during the year. 12

50 000th product helps to maintain road infrastructure YIT’s road maintenance business unit was supplied with seven HPW90pumps. It contained the 50 000th DYNASET Oy manufactured product. Hydraulic high pressure water pump serves YIT’s multi-purpose vehicle. YIT has been involved from the earliest history of contracted road maintenance in Finland. Since 1998, it has also refined the concept to the service truck to meet the challenges of road maintenance. From the very beginning the Dynaset equipment have been part of tool selection in the vehicles.

In the winter time most of the YIT’s contracted maintenance kilometers are plowed by subcontractors with traditional way tipper trucks and tractors. YIT’s own multi-purpose vehicles however, play a key role when it comes to the all the rest maintenance works.

“Well-equipped car is at work in all four seasons “Our current road maintenance truck concept of the year and will be able to respond quickly has evolved gradually through experience. In to different situations.” says Schroderus about road maintenance high-quality operations are equipment. born through multi-skilled workers and multiuse equipment.” says Fleet Manager Mika YIT’s smaller two-axle trucks take care of small Schroderus from YIT. streets during the winter plowing, de-icing and road sign washing. Larger three-and four-axle In addition to the high pressure water pump, units are used on motorways and multi-lane the trucks have Dynaset hydraulic generators freeways for plowing. With a big truck a single producing electricity for maintenance works. run clears road width of 7.5 meters. Multi-use nature of the vehicle is finalized by a crane with a fixed high pressure water line and YIT is a more than 100-year-old Finnish company power line mounted on a boom. With these the that builds, develops and maintains a good living person working in the additional lifting basket environment for people in the Nordic countries, can make cleaning and maintenance work safely Central Europe, Russia and the Baltic countries. and easily. The company holds more than 25% of the domestic road maintenance contracts.


Introducing Mari-Anne & Sari Sari Toikka • • • •

Account Secretary Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration 3 year career at Dynaset Responsible for payment transactions, credit control, debt collection, accounts ledger, telephone switch

Mari-Anne Nurmi • • • • •

Logistics Manager Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration High School Graduate 15 year career at Dynaset Responsible for export shipments, payroll computation, invoicing, telephone switch

Mari-Anne Nurmi and Sari Toikka are the first persons behind the phone when you are contacting our office. These two vivid women are multitasking professionals. They can handle everything from export shipments to accounts ledger.

Before remarkable 15 year career in Dynaset, Logistics Manager Mari-Anne Nurmi worked as Import Forwarder in Valmet. She also has her own farm where her multitasking skills might be from. Mari-Anne’s hobbies are jogging and spinning. She started to work out regularly with her colleague beginning of this year. Her favorite hobby is horseback riding in her own farm where she likes to relax after a hard day’s work.

These ladies think the most challenging part of their work is time management. They have to be able to prioritize, so that important issues stay on schedule in the middle of rush. The whole work environment and the colleagues are the source of motivation for them. “That’s the reason why Account Secretary Sari Toikka has worked three it’s fun to come here every morning”, Sari says. years at Dynaset. She has a lot of experience from financial administration. Sari has worked They both think that the best thing in Dynaset in financial administration duties with several is great colleagues. “They all are relaxed kind of organizations, such as The Finnish Defense people who have great sense of humor”, ladies Forces and City-Market. describes Dynaset personnel. Sari likes to work out and walk the dog in her They both are very proud to be working in free time. “Exercise after work is the best way Dynaset. “We have the best products which you to relieve stress and it helps you to stay young”, can proudly present to customers and to your they both agree. friends as well”, they add. 14

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