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Calla Cherry Kiss Gift cover pink #SoHappyCalla ø13

Calla Garnet Glow Julia ceramic in gift sleeve #SoHappyCalla ø15

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sta rs Calla mixed Julia ceramic #SoHappyCalla ø15


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Sh are the happin ess! Elegant shapes, clean line

s – Calla offers ample inspiration for a min dful moment in the madness of modern tim es and offers nothing but flowering, empowering happiness. The excellent reputation of this flower goes back to the Romans and Greeks in ancient times, who saw in Calla a gorge ous symbolic chalice for toasting to life .



Life is good Calla is still seen as the bringer of happiness


Calla Sunclub Julia ceramic in gift sleeve #SoHappyCalla ø15

h appy ...

now. It’s a symbol for finding comfort and joy

to share this

that make life a bit more beautiful every day.

with you

in small things: a fresh cup of coffee, a nice gesture, a sunny day, exchanging a smile with a passing stranger and all other things

lla Co lour your day with Ca ger

Calla Zazu Kraft sleeve #SoHappyCalla ø13

love snap share Calla mixed Potcover ton-sur-ton #SoHappyCalla ø13 #SoHappyCalla

pyCalla #SoHap

yCalla SoHapp

lla become even stron The good vibes of Ca this gnificent colours of when you add the ma gs, pink for new beginnin flower. Red for love, d en for joy, purple an orange, yellow and gre renity ma and white for se black for a bit of dra llas, are even bicolour ca and pureness. There vely to ssible to choose. Lo just in case it’s impo like give: there’s nothing get and amazing to sharing happiness.

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