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The New Paver Range SD2500C | SD2500CS | SD2550C | SD2550CS

ready for

the race Let us introduce a brand new generation of Dynapac pavers. They combine decades of paving experience with the latest technology. The result: superior performance to get you into pole position.

SD2500C Power Laying capacity Paving width Transport width

129 kW @ 2,200 rpm 650 t / h 2 to 9 m 2.55 m

SD2500CS Power Laying capacity Paving width Transport width

149 kW @ 2,200 rpm 800 t / h 2 to 10 m 2.55 m   

SD2550C Power Laying capacity Paving width Transport width

170 kW @ 2,200 rpm 900 t / h 2 to 12 m 2.55 m

SD2550CS Power Laying capacity Paving width Transport width

194 kW @ 2,200 rpm 1,100 t / h 2 to 14 m 2.55 m

get into

pole position Get in, hit the ignition and become a winner. On the road, a good overview and quick responses are of the utmost importance. We aim to make the ride easier for you – from entering to operating – so that you can focus on the result.

Slidable cabin platform

Ergonomically optimized dashboard

Minimized noise

Room for an excellent overview. At the touch of a but­ ton the Dynapac cabin platform can move up to 500 millimeters outwards on either side. The effect: the operator can change position with ease and still have control of all functions such as auger and screed. Other advantages are the easy access and the gene­ rous headroom.

Everything has its place here. The dashboard has been optimized and arranged according to operational frequency and function-groups. Making it intuitive – the right button in the right place. Thus saving time and preventing errors. The casing is, of course, abso­ lutely flawless – shock and water don’t stand a chance. And it looks great!

Your hearing is protected, your voice too and all the while communication is easy. Responsible are the dra­ matically reduced paver noise levels. Three measures make this happen: New thermostatically controlled fan drive, reduced speed thanks to eco-mode and rubber padding inside the cabin platform.

start your


And you’re off. Safeguarded by the patented Safe Impact System™, you can be sure that docking your paver with a truck is done without loss of paving performance. This is paving without the pit stops!

Lower loading height

New alpha-track™ system

Safe Impact System™

How can filling-time be made less stressful and even safer for everyone? We decided to lower the dumping height – making collisions with material trucks almost impossible! And the quality on the street still remains unimpaired.

The new alpha-track™ allows high ground contact and lower dumping height as well as better maneu­ verability while paving on curves. Don’t lose the grip on the race.

Take it easy with smooth refilling. The Dynapac paver is fitted with hydraulic anti-shock push rollers. Cushioning every impact with ease – improving the quality of road at truck changeover points.

count on


Maintaining your lead – it’s no problem with a reliable machine. In the new Dynapac pavers, every detail has been optimized for a result which meets the highest expectations, throughout the race.

Stable screed system

Flow of material

Energy-saving engine

The four tube guiding system, which is extended to just 50 % for reaching maximum working width, offers unique torsion resistance and stability while paving. Even tricky stretches of road can be worked in un­ surpassed quality.

Dynapac produce the widest conveyor and conveyor tunnel on the market and our flagship paver features an auger with a diameter of half a meter – the largest ever! To allow smooth material flow we offer a slim auger drive‚ 15 cm wide‚ that allows homogeneity of mixture (despite the high material throughput of up to 1,100 tons per hour!) – for world-class results.

The Dynapac eco-mode is the adjustment of power to load – making your machine an energy saver. We’re also offering vario-speed which adapts the rpm automatically to the load. A function that pays off in a flash – especially with today᾿s high fuel costs.



The screed is critical in paving. To get the best results, stability is of essence – every inch of the way. Our research and development team has optimized the already proven screed – it remains unmatched. Your key to being the first across the finishing line.

Gas or electric screed heating – your choice

Outstanding screed ergonomics

Integrated leveling system

Whichever you choose, it’s a great decision: longer life, longer service intervals and lower consumption, leav­ ing low operating costs for you. Whoever opts for gas gets remarkably shorter heating times – for amazing pavement quality from the very first stretch of track.

The new improved screed is free floating and ex­ tremely stable. In addition to effective compaction of the mixture, its freedom of accessibility is a fantastic advantage. The low height also gives you an optimal view into the auger housing and permanent control over material flow.

The new screed control has an integrated leveling system for superior accuracy. It has a display making work much easier for the whole team. Integrated height control, position-detection (right / left) and toggle switch controls are the main features of this handy, easy-to-use component.

keep it


Fewer repairs and improved comfort is our understanding when it comes to maintenance. All wear and spare parts are easily accessible and many parts can be replaced by plug-andplay functionality, saving you precious time.

Rapid access everywhere

Maintenance without obstacles

Parts, on time

Our goal: saving your time and money through easy access. We had, of course, the positioning of service points in mind. The fuse box is easy to access from the cabin platform allowing rapid replacement. The sheer number of plug-and-play components also speed up the maintenance process.

We’ve cleared the way to provide you optimum vis­ ibility! Hydraulic pumps, fuel cap and chain clamping device – each component is directly accessible and easy to use. A simple visual inspection of filters and engine parts allow you quick evaluation of operational readiness. A convenient package you profit from every day.

Our modular design has a large number of common spare and wear parts that significantly reduce the complexity & investment in stocks. We also have 500 and 1000 hour maintenance kits for regular main­ tenance and wear part kits that are common across many models.

pole position



fuel consumption


It’s the sum of loads of clever details and our quality design that gives you the pole position. We wanted nothing but the best and left ourselves sufficient time during development so you can reap the benefits: time and money saved! Check out the new generation of Dynapac pavers and experience the difference. It pays off.

heat-up time



less downtime

less man hours

High efficiency through: Less fuel consumption: Features like vario-speed, eco-mode and thermostatically controlled fan as well as well-thought-out hydraulics allows the new Dynapac pavers to set new standard in fuel consumption. Less heating time: Shorter heating ensure a rapid start – and it pushes the on-site efficiency! Less maintenance: Dynapac uses high quality components and thus extends the maintenance intervals. Where parts must be replaced, the access is easy. This raises your productivity.

Less downtime: Time is money! Dynapac pavers prove repeatedly that they’re robust and easy to maintain. No waiting, just paving! Fewer working hours: Time saved for the crew thanks to features like eccentric flexi-lever, new auger height adjustment system, less supporting rods and paving parameters saved in control unit to shorten the work­ ing time. The whole team benefits!



more quality







NEW /// Slidable platform /// Safe Impact System™ /// NEW /// 6.5“ Display dashboard We reserve the right to change specifications without notice. Photos and illustrations do not always show standard versions of machines. The above information is a general description only, is not guaranteed and contains no warranties of any kind.

PMI 3492 0176 01, October 2010

/// Integrated leveling system /// NEW /// Vario-speed /// Tier 4 /// Reduced heat up times ///

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SD paver brochure  

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