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Compactasphalt 2500 The sustainable way

Innovative road paving with

The revolution in road construction Dynapac’s answer to increasing demands Increasing wear, due mainly to the

heat stability in summer causes the

The revolutionary “Compactasphalt®”

increase in heavy-goods vehicle

formation of ruts.

method stands out for its increased

traffic, has resulted in greater de -

compaction, perfect interlocking of the

mands being placed on roads. Every

In close scientific-technical collabo-

wearing and binder layers, as well as

conventional paving method reaches

ration with German universities and

numerous advantages such as im-

its limits. Problems arise, especially

construction companies, Dynapac

pressive time and material savings.

in the extreme-temperatures of win-

has been successful in implement-

ter and summer. While very low flex-

ing an innovative paving method,

ibility in winter leads to the formation

and thus, significantly extending the

of cracks in the asphalt, very low

useful life of asphalt roads.

2 Compactasphalt 2500



Extreme stability for long-lasting roads! The main advantage of this innovative road paving technology lies in the simultaneous application of both upper asphalt layers. Not only does this method cut paving Many well-known journals have

times in half, it also significantly in-

already reported worldwide on the

creases the quality and load-bearing

Compactasphalt速 method.

capacity of roads. Since 1998, more than 7 million square metres of roads have been built worldwide using Compactasphalt速, and show no damages or deformities to date.

Dynapac 3

stability for long-lasting roads!


Perfect layer interlocking When paving roads with Dynapac’s

fectly with each other at the joint.

to one another. This may result in

Compactasphalt® method, the upper

This guarantees an extremely long

weak areas in the layer adhesion.

layers of a road are paved simulta-

life for the road. With Compactasphalt®, a signifi-

neously with only one machine. The hot binder layer that is first applied

With conventional road-paving meth-

cantly higher level of stability is

(shown in the pictures in yellow) is

ods to date, that use two individual

achieved. Water is unable to pene-

immediately followed by application

machines, several hours pass be-

trate between the layers and the top

of the top layer (shown in red.)

tween the paving of the two layers.

layer is interlocked with the binder layer so effectively, that it can better

A perfect interlocking of layers is

Because the first layer has already

withstand the loads placed by heavy-

achieved by this “hot on hot” pav-

cooled down when the second one is

goods vehicle traffic.

ing method. They merge almost per-

applied, the two layers merely stick


Homogeneous layer thicknesses in every paving situation The Compactasphalt® machine is

Whether paving curves (cross-

built as two pavers in one. Due to the

slope) or changing the crown-

fact that both screeds are attached

ing profile, the layers are always

to one single frame, a 100% syn-

parallel to one another for optimum

chronization of the layers is made

material use and guaranteed layer



4 Compactasphalt 2500

Innovative road paving with the “Compactasphalt®” two-layer process The key is proper compaction To be able to pave two layers in immediate succession, the Compactasphalt® paver possesses a high-compaction unit that brings the binder layer to approximately 92% Marshall. The screed’s maximum output is deliberately not used. The top layer is

Optimum interlocking The hot top layer merges with the underlying hot binder layer. applied in the next step, initiating an intensive bonding process with the moderately compacted binder layer. The final step is concentrated compaction of the two layers to complete

the bonding by immediately passing a roller over the hot layers. The surface thus reaches optimal compaction and bonds the mats to the ideal level. Dynapac 5

Impressive savings on materials Material savings In comparison to conventional paving methods, the thickness of the top layer is reduced by half. By doing so, the procedure excels at conserving resources while achieving extraordinary quality. Because it is so durable, the respective asphalt section seldomly needs to be repaired or replaced.


˜ 4 cm top layer + Bitumen emulsion


˜ 2 cm top layer Bitumen emulsion is not required!


layer thickness Conventional





tack coating area





Top layer

4.0 cm

2.0 cm

1,440 t

720 t



Binder layer

8.0 cm

10.0 cm

2,880 t

3,600 t

15,000 m2

18.0 cm

18.0 cm

6,480 t

6,480 t

15,000 m2

15,000 m2

Base layer

Paving example – Building site parameters: Cross section: RQ 20 · Construction category: I · Paving width: 7.50  m Paving length: 2,000 m

6 Compactasphalt 2500

More time

for building projects

Faster paving! With the Compactasphalt® method, two paving procedures are completed in one step. A second, separate paving procedure is entirely omitted! The cooling period between worksteps that is needed with conventional processes is also eliminated.

Decisive time advantages There are many demands on our lim-

using this method. This allows roads

ited available time. For this reason,

to be opened to traffic sooner.

the Dynapac team is happy to offer a market-ready technology with enor-

Second, the „hot-on-hot“ process

mous time-saving advantages.

makes paving possible during significantly worse weather conditions than

First, it is possible to pave signifi-

conventional road paving. Now, more

cantly faster using a two-layer meth-

months of the year can be used for

od. Time savings of 30 % are realistic

paving, benefitting time schedules!

Longer paving season Thanks to the immediately successive paving of the binder and top layers, a hot “package” is formed out of both asphalt layers. For this reason, qualitative highgrade paving is possible, even during significantly worse weather conditions and lower temperatures. 30 ° 25 ° 20° 15 °



0° -5 ° Jan












Dynapac 7

Tested and


The lifespan of the top layer can be doubled to approximately 24 years! Study results at Erfurt University, Prof. Dr. Elk Richter The development of Compactasphalt® can be primarily attributed to the research of Prof. Dr.- Ing. Elk Richter. Drawing upon many years‘ of experience, he developed a completely new paving technology with a modified layer composition. Compactasphalt® technology stands out for its fundamentally better deformation resistance and shortened paving times. In a variety of tests and studies, the outstanding properties of Compactasphalt® and its potential to improve the building of roads were confirmed. Professor Richter estimates that the lifespan of the top layer is double that of top layers produced with conventional methods.

 NCAT – Proof of quality from the United States In 2006, Dynapac was able to pro-

other material compositions and

vide proof - with a single experiment

paving methods were used. The test

using Compactasphalt® technology -

simulated, over a span of two years,

that the lifespan of top layers is con-

the traffic load caused by truck traf-

siderably longer. At the testing site of

fic during a 15-year span. The results

the National Center for Asphalt Tech-

were clear: Only the asphalt in the

nology (NCAT), a newly-developed,

Dynapac field showed no rut forma-

open-porous asphalt was applied in

tion and unchanged cavity contents

two layers atop a 213 foot-long seg-

after 36 months of continuous loads.

ment. For the remaining segments,

Heavy traffic with no grooves


pared: After 19,200 pass-overs by flowing traffic, 8.0 mmdeep cracks were formed in conventionally paved asphalt. By comparison, Compactasphalt cracks were only 3.4 mm ®

deep. All measurement results confirmed: With this construction method, the depth of any cracks formed was 50 percent smaller than those formed using conventional methods!

8 Compactasphalt 2500

5,000 x

10,000 x

15,000 x

20,000 x

0 mm 1 mm 2 mm


phalt ®

3 mm 4 mm

neue Kurven!

5 mm 6 mm 7 mm 8 mm 9 mm





Source: Technical University of Darmstadt

Compactasphalt is resistant to deformation! During measurements on the German autobahn A5, cores were com-

Penetration depth



Perfect depth

where the highest shear forces occur. With Com-


6 cm, the transition point between layers and

-1 -2


in density appears at a depth of approximately

Depth (cm)

With conventional paving, a marked reduction

Density at the core 0

-3 -4 -5

pactasphalt®: there is a constant material density


of each layer and ultimately over the entire paved

-7 -8


-9 -10

Risk of rut formation is drastically reduced!

-11 -12 1,0












Study results TU Darmstadt, Dr.-Ing. Böhm, Director of the official testing center Compactasphalt® was used on the BAB A7 Kassel Hattenbach, along a 2.5 mile-long slope, in December 1998. Due to the high volume of traffic, the segment is to be assigned to construction category SV. According to Dr.-Ing. Böhm, “By using the Compactasphalt® paving method at the Reckeröder Hill, a type of asphalt pavement was produced that, despite bad paving conditions, has absorbed a high traffic load for more than 10 years without any significant deformities.” Sections located before and after the monitored section, subjected to the same approximate loads and built using the conventional method, showed greater deformities during the same observasubjected to high traffic volume, often stop-and-go, but also to

tion time period. The segment was not only high



and had a large longitudinal slope. Through testing, it was possible to show at Reckeröder hill that deformity-resistant asphalt pavements can be produced when using the Compactasphalt® construction method.

Compactasphalt® is in accordance with the newest german legislative guidelines for road construction. The top and the binder layer are laid succesively in one single operation. The driving on the hot binder layer with a second paver is forbidden.

Dynapac 9

A perfect environmental For a cleaner future Dynapac stands for partnerships and sustainability. We continuously develop new technologies in order to minimize fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The Compactasphalt® method stands out for its enormous material savings. Expensive top layer material is reduced by 50 percent, eliminating the use of bitumen emulsions. The entire paving process saves time and resources. We will be happy to provide you with detailed information on the far-reaching advantages of Compactasphalt®: to the environment, road paving, and your wallet.

Saving energy The


Less CO2


Saving raw materials


By reducing the top layer to a

technology stands out

One important advantage of

mere 2 cm, valuable material

not only for its outstanding

Compactasphalt® is its very

is saved without having to cut

paving results, but also for its

long lifespan. As a result, road

back on the longevity or stabil-

remarkable energy efficiency.

surface repairs and renovations

ity of the asphalt. Similarly, the

When using the „hot on hot“

are very seldom necessary.

binder content is reduced and



method, only one operating

the ageing process is positively

sequence is required, mark-

Less material

influenced. The thinner top lay-

edly reducing paving times. In

Savings on the mix have a posi-

er makes possible an economi-

addition, the heat energy of the

tive effect on the CO2 levels,

cal use of high-grade mineral

binder layer can be used when



aggregates in terms of bright-

applying the top layer, so that

of crude oil are required for its

ening and polish resistance. As



preparation. The same holds

an innovative technology, Com-

are achieved with a low expen-

true for bitumen emulsions,

pactasphalt® makes it possible

diture of energy.

which are not needed as a

to achieve significantly more

binding agent between the lay-

with fewer resources.



ers when using simultaneous, two-layer paving. Thanks to the shortened paving times, running times for the machines are also minimized.

10 Compactasphalt 2500


A few reference projects 400,000 m2 · July 2009 · Execution: Shijiazhuang Huanghua expressway · Location: Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province · China 106,605 m2 · 2009 · · Execution: Dorozhnic-92 · Location: St. Petersburg · Russia

Shijiazhuang City · China

35,000 m2 · October 2009 · Execution: Eurovia VBU / Strabag · Location: B 156 Cottbus · Germany

8,000 m2 · May 2002 · open-pore asphalt · Execution: KWS · Location: A 27 Hilversum · Holland

244,000 m2 · July 2004 · Execution: Kirchner · Location: BAB A 20 Klempenow · Germany

St. Petersburg · Russia

220,000 m2 · June 2006 · Execution: Johann Bunte · Location: BAB A 26 Stade-Horneburg · Germany

44,000 m2 · 2005 · Execution: Rädlinger · Location: B173 / D7 L Breitengüßbach / North Zapfendorf · Germany

140,000 m2 · March 2007 · Execution: Johann Bunte · Location: Reichelsheim Airport /  Wetterau · Germany · New construction of a runway and landing strip

Cottbus · Germany


Innovative road paving Faster work Thanks to the simultaneous application of both upper asphalt layers. Less traffic stoppage

Less traffic congestion Longer lifespan, needing significantly fewer repairs

Saving material The thickness of the top layer is reduced by half compared to conventional paving methods, conserving budgets and natural resources

Protecting the environment Fewer CO2 emissions and energy savings due to high energy efficiency while paving

Longer paving season Thanks to “hot on hot” technology, paving is even possible under unfavorable weather conditions

Longer lifespan This method increases the quality and load capacity of roads many times over

Tested multiple times More than 7 million square metres of road have already been built using Compactasphalt®, and show no deformities to date

Dynapac GmbH · Germany · Dynapac GmbH, Ammerlaender Strasse 93, D - 26203 Wardenburg, Phone: +49 (4407) 972 - 0, Fax: +49 (4407) 972 -159 We reserve the right to change specifications without notice. Photos and illustrations do not always show standard versions of machines. The above information is a general description only, all informations are supplied without liability.

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Use of the Compactasphalt® method on the M3 autobahn to Budapest.

Compactasphalt 2500 for Authorities  

This brochure mainly focuses on the Compactasphalt method and its advantages for road-authorities.

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